Ye Gilde

Attacks from the Darkness

Venture Captain Alek made an all hands call to all available Guild Members after coming to suspect that the Guild or some of it’s members may be in danger. Alek explained what he could to gathered members of the guild in the great hall. Watches were posted, but when the attack came it was not at the guild hall but the north most gate of the East Gate residential district and the Precipice District.

It only took a couple minutes for the guild to respond, Alek and his team were the first to teleport in response to the opened gate. Shadows, skeleton, zombies and ghouls all seem to be making their way out into the town. multiple guard had already been killed and as the fight drew on, raised themselves as shadows that had killed them.

The fight took a turn when a monstrous creature known as a Night Walker appeared at the gate. A couple party member speculating that it had been summoned by a Zombie Lord the was seen silently mouthing words from within the broken gate. The lower level members of the party fled, chasing a lone ghoul and saving a local pleasure house from becoming a complete shadow filled conclave.

In the end, reinforcements from the guild arrived. The undead slain and the Shade defeated, but the morning would reveal the the City Council was holding the guild responsible.

The party is now seeking Lord Zaylus, a mage of some power and repute was known to have helped architect the wards on the gates and walls of the Precipice. A mage that is now being held deep with in the Brine Prison.

XP: ??



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