Ye Gilde

Dreams for the Yellow King I

The PC’s returned from their victory over the head priest of Hastur. The scenery in town was chaos! Soldiers were kicking in doors and throwing people down in the streets. Beheadings and beatings were in open display! The tone of unlawful intolerance and traitorship to the crown was loud and clear. As the PC’s approached the towns center six mounted half-orc soldiers on horses with polearms approached them. They asked if you were the “outsiders” people were referring too. Charlie responded with a yes. The soldiers told them their lord was awaiting their presence. The mounted warriors escorted the adventures to a tent, they were told to enter the tent.

The PC’s entered the purple tent and first saw two drudger dwarfs, one female and one male. They shared the very same body shape and facial features. The male twin was an obvious cleric of Urgathoa the other an inquisitor of the same faction. The female asked her twin as the PC’s came into the tent “wonder what that one tastes like?” They both smirked, then a stern voice beckoned the PC’s to move forward. The twins started to tease the PC’s once again but the human dressed in strange armor held up his hand, the twins quickly stopped. The PC’s saw a stoic human with similar armor that Omrai, the royal accessor adorned. He introduced himself as General Xin Zhao. He told the PC’s he desired a true accounting of what is taking place here. Any attempt to cover or distort any truth’s will costs you your life. Charlie was nominated to be the storyteller. Before she began the PC’s noticed the drudger cleric cast a spell, zone of truth.

Once the story was told the general acknowledged their story as true. He glared at Bronn and his newly acquired katana. The general asked if Omrai died like a true warrior and you avenged his death? Charlie replied with a yes to both questions. His dismissed them on the account they indirectly severed the crown. He even allowed Bronn to keep the samurai weapon.

The team exited the tent and quickly spotted Cesadia waving to them. Jacquez caught up to the group before meeting up with Cesadia. The twitchy rat was back! She had a stranger by her side wielding a staff. She quickly spoke we have much to discuss but not here, let us retire to my guilds lodging. The stranger introduced himself as Pogo and told them he would lead the this team, real short introductions were commenced. She informed the PC’s that this is the crowns punishment and reestablishment goon outfit. This force is here to reestablish order. Cesadia debriefed the adventures about Lord Lowls leaving town and why. She told them that the former lord is on a vouge to Katheer to an occultic place referred as the Mysterium. He is after a powerful occultic tome known as the Necronomicon! He wished to wake up one of the gods of the elder mythos and be its champion. It is possible he has gone quite mad with all the exposure to this occultic knowledge! She also told the PC’s that the lord indirectly killed some of her employees, an act she doesn’t take likely. She says bring back his head and its 1,000 gold for each person involved in his killing. The last bit of information she told them is a merchant vessel captained by Skywin Freeling is going to pass through neighboring areas that will easily lead to Katheer. The boat arrives in three days’ time. Charlie knew this person to be very capable and a reformed pirate!

The three days were spent differently by the PC’s. Bronn went off and came back with a holy symbol of Pharasma and a tattoo over the left part of his face. Zug Zug went out and sold the jewelry he snatched off Omari. He bought some “magic beans” to bring back to the group! Unknown to Zug Zug he had under sold this jewelry to a great extent. He still was able to get 3,200 gold for the lot. He came back to the group saying he bought these magic beans but Charlie alert to his laying words. Zug Zug finally gave everyone their share. Charlie had time to sit down and review lord Lowls journal volume that Waldobert retained from Iris Hill. Charlie discovered tomes in the small dimensional pocket that were kept in the journal volume. Fourteen tomes were being stowed in this space. Charlie, Jacquez, and Pogo started on the research project on this small library. Little Cuss went out for some shopping.

The third morning came just as gloomy weather would allow. The PC’s shuffled off to the docks with Cesadia accompanying them. They saw the red headed halfing captain in a heated argument with the dock master. Skywin was yelling to the dock master that he will reload her ship correctly! The dock master denied the request! The PC’s intervened and told her they would reload her boat correctly for passage to Cassomir. The halfling granted their passage under the understanding they were to protect the ship and her crew, the agreement was struck! Skywin told the PC’s it was a 1,250 miles’ trip down the Sellen Passage. Her keel boat the Sellen Starling does about 10 miles a day. Two other passengers bought passage to Cassomir, two professors Gossa and Wreben.

It took the PC’s three hours to rearrange the weight distribution on the Sellen Starling, after such time they were under way. Just hours into the journey an uncanny thick fog sprung from the water. In the distance the PC’s spot a glimpse of another boat with red sails peak out of the fog then suddenly vanish. The next two days went smooth. Charlie, Jacquez, and Pogo completed the research on the small library. They learned failing the ritual can summon creatures from the plane! If you die on the dream plane your abruptly awoken on the prime material plane, in which case you get a mental madness effect! Two people can assist the main ritualist with the checks. The plane of dreams in certain places can be normal time distortion or 2x time, or can be completely no time distortion. The plane is mildly chaos aligned, magically morphic – size of the plane is finite shape and size, and normal gravity.

On the night of the 4th day Charlie was on guard and she spotted the ship with red sails way off in the distance. Then she heard a thud on the side of the ship! She called out alerting others to the attack. Charlie rushed to the side to see Id shades. At first, they looked corporeal, then the frog green shades floated up on the ship. Charlie knew these creatures were from the dream plane. The half dozen crew members working at night moved out of the way of the PC’s! Four Id shades in total ignored the crew and went for the PC’s straight away. Bombs, weapons and spells were the tools the party members expended to vanquish their foe. Shortly after the last Id shade was slain the ship with the red sails disappeared. Charlie recalled a past memory about a ship called Bloodwind, a ship legendary in the planes of dreams. Charlie also saw that creature with long claws in the family crypt that had the confabulation plates on the Bloodwind.

On the morning of the 9th day Bloodwind was spotted and a crew member caught a disease. The party convinced Waldobert to treat the four crew members that came down with plague. Charlie knew that the plague was from a carrier golem! The group decided to get the skiff out and put Waldobert and the four crew members on it. Waldobert was able to treat three out of the four. Skywin refused to put any of her personal at risk she pulled the boat over. She cursed under her breath and inform this is Illmarsh and its dangerous. Pogo and a few other party members asked her to keep going, but nevertheless she replied “all for one and one for all!” The next thing Jacquez spotted bubbles surfacing on the icky waters crest. The PC’s got in place and saw these small six legged creatures with extruded spikes on their backs climb on the ship. In total, there were six, but the truly alarming threats came just a few seconds later! Two huge aquatic monsters splashed out of the water. Charlie and Jacquez and Pogo knew these creatures were merrows, giant aquatic cousins of the ogre. The vooniths blood scream kept Pogo and Bronn static. One merrow went for the skiff and Waldobert responded with flying into the air and delivering bombs. Little Cuss used some guerilla tactics dispatching of the vooniths. Jacquez had the attention of the other merrow at the bow. The vooniths were tedious to deal with, the merrow were the threat. Pogo hasted many of his comrades just as he did in the id shade battle. Zug Zug was seen dispatching the vooniths. Waldobert killed the one at the skiff with five bombs. The bow merrow was a team effort even Skywin was out and combating the monster! The team learned that the merrow regenerate so fire was employed to counter act the first one at the stern. The other merrow sank into the murky water and sawm away after being severely injured by a fireball from Pogo.

The aftermath left three crew members slain and the bow heavily damaged. The captain is very taken back that three of her crewmen perished. She swears she’s never had this much bad luck this early!

*New Zug Zug sayings:
“I let everyone hit me once!”
“I let everyone critical me once!”
“I let everyone vital strike me once!”

XP: 2,886 (All but Jacquez should be @ 26,520 experience)
XP: 2,886 (Jacquez should be @ 12,886)



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