Ye Gilde

Ninguable's Caves

I don't think we are in Absalom anymore

The guild was asked for assistance with the influx of Shadow creatures by the town guard. Several groups of guild members were taken down to the Docks in the morning. The conjuction of planes was not a problem during the day, but below ground there were still problems. They were going to help clear out the sewers.

Pugno, Afarrah, and Shok climbed down to the gravely beach and almost immediately were engaged. Three man-sized wormlike creatures with tentacles and beaks came out of the sewer. Pugno ran up and directed a fireball from Afarrah. He unfortunately got burned as bad as they did. Then Shok ran up and the two remaining beasts attacked him, hitting him many times. Shok and Pugno finished off the gricks while Afarrah approached.

What they didn’t know was that 4 gricks had been pursued through the sewer by a large shadowy centipede like creature. They discovered the fourth grick when it attacked Pugno (failing). They learned that these creature were very good at remaining hidden. The three of them together quickly took out the last grick but shortly after came the 10 foot long centipedelike creature with pseudopods around it’s mouth. It charged them running along the ceiling. Pugno stepped up but missed the shadowy thing. No matter. Afarrah burned it and Shok chopped it dead.

They continued deeper occasionally hearing other groups and occasionally some screams. At one point Pugno ran off toward sounds of fighting to kill two Otyughs from the Shadow Plane solo. From there they tracked another group into some natural tunnels where they became hopelessly lost. They wandered for hours and hours until a tiny armored eyeball attacked Afarrah.

It was an Augur Kyton. Kytons are non-devils formerly from Hell but now living on the Shadow Plane. This type was often used as a scout and spy. It zapped Afarrah but then was swatted out of the air by Shok. It was smashed and lifeless but they kept attacking it as it was clearly slowly regenerating. They took it along and continued to damage it occasionally.

In a spot where the tunnel entered a fault cave, they encountered a 9 foot tall robed individual with 7 glowing and moving eyes under his hood. He called himself Ninguable and resided in the caves. He said the caves were between places. They had managed to stumble into them because the borders between planes where weak due to that rare conjunction of planes. He also told them that the ones they seek, the Kytons, were just ahead and had three prisoners. He directed them down a side passage and he was gone when they looked back.

Sure enough they soon encountered a group of three humanoid Kytons partially composed of shadow stuff. They were arguing in a strange tongue. Afarrah, Pugno, and Shok walked up and said “hi”. That soon became a fight. Like the eyeball, these Kyton regenerated and they didn’t have the right items to permanently kill them. Afarrah, Pugno, and Shok attacked with their standard fare and the Kytons attempted some gaze attacks and hit with some strength sapping touches. One of the prisoners assisted with helpful cheers and Shards of Chords. The other prisoners were just a baker and a longshoreman.

The Kytons were being quickly overpowered though and two of them were on fire from Afarrah. The battle was soon lopsided and the two remaining Kytons were trying to escape. They both did but just barely after using invisibility and darkness. Afarrah collected the prisoners and everyone made there way out of the magic darkness into the regular darkness of the tunnel. They began to look for a place to rest the night.

XP: 4,000



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