Ye Gilde

They scouted the area from the air and found what they thought was a sinkhole, or at least a spot where sand was falling through a crack in the dome. Iseret was first to let herself be submerged. The others followed and ended up in the streets of Phoenix. Much perhaps most of the city underneath the dome was filled in with sand after 4000 years.

They began exploring. First there was a cabaret where Skritek set off the burglar alarm. Then across the street they moved through “Khalif Mubrek’s” where “My fun is your fun” and they were hit by creme pies and had their footwear taken off. Then they exited back to the street on the other side of a sand barrier and entered “The Secret Maze of Kharan” after declining to sign the liability waiver. Inside there was first a maze of darkness with a teleporter that sent them to a brightly lit maze of mirrors. They made it through there but popped into the “Death Trap of Chininsk Ambar” – which they avoided. Skritek, Iseret, and Egglantine did get bounced around in his ballroom however. They returned to the streets and walked up on the Baths of Garimsharr where they encountered Gamal the All Seeing.

Their lights winked out as the undead beholder, aka a death tyrant, descended a hill of sand outside of their vision. Nobody knew what was going on but they heard something and scattered in the darkness. Gamal the death tyrant floated down the sand slope so it could see into the baths. It turned off it’s anti-magic beam and three of its eyes in the front focused in on Skritek, Djelzeem, and Iseret. The first two were missed but Iseret was Held. Egglantine ran up and others flung sling stones or shot arrows at it. Orko conjured up three lantern archons that helped illuminate the area and shoot beams at the beholder. Djelzeem put Daylight from his shiny new Pectoral of Horus on a slingstone.

Two of the lantern archons had moved to the left and right of the beholder and exposed themselves to a new set of eyes. One of the archons turned to stone and the other just perished. Then Egg was telekinetically thrust backwards on a collision course with Djelzeem. He dodged and she sailed into one of the bathhouse changing rooms with Enzo. Skritek made another save miraculously. Djelzeem hit it with a sling stone and Orko fireballed it. Then Skritek scored a critical hit on the floating globe and skewered it with an arrow. It deflated and hit the ground. They won the fight.

After pausing for some healing from the paladin, they climbed one of the sand hills and found an ancient plaza with a large statue of a djinn. It was the resting spot of Aeroldoth! The marble statue’s bronze abs were two doors protected by a Greater Glyph with a Geas spell and while Skritek and Enzo were investigating that, the face animated and began babbling about “thieves beware”, “Aeraldoth waiting for a person of pure heart”, “Aeraldoth needing to rest until the Great Evil is awakened” , etc. Enzo and Skritek played a game of Senet which Skritek won. Feeling lucky he tried to disarm the Glyph and succeeded. The doors opened and the star gem was removed. Like in Pazar, the star gem acted as a cork.

A blinding flash of blue lightning leapt from the con tainer, followed by a peal of thunder. The statue was pulverized into atoms. swirling away in a gust of wind. Sand and rocks from the dome above rained down into the street, and clouds of choking dust rose from the sand. A cloud ol thick, icy-blue smoke rises and coalesces to form a 30-foot-tall diinn, his arms folded and his eys glaring. Slowly the apparition begins to circle the base of the ruined statue. Faster and faster he moves, and the air around him begins to turn into a tornado of dust. The Wind swirls, tugging at clothing and equipment. Faster and faster the djinn moves until he is nothing but a blur of dust, sand, blue smoke, and a giant head. ln one final movement, all who watch are swept up in the tomado. Equipment and loose clothing are torn off as each of you tumbles, alone and disoriented in the roaring malestrom. In one spasmodic burst of energy, the diinn breaks through the dome of sand that covers the city, whirling out into the light of the desert. In a cloud sevenl miles high, he roars a challenge to Khnlitharius, the Evil One, and then flies off to do combat. The dying wind drops you gently to the soft sand, stripped of your weapons, loose clothing, and equipment. As the cloud dis- appears into the desert, the sky rains down the missing articles, the heavy ones first. All around you, the desert sands stretch away to the horizon. But now, there is a great gaping hole exposing part of the city below, and through the sand protrude hundreds of roof-tops. The loot city of Phoenix, like the legendary bird. is beginning to emerge from its own ashes.

Success though it might not have felt like it. They took their time and gathered up all their belongings.

The three day trip back was almost uneventful. There was a brief encounter with a roc but it was convinced to look elsewhere after a barrage of fireballs, magic missles, sling stones, and arrows. Then that night they witnessed a running fight between Khalitharius and Aeroldoth. In the end the efreet seemed to be chasing the djinn.

XP: Helsha 2,428
Everyone else 6,694

I’ve included information from the storyteller in the section below.


Aeroldoth is imprisoned inside a box of brass in a statue of his likeness.


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