Ye Gilde

Return to While Palm

Temple of Set

Back in the oasis they continued their mission to find the first son’s betrothed. They checked out a few places including an ancient broken-headed statue to the north east (which a mustache was inscribed upon) and the monolith located in the trees between the Sheik’s camp and the Sandvoyagers compound. There they decoded some inscriptions (one saying this place was for all and dedicated to the old gods) and a secret door built into the monolith. They were being watched though so they decided to enter later.

One of the spies was a young boy that Enzo Fascinated then spoke with for a little bit. The kid took off after a short while though and Helsha followed him invisibly flying. She caught him updating a guard back at the tent camp and the guard later met with one of the Sheik’s sons. Interesting. They all went back to Happy Hogan’s Desert Igloo (and were followed by another man who had been watching from the palms. Egglantine ate “hosepipe soup” which turned out to be made with camel penis.

At sundown they took the solar barge for a ride into the desert but looped back and hid it among the dunes to the west. The returned on foot and after dark went through the secret door in the monolith. It was 10 o’clock.

They discovered a forgotten Temple of Set below ground. But the temple was not forgotten by all. It was empty of all but two acolytes and a trainee. The two acolytes were subdued to death but the trainee was charmed and befriended. He had valuable information. The temple was used nightly by a cult that worshipped Set and desired to return to open worship of the old gods. The high priest was none other than Corga the waterbearer that they had roughed up days before. The Sheik’s second son was also one of their members. In fact he was to be there for tonight’s ceremony. They planned an ambush and disposed of all three bodies in the sacrificial zombie pit.

More of the temple was explored – it wasn’t big. There were some small rooms with evil idols, or torture equipment. There was one tortured prisoner that was freed but then he ate some poisoned food and died without revealing anything. There was another trapped passage that released a thick mist and everyone ran away. Then they found a secret door that appeared to not have been used in a long time.

That led to a second temple area that had recently been breached by a crew of goblin miners. Skritek started up a conversation with them but some bugbears came through the tunnel. Orko used an Aqueous Orb to slurp up and drown six of the seven goblins and a bugbear. The remaining goblin and two bugbears fled and Skritek jammed the lock.

Then the killed some spiders and some of them were trapped in a room fighting summoned jackel headed creatures before they tipped over the big statue of Set. They left there to treat their injuries and plan the ambush for Korus and Corga.

XP: 2300



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