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Slave Ship At Sea

A discrete and elegant handling of a delicate mission

This was a secretive guild mission. A Venture Captain heretofore unknown to you by the name Herminius Droog contacted guildies with a reputation for discreteness. He was looking for a team capable of doing some investigative work that could very well lead to confrontation with forces unknown but that have a patron capable of scrying magic. At least some of the group will need to interact with member of upper society. From who was available at the guild, he picked Weiss, Afarrah, Maestro Pugno, and Sofie and they asked Jalal Baba to join. He agreed to pay the 50 gp/day plus expenses to conduct a small investigation for an important acquaintance of his that wanted to keep this hush hush.

They are told that while entertaining guests, Lady Darchana, Archdean at the Arcanamirium, noticed one of her guest’s servants was being spied on with an invisible scrying sensor. Alarmed at the implications of someone scrying on her or her collegues she reached out for some assistance. Droog explains to them that they need to find the source of this slave. He gives them two names. First Lady Silviana Dimora has quietly left town but her Majordomo is available for questioning. And Lady Dimora also uses the services of a solicitor by the name of Solvius that handles many of her financial matters. With that information the five headed to the Coins to speak with the solicitor.

So the group bounced around the city visiting several contacts. First was the The Red Letter, the office of the solicitor. It was easy to find and the man fairly helpful. He passed them the name Mahjub Mahdi as the slaver from which the slave was purchased. So they were off to Misery Row to meet with Mahdi.

Mahdi’s shop was broken into though and the slaver was being roughed up. Weiss impersonated one of the city guard and bluffed/intimidated two of the thugs to just leave. Pugno grappled their leader and rescued Mahdi from the shakedown. They were part of the local protection racket, The Sanguine Beast, and they were booted out of the shop. Mahdi was grateful of course and they diplomicized him into giving away some more information about the slave sold to Lady Dimora, and Sophie told him that his shop should be named Mahdi’s Bodies. He explains that the slave Atlag came from an infrequent supplier named Waheeda Wardak, Captain of the At Sea. That ship is a Okeno pirate vessel.

They decided to visit Lady Dimora’s estate and talk to her Majordomo also. They didn’t learn too much extra but did meet with Atlag who was enslaved in Sedeq to pay off debts she couldn’t cover. She seemed innocent. She told them that during the sea journey numerous people visited to examine the slaves. She didn’t recognize any wizards checking her out.

They even when to the Harbormaster’s place and asked about the ship but nothing with that name was recognized. So the investigators took this information back to Lady Darchana who seemed like it made sense to her. She also had some pull with the Harbormaster and gave them two additional tasks. That was about all the time they had that day. Afarrah went back to Mahdi’s and brokered a return of the defective slave and then set her free.

The next day they returned to the docks to find the ship At Sea. Darchana’s contacts told her that it sails into Absalom as the Kat Season. Armed with that they went back to the Harbormaster with a letter from Lady Darchana. That got them a rowboat and a pilot to take them out to the ship that had arrived yesterday and was waiting to get into port. All five of them climbed up into the Kat Season. The First Mate was suspicious and unfriendly at the unannounced surprise inspection. Many of the sailors were gnolls and they began crowding the guildies. Weiss in disguise as the Harbormaster was led to the Captain below decks by the First Mate. Sofie began telling jokes to win over the crew. They loved her set. Meanwhile Pugno removed the extra letters from Kat Season to reveal the true name At Sea at the bow and stern.

Weiss with the First Mate and Captain Charmed made off with the real set of books for the ship as well as incriminating letters. She came back topside and reboarded the rowboat with everyone else. They headed back to the Harbormaster’s where they turned in the ship for the tax evasion bounty and then turned over all the information to Lady Darchana. The Lady was very happy with the results. The mission was a success and stayed low key.

XP: 3900


So who was scrying?

Slave Ship At Sea

Finding out who was scrying wasn’t part of the mission so they didn’t pursue that. You can guess that Archdean Lady Darchara did on her own though.

Slave Ship At Sea

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