Ye Gilde

The Whisper out of Time II

The team had just slain what they now knew as a hollowed one. This one was quite different then the polite one that greed them at the door. This one yelling at them in an angry spiteful tone. The party searched around the upper part of this floor but did not discover an extended area of any kind. The other direction available for advancement lead to an upstairs area where Charlie and Zugzug revealed decaying skin wrapped brutes with strange red insects flying around them.

Charlie knew exactly what those insects were once she got a good eye on them. Both hellspawn swarms came flying rapidly from their hosts. The feeding on rotten flesh was not so appealing but fresh flesh was always the best! Charlie and Zugzug came back downstairs. The swarms attacked with fury, poisoning some of the party members. Bronn waited for the lumbering hulking undead to come downstairs. Zugzug closed off the tapered stairwell which nullified the tactical plan! Waldobert and Little Cuss threw bombs and spells at the swarms as they descend downstairs. Zugzug finally came ascended from the stairwell allowing the squeezed large undead the egress they needed to attack. Zugzug used his cloak to shock his enemies after a botched fire attack on the swarms. (Charlie informed them they had fire resistance) Bronn made quick work of the large undead beings. Little Cuss threw out a fireball to kill the swarms but hit many other alchemical items in the room! The room became engulfed in a backdraft rooftop wave of alchemical fire, the team’s foes were slain and some of the team members suffered singed fire wounds in the process!

When looking into the now vacant upstairs there was a mecca of alchemical items in this room. Strange body parts in innumerable sized bottles and flasks in formaldehyde, allowing a permanent stasis of rot. One soggy skinned head in a jar labeled number 61 seemed to mutter in bubbles to Charlie! This room was pungent with the most dominate smell – ammonia. Bottles, vials, a vat, alchemical apparatuses, and various substances just lying about. Charlie and Zugzug searched around and found a few items and recovered them into their possessions. They did share their discoveries with their teammates.

In the meantime, Jacquez looked around the small bookshelves in the lower surgery room and found a few books of interest. He snatched them up and then kept snooping around to find a secret passageway leading 60 feet northeast out then 60 feet straight down! Small climbing spikes were placed into its now narrowing cavity. Jacquez being small was able to easily maneuver through without complaint. He spotted at the tunnels end, which was a small-waterlogged wrapped circled wooden deck. The deck oversaw a huge dark cavern with derro hanging about. A sound of rushing water filled the air. Jacquez also saw half a dozen derro hanging from long iron chains over a gaping hole at the cavern’s bottom where water was rushing into a pit of utter blackness. Jacquez let Charlie and the rest of the group in on his findings.

Bronn and the rest of the group were measuring the depth of the dumbwaiter with the golem still inside it. Little Cuss was off balance after the swarm had drain a lot of his energy! Bronn had a plan to deal with the golem, waited for, and counted the seconds for the dumbwaiter went down ten feet at every six seconds. However, Jacquez’s wanderlust wasn’t quite quenched. The rat folk went back to the mecca alchemical room with Charlie on his heels. His prying led him to find an invisible latter leading upwards. The spot of a-framed roof at the imperceptible latter’s end, an area at a closer look was painted and camouflaged very well. A small attic latch and portal now came into focus.

Jacquez didn’t hesitate, he shimmied up the latter and breached the portals hatch while Charlie waited in suspense! Immediately Jacquez saw a dark skinned derro that matched his mass in weight and relatively proportional to his height. The derro was dressed in a semi decorative garden! He waved and cast a spell he appeared to have ready! Jacquez resisted the hold person spell, this was very lucky indeed! The next thing Jaquez observed was pain, blood spilled down the now partly visible latter! Jacquez jumped down with a waned strength and a scream! Charlie took the hint and they ran to the rest of the group.

Suddenly the little dirty derro spell caster became visible to the party and on the same platform they all occupied. There was four of him. Charlie exasperated a quick diplomatic salutation! Zugzug saw a flash of the derro near him then he felt two hits slash and attack him. The group knew something was amiss and their assailant was invisible. Little Cuss cast see invisibility. The party tried to counter! Invisible attacks stuck the party again and again draining their strength. Little Cuss calling out the location once his dad brought him to level. Bronn and crew went to work! Bronn fought the invisible assailant while the rest of the group killed the spell caster. Finally, the invisible person became visible but seemed displaced. A supplementary observation from Bronn and crew noticed this small-cloaked female three-armed derro had a throny body!

Zugzug still wounded kicked this subject and felt the effect of the thorny body as he collapsed over from overwhelming wounds. Bronn started to lay the smack down on his derro woman. He leaped to negate effects of her condition. Waldobert resorted to throwing his returning dagger at Twain. Little Cuss offered spells to attack her. Charlie chipped in with her rapier. Jacquez was examining his newly self-awarded shinny sword cane. Bronn brought Twain down. The group quickly rummaged through the two derro’s belongings.

After a small recovery time the team went back to exploring. By this time the team knew this dumbwaiter went down to the same location as this cavern Jacquez scouted out earlier. The depth was one hundred and twenty feet. Not knowing the fate of the other derro down below or the alchemical golem they moved on.

Once again an invisible latter was found. Once in this room a rack of completely bodied skins took up one side of the room. A table with different journals and books were beside the skin rack. There was trailing black plantlike veins that littered the floor here. The roof bowed badly and its center seemed to touch the floor. Charlie took the lead, she placed her hand on the next attic handle and quickly became paralyzed! She had a vivid vision of a black pulsating veined plantlike tentacle wrap around her neck. Then wrapped around her body and squeezed her into Charlie-jelly, her innerness became her outter-ness! Charlie heard an almost incoherent echoing broken voice in her head say “It sends its tendrils through your mind…..gathers…..strngth…..s..t….o..p…..i…t! The voice was oddly familiar. The same voice told the party to awake in the asylum!

The remaining part of the party watched as Charlie screamed her head off and ran out! Bronn was trying to figure out what was bowing the upper level! Jacquez went to open the latch next and didn’t have any issues or visions! The next thing a massive multi hooved and eyed goo reshaped itself and came to the room. All the while holding Jacquez with a black tentacle draining his strength. He used this transplanner body to escape! The madness aurora surrounding this thing send everyone into a panic! Bronn went to the top floor and started to chop his way out. Once feared everyone heard in their head: “It sends its tendrils through your mind…..gathers…..strngth…..s..t….o..p…..i…t!

The creature made its way down to what it desired – darkness. It went down the dumbwaiter shaft. Once the group became unafraid and regrouped, they found a chest at the top attic now furnished with a new side door! The chest had a note, the deed to the property, s small book, and four diamonds. Charlie and Jacquez gathered the journal nooks on the table next to the skin rack. The team decided to get the hell out of this place!

(Currently in Cassomir – explored the old prison’s infirmary which was Mun’s makeshift alchemical laboratory)
The Whisper out of Time II

Note: this is what I have been tracking for you guys experience wise!

XP: 5,774 (Charlie/Zug Zug/Bronn/Waldobert @ 92,365 experience) – Level 10 [Fast Track]

XP: 5,774 (Jacquez should be @ 72,880) – Level 10 [Fast Track]

XP: 5,774 (Little Cuss should be @ 86,514) – Level 10 [Fast Track]

• Excavated Self (Kelish with the first layered skin) – An instruction manual on how to create hollowed ones
• Advanced Alchemy for the Simple Alchemical Minded –common – (Poison Diffuser, Count Ambras’s Punishment, Smell of Fear and Flaming doom)
• Muthwait’s Diagram of the Human Form – common – if read thoroughly for 48 hours reader gains profession surgeon I (Must have 8 skill rank points into heal)
• Healus Mundus – common – a thick book written in peeled skin describes in detail the ways in which to sooth pain and help slow deep wounds. If the reader reads this for 48 hours they gain +3 heal check
• Ooze You’re Potential – Necril (must have create ooze feat). Instruction manual on make oozes. Also requires vat
• Masterwork Surgery Kit
• Small slim clear bottle of silence dust (6 uses left)
• Masterwork medium vat (20lbs)
• Potted jar of homunclus Clay (full – 3 uses)
• +2 Sword cane of Negating (small)
• Rosewood armor +1 (magically fits all sizes)
• Spell book – undercommon (mage hand, bleed, detect magic, flare, read magic, unwitting ally, charm person, mirror image, hold person, mental block, murderous command, vanish)
• +1 short sword (small)
• Potion of invisibility CL 10
• +2 Studded leather (magically fits all sizes)
• +2 cloak of resistance (magically fits all sizes)
• Duelist’s vambraces (magically fits all sizes)
• +1 aklys (small)
• Handy haversack w/ blackened gnomes skulls decorated on its outside material
• Masterwork alchemy crafting kit
• Masterwork thieves tools
• Hybridization funnel
• Three glass bottles of bladeguard
• Alchemist formula book – alko (cure light wounds, deathwatch, expeditious retreat, long arm, shield, stone first, barkskin, cure moderate wounds, invisibility, resist energy, cure serious wounds, displacement, haste, thorn body, greater invisibility, stoneskin)
• Deed to the old prion’s infirmary (signed by official seal and signature)
• Journal of skin peeling and cutting techniques (included was a side journal of the experiment of developing a second skin for the derro’s so their outside skin wouldn’t be vulnerable to sunlight)
• Chain of Dimensions and Aloofness – a rare occultist book that calls forth ancient lifeforces from Carcosa (Can only read if reader is of a chaotic alignment)
• The Keleshite in You – A small pocket book explaining simple Kelish culture
• A small note sheet Mun wrote stating Lord Lowls concerns in getting to the Necronomicon from the Mysterium – The guardian of the Mysterium
• Four diamonds worth 1k gold per



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