Ye Gilde

The Whisper out of Time III

After the dismay suffered by the old infirmary’s bizarre inhabits the team decided to leave and recoup. With the aid of Waldobert the team was able to heal the physical wounds. Bronn went back to the vendor and picked up his newly magic enchanted bow. In conjunction with Bronn’s shopping the band decided to sell unwanted items found in Mun’s laboratory. Luckily, the stolen diamonds were not revealed by any party member.

The posse was able to read the unreal journals and documents Mun had wrote. Mun had written a note sheet about the concerns of this Mysterium guardian. This was the clue to the party’s next gallop towards Lord Lowls footsteps, Katheer. Among the documents, there was a small informational pamphlet about the culture of the Keleshite Empire. This resource turned out to be quite useful later on. The direction seemed clear, lacking was the method of travel.

The option of seaward towards to Katheer would take months. The boat commissioned to Bronn by Skywin was not seaworthy only river-bound. Bronn and crew sold the boat for this reason plus the costly docking fees. Charlie and Jacquez sought to find information about Mun and Lowls journey. It wasn’t hard to find rumors of this odd couple. Rumors circulated into many wild avenues but the most feasible was the fact the two entered the Abadar temple and never came out. It was clear these two arranged teleportation services.

Abadar’s assistance was costly as it turned out but the group understood the time restraint they were under. It took two days for the wizard of the appropriate power to be summoned for the service. He was an older Taladan man. He casted greater teleport and the team found themselves in an early midmorning heatwave. The suns reflected heat by the sand distorted the image of the great city of Katheer about a mile ahead of them. The team seemed a little off put by the wizards choice not to port into Katheer. He only replayed he was Taladan and stepped back to cast teleport on himself.

Katheer was a magnificent metropolis blended of modern and ancient architecture. The riches of this city, the bold mixed colors of the local culture and danger loomed all around. The adventures had a run in that costs Charlie a hundred gold gem. Jacquez with his super heightened sight caught a play of thieves in a figure eight pattern stealing items and passing it to another in the eight pattern. He saw one of them start in their direction. He then noticed the sharp thud of a guard’s stout polearm that slammed into the broken sun bricked wormed sidewalk. This stopped the incoming thief quickly as he redirected his path.

Finally arriving at the visitor’s center they got in line for a patron. The collective decision was to pick an academic patron. There were options to qualify for a more reputable patron but the team decided not to opt for the advanced supporter. Hiraf Al Marha Benzi was their new family’s kensake. Each member adorned a piece of clothing representing their new tribe. Hiraf took the group to a modest dwelling where he explained how Katheer works. Bronn and company were eager to ask questions about the Mysterium. Refreshments were served to the group by slaves owned by this tribe. One slave was an older female gnome that offered her company. Everyone but Zugzug seemed more interested in asking questions.

Hiraf answered their questions. He informed the group that the Mysterium had been closed for two days after some sort of debacle. The Stewards of the Vault (a Nethys religious band that operated the Mysterium) are on high alert. He said they had rumored to be under financial strain in the last few years. Their leader is a lower noble woman named Thyrr. Hiraf was told the truth of the tale by Charlie and his discovery of how powerful his new tribal members were he became ecstatic! He told the party agreements were to be made prior to dinner. He explained he had to go talk to a few of his contacts.

The beautiful city was new to the party and exploration was necessary. Bronn and crew went to the great market! The small informational pamphlet told of the local talent in haggling. They saw firsthand just how accurate that information was. Zugzug was taken for a 34% increase in unholy water. Everyone but the fragile Jacquez bought a magical item and other assortments.

The team stopped by The Mysterium and saw the doors were barricaded. Charlie tried to persuade the stewards to allow them in explaining they were here to help. Just rhythmic and riming feedback was given. They confirmed their leader was Thyrr and only took orders from their family.

At dinner, Hiraf explained his tribal decent from a once influential faction to a much lower one. His great grandmother partook in Genie gambling and lost. He said it was rare that such talented people choose such a low patron but this called for an opportunity. He told them he could not arrange a meeting with Thyrr but one of three noble deeds will elevate the family. With this elevation, a very doable arrangement to meet Thyrr could be in the near future.

The team decided on one of the three tasks. An investigation of a trade route. Three caravans of expensive goods/wears were never delivered to Katheer from high standing mercantile family. So off the next morning they went to complete the task!

The Whisper out of Time III

Note: this is what I have been tracking for you guys experience wise!

XP: 3,000 (Charlie/Zug Zug/Bronn/Waldobert @ 95,365 experience) – Level 10 [Fast Track]

XP: 3,000 (Jacquez should be @ 75,880) – Level 10 [Fast Track]




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