Ye Gilde

The Whisper out of Time IX

The team was finally in Okeno! The stench of gnoll was present in every corner of the city. The clashing of waterfalls filled the ears of the party. They were teleported near the Palace of Waterfalls. The mosaic palace in the background blended with the violent water breaking up its images from a distance. The party where at a vantage point to see over Okeno. They saw the waterfalls from the high cliffs brought the only clean water to the city.

They saw heavy gnoll guards about three-hundred feet away at the palace’s entrance. The party also observed slaves bring broken by the whips of their masters. Dead slaves littered roadsides and the city itself. Fleshpeddlers and fleshfares were everywhere the eye could take in imagery. The information at hand that was that:

• Gnolls here hated and harbored great mistrust for humans, very paranoid.
• Slavery was the core of the city’s economy
• Faction leaders (mainly gnolls) did not openly attack each other
• Also knowing that gnoll leader(s) rarely made an appearance at all

A little halfing caught their attention displaying his wears. He was able to fence a few of this good to the party and offered to be the party’s chaperon. After a quick bartering process the price was settled for the haling’s services. He told them they needed to arrange their coin purses; this is how he knew they were new to town! He then tried to use a clever quip that gave him the nickname “Silly Thumb.” He led the party to the poor shanties of the city.

The dwelling barely holding together seemly that held to a small ratfolk inside. Silly Thumbs had spoken to them about the local attire. Stich the ratfolk was eager to obtain their services for making them a local garb. This grab conceals coin pouches and small weaponry. Stich was impressively quick about making this grab to each party member who paid for one. They noticed he also made body bags when another black-toothed human pried in and asked a quick favor from Stich.

Jacquez knew of a master auctioneer, a human who peddled exotic flesh. Bronn and crew asked around to acquire the knowledge what was “exotic.” Aasimar was the answer to this question. The party formed a plan to turn Charlie into an exotic flesh meat! Silly Thumbs said he could help with that. He brought a contact that had a small potion that could turn someone into what they wished. Bronn and crew were convinced so they bought the product. Charlee was able to turn into an Aasimar.

The party knew that the governor was the master auctioneer’s best client. The party traveled to what is known as the “Palace of Honeyed Stone”. Zugzug plainly was asking around for an old woman slaves! The rest of the group was staged as trying to peddle this exotic Aasimar. Bronn took note that the palace guards did not take weapons but rather rubbed some sort of oil on each person’s weapons and noted what they had.

Zugzug finally got a person of interest to call his que about old women slaves. A tall slim cloaked person started to ask why he was pressing about such slaves. Waldobert saw his son had gotten himself into another jam. He quickly rushed over. Luckily, a little kindred spirit turned the tide of conflict to resolution. The vampire lord went on his way.

As expected the master auctioneer shows up. She was through the party’s folly buy played along and told them to come follow him. He had taken them into the shipyard. Hammers, chisels, and other obnoxious sound drowned imminent sound away. He told them they had better pay for wasting his time. He informed them what they sought could be found in the Laughing Fleshfair.

This place was known as an only gnoll fleshfair. Once they team arrived shouts and growls came quick. Bronn started to shout in gnoll himself. A gnoll stepped up to over his guide services at quick costs! Then a dark skinned tall female human and a halfling with a small blue monkey on his right shoulder signaled the party to them. They did and found a gnoll female being carried on a palanquin by four human slaves. This was Hyena Princess Njano. The dark skinned female they heard her called Kisetz had intense hate for Bronn. She spit at him, he spit back. Njano yapped and Kisetz stopped for moment. The princess offered an invite to her domicile. When they accepted the party was given blacked backs to put over their heads. Zugzug tore holes in his which raise ire from Njano’s servants. Bronn received a stinging pain in his side and heard Kisetz’s whisper which was trembling on the edge of yelling “give me a reason!”

Njano informed them she knows where an old woman slave is that they seek and she is on the ownership of who they know as “Biting Lash.” Quick pro quo was offered to find her spy and she would spill the beans on her advisory “Biting Lash.”



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