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The Whisper out of Time VIII

The Whisper out of Time VIII

The team woke up to newfound oddities about themselves. Charlie first analyzed her tongue then her peers. The party now could speak and understand Aklo Charlie knew this to be an abjurational trait. Charlie knew she was taking on the characteristics of a mimic. Bronn grew a beholder eye on his right shoulder, Waldobert grew black eel-like black scales, Jacquez had blackened teeth, and Zugzug grew a proboscis stinger.

Elder Lythiin was concerned about the development. He was also interested in studying these changes but the party declined. Once again, the elder statesman for the Mysterium briefed the party members on the four statues that have a double set of eyes. One set of eyes will possibly paralyze the person trying to active the statue. There are four statues in each corner of the Soul.

Bronn and crew let the elder complete the puzzle and open the third dimensional pocket of the Mysterium called the Soul. Before diving ahead, the group planned on which party member was to go to what statue. The portal was small therefore only one at a time could enter. Bronn devised a plan on talking or stalling by intimidating to the Keeper of the Soul.

As the plan went into action, Bronn quickly entered the portal. Time stood still, images and voices filled the adventures heads. They saw an old slave (female human) in the third person perspective in a cage with rusty shackles on her hands. Then a sudden jerk of the mind lead to another image. A gnoll with a falcon on his shoulder and a strange hat. Then their mind traveled to an unseeable darkness with a monstrous horrific presence. The voice of the Yithian telling the party “through connected minds.” An additional mind jerk lead them to see Lord Lowls talking with this gnoll named “Biting Lash.” Then a visual of Lord Lowls coming into the Soul and his skin peeled off and dark tentacles spurted fourth and paralyzed the Keeper….with a bright flash the images and voices where gone.

Time speed up and Bronn saw the Keeper was tainted by Lord Lowl’s corrupted mind. Bronn gave a convening shot at intimidating the Keeper. The other party members flowed in while taking attacks from the Keeper. Charlie go to one statue, Jacquez another, Zugzug another, and Waldobert another. The team successfully reset the statues and unsummoning the Keeper.

The team consulted Elder Lythiin about Mun down in the lower floor. He responded no bloodshed if it can be avoided. Waldobert was able to talk to Mun once they reached his small refuge. The craziness was somewhat void in his eyes but not completely.

Outside the Stewards of the Vault celebrated. There was a small contingent of Imperial guards standing by to make sure the city was safe. Everyone was brought to an area to explain this madness of an event. Charlie volunteered to be the team’s speaker. She told the truth and all were left to go on their own accord even Mun. Elder Lythiin granted favors to the saviors of his beloved Mysterium. There were given the money Lowls paid Lady Thyrr -5k gold. They were healed and given teleportation services of their choice.

(All people affected gain Alko as a language)
1. Mimic – acid barbed Tongue (10 feet reach) Treated as a natural attack
Dexterity based to hit
Can grapple at creatures base CMB
Damage +1d6 + strength modifier +1d6 acid

2. Beholder – Eye stalk grows from right shoulder – gray eye
Slowing ray attack CL 5 (if saved once immune)
60 feet reach
Ability can be used three times per day as per the spell slow
DC is 10 + 5 (CL) + owners intelligence vs Will (if saved negates)

3. Dark Nega – Grow eel –like black scales +3 to natural armor

4. Gibbering Mouther – Grows small eyes around head. Gain all around vision cannot be flanked

5. Blightspawn – Grow a murderous tail – (10 feet reach) Treated as a natural attack
Strength based to hit
Poison – DC 14 to save frequency 2 rounds for 6 rounds 1D2 Strength (if saved once immune)

6. Akata – Grow a subtle small snout with blacked sharp teeth – Gain a bite attack
Treated as a natural attack
Strength based to hit
Disease – Void death Fort DC 12 frequency once day 1d2 Dex & 1d2 Con
(if saved once immune)
If humanoid dies by void death they become void zombies under the control of the entity that caused the plight

The Whisper out of Time VIII
Note: this is what I have been tracking for you guys experience wise!
XP: 7,963 (Charlie//Bronn @ 126,796 experience) – Level 11 [Fast Track]
XP: 7,963 (Zug Zug/Waldobert @ 121,183 experience) – Level 11 [Fast Track]
XP: 7,963 (Jacquez should be @ 89,748) – Level 10 [Fast Track]
• 5k gold



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