Ye Gilde

The Whisper out of Time X

Hyena Princess Njano brokered a pact with the party. If the party were able to retain Dahab from his current predicament the princess would then give the details of what they call “Biting Lash.” Her highness believes old slaves are his thing and can lead them to the one they seek. She also bluntly told them they would be followed by her agents, Kisetz and the halfing Hakoor.

Bronn and crew decided on a plan to first visit one of the sites Dahab was last seen, The Shrine of Thaffaar. This was a temple to Gozreh. Upon traveling to their destination in southern Okeno they ran into a nasty pack of gnolls. Bronn took care of the problem afore it came to spilling blood. He intimated the gnoll pack leader and the gnoll front-runner retracted his fury gang. Charlie caught signs of hands signals communications from spotter to spotter, the details were not known. Beaten salves and dead littered the side of the thorofare. The smell of blood, death and wet salted fur littered Okeno’s brisk air.

Upon arriving at the Shrine of Thaffaar it was in the process of being rebuilt. The druid was an easy mark to make. The dialog between the party and the druid was surprising easy. He asked for a few hours labor in return for Dahab’s recent information. Charlie helped the scaffolding integrity with her engineering, Bronn labored on a wall, Waldobert just watched, and Zugzug brought up supplies. After the work was done and night was falling onto Okeno he divulged what he knew of Dahab ‘s last encounter with him. He spoke of Dahab having been marry instead of his droughty self. He was gearing odd colored cloths as gifts, ocher colored garments in fact. Charlie knew this color stain to be produced by several methods but mainly tanning.

The party members traveled back to the north toward the tannery part of Okeno. Before they could go too far a mirthful but stubborn merchant wanted to buy a night with Charlie the young Aasimar. His acquiesce was meet with the party’s non- acquiesce. The homely merchant with pearlescent teeth changed and turned into his real self a marid! He jabbed with his large trident and hit Charlie square. Tiny plant surfaced from the coastlines cliff, griefgalls! The marid’s superiority complex lead to his downfall. His fellow plants were slain at his side as well. Waldobert quickly started to pull the pearl teeth from the marid, only getting three. Bronn grabbed the large masterwork trident and carried on.

The tanning district was quite large part of the city by comparison. About two dozen thriving tanneries canvased the area. Bronn and crew were here in the early nighttime. Collectively the team queried about the tannery that produced ocher. They efforts were rewarded when one person told them that “Salir’s Fine Leathers” is the place they seek. Luckily, this tannery was not hard to find due to the girth and largeness of the building. The party strolled in casually. There was a female human that greeted them warmly. When Dahab and Salir popped into the conversation, she became very hesitant to accommodate their following questions. She alerted the guards who happened to be in the next room eating dinner. Bronn and crew did notice the peculiar demeanor the shopfront held against them now, they knew she was under a charm effect.

The situation escalated when they guards came into the storefront and told they party to leave. Bronn started to taunt them! Five guard in breastplates started to draw their scimitars and seek blood. The party also observed these guards were under a charm as well. Charlie went forward and started to explore while she was invisible. As she did, Charlie noticed a presence go by her eventually. Charlie felt an attack upon her. The div revealed herself. Charlie struck back while the rest of the group was dealing with the five guard at the storefront. Understanding Charlie was a threat the div charmed Charlie! When the div came to confront the party Charlie was at her side vouching for her!

The Whisper out of Time X
Date played: February 16th 2018
Note: this is what I have been tracking for you guys experience wise!
XP: 4,950 (Charlie/Bronn @ 135,857 experience) – Level 11 [Fast Track]
XP: 4,950 (Zug Zug/Waldobert @ 130,244 experience) – Level 11 [Fast Track]
XP: 0 (Jacquez should be @ 93,859) – Level 10 [Fast Track]




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