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Trail of the Hunted I

Trail of the Hunted I

Phaendar is nestled in southern Nirmathas. It is a living example libertarianism. The small populous are rugged and proud of their freedoms. This town has been around for three centuries. It has endured countless orc hoards raids, sickness, goblin raids, droughts, and wars with its imperial neighbor to the south with constant intent to sack the town and place their banner where Phaendar stands. The buildings in this town are made of wood, due to its inherent danger. Only three structures are reinforced with stonework and a foundation. Its main commerce is not coin by bartering in most cases. The silver and hard iron, stout and robust lumber from the Fangwood Forrest, protein stocked fish from the Marideth River, and vigorous livestock provide great resources for the town. Recently in the last two months a bridge was built over the city large river. As a result, it opened up a quicker trade route by removing significate time from the previous Cheliax trade route.

A local Legend Aubran the Green lives here. She is said to throw the great parties that rival big cities. Mostly retired Aubran aids the town when she can. Many battles and older age have taken most of her endurance but not her feisty spirit!

Bali is a fey creature whose home is somewhere around Phaendar. David the gnome is the local troublemaker but often times a welcomed one. Bali’s obsession with gnomes allowed him meet David and be his admirer. David has his twenty-five cats and follow him because he feeds them all the time with yogurt. When these two happened upon a plump catfolk with matted fur. Shortly after a half-orc came out of the woodwork. Ostane seemed passive aggressive with his shoulder shrugs. Once it was established that everyone was a cat person it seemed to be predetermined they would meet. The newly introduced group banded together to “meow-eander” around the town. The buzz of the Market festival celebration had people retiring their occupation at noon.

Bali was zipping around flying poorly from person to person saying hi! He was meet with various greetings, some cautious eyebrows and a few curious smiles. David knowing that Bali can go a bit overboard even by his standards kept a close watch on Bali.

Meanwhile Ostane and Thom decided to stay on the outskirts of the town. Where they meet a person, who was already drinking. He told them he should come to the Taproot Inn and he get them free drinks. The local kept mentioning a rival of his and he would be there at the Taproot Inn.

The only pup establishment in town was shoulder to shoulder with split ale on its warped wooden floor. Unintendedly It had a number of broken windows to ventilate the swear and ale from his pores. The local who encouraged Thom and Ostane to come here was now mopping in the corner after catching sight of Zenith. Zenith was a stocky handsome fellow and seemed very popular from the happy greetings he was given by the inn’s patrons. It was soon discovered to Thom and Ostane this Zenith had stolen their “friend’s” wife. The local broke down crying and tried his best to eager Thom and Ostane to handle Zenith.

Bali and David got word that Thom and Ostane were going to get into a brawl at the inn. They rushed over to the inn to see that no such thing happened. The weeping drunk man was escorted out and drinking commenced. Aruban the Green was in attendance and had her tales in full swing with a bard on stage. As the hour weaned down to nightfall Thom decided to keep an eye out on the roof. Shortly after nightfall Thom witnessed a huge black oval portal near the Riverwood Shrine.

Scores upon scores of hobgoblins surged from the portal and instantly Phaendar turned into a bloodbath. Thom noticed a large bugbear directing the forces. Thom yelled at the top of his lungs to warn people in the inn. The next instant three hobgoblins jumped in the broken windows. One with a crossbow left fly a bolt that struck true. Auburn had a poisoned bolt sticking out of her left shoulder. The other two hobgoblins shouted and demanded everyone’s surrender. Almost all people quickly fell to the floor in obedience. Bali rushed over to aid Aubran and saw she was indeed poisoned.

Aubran mumbled through bubbled saliva “ssaave people, gggett supplies.” Bali replied “use your words.” Thom finally descend from the roof as David started to fly. Ostane still a little rattled from the hobgoblins shouts took his axe and gutted one of the hobgoblins. Thom then scared six folks from cowering and sprung from the floor to flee. The two remaining hobgoblins were dispatched by Ostane and Thom. It was evident to all the three hobgoblins wore the same armband. Through more yelling, Thom managed to convince another eleven-rattled people to follow them. As Thom started to carry Aubran she was able to get a Bull’s Strength spell off.

With the screams and yelps down to echoes, the party noticed the invasion was well orchestrated. The team knew inner weaving patrols were now surrounded the town. The group had to sneakily escort the nineteen people they convinced to save themselves. Aubran spoke once more through strained effort to say “get supplies and save more people and burn that bridge!” David and Bali decided to go to Oreld’s Fine Shop, the healing building to get supplies. Thom and Ostane escorted the group into a patrol of two hobgoblins. Ostane and Thom struck them down. When they arrived at the bridge a worg and a hobgoblin guard its entry. Thom and Ostane defeated these foes but not without Thom ragging and going cat crazy on the worg.

Meanwhile Bali and David were flying over the town to get to the healing shop. On the way, there they sighted a strange tall cow-headed humanoid with horns. He was surrounded with worgs and hobgoblins. David decided to make them all glow with fairy fire, just because.

Bali once in the healing building created light for two injured people. Bali healed them and then asked them to retrieve supplies. The two-people found two healing potions and a masterwork backpack. The got near the edge of the Marideth River and Bali shapechaged a wooden table into a small makeshift boat. They crossed without a problem.

Thom and Ostane smashed lanterns on the bridge. The lanterns oil provided better kindling then wood ever could and the bridge was set ablaze. They head a thick voice yell as they ran into Fangwood forest “You will be hunted!”

(Ostane, Bali, David, Thom)
EXP Rewards: 1,050 – Fast Track
Two potions of cure light wounds
Masterwork back w/a nice looking cloak in it



Keep in mind the experience was adjusted.

Trail of the Hunted I

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