Ye Gilde

Trail of the Hunted II

The PC’s noticed the injured people would not keep. An hour and a half past the wood line looked to be safe for a quick encampment. Suddenly oversized spiders descended from the forests canopy. Milton had rescued one other townsfolk and decided to head towards the sound of danger. Valoras and his group had heard the commotion and started in that direction. The main group dispatched one of their hungry predators while the other one withdrew.

Milton and Valoras caught up to the larger group. Arubran and other townsfolk chattered about just waiting out the invasion. Milton knew this to be the course of action most often taken in these circumstances. Valoras spoke his protest in regards to just “sitting around.” The portal was point of concern. It was obvious that providing for everyone here would be a huge task. The people asked for someone to be the guide for the group. Arubran elected to advise but not lead. Valoras steeped up and took charge.

The next few days was comprised of finding food, crafting shelter and managing personal for these tasks. David just feed his cats! Valoras wanted shelters to be built so that they would be portable. Still talk of the game plan was an ongoing discussion. Bali and David decided to go and scout the town but got lost in the woods, luckily they found their way back to the camp. The Fangwood Forest was protected by eleven magic.

One night before dusk the group heard a loud low pitched growl not too far from camp. Bali identified the howl as a panther. All but Milton decided to muster to the threat. Upon reaching the source of the growl the scene was quite unexpected. The team noticed that the panther had just given birth to offspring. Three swarms of maggot mites were swooping in and killing the helpless cubs. The mother was fragile from birth but still pawed at the swarms with fierce effort.

Thom and David didn’t hesitate to help these animals. The swarms quickly attacked the group. Ostane chopped at the first swarm. Valoras used a spell that damaged all of the swarms at once. From there Ostane and Thom took care of the rest. The team was able to rescue three out of eleven cubs. Thom instantly took a babe in his arms and licked the placenta mucus off of the cub. The mother was diseased and could not be saved.

The exploration netted three panther cubs that if nursed and taken care of could become fierce companions. The cave that the mother panther occupied was cleaned was an ideal shelter for the refuges. Valoras moved the group to the cave. During the next midday as the group started to forage for more food they caught sight of a human from town running wildly through the woods.

The red eyed man with his man bun style hair looked fatigued. His clothes were torn from branches striking them when he ran. He told the group hobgoblins were chasing him and he was scared. Thom lead the charge and the team started to backtrack this person tracks. It didn’t take long to discover that there was no evidence of hobgoblin traces. Thom shouted “quick back to the cave!” Upon returning to the encampment Eban as he was called was gone.

The party had no problem finding Eban especially with Bali’s help. Thom scared the man into telling the truth. Eban pulled out a poster from his back pocket. Thom swatted at it a few times after he snatched it.


Eban had told them that they were tossing people into the river to scout and gather information to where the refuges. He told them his sister’s life is in the balance if he doesn’t report back. Bali made sure he was telling the truth. Eban relayed the information that an improvised rope bridge was being built rapidly. He mentioned the hobgoblins talked about their General Azaersi like she was a god.

Valoras heard him mention general Azaersi. He called a story recalling this clever hobgoblin died in the Goblinblood Wars. The rumor says she raised from the dead and become a ruthless and calculated bandit in Molthune. Hobgoblins declared her Aza the immortal. A supposed witness to this was a hobgoblin named Scabvistin. She is known for the creation of the Ironfang Legion .

Overall the townsfolk are in good spirits and moral is high. Food is stocked up and plentiful at the moment. They are happy with Valoras and his odd friends leading the way.

(Ostane, Bali, David, Thom, Valoras, Milton)
EXP Rewards: 837 – Fast Track



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