Ye Gilde

Trail of the Hunted III

Valoras and his group are regarded in high esteem by the refuges. They have proven their competence in several areas. Guiding the people, providing shelter, supplementation of food, and battle honed. So when Bali and Milton felt a server lighting storm on the horizon and told all to seek the caves shelter. Overall everyone were happy campers.

During the night a vicious storm rattled through the sky. Trees rattled and broke from the strong winds. Lighting bolted down from the sky in rapid streaks. Bali was on watch when one of the warrior refugees called him over. He told Bali that him and his two commands had taken ill. All three had slight coughs, bleeding noises, puppy eyes, and dry throats. Bali awoke Valoras and showed him the three with stated feelings they were going to die.

Valoras assessed the situation and realized the connection between the three. The sick warriors were sharing the same water skin. Valoras ordered them to be as apart from the others as possible. Bali finally took a closer look at concluded that these people had been poisoned. He was still certain these people were going to die. A few hours later into the night a few more people had taken ill with the same symptoms.

The morning came with thunder rolling in the background and moderate rain still falling. This marks the 5th day the team fled for their lives from the hobgoblin invasion. Upon waking up and Ostane heard the news he looked over the food supply. He was astonished to discover the entire lot was poisoned! Valoras ordered some people to remove the food supply. Ostane then started to help the herbalist make a remedy to ease the poisons effects. David went about his normal business of taking care of himself and his cats along with his ostrich. Thom woke up for stand too. He feed his panther cub and began to strut around. Valoras ordered the sick ones out of the cave. He tasked some of the townsfolk build a shelter for them outside the cave for the sick people. Valoras ordered a rotation of the sick people come and warm up by the fire.

The man (man-bun) who they had tied up had puppy eyes and started to convulse widely. He flailed around like a fish out of water. Not too long after his convulsions stopped he seemed to expire. Bali went to confirm this suspicion. Bali told his friends he was surely dead! Valoras had some refuges take and dispose of the body of man-bun man. Bali took another look despite his grim outlook on the end result and found this poison can be flushed out by natural laxatives.

People who knew how to gather certain plants and herbs went out to gather it for the tonic the herbalist made with Ostane. During all the commotion just before dusk a refugee came back with the news that man-bun man was gone, only lose ropes remained.

Thom found that unacceptable and everyone but Milton gathered themselves up to track down man-bun man. The group arrived at a ravine with a tiny body of water moving down the slopping ravines path. Not too far off Thom could see a body lying in the stream. Thom went for a closer look when Milton showed up with his illumining touch. Thom vaguely could make out odd bite and scratch marks on the body. By this time Milton caught a chill in his old bones are spotted man-bun man’s killers!

Four bloody skeletons and two floating grotesque hollow animated skins spotted the bright light and attacked their next victims. The skirmish was short, suffering little wounds the group came out on top. Milton recognized one of the bloody skeletons. This was a human from the tiny settlement in the Fangwood Forest named Gristledown. Between the bright torch and Thom’s cat frenzied cries the scene was very pronounced throughout the forest.

The group hurried back and found all to be in good order. Milton once again relayed on his old bones to tell him when danger was close. The group spotted a worg crouched down in brush observing the cave and its occupants. Once the magical beast understood he had been spotted he shot off.

The group once again not willing to bend on losing chased the oversized dog down. Bali had it trapped with his forest powers then blinded and stunned it with a spell. David finally grappled something, the worg while it was practically helpless but boasted nonetheless. Valoras heard goblin dialect throw a howling voice, his kept company only heard howls. The howling voice spoke in goblin “replay……..replay!” Then no more noises were heard.

The top of the morning was pleasant and bright once again after the storm. The food was running thin and so the group went out and foraged for food. Thom was out foraging for food when he was ambushed by a hobgoblin scout party. Four hobgoblins and a worg assaulted Thom and caught him by surprise. His companions were not in his imminent area and thus alone. It was obvious that the scouting party was trying to net him and “catnab” Thom.

Thom held his ground even though sustaining multiple wounds. His friends finally arrived on scene and as a team took the scout party down. Ostane knocked one of the lesser ranked hobgoblins out.

Once the group recollected themselves back at the cave Valoras wanted some answers! He had Bali heal the scout and rattled off harsh words in the hobgoblins face! The hobgoblin started to spill his guts. He spoke that the leader of this scout group named Semfet. She was dispatched under the Ironfang Legions special division called “Night of the Fangs” leader Lieutenant Scabvistin. He looked very scared as he spoke about the bugbear. He said he is a hunter and skilled killer. Scabvistin regards the refugees escaping the invasion a black mark on an otherwise perfect military operation. He has made it his personal mission to erase that mistake. He with his son named Sergeant Scazvinious have come out into the Fangwood forest to set up a permeant camp until all escapees are dead or in slave shackles.

(Ostane, Bali, David, Thom, Valoras, Milton)

EXP Rewards: 933 – Fast Track

Rewards: Light steel shield x2, net, Studded leather x2, Masterwork padded armor, Potion of cure light wounds, Oil of darkness, Longbows x2 w/ 45 arrows total, Masterwork handaxe, Masterwork battleaxe, Longsword x2, Flint and steel



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