Ye Gilde

Trail of the Hunted VI

The trail of nature allowed the PC’s to leave without consequence. The idea of getting away from these judgmental centaurs put the team in high gear. About two hours into their journey Ulo (male elf), the Chernasardo Ranger appeared jotting alongside with another person came up to greet the adventures. The Phaendarian refugees were glad for the break in hauling the cart. They were already disgruntle about the pulling this damn cart! Ulo introduced Trobjorn, a dwarf who was looking to help the cause but was a little lost in the Fangwood Forrest. Introductions were made in some manner.

Ulo mentioned that Valoras and Courage got word you guys were safe. Valoras is still sway the elder druid council in favor of taking part in this war.

It was obvious that the caravan’s wooden wheels were going to need daily repairs due to the rough nature of the pounding holes in the ground. Bali used his shape wood ability to restore the wheel into good condition. The blacksmith helped with the bearing portion. He was just limited without tools.

The crew pushed the the forest with noises that were foreign to its nature. Within another three hours travel Thom’s paranoia mindset kept him sharp and on the edge to spot three hobgoblins in wait. The hobgoblins had arrows knocked into their longbows. Thom shouted “hobgoblins….ambush!”

Thom started to approach the ambushers, he almost noticed the swarms nest in doing so. He was mindful of the last encounter and advanced in a semi-circle. Thom noticed once he got close enough to the hobgoblins they had a residue applied on their persons. Milton took charge of protecting the refugees while sitting on the caravan’s seat! While the majority of were closing in on the hobgoblin scouts, one of them threw a pouch with rocks. A massive flying ant swarm exploded from the forest floor.

Trobjorn mistook the swarm for a group of angry gnats. He quickly reassessed this conclusion once the flying ant swarm attack him. David cast faerie fire on two of the hobgoblins. The hobgoblins were shooting arrows and steeping back. Thom got close enough to one and damaged him. Bali flew to try and cast a spell. He triggered one of the snag net traps in the process. Bali was on the forest floor crawling under the weight of the net in pain saying “oh my wittle wings!” Ostane was fiddling around with the unknown bombs then decided to use the acid bomb on the swarm but missed.

A few of the hobgoblins arrows hit true, when the female hobgoblin hit there was an extra stinging effect. Thom finally killed one of the ambushers. Ostane and Trobjorn were handling the swarm! Trobjorn’s healing seemed to be the tide turner! The female hobgoblin ordered a retreat, but wanted to grab the net with Bali in it and drag him with them. Lucky Thom cut the net first.

As the second hobgoblin fell, the female was backing up and shooting David. He had tripped her and was annoyed. She was making a dash for the caravan! The group stopped her but not before she withdrew a bomb and smashed it upon the ground. A huge fire explosion engulfed the surrounding area which fortuitously hit the swarm as well.

The group running in and out of the swarm finally killed it. Too many of its ants had been consumed in eating the PC’s. After all treats were eliminated people began looting the spoils.
Wounded and still banged up they marched on and made their way to an encampment. Watches were as normal and when they awoke one of the refugees had been taken in the night, only small pointed footprints and blood remained!

(Ostane, Bali, Thom, Milton, David, Trobjorn)

EXP Rewards: 833 – Fast Track

Composite longbow with magical bonus +1 and strength bonus of +2, 3x potions of Bull’s Strength CL3, Black adder venom (3 uses left), Vermin repellant



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