Ye Gilde

Treasure of the Blue Moon (part 1)

You’ve got to spend money to make money

A routine day in the Absalom Guild House began with Chad catching the first available member he could find for a mission commissioned by one of their regular clients, Felligo Mahd of Mahd’s Maps. Chad came to Sophie’s door and due to the noise knew she was present. He knocked, she answered half dressed and propositioned him as usual. The youth rolled his eyes and presented her with a writ for services with a brief description: she would gather another member or two and take the role of caravan guards on a short trip to Diobel. She remembered this was how she and her sister’s introduction to The Guild started long ago. She also recognized the name of the client and sighed. Her current John overheard the discussion and was looking for work so he asked to accompany her. She cracked a joke which made Chad groan and walk away then invited the stray man along. He looked capable enough. Sophie was all about making money, not so much the details of how so she leapt at the opportunity. Elmer, the current John, hooked up with Sophie the night before. The youth had just arrived from the distant lands of Andoran and was in need of a job to pay for the expensive city at the center of the world. The farm boy had already invested multiple silvers in the bard prostitute’s time. Together they dressed and headed to the mess hall to gather another body for the mission. Rillivis sat alone enjoying his quiet meal when Sophie approached with a joke followed by a lewd proposition. The prim elf calmed himself before responding and reluctantly accepting the task to help the local merchant. He was less concerned with the mission and more at odds with his company, Sophie the tramp bard and her latest “client”.

The trio set about gathering things and meeting the two wagon, 3 passenger caravan at the gates to the city for their journey. The writ promised them each 100gp for escorting the caravan safely to The port town. They set out. Over the next couple of days all went well, better than expected actually. Rillivis kept watch over the procession from his horse, Sophie propositioned all the men from her camel (a camel that she acquired through her special talents – aka a roll in the hay – much to Elmer’s chargrin. The youth had fallen for the pretty bard). Only a lone lion stalked their caravan but Sophie used her magic to create a roaring lion twice as loud as a standard one to scare the cat away. It worked! It also spooked the caravan camels and Rillivis’ horse. That caused Sophie to be dumped to the ground when her new camel fled. Elmer was quick to catch and calm the animal for her. The farm boy followed the procession on foot with his trusty pack dog, Laramore. He couldn’t afford a riding camel or horse.

They arrived in Diobel safe and sound and turned over the caravan to the dock master. The man signed their writ and they decided to hit a tavern before finding rooms for the night and heading back to collect their pay. The nearest place was The Blue Moon Tavern. Sophie knew a few local stories about the place. It was rumored to have a treasure map to the infamous Blue Moon treasure. They arrived to the dump and purchased drinks. Elmer went expensive buying two big drafts of the best beer for him and his dog, while Rillivis purchased a lite moon and stars ale. Sophie, always trying to make a deal, propositioned the bartender first but accepted his request to fix the broken window for a free drink. Her glass of yellow stain ale (the cheapest drink in the house) cost her 10 minutes of mending magic accompanied by rubbing her breasts against the glass from outside as she worked. She had to look sexy. Perhaps it wasn’t the best deal after all she thought as she returned for the drink, sweating profusely.

Conversation turned to the local legend of the Blue Moon treasure. The bartender explained that his grandfather and founder of the tavern was a pirate back in the day and the sign outside was a piece of his original ship and supposed map to the treasure that got away. Blue Moon was the name of his ship. He offered to sell it to them for a few hundred gold but that seemed a little steep so they declined. The trio took time to examine the sign but made little of it besides that it might be concealing something, so both Sophie and Rillivis made copies of the sign. Sophie’s was a nice kid’s sketch but Rillivis was an actual artist. His drawing proved a perfect copy. They debated finding the treasure and Sophie led the bandwagon on making some real money! “Anything for a coin!”

They spent the night and returned. After studying the map more they uncovered a few tidbits hidden in the work. There seemed to be a legitamit map here. Asking more questions about the map led them to an old shiphand of the dead grandfather and last surviving member of the ship. The man wanted them to go away but they persisted. Rillivis waited outside. The pirate’s place was absolutely filthy. Elmer bonded with the old pirate by offering booze (both seemed to be alcoholics). Sophie tried flashing her breasts and making him an offer first but the man was too old to partake. A few drinks led to a tale of the night the Blue Moon sank and the rumored treasure of legend. He spoke of a location which matched the map and of barrels of gold carried by undead in service of a mad dwarf wizard. The tale intrigued the farm boy and harlot. The man offered them a magic amulet he kept and they purchased it for 300gp even though noone seemed to know what it actually did. From there they decided it would be a faster route to rent a boat, 2 days versus 2 weeks on land. Rillivis boasted some skill at sailing, reassuring them it would be simple enough. That ended up costing them 500gp for a week’s rental plus extra coin to stable their mounts. Elmer seemed unsure about a boat trip but having only invested 30gp in their current 800+gp fiasco the other two held more sway. The running response was, “we’re already 800gp in, we need to make this work!” The 300gp writ from Fillego was not enough to cover their expenses at this point.

They set sail on day 1 of their 7 day rental. It was a 2 day journey there and back leaving them with 3 days to explore for the treasure – a solid enough plan. Rillivis began the journey by sailing in the wrong direction so Elmer had to correct the course … maybe it wasn’t such a great plan after all…

The first night out on Elmer’s watch while he dipped into the first of three kegs of alcohol he brought with him the ship was assaulted by a merciless spirit of a dead sailor seeking revenge. The Duppy proved a powerful opponent, each touch draining strength and life. Elmer was touched multiple times and collapsed to the boat deck under the weight of his own gear. Rillivis blasted the spirit repeatedly with his light magic which seemed to work well. The star elf sorcerer boasted about how his celestial bloodline often dealt with the undead as well as evil outsiders. Unfortunately, he too felt the draining touch until he had to drop his spear and lean against the mast for support. Sophie turned herself and Elmer invisible while they regrouped, hoping to gain a surprise advantage. She added her inspiring comedy to the fray. “Waka waka waka!” Rillivis’s magic plus Elmer’s magic weapon dispatched the Duppy. Drained and severely weakened, the party had no choice but to return to Diobel and seek medical treatment from the local priests. They rested a night and magically treated their strength loss, spending another 240gp and mustering most of what they lost. Sophie and Rillivis reasoned that the two day boat trip would be enough time to recoup the rest. Elmer was not so confident. But once again they were now over 1,000 gp in and needed this treasure to cover their loses. Elmer had few drinks and accepted the course. With 2 days lost on their boat rental for returning they now had 1 day to explore the peninsula and find the treasure – still a viable plan.

They set out again and reached the peninsula they sought after fending off a sea gremlin and grindylow. They spotted a shadow in the sea. Guessing it was the wreckage of The Blue Moon, they knew they were in the right spot but avoided the ship due to the old pirate’s mentioning of the terrible tentacle beast that sunk it years ago.

They pulled their boat ashore and decided to scout the area. They came upon an odd surprise. Two women in big hats and fancy gowns were having a picknic on a blanket spread on the beach. Sophie led the approach while the men stayed wary. The old women stood and moved to greet the pretty girl. As they moved closer one woman threw off her hat to reveal a horrific creature underneath. Sophie immediately identified them as sea hags even as she resisted the horror. The other hag dove into the ocean and began swimming around to flank the group while the first one attacked the bard. Elmer charged to protect Sophie while assigning his dog to guard Rillivis. The elf sorcerer blasted the hags with his light magic and heavenly fire. The hags repeatedly tried using their evil eye curses and horrific appearance against the party. Only Elmer succumbed to the curse and Rillivis lost strength again from the horrible appearance. They all suffered a few nasty gashes from the hag claws. Feeling weakened again, the trio decided to camp on the beach for the night and recover some before proceeding inland. They did acquire two bags of pearls, though, which Rillivis appraised at around 1,800gp value. There was much rejoicing in the fact that they had at least recovered their loses ….



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