Ye Gilde

Varisian In Wonderland II

With nightfall approaching within the hour the party decided to press on. The party originally discussed attempting to contact the Nightpeedler in the Trackless Dearth. Then recalled the Ticktock man was they only point of contact for this Nightpeedler. Suddenly giant clouds on swinging brass mechanical bars dropped from the domed sky. Lighting instantly littered the sky. A heavy rain fell soaking the party. Off to the Smith Caldera they went.

Skritek lead the group through the Briar until rest was crucial. The group then made camp. The first watch was taken by Orko and Iseret. The scheduled watches never came after the first watch. Orko and Iseret both fell asleep. The party all woke up rested well, all but one. Iseret’s shadow was gone and in its steed was a ratty nasty blanket. Iseret was fatigued and felt quite ill from this effect. The party spotted the tracks of what seemed to be a humanoid owl. Orko knew without a shadow of a doubt (get it!) it was a variant avoral that stole Iseret’s shadow. He recalled they often utilized shadows for making a nest. Djelzeem noticed they were on the outskirts of Demon’s Fen and the terrain was becoming hinder some with sinking mud. The group tracked down the creature to a huge dead rotted tree that reached twenty feet in height. Above they spotted a large nest and saw a figure peer out. Iseret screamed at the creature, demanding her shadow be returned to her immediately. The creature was timid but with the shouts even more so. The avoral came down and returned the shadow. He offered to trade his needle and thread for anyone’s shadow! Iseret scared the avoral even more so and convinced him to leave his needle and thread before he scampered off.

Now within a short traveling distance of Demon’s Fen the group decided to go to the lake. They found the terrain a saturated bog. Every step was two feet deep in mud and made the journey taxing. Skritek lead the party through the bog only to find they wasted two hours going in circles. Finally with Egglantine’s help the group was back on point. The party came to an elevated narrow path with no hindering mud. In the vast distance they spotted an old suspended wooden planked bridge. All party members’ heard a song. The gorgeous song part lullaby, part dirge pierced the otherwise haunting silence. In the third chorus the beautiful song was exchanged with a high pitched dissolving sobs of sadness. The song was about Sonnare, the legendary bard. A large multicolored winged serpent now in sight singing then sobbing uncontrollably just short of the bridges start. Egglantine and Enzo approached the winged snake. Diplomacy was the first course of action. Enzo performed with the snake’s ballad. The snake was then would sob uncontrollably. The snake bid the group to stay with her. She said she had eaten the bard’s heart. The burrow king attempted to help her by taking her burden. She was still left with infinite sadness and sorrow. Skritek started to walk past the snake. The group noticed a spell rifled off from the creature. Iseret knew she had resisted some sort of charm spell. The party ran for the bridge. With the party members in a convenient formation the snake responded by casting lightning bolt. Combat seemed the only recourse now. The party slew the snake. The planner life essence of the snake floated off into the sky. Djelzeem watch the direction of this essence and saw it was headed northwest towards the Manmolds.

The group tactfully negotiated the old bridge. The airless environment featured the lake which was congealed and completely littered with oxidized weapons and armor. The island had several spears with dead corpses impaled on them. The ground had numerous old tombstones around it. The large island itself had a wide spectrum of armor and arms in different stages of decay spread about its surface. All party members stopped at the first step onto the island. Enzo had detect magic up on his person. Egglantine had detect evil activated. Enzo knew that four of the speared corpses were dawned with an illusion spell. Egglantine through the detect evil five auroras existed. All party members could see the main feature of the island, a sarcophagus with two lit candles on the edges. The candle’s flames were wavering as if they were in contact a slight breeze contrary to the fact no air seemed to exist. Orko played “The Beating card” from the Deck of Harrowed Tales. Once this card was played the party knew of the haut on the island. Orko then pulled out the scroll of consecrate and started to cast it with the sarcophagus being the target. Hundreds of sad souls sprung from the ground wailing in the area direct in front of the party. Then the undead foursome attacked! Egglantine ran and attacked the cairn brute which she killed with a smite’d attack. Djelzeem used his sword to call down the sun onto the undead. Iseret started to call upon her scarf magic! The Burrow King ran and hit Orko with a swing of his great sword. Orko attempted a summons spell but it didn’t manifest. Enzo ran around to search the sarcophagus. Skritek raged then attacked the Burrow King. The swamp mummy approached and it left Iseret without breath. The outcome of the battle left the adventures victorious. The spoils were plentiful. Enzo found a journal from one Vestji, a cleric of Imoedae. The logbook was dated back in 1337 AR. It spoke of Along the Ever Seeking encounters. It spoke of the blood moon that called the undead in this realm. Enzo also found the token- a tiny dagger.

The party assigned the spoils and moved forward to the Smith’s Caldera. The swift journey was without interruption. The steep volcano was equipped with a large stairway that went up the five hundred feet caldera. An excessive nonsensical brass and copper pipe system surrounded the caldera. Steam would explode from the fittings constantly. The summit of the stairs came to a flat cave. The group started to ascend the stairs. Skritek caught sight of something looking down on them for a brief moment. The next thing overbearing boulders aside the stairway started to rattle and fall. Byo was regrettably smashed by one of the boulders. Orko and Egglantine tried to reason with the group responsible atop the stairs to stop. Insults were shouted down in response with auditable mirthful laughter. More boulders tumbled down. Orko cast a fireball and resolved the problem.

The group reached the top of the stairs lead into a large cave. The roof was thirty foot high, lava flowed through a small channel in the left corner of the room. A small work station with hammers, copper fittings, brass fittings, unfinished metal studs, and other gear like gadgets adorned the room. Huge barrels of ale sit at the end wall. A huge iron door was on the right cave wall. The party debated various tactics but then Egglantine went and knocked on the door. They heard laughter on the other side of the door. They opened the door to see a dozen drunken azurs sitting in huge chairs. Then a bar and its caretaker took notice of the party. He shouted “giants only!” The barkeep was swayed with coin and the visitors became” honorary giants”. The party advanced to the next room. In this room a huge sinkhole with a stoned faced giant lay in the corner of the room. Standing near it was a fire giant who was cursing the Ticktock man under his fiery breath. The group attempted to engage in dialog with the fire giant but he seemed distracted. Another iron door was in this room.

The party finally found the Ticktock man here in this room. The room had a vast number of gears and levers with steam and moisture spraying about it. The Ticktock man was of a small stature and cloaked with the hood raised just above his mouth. The party gave coin to the Ticktock man in exchange for the favor of meeting the Nightpeedler and his token. The party was given two days to get to the meeting area in the Trackless Dearth where the signal would be rain, hail, rain, lastly sunshine. The Ticktock man told them they could stay in this forge with the understanding that trouble was out of the question. The Ticktock man informed them he would give them favorable weather conditions. Also he warned them of all the air elementals in the Trackless Dearth. He also told the party that the Nightpeedler is a business partner and seeing him dead would not be an act that would carry favor with him. Four or five of Marzalee’s grubs would be the going price for his token. Then the party all slept in a giant bed and all feel into a deep slumber!

XP 4,257



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