Ye Gilde

Wrath of Thrune VI

You May My Glories and State Depose

Thinking with the Wrong Head

Eager to avenge her stained honor following her defeat and imprisonment by the Glorious Reclamation, the newly-rescued Hellknight Zara Orcelani volunteers her advice and her assistance throughout your endeavors. First, though, she asks that you help her regain her Hellknight plate armor, which is being held at Narikopolus Manor by Faydreth Zaine – it is a point of pride for her, and she refuses to go into battle without it.

Luckily, you are aware of Faydreth Zaine’s weakness – he is deeply desirous of the beautiful Palaxia, whose unusual magic and curvaceous physique make her a very interesting subject for the wizard. Palaxia invites the entire party over to his house for a dinner, silencing Faydreth’s protestations about inviting “that rabble” to his home by promising him a very special dessert just for the two of them.

Along with the party is an uninvited guest – Zara Orcelani, under an invisibility spell, is hidden in a closet near the front door of the manor, waiting to burst out and reclaim her armor upon an agreed-upon signal.

The dinner is not even finished and the guests are still seated when Palaxia hustles Faydreth up the stairs to his bedroom. He doesn’t like the idea of leaving the rest of you unattended in his dining room, but the promise of finally possessing what he’s lusted for for weeks is too great. Palaxia strips him naked, making sure to throw his clothing ten feet away from the bed – including the bundle of scrolls that always hangs from his belt.

She pushes him roughly down on the mattress and, straddling him, manacles his wrists to the frame. Faydreth struggles weakly at the bonds, asking if they could delay the kinky stuff until after they got to know each other a little better, but he is cut off by Palaxia belching loudly. As Bob’s black phantasmal form pours from her lips, Faydreth begins screaming.

Bob begins to pummel and grapple Faydreth, but the elven wizard keeps calm enough to murmur a word of magic and disappears from his bonds. Regina orders her wasp, Zebub, outside to circle the house and look through the windows. The wasp spots the wizard frantically raiding his desk in his study, a room right next to the bedroom, and the bee bursts through the window to confront him.

Faydreth is completely naked, but he kept a spare spell component pouch in his desk, so he is not completely helpless. However, the scroll-less scrollmaster cannot summon enough magic to hold back your forces and is struck down – as is the Glorious Reclamation’s last powerful presence in the town outside of Valor’s Fastness.

You find Zara Orelani’s Hellknight plate in a storage room off the master bedroom, and the Hellknight dons it happily. You also find an artifact that Zara recognizes as a Brimstone Barbazu – a statue of a leering bearded devil that, when broken, summons a bearded devil. They are used by the Hellknight orders as part of the trials undergone to join their ranks.

Open Rebellion

Zara Orcelani, armed with her longsword and dressed in her distinctive Hellknight plate in the exposed musculature style of the Order of the Rack, is a fearsome sight, and when she appears as if by magic outside of Narikopolus Manor, just across the street from the busy tavern, holding Faydreth Zaine’s head, the townsfolk are terrified.

A call goes out over the city that anyone who desires it can come inside the thick walls of Valor’s Fastness for shelter while the Glorious Reclamation roots out the dissidents who have attacked Kantaria. Zara Orcelani leads Reclamation forces on a chase out of Kantaria, and her presence in town grants you temporary immunity to the suspicion of the Reclamation, who now blame the Hellknights for the attacks on the town and let you in without questioning.

The refugees are held in sacristy of the fortress. Pews line the room facing an altar, and a statue of Iomedae stands in the corner. There are around 20 townspeople there, plus a small force of Reclamation knights and squires, as well as a hiracapath, a silvery armored ram with curled horns that glows with golden radiance. For now, you are locked down and unable to make a move without a meddling Reclamation knight ordering you down, but you bide your time and wait for an opportunity.


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Wrath of Thrune VI

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