Helsha The Mistress of Secrets



The picture says it all!


Secrets and a lustful persona have gotten Helsha over
numerous uncanny stares and situations. Once many
years ago the estranged sharp stares caused her
embarrassment these days it bothers her not. Normalcy
she realized is in the eye of the beholder! Helsha’s early
experience upon Golarion was the in Worldwound. A vial
birthplace of chaos with smells of death and ash.
Husk’Taga a tiefling wizard in the town of Gundrun found
Helsha as a baby while looking for herbs for his spell
components. Husk’Taga allowed his better side to
overcome him this day and took her in. As her mentor he
taught her magic and the way of the world and what to
expect in this world as a tiefling. Husk’Taga also had a
twin sister name Murthi. Murthi taught Helsha the art of
stealth and sexual influence. It was no secret Helsha had
a very attractive body and appealing aurora. Murthi also
brokered in secrets, a lucrative trade indeed to those who
knew how to apply it. Helsha picked up this trade from
Murthi. Helsha loves to collect secrets to add a little
careless chaos now and again. She knew nothing of her
mother and father until her Husk’Taga told her when she
was forty-eight years of age. Husk’Taga had researched
Helsha’s creation. Through divination he discovered a
powerful succubus named Mhyrneth had captured a male
human and breed with him countless times. Helsha was
one of her many spawn. One night a regiment of
daemons raided Gundrun. In the aftermath Helsha found
Husk’Taga dead and never seen a sign of Murthi for

Helsha The Mistress of Secrets

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