Ratfink Bellum, Warpriest of Pharasma (DOA)

human, 23yrs, 5’6”, 160lbs, lanky black hair, bloodshot eyes, pale sallow skin, yellow teeth


One of Belum’s ancestors (2 generations back) was discovered to be a traitor to The Guild and to the whole of Absalom. For decades his family name has suffered. Life has not been easy. He has taken it upon himself to clear his family’s name by becoming a hero of the city and The Guild. It won’t be easy, especially with everyone’s eyes on him waiting to slip up and the whispers that follow his every step condemning him as a traitor in the making. But someone must want to give him a second chance since they accepted his petition to join.

Traitor title removed and given title of Sub-Captain and silver badge.

Ratfink Bellum, Warpriest of Pharasma (DOA)

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