Largus "Ratkiller" Orbis, Viscount of Ye Guild, Spelleater Bloodrager & Warpriest of Torag (L9)


human, 16yrs, 5’11”, 185lbs (11’10”, 1480lbs enlarged), weathered skin, shaved head, ritual tattoos (conflict between Abyssal and Celestial forces), hazel eyes


Largus was born in a small savannah town or village on the mainland. He was marked by the gods at birth and carries that mark on his soul and in his fiendish Abyssal blood, occasionally being possessed by some entity, getting flashes of information about outsiders, and the ability to speak the Abyssal tongue (Possessed and Fiendish Blood).

His parents were yeoman – small land holders – but he was orphaned and brought to Absalom as a child by a family friend. He was adopted by a family of smiths in The Puddles and raised with a high moral compass, visiting the local temple to Torag, lawful good Guardian of the Forge, to make weekly donations for him and his family. Largus knows he has three siblings – one older, one younger, and one of half-orc blood, but their whereabouts is unknown. He is also related to Nigel Nightman – they are second cousins twice removed from his uncle’s side of the family…?

When he was a child, Largus found an idealized pendant of Torag’s hammer that gave him the extraordinary ability of mending. He used this item for good (and occasionally to get out of chores…) and since that time magic items have always held a special fascination for him (Magical Talent magic trait (mending)).

During his adolescence and training Largus recognized a part of himself that he hates more than anything else – a monstrous side he can’t control. His rage is fueled by self-loathing, or by projecting this part of himself onto a foe he wishes to destroy. The obvious hints of his heritage were a source of shame to his adoptive family, and being a pariah taught him to practice his arts in secret.

Despite this, Largus worked full-time as a blacksmith apprentice for the family biz, and part-time as a bar back at the local inn. His aspiration has always been to build a new type of still and brew famous booze (preferably with some arcane properties…)

Largus’ became friends with Sparkles while researching arcana at her private library. Sparkles had such a lust for knowledge that she could never be satisfied with simple answers or obvious solutions. This desire for knowledge frequently exceeded her need for companionship, but Largus was the single exception. Through this association Largus developed a keen appreciation for numbers, geometry, logic, hard study, and problem solving, and ultimately arcane knowledge.

Unfortunately, Largus counseled the otherwise innocent Sparkles, who trusted him, toward adverse choices for religious reasons – he tried to hook her up with his cousin Nigel so they could marry. Largus has mixed feelings about the subject. Sometimes he regrets the conflict, but other times he feels he didn’t have a choice in the matter or that he made the right decision. Most of the time, he just avoids thinking about it. Only Largus, Sparkles, and Nigel know Largus’ involvement. Perhaps as a result of this failed matchmaking, Largus has never experienced any kind of romantic connections whatsoever.

Largus often reflects upon his youth on the savannah as a golden time, one ever present in his mind and that refuses to fade into the background. Every day, he feels himself growing older and closer to his inevitable end. He seeks to make himself look and feel young in an attempt to rekindle the fire of his adolescence by removing all body hair and covering his skin with intricate body tattoos depicting the ever-present struggle between youth and age, life and death, and the Celestial and the Abyss. Despite his attempts, Largus realizes that his time still draws ever nearer and he has become vain (drawback).

Largus now works for The Guild.

Largus "Ratkiller" Orbis, Viscount of Ye Guild, Spelleater Bloodrager & Warpriest of Torag (L9)

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