Book: Whispers of the Immortal


An ancient tome, the Whispers of the Immortal, purportedly written by a disciple of Tar-Baphon, documents his transition into undeath.

Much of the early life of the infamous Tar-Baphon is shrouded in myth and mystery, for he must have been born nearly four millennia ago. What is known for certain is that the wizard-king Tar-Baphon lived in the 9th century AR and was widely known as a powerful necromancer. He eventually attracted the attention of the god Aroden himself. Tar-Baphon sought immortality and possibly looked down upon the Last Azlanti for not having ascended to godhood on his own, but for having had to rely on the power of the Starstone. Whatever the true cause of their disagreement was, the two came into conflict, which ended when Aroden killed the wizard-king on the Isle of Terror (at the centre of Lake Encarthan) in a mighty battle in 896 AR.. His remains ended up in what would become Ustalav. In 3203 AR, he was somehow able to use the power of the Whispering Way to return as a lich. He sought to attract the attention of Aroden, and to gain his revenge, but Aroden did not take up his challenge. Styling himself the Whispering Tyrant, Tar-Baphon united the orcs of Belkzen under his rule and conquered Ustalav


Book: Whispers of the Immortal

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