Letter of Mark and Reprisal for Baron Vendikon


Letter of Marque and Reprisal for the Capture or Killing of Baron Vendikon

     Gen. Dakovya, Regional Expeditionary Army

To all who shall see these presents, greetings:

     Be it known that I have commissioned, and by these presents do commission, a merchant adventurer named <Your Name>, <short description> and led by Largus, Warpriest of Torag from Absalom, hereby authorizing said adventurer to: capture or kill Baron Galdur Vendikon within the jurisdictional limits of Andoran or Cheliax and to seize from his estate such valuable goods as they deem sufficient compensation for the act and can carry on their person, not to include title to real property or to ships or any conveyance or title to any company or venture. Neither you nor any other, who set forth in company with you under color of these presents, in any way seize any ships, barges, or other vessels, or any merchandise, goods, or chattels, belonging to subjects of Andoran or Cheliax or other countries whatsoever, but those only which belong to the personal estate of Baron Galdur Vendikon.

     And each seized valuable is to be brought to territory held by the Expeditionary Army for formal condemnation and disposition at trial with members of the public to attend and air disputed claims.

     And also commission said adventurer to sabotage the defenses of Piren’s Bluff and harass the enemy without undue turmoil or danger to the good citizens of Andoran or any other friendly nation.

     This commission to continue in force until Baron Vendikon or indisputable proof of his death is brought before the command staff of the Regional Expeditionary Army.

     Given under my hand and the seal of the Republic of Andoran at the hamlet of Falcon’s Hollow, the second day of Lamashan, year four thousand seven hundred and ten by Absalom Reckoning.

General Dakovya


Eight party members received one of these in Falcon’s Hollow when they accepted the mission from General Dakovya.

Chester Copperpot
Ethelfrith Hubbard
Nigel Nightman

Letter of Mark and Reprisal for Baron Vendikon

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