Ye Gilde

Retreat from the Keep

To make a long combat short, the group of four returned downstairs to the second floor and engaged in a fight with not only the keep guards but the invisible Baron, 2 hell hounds, a Nessian hellhound, and the group of Chelaxian adventurers led by Lord Vincenze.

In the town NIgel was talking to Faeregrim at Andel, the yeoman resistance member’s, home when the alarm bells began ringing. They stopped plotting to go outside and see what was going on, (although they figured correctly that the mission was in trouble). They ran to the intersection of Keep and Minecart roads in the center of town and observed the guards and militia scrambling. The door to the Pact Hall opened and several people exited. Nigel recognized Lady Drenica the cleric of Asmodeus. A squad of keep guards escorted her toward the gatehouse to the keep. Knowing there wasn’t any time to waste Faeregrim immediately used Dimension Door to transport both of them to the tower.

Nigel and Faeregrim found a small devil in the lab, or rather it found them. It was a crepitus devil and quickly dispatched after being a minor annoyance. They descended the tower and joined with the others in their struggle.

It was a tough fight with lots of spells being thrown around including fireballs and lightning bolts and it could have gone either way. But the Baron escaped to the first floor with his guard dog the Nessian Hellhound, while the Chelaxian adventurers of the Co-Prosperity Society defended the second floor. Largus and Nigel went after the Baron but got bogged down fighting guards on the stairs.

They killed Slaughtermaster and dropped Mittens but the tide of battle turned against them when Legertha was Charmed by Vincenze and charged Ginger, knocking her out. Below Nigel was charred by the Baron’s pet and fell unconscious. Everyone met on the stairwell and Faeregrim magically transported them through the wall and into what happened to be the Baron’s audience chamber. For a few brief minutes they were safe and unmolested. Outside the door they heard a seemingly endless supply of keep guards marching by and someone giving orders to search the keep for the assassins.

Ginger failed to bluff the keep guards marching by the audience chamber door. One grabbed her but she got away and the others slammed the door and barred it. They needed another plan and quick because the guards were pounding on the door and it wasn’t going to stay closed for long. They brainstormed another plan to escape from the Baron’s audience chamber. Before the doors could break, Faeregrim cast a Stone Shape to open the wall behind the throne. Ginger cast Obscuring Mist outside to confuse the proceedings. Ginger flew herself to safety while Faeregrim, under an Invisibility spell courtesy of Ginger and an Ant Haul from earlier in the day, carried out Nigel and Largus under his arms. Ethelfrith drank an extract to become invisible and then snuck across the courtyard dodging numerous soldiers. It looked like someone had stirred up an ant’s nest. The group of four flew away chased by crossbow bolts. Ethel spider climbed over the wall and back into the town. Legertha remained inside with her new adventuring party chatting about her old adventuring party. Lord Vincenze is so dreamy. She can’t figure out why she turned him down back in Falcon’s Hollow.

While Ginger and Faeregrim flew east and landed with Nigel and Largus on the Andoran side of the pass, mini Mother was searching for the rest of the group. When the alarms initially sounded Sparkle had left the defunct church of Aroden to join other people in the street trying to figure out what was going on. She missed seeing Faeregrim and Nigel by a several minutes. Everyone else assumed the Andoran Army was attacking but she suspected the extraordinary rendition had turned into a hot mess. Mother found Sparkle lurking among the fearful people at the intersection of Keep and Minecart Roads wondering what was happening. As she got Sparkle up to date the others were making a hasty camp on the mountainside.

Shortly thereafter numerous squads of soldiers entered the village. Some went to guard places like the alchemist’s shop and blacksmith while others went to different buildings and started arresting people. The place you were staying at is one of the places the soldiers went to. The whole family was arrested and guards remained inside after the family was taken away. Same thing at the blacksmith’s and herbalist’s place among others. Once that is done they start going building to building looking for fugitives matching the party’s description (everyone, not just those that went inside the keep).

Sparkle and Ethel decided it wasn’t safe to remain in the town and hope the guards didn’t discover them. The magus cast Invisibility and Fly on each of them and they flew over the walls hoping to find the others somewhere on the Andoran side of the pass.

XP: 200

XP: 2642

XP: 3???

Piren's Bluff
The Tower of the Last Baron

The group split up inside Piren’s Bluff and began gathering information and looking for sprigs of mistletoe tied with a yellow ribbon. They fumbled along with that for awhile eventually identifying 3 resistance members. None of the resistance knew of a secret way into the keep. They decided to not waste any time and used the Eye of Scrying to spy inside the top floor of the Baron’s Tower.

The 40 foot octagonal room was setup as a lab with a large stitched together humanoid laying inside a pentagram. They decided to dimension door into that room that night. Ginger couldn’t take many people with her though so when the time came she dimension doored herself, Largus, Legertha, and Ethel into the top floor of the Baron’s keep at 11:30 pm. The rest of the group was left in town.

The four person team began exploring the tower top down and were successful sneaking for awhile. There was the lab with the flesh golem that they sabotaged. Below that was some sort of ballroom. The next floor down had some different rooms that were empty. One door didn’t yield though. It was locked and couldn’t be picked. Another door lead into a well lit and appointed hallway with guards. They decided the Baron might be behind the locked door so it needed to be chopped down.

Largus chopped through the reinforced door in two swings but instead of the Baron the room had some jail cells. A quick search revealed only a slumped human form that smelled a little of death. Meanwhile guards started arriving. Soon everyone was in combat. They tried to spare the regular guards by subduing them. Then a sexy Lilin demon entered the fray. “You must be the basic bitches I haven’t heard about.” It would have been cooler if Legertha hadn’t cut her as she tried to get into position and then Ginger put her to sleep. Largus finished her off but then a fireball landed in the room. It was launched from behind them from what a Ethel said was an invisible mage on the stairs. They took the time to grab some loot from the devil while others chased the invisible mage. They ran up the stairs but didn’t find him.

XP: 250

XP: 3,500

Falcon's Hollow and Piren's Bluff
A New Mission

The survivors leave after checking out the last few empty rooms and clearing out some skeletons, zombie, and ghouls from the entrance to the dungeon. They briefly spoke of the strange sick wolf named Lucimar on the surface about what they encountered. He was still necrotic though. Largus collapse the entrance to the dungeon and the group began the journey back to Falcon’s Hollow.

The trip back to town was uneventful except for a brief encounter with an angry female hill giant searching for her husband and a skeletal megaraptor the next day. The first ran off and the second was smashed to bits.

At Falcon’s Hollow an army was camped across the River Foam. They soon met the General in charge who was at the hill fort speaking with Kreed and Vramos. After the cleric of Iomedae confirmed their story and examined some of the artifacts, Gavel Kreed pronounced the mission completed and rewarded the group with “Lumber Bucks” good at any Company Store. The party was not pleased with their payment but as Kreed explained they don’t have 4,000 gp just lying around especially after paying to start construction on gatehouses and an expanded wall for Falcon’s Hollow. Only Legertha and Sparkle made a side deal with Kreed to take some of their payment in darkwood.

General Dakovya spoke to them about a mission in need of some foreign muscle. He offered Letters of Marque and Reprisal for them to travel back to Piren’s Bluff ahead of his army, make contact with resistance, gather information, sabotage defenses, and kill or capture the Baron.

They weren’t too interested until finding out that the Letters authorized them to take compensation in the form of whatever valuables of the Baron’s they could carry out of his keep. So they agreed and were set up as caravan guards or passengers and traveled ahead of the army reaching Piren’s Bluff 10 days later.

The trip was boring except when a ten headed cryohydra ran out of the cold fog one day but Legertha and Largus made short work of the beast. The Ulfen woman wanted to carry all 10 heads with her but there was no room in the caravan.

XP: 900

XP: 2,500

Droskar's Crucible: Conclusion

After the group split up all the useful gear from the secret room, they returned to the Seer. It was almost too late. He was being attacked by a shadow that was touching his exposed hand and draining his strength. Lucky for him the adventurers arrived when they did. The shadow didn’t get a chance to escape this time.

They decided not to try and mend the broken crystal in favor of getting to Drazmorg as soon as possible. The Seer told them that he had heard all the undead moving in the direction of the seal. Drazmorg had called them all to him except for the shadow that he sent to punish and convert the Seer into another shadow.

The Seer described the layout of this level and they went directly to outer ring around the Seal. It was full of webs except for a man-sized path through them. They worried that burning them would make the air unbreathable so they continued down the curved passage in single file. After a short distance they heard footsteps of something approaching.

It was a single skeleton that greeted them in Drazmorg’s voice. It said that they were waiting and to follow the skeleton and join their new family.

XP: 5000


  • +1 longsword
  • +1 chainmail
  • +1 conserving composite longbow (+2 str)
    • Conserving: When the wielder misses with a ranged attack, the fired ammunition teleports unharmed to its quiver, case, or pouch.
  • 2 seeking arrows +1
    • Seeking: A seeking weapon veers toward its target, negating any miss chances that would otherwise apply, such as from concealment. The wielder still has to aim the weapon at the right square.
  • potion of inflict moderate wounds
  • wand of greater natural weapon 12ch
  • Eye of Scrying
  • Book: Whispers of the Immortal
  • Book: Spellbook
Droskar's Crucible: The Seer
The Shining Crusade

The group decided to retrace their steps back to a large irregular room of gears. On closer inspection they discovered a turnstile that opened a curved section of wall. Beyond that was a long rectangular room filled with fist sized eyeballs that turned to look at them. As the first couple adventurers entered a large gibbering mouther surfaced and confused everyone but Largus and Ethelfrith. Then it rolled over Legertha and engulfed her. The shield maiden was bitten and her blood was being drained. After Legertha used her armor spikes to tear free, the monster engulfed Sparkle. The floor was all mushy and the eyeballs made it difficult to move around. The gibbering overwhelmed most of their minds with Confusion. The outer skin of the gibbering mouther was tough to breach but those inside found it easier to cut their way out. The group slowly regained their senses while the mouther shot out gross skin tentacles at them. Totally confused Nigel stabbed himself then sneak attacked Ethelfrith. Finally the beast was put down after numerous cuts and hammer blows.

This room had nothing of interest besides to hole and pits in the floor to trip people up. The room beyond was empty except for a statue of a paladin with outstretched arms. They figured out that the base of the statue was concealing something and they figured out that lighting candles in three spots on the statue might reveal what was hidden. They didn’t quite figure out how to do it though. There were double doors leading out but when pried open rubble rolled into the room. The passage was collapsed.

The group backed up to continue their exploration and wandered into a large truncated coned shaped room filled with pillars. Each of the pillars was covered in inscriptions that only Hatchet-Ass was able to read with his Comprehend Languages spell. They told the story of the Shining Crusade and it’s long struggle against the powerful lich, Tar-Baphon. Strangely there was a headless dwarf corpse flopping on the ground near the back of the room. It didn’t react as people began filing inside but shortly Hatchet-Ass was ambushed by a mind wraith from inside one of the pillars. Fortunately it missed. It did pop out again and traded blows with the heroes. Largus had some of his intelligence drained but that was all the wraith could do before being destroyed.

South of that room was a circular vault. They were greeted by a jet black skeleton with two rusty short swords. He told them that they had a lot to answer for. They wrongly assumed he was in charge and ran to engage. There were also two ghouls in the room that appeared to be attempting to remove some iron bars from funerary niches. The niches contained ossuaries from which banging and scratching sounds could be heard. As usual the ghouls couldn’t put up much of a fight, but when Nigel got into position next to the black skeleton it responded by stabbing the rogue with a sword and draining him of strength in addition to the wound. That was it’s only small victory against the heros though as their combined hits quickly reduced the undead to a pile of shards on the ground. The only thing of interest were the double doors on the other side of the room. Beyond was a descending staircase.

They decided to check out the only other spot that hadn’t been explored first. At the end of a 15 foot hallway they found a sliding stone door locked with an elaborate inset metal lock. Since almost half the group is expert lock pickers, it didn’t stop them. Inside they came across the dwarf’s head. It was encased in a metal cage being held by a weird mummy that had its eyes and mouth sewn shut. Largus rushed inside and grew larger. He smashed it and Ginger finished it off before the mummy could do anything. A Ring of Counterspells was recovered from the undead creature, and they figured out that the cage was a magic item, a Cresset of Grisly Interrogation, that had Speak with Dead capabilities. They asked the dwarf head some poorly thought out questions that didn’t help them at all. They did have the good idea to return the dwarf head to the headless body. When they did both parts crumbled to dust.

They returned to the circular vault and took the stairs down into an L shaped room containing a cleric of Aroden encased inside a large crystal that was hanging from the ceiling on two thick chains. The crystal was cracked and a chunk removed freeing the man’s rather withered looking hand. The cleric was able to telepathically speak to them but was frustrated by Ginger’s unintelligent responses. Sparkle was a little better and more receptive. The Hanging Seer had first wanted to know if it was true Aroden was really dead. He had volunteered to be left here in stasis to guard the Lesser Seal for the Shining Crusade. When he awoke in this time of need, he had no connection to his god and was essentially powerless. The crystal protected him and kept him alive but he wasn’t able to do anything about an intrusion by a party of adventurers and the breaking of the Seal. He had been kept alive by a Mystic Theurge named Drazmorg. Originally one of the human adventurers, Drazmorg had broken the seal and it killed him. He had been transformed into a dread wight and returned filled with enough negative energy to break part of the crystal.

About this time the seer mentally screamed and in the same voice as the black skeleton used, he told them that they would be killed and join the other undead, Then a spectre seemed to spring out from the seer where his hand was exposed. Miraculously it flailed around and missed hitting anyone. Then Largus enlarged and enchanted his weapon as Ghost Touch before landing a blow on the spectre. After that mighty blow, just a couple more hits destroyed the incorporeal undead.

The Seer thanked them and after eliciting their promise to destroy Drazmorg so he couldn’t work to free Tar-Baphon he told them how to access a secret chamber beneath the paladin statue. The secret was using magic to light the candle beneath the statue. So they all rushed back upstairs and looted the room which had a lot of emergency magical items and old rusty weapons.

XP: 1500

Droskar's Crucible: Deeper
Rescuing Hatchet-Ass and eliminating undead

The group formed up in the 15 ft wide hallway with magic torches and lights blazing. The hall stretched 30 ft before opening into a large chamber. Inside the entrance churn a pair of tremendous iron gears. A low clicking sound emanates as they grind and the air reeks of incense. Only the light from Ethelfrith’s Gem of Brightness pierced the darkness deep enough to reveal a bound humanoid struggling on the floor. The far wall still wasn’t visible and the chamber appeared 45 ft wide and empty except for the trussed up figure.

They rescued Hatchet-Ass despite the pendulum and spike trap, ghouls, and festrogs. The hobo led them to a room with the rest of his gear and they slew more of the malformed dog-like festrogs and found a large natural cavern with a deep pit. They had a major battle there with skeletons, zombies, ghouls, ghasts, and festrogs. They defeated those and tried to rescue some captured humans from the pit but negative energy was irreversibly changing them. Sparkle provided mercy in the form of a fireball.

They explored further and found an old chapel to Aroden that seemed to postdate the original dwarven construction. The interior was converted to some sort of crazy lab and inhabited by a powerful ghoul barbarian. Largus, Legertha, Nigel, and Hatchet-Ass all ran inside to fight the ghoul. It didn’t go as planned when Nigel was bit into unconciousness and then Hatchet-Ass was clawed twice and paralyzed. After a couple hits on the ghoul though it tried to escape and was cut down. They claimed it’s magic bastard sword and hide armor and threw some strange necromantic fluids to the ground.

XP: 5,000

Another Minor Request (Revisited Yet Again!)
How Many Times Will It take to find that pen!

After the last band of guildies returned from the precipice quarter with the bodies of their lost comrades but no quill pen for Felligo Mahd, his request circulated through the ranks and was somehow lost. That request resurfaced when the cartographer resubmitted it with a complaint about how long it had taken to be fulfilled and how his quest had been accepted by at least two guild groups. In an effort to uphold the reputation of The Guild, the request was plucked from the flow and handed off via Chad to the nearest minor guild member. That guild member was the strange little doll ninja – Jerro. Chad left the request with it in his customary monotone carelessness. Jerro then collected a few allies (Angus the dwarf cleric and Dusk the elf wizard) to join the mission. Fursifer the halfling rogue and Shadow the strix monk were interested but not so keen on joining the mission labeled “the death mission” by whispers among the newer guild members so they hung back. Fursifer ended up talking Shadow into flying them out to keep an eye on the others, but only as a backup precaution.

The group set out to shop before meeting with the cartographer who offered them 150gp to recover this historic pen. He offered them a camel to carry any other incidentals which he might pay them for but they turned that offer down. The trio accepted a crude map of the destination and ventured into the precipice district. none among them were particularly good at navigation and they soon found angus’ guidance severely off, but managed to get back on track and eventually locate the mansion without any trouble.

They headed down the well shaft once again, with Jerro leading the way to the water-filled chamber. Next came Dusk and finally Angus who immediately plummeted into the water when he slipped from the rope. The dwarf’s splash drew the attention of something from the water … three somethings. Three severed zombie hands crawled from the water. two latched onto Dusk’s legs gouging and tearing his flesh, while the third leapt on the dwarf, catching him in a strange hold while he spent the next several rounds trying unsuccessfully to haul himself out of the water. They eventually defeated the severed hands but not without a few bruises. They proceeded to explore the dungeon using Jerro as their stealthy scout. They scoured the western half of the dungeon, uncovering strange glowing balls, a spider swarm, bits of treasure, and even a dwarf ghast. The highlight came when Angus smashed a baby ogre skeleton, activating the rise of it’s father who charged over and slashed Dusk with its claws. The trio brought the behemoth down and located some more treasure, but still no quill pen. They ventured from there to the southern end of the dungeon past the broken gargoyle trap. They explored a ritual chamber where a shadow appeared and wasted its surprise by attacking the doll that was immune to his touch. They rallied and killed the thing with only Dusk losing some minor strength. Jerro woke a nest of rats and was swarmed and they decided to head to the east end of the dungeon. While swimming across a large expanse of water, Dusk attracted the attention of a massive water snake which bit and wound itself around him, pulling him under. The elf nearly died before Jerro and Angus were able to drag him to the edge of the water and beat the snake to death.

They gathered on the other side of the water to discover two storage rooms and a secret door on the wall. They opted for the secret door. It led to a secret office with a desk, bed, and shelves. There was a robed skeleton slumped over the desk. Jerro and Angus moved into position to flank it and Dusk blasted it with his magic. The 1 point of damage the elf did triggered the creature’s special ability. A teleportation burst from the crypt thing caused Jerro to vanish. The others resisted it. Without the flank Angus missed his first attack. the crypt thing stood and delivered some serious claw slashes that caused the dwarf and elf to flee the chamber. Jerro appeared halfway across the dungeon and had to start making his way back. The crypt thing dimension doored out of the room and behind Dusk surprising him with another slash from its deadly claws. The elf ran into the room again and began frantically searching the desk for the quill pen, but he found nothing. Angus tried to stand against the creature but its claws tore him apart. Jerro was still trying to get back to them. The fight with the crypt thing was not going well. For every minor blast of magic, drop of holy water or physical injury to it there were several claw swipes leaving the guild members bloody and near death. Jerro was finally able to rejoin them and smash the creature’s skull with a magic stone (after missing with the other two) but it wasn’t enough. The crypt thing dropped Angus to unconsciousness and then did the same to Dusk. Jerro tried to hold it off but the doll got scratched a few times and looked on the verge of being destroyed. The crypt thing didn’t look so hot either though. Lucky for him Fursifer and Shadow arrived, having come down to check up on them at just the right time. The halfling rogue darted into the room and pelted the creature with a bolt. Fursifer quickly dropped into unconsciousness after that. With everyone down save for Jerro the nearly destroyed doll (busy drinking all of his potions of repair) and Shadow the strix monk, it was up to shadow to do something. The monk buffed with an armor potion and then charged the crypt thing, planting his flaming fist right into it’s face, finishing off the guardian.

The half dead party regrouped, healed and searched the room finding a few odds and ends and a secret passage with the quill pen and a magical scroll. The storage rooms offered little more than a pair of cure potions they greedily sucked down. With pen in hand and a few sacks full of random crap, plus a pair of giant mammoth tusks, the group left the dungeon and hurried back to the guild house. They received their reward of 150gp only to learn that the pen was very magical and probably worth a fortune. Felligo Mahd was one happy man! He will be singing the praises of The Guild until it’s time for him to submit another “minor request”.

1720xp for Angus, Jerro and Dusk
520xp for Fursifer and Shadow

Droskar's Crucible: Dungeon Delve
Rescuing Nigel and Chester and re-clearing the top dungeon levels

The group moved off about a thousand feet into the ancient forest to treat wounds and camp until the next day. They wanted to start fresh in the morning. It was a good thing they hid because numerous somethings with chains entered the ruins during the night. They only had to contend with a garden ooze and two shadows (attracted by Ginger’s screams) during the night.

In the morning they headed down the dark stairs. Below ground they found two levels that had already been cleared by the other group of adventurers. There wasn’t too much to see but they did rescue Nigel and Chester Copperpot from 5 forge-spurned undead dwarves.

On the second level, Ginger questioned one of the two remaining red-scaled kobolds in their hatchery. The old kobold told them all this was due to their tribe’s curse and to go deeper where the tunnel was collapsed to find more. They did find that tunnel easily and two more shadows that were quickly dispatched after snatching more strength from Largus.

The collapsed tunnel had been partially excavated and led to a giant circular shaft with water 40 feet below. Largus figured out that it was only 10 feet deep so he enlarged and jumped in. There were 4 creatures in the water and 6 skull-sized eyeballs in the walls of the shaft watching them. The creatures turned out to be bloody bones which were part skeleton with entrail tentacles. The slashing claw attacks were adding up and four undead took some time to hit being submerged. All the watching eyes were shot with arrows. They finally were destroyed and everyone was able to make it from the upper tunnel down to the lower tunnel where they could see the another chamber down a short hallway.

XP: 2500

Droskar's Crucible

The undead horde was only 200 feet away and the town didn’t have much time to prepare. Most of the menfolk were out working in the lumber camps. The rest of the folks streamed into the hill fort while the small militia deployed along the town palisade. Largus, Legertha, Ethel stood by the gate next to the Sitting Duck Tavern. Ginger levitated to the tower next to the gate. Sparkle ran to the west gate. The undead horde consisted of skeletons and ghouls and numbered at least a hundred they thought.

The attack was very dispersed along the entire north wall. Numerous ghouls were picked off with arrows. Ginger turned some of the ground swampy in an attempt to slow down the advance. Neither her nor Sparkle could find a worthwhile cluster of dead to blast with magic. Ethel lobbed bombs over the wall blowing up attackers.

The undead kept coming in waves and some were clawing over the wall and a few lucky ones breached Sparkle’s gate. The militia weren’t felling many with their crossbows. Soon it was reported that bodies were floating down the river and some of them turned out to be ghouls and a ghast. Also a wight minotaur and ghoul frost giant were spotted in the ranks. The fight went on for some time with the creatures resisting Gingers magic at nearly every opportunity. The regular zombie and ghoul peons didn’t do too much until the undead minotaur and frost giant came over the wall. Then militia began to die.

The militia abandoned their posts about the same time as the river ghouls were being finished off by Legertha, Ethel, and a pair of militia. Sparkle kept up magical attacks on the ghoul frost giant with Ginger’s help. Ethel returned to the gate only to get attacked by skeletons. Ginger flung the minotaur into the air and Largus got large to finish it off. Mother blasted a few more minions and Sparkle finished off the giant with magic missiles before it could kill any more militia. The group mopped up the remaining undead and the town was saved with only eight or so militia lost.

Kreed wasn’t pleased at all and sent the adventurers off with a big group of his regulators and some militia to backtrack the undead army and finally put an end to it. Of course they also had to check on the lumber camps so it was a smaller group that camped with the party that night. The woods were quiet all day and night.

The next morning the regulators went back to Falcon’s Hollow and Largus, Legertha, Ethel, Ginger, and Sparkle forded the river that bisects Darkmoon Wood. The trail was still easy to follow but the forest was more disturbing here and they were attacked by a large flock of ghoulish stirges. Luckily the stirges made some noise flapping up and against all odds both Ginger and Sparkle got an Ice Storm and Fireball off before they could drain the party of all their blood.

Their second encounter happened near noon. A strange necromantically altered awakened wolf named Lucimar greeted them. He told them about the wave of negative energy he felt weeks past that began to alter him and bring unlife to the forest dead. That all happened before the other adventuring party arrived but he said they seemed to have killed most of the kobolds that inhabited the old dwarven ruins called Droskar’s Crucible. Lucimar said that the next day undead kobolds and a few living ones left the ruins. They haven’t been back but other creatures have come and gone. He bid them to destroy whatever terrible thing is under the ruins before it changes him into something more horrible.

A short hike took them to the monastery ruins known as Droskar’s Crucible. There was not much left above ground besides some pillars flanked by the remains of two towers surrounded by forest. There were numerous kobold zombies, dwarven skeletons, and fresh human zombies, plus a ghoul in leather armor. They were all just standing around until a commotion over a wand attracted the attention of a couple zombies. Then Largus moved up and Legertha charged. Small mother snuck off in the trees and shadows. Ginger screamed and Sparkle shot her bow at zombies perched on the ruins. Both Legertha and Largus were mowing down the attacking zombies and skeletons creating piles of bodies.

The ghoul seemed interested in sneaking up on Sparkle and a strange conjoined quad dwarf skeleton left the far tower and clacked toward the fight. Like before the creatures resisted Ginger’s magic and something big was coming through the trees. In the ruins a whirlwind erupted from a hole in the ground. It was 15 feet high and appeared to be made of grinding bone pieces. And then a towering skeletal giant with a tombstone hammer broke out of the forest and headed toward Ethelfrith. Ginger screamed. Now the real fight started. Nobody really knew anything about the two new creatures but they soon began to learn.

The whirlwind flattened Legertha on the ground with it’s wind of souls and ground her body with shards of bone and negative energy. The skeletal giant squashed mother even with her Displacement spell active. Magic from Ginger and Sparkle fizzled when it reached the whirlwind. Mother’s bomb hurt it but then the whirlwind pulled all the bones out of the 9 corpses laying around Legertha and grew even more robust.

The giant skeleton continued swinging at Ethel while 3 zombies attacked her as well. The whirlwind continued to grind away at Legertha and Largus. Sparkle Webbed the ghoul and the strange quad skeleton and bought herself some time. When it became clear that weapons and spells were useless against the bonestorm, focus was changed to the giant skeleton. It traded blows with Largus but soon crashed to the ground in pieces when everyone else joined the fight.

Largus returned to saving Legertha when she’d get flattened and grated by shards of bone. The boy would bull rush her out of harm’s way often remaining in the whirlwind himself. All the while Ethel continued throwing bombs at the very agile whirlwind. It was looking to be almost unkillable since it could heal by sucking up bones and anyone getting too close was torn up. It was beginning to look like people would be dieing soon but bombs and holy water finally finished it off.

Wow! Congratulations on your dual epic victories with no losses!

XP: 6536

Cold Marrow
Face the undead Kobold King in a Tomb of Ancient Azlanti

Teedem sent the rescued lumberjack back to town with two of his men, then followed Ethelfrith, Ginger, Largus, Legertha, and Sparkle back to the smoldering lumbercamp. He said that Kreed will be pissed that the camp is a total loss. The regulators went about containing some of the fire that had spread.

The group left the camp to follow the attacker’s tracks back to (presumably) Droskar’s Crucible. They hiked for the rest of the day coming across some worgs and a cockatrice before stopping to setup camp. The area of the forest known as Cold Marrow was markedly different. Besides being colder, weeds, obviously parched and withered, sprung from cracked earth among the small bones of birds and animals that lie everywhere, as if the land itself coughed them up. Even the glum lifeless rock here is a dull gray, like the petrified skull of some mountainous god. But the most striking feature of these desolate woods is the silence—thicker than fog and as oppressive as thunder. No bird song, no chittering of crickets, no knocking of woodpeckers disturbs the noiseless din. The slightest rustle in the withered reeds that grow here seems to echo through the limp rotting trees for miles.

The next day it only took another hour of hiking through the ancient forest to find that the tracks did not led to Droskar’s Crucible but an Azlanti burrial mound on the side of a giant hill. It was a large eroded mound of earth and clay. Symbols of unknown origin encrust its entire exterior, although most are eroded by time’s careless caress. Ascending the mound is a series of broken stairs framed by two giant menhirs of white marble. At the base of these stairs two enormous stone disks, each the size of a giant’s wagon wheel, rest one atop the other, their edges overlapping slightly. The disks are carved with thousands of runes in wild patterns that defy reason. Here Ethel found a sapphire that turned out to be a gem of brightness.

Another pair of menhirs frames the entryway to this barrow mound atop the hillside. Once, this entrance was smooth stone covered in wards and curses, but now this seal lies in blasted shards. Lying crumpled at the entryway are two kobold corpses, twisted and blackened. Their teeth are gone, their eyes hollowed, and horrific grimaces adorn their withered faces. Darkness beckons beyond this cold welcome and a rasping hollow laughter echoes forth from the broken seal.

Inside was a long tomb four rooms deep with two side rooms. Of course on the the first was visible and it contained 3 small water elementals that sprung from fountains in three of the corners (the fourth fountain was broken), but as the group engaged 2 shadows joined the fray near the entrance. It was a short fight. The next room had some sort of smokey air creature that didn’t do much before it died either. Sparkle used a fireball on it and caught 10 zombie kobolds in the next room too. After, mother was sent into a side room while Largus moved into the next room with the charred bodies. Mother roused a female wraith and Largus drew the attention of the undead Kobold King. and his two dread zombie minions. The battle was joined. Mother immediately lost some Con but then the wraith left to attack Legertha when the kobold king called out for help. Ginger screamed.

In the sepulcher of the Azlanti Prince the battle was going against the Kobold King who seemed to think they had his crown. Back in the second room Ethel and Sparkle were left to contend with the five wights that rose from their sarcophagi – a fireball and a bomb did the trick. Meanwhile the Kobold King set Largus on fire with a spell as he and Legertha chopped through his bodyguards. The king got off one last Burning Hands before being cut down.

That was it. Very short. Nobody was sure why they had ended up in an Azlanti tomb but they found some good stuff. They returned to Falcon’s Hollow to a very unimpressed Teedum and Kreed who didn’t seem to think they had done much of anything to seek out and destroy the source of the attacks on the lumbercamps.
In fact Kreed delayed payment until he could confirm they kept their part of the bargain.

Wouldn’t you know, the next day at lunch the local gravedigger came running into town breathlessly declaring that the dead have risen out of the graveyard. Shortly thereafter, townspeople noticed that the big crowd approaching from the north were undead. Falcon’s Hollow was under attack.


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