Ye Gilde

Scholar from Katheer and the Centaurs

Greetings Adventurers!

Venture-Captain Alak would like to direct your attention to a set of bulletin boards with various jobs postings. The puddlians chose from any of the postings labeled as “Green Jobs”. As you advance in rank you may begin to chose jobs of greater risk, with (hopefully) greater payoff. There are currently 2 job listings you qualify for and you may chose which one interests you the most.

1) A scholar from the Capital City of Katheer in Qadir has arrived in Absalom, and is requesting a group to help her explore the Kortos Mountain and make contact with a tribe of centaurs living there. The note specifies that this scholar is requesting a party ready for a “challenge”.

2) A young man claiming that he is the son of a noble who’s home was located in the abandoned (and undead occupied) Precipice Quarter. The this man claims he has discovered the location of valuable family relics by way of his fathers will. The party will be required to enter the Precipice Quarter and retrieve the family relics. In return the party will be given a $$$ reward based on the amount of of valuables returned.


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