Ye Gilde

Dreams of the Yellow King II

The Sellen Starling recovered from the merrow attack with aid from the PC’s. Skywin was eager to leave Illmarsh as soon as possible. Waldobert attempted to treat the last deckhand infected with carrier disease, alas an unsuccessful one. Skywin was very somber with sadness, she never got accustomed to losing her men. A person appeared on the boat and requesting the audience of Pogo. Pogo informed the PC’s he had to go on a more urgent matter. The two teleported away as if never there.

With four deckhands down Skywin offered to teach a willing mind the way of a sailor. Bronn offered to be a willing subject however once the captain mentioned the sextant he was much more interested! Once the Sellen Starling broke free of Illmarsh waters the captain had a respectful eulogy for the fallen lad. With a reserved nod, she gave the ok to send the wrapped soul to rest in the lake. Only eighty miles and nine days into the journey she took a deep breath. In the upcoming days, Charlie, along with Jacquez were studying the series of books. Tring to make sense of the list wrapped around the wand. The only findings where are that ghouls on the dream plane are quite social. The Dichotomous Translations of Aklo Syntax was extraordinary difficult to research, odd words and dialect didn’t make sense.

Two days later on a quite morning a fog rolled over the lakes waters. The PC’s now divided into a day watch and night watch, the day crew was massed on the deck when they saw Bloodwind a quarter mile off to their starboard. Charlie knew this ship to be a mean spirited magically intellect ship that was capable of shapeshifting. Bloodwind by trade was a cross planner slave boat made by Denizens of Leng. Charlie knew of recent affairs that the Bloodwind was captained by Vadrack with a reputation of endless pursuit of his prey. In the next instant Waldobert spotted a flying creature headed right for the Sellen Starling!

Waldobert knew this to be an ahool, a large flying creature with aspects of a gorilla and a bat. He also knew this creature’s main tactic is to snatch a disinclined victim with his claws and ascend into the air to drop them. The PC’s prepared for the incoming creature. Bronn rattled off arrows at the creature with meager results. Jacquez took cover under the ships middle roofed cabin. Charlie getting ready with her pistol. Waldobert ready with bombs, Little Cuss hid in a small shadow, Zug Zug started to undo the cargo hold netting all the while taking cover under the ships sail. Once the ahool was able to grab a foe it already had been bombed, shot, stabbed, and netted. Nevertheless, the creature still managed to grasp Bronn. The netting disallowed the ahool to fly off. Bronn and company kept the ahool pinned while finishing the creature off, it dissipated into thin air!

The PC’s were trying to catch their breath. The deck crew below sounded worrisome along with the two scholars. Skywin gave a quick glance at the party members and said what the hell is this ship and why is it following us? The conversation feel short when an image of a human fisherman with a fishing pole appeared on deck! Everyone readied for the odd appearance of this figure. A splash in the water alerted the PC’s to the real danger already behind them. A large fish creature with huge jaws and a fleshy tethered lantern over this head with illuminating light.

The flashing pulsating light caught all but Jacquez and Charlie in a trance. Zug Zug, Waldobert, Bronn, Skywin, and Little Cuss was fascinated and just walk over to the hungry maw! Charlie and Jacquez were yelling at the others but still their companions favored the light! The creature unhinged its jaws and then swallowed Zug Zug whole. Zug Zug came to his senses once he was being dissolved in the fish’s stomach! Jacquez tried to thump Bronn but missed and Bronn was swatting with his hands at the fleshy tethered lantern. Zug Zug flurries with attacks inside and was able to be vomited up. Charlie was able to hit Waldobert and he shook off the effect! The creature bite Waldobert when he tried to move. Then it swallowed him! The creature then traveled to the end of the deck to jump off. Bronn now free of the effect held the creature down! The team finally was able to recover an injured Waldobert. The creature lay cut open on the deck!
Charlie informed the captain of the predicament and the Skywin said she would do her best to help them. The PC’s realized the Bloodwind was sending these creatures to capture them. They decided to do the ritual to take them to the dreamlands to find answers.

The hour casting of the ritual did not go as planned. In the later part of the ritual Charlie, the main ritualist failed to keep the ritual going. Charlie looked around and saw noting just her alone! Zug Zug saw the last non-sour goblin pickle animated in front of him. Little Cuss and Bronn saw the revenant. Waldobert saw this paladin with gleaming silver armor with a wooden stake in his hands ready to strike! Jacquez saw a giant tom cat hissing at him! Charlie and Jacquez saw an aspect of their nightmare that seemed out of place. They both quickly searched their thoughts and knew this to be a creature known as an animate dream. Each party member battled their worst fear. Bronn finished it with the last blow and the scenery came back into focus and he saw all this comrades, only now they were in a desert with unbarring heat assaulting them.

Charlie realized they had been pulled into the Dreamlands after all. In the far distance a huge building visible through lucid sight. The party made it to the caravanserai. This place once had been opulent. The thick cracked sun bricks that walled the caravanserai were still stable. Gossa, the scholar who had helped at the ritual attempt was very scared. The party explored the caravanserai and found some magic weapons in the arms room. They found a modest but somewhat impressive library. The greeting center for trade between dream walkers and natives seemed to be abandoned. The PC’s searched the stable area and found a hidden passageway. Jacquez and Charlie checked for traps, none were found. This lead them to some of the answers they sought!

They came to an office with a lucid figure sitting at a small desk. A very familiar face sat with yellow tapestry makeshift cloths greeted them!

It was the face of Lord Lowls. He greeted them and beckoned them in with a good spirited demeanor. The PC’s had learned that this was only a fragment of Lord Lowls psyche left here on the dream plane. He knew nothing of ill deeds done by his person. When the party referred to him as Lord Lowls he corrected them and announced he was “The King in Yellow!” He told them he would lead them to the Mad Poets oasis once they retained enough gifts for him. He educated the PC’s that the mad poet was a fickle character, a lore master through the sands of time. He gave them some journaled notes. These notes expressed and explained slang words for here in the dreamlands making the Dichotomous Translations of Aklo Syntax tremendously easier to research. He told them that list of items is of particular interest to the Mad Poet. If not those then he is also fond of people’s memories. The “King in Yellow” remarked he is a lore master after all.

It took the PC’s two hours to will themselves off the dream plane and back to the prime material plane. Upon waking they learned that no time had passed on the prime material plane. They talked about which item to retrieve first and the winner was: skull of ghoul royalty!

Status of Trip (Sellen Passage): Day 11, 113/1,250 miles traveled

XP: 8,379 (All but Jacquez should be @ 34,899 experience) – Level 8 [Fast Track]
XP: 8,379 (Jacquez should be @ 21,265) – Level 6 [Fast Track]

Dreams for the Yellow King I

The PC’s returned from their victory over the head priest of Hastur. The scenery in town was chaos! Soldiers were kicking in doors and throwing people down in the streets. Beheadings and beatings were in open display! The tone of unlawful intolerance and traitorship to the crown was loud and clear. As the PC’s approached the towns center six mounted half-orc soldiers on horses with polearms approached them. They asked if you were the “outsiders” people were referring too. Charlie responded with a yes. The soldiers told them their lord was awaiting their presence. The mounted warriors escorted the adventures to a tent, they were told to enter the tent.

The PC’s entered the purple tent and first saw two drudger dwarfs, one female and one male. They shared the very same body shape and facial features. The male twin was an obvious cleric of Urgathoa the other an inquisitor of the same faction. The female asked her twin as the PC’s came into the tent “wonder what that one tastes like?” They both smirked, then a stern voice beckoned the PC’s to move forward. The twins started to tease the PC’s once again but the human dressed in strange armor held up his hand, the twins quickly stopped. The PC’s saw a stoic human with similar armor that Omrai, the royal accessor adorned. He introduced himself as General Xin Zhao. He told the PC’s he desired a true accounting of what is taking place here. Any attempt to cover or distort any truth’s will costs you your life. Charlie was nominated to be the storyteller. Before she began the PC’s noticed the drudger cleric cast a spell, zone of truth.

Once the story was told the general acknowledged their story as true. He glared at Bronn and his newly acquired katana. The general asked if Omrai died like a true warrior and you avenged his death? Charlie replied with a yes to both questions. His dismissed them on the account they indirectly severed the crown. He even allowed Bronn to keep the samurai weapon.

The team exited the tent and quickly spotted Cesadia waving to them. Jacquez caught up to the group before meeting up with Cesadia. The twitchy rat was back! She had a stranger by her side wielding a staff. She quickly spoke we have much to discuss but not here, let us retire to my guilds lodging. The stranger introduced himself as Pogo and told them he would lead the this team, real short introductions were commenced. She informed the PC’s that this is the crowns punishment and reestablishment goon outfit. This force is here to reestablish order. Cesadia debriefed the adventures about Lord Lowls leaving town and why. She told them that the former lord is on a vouge to Katheer to an occultic place referred as the Mysterium. He is after a powerful occultic tome known as the Necronomicon! He wished to wake up one of the gods of the elder mythos and be its champion. It is possible he has gone quite mad with all the exposure to this occultic knowledge! She also told the PC’s that the lord indirectly killed some of her employees, an act she doesn’t take likely. She says bring back his head and its 1,000 gold for each person involved in his killing. The last bit of information she told them is a merchant vessel captained by Skywin Freeling is going to pass through neighboring areas that will easily lead to Katheer. The boat arrives in three days’ time. Charlie knew this person to be very capable and a reformed pirate!

The three days were spent differently by the PC’s. Bronn went off and came back with a holy symbol of Pharasma and a tattoo over the left part of his face. Zug Zug went out and sold the jewelry he snatched off Omari. He bought some “magic beans” to bring back to the group! Unknown to Zug Zug he had under sold this jewelry to a great extent. He still was able to get 3,200 gold for the lot. He came back to the group saying he bought these magic beans but Charlie alert to his laying words. Zug Zug finally gave everyone their share. Charlie had time to sit down and review lord Lowls journal volume that Waldobert retained from Iris Hill. Charlie discovered tomes in the small dimensional pocket that were kept in the journal volume. Fourteen tomes were being stowed in this space. Charlie, Jacquez, and Pogo started on the research project on this small library. Little Cuss went out for some shopping.

The third morning came just as gloomy weather would allow. The PC’s shuffled off to the docks with Cesadia accompanying them. They saw the red headed halfing captain in a heated argument with the dock master. Skywin was yelling to the dock master that he will reload her ship correctly! The dock master denied the request! The PC’s intervened and told her they would reload her boat correctly for passage to Cassomir. The halfling granted their passage under the understanding they were to protect the ship and her crew, the agreement was struck! Skywin told the PC’s it was a 1,250 miles’ trip down the Sellen Passage. Her keel boat the Sellen Starling does about 10 miles a day. Two other passengers bought passage to Cassomir, two professors Gossa and Wreben.

It took the PC’s three hours to rearrange the weight distribution on the Sellen Starling, after such time they were under way. Just hours into the journey an uncanny thick fog sprung from the water. In the distance the PC’s spot a glimpse of another boat with red sails peak out of the fog then suddenly vanish. The next two days went smooth. Charlie, Jacquez, and Pogo completed the research on the small library. They learned failing the ritual can summon creatures from the plane! If you die on the dream plane your abruptly awoken on the prime material plane, in which case you get a mental madness effect! Two people can assist the main ritualist with the checks. The plane of dreams in certain places can be normal time distortion or 2x time, or can be completely no time distortion. The plane is mildly chaos aligned, magically morphic – size of the plane is finite shape and size, and normal gravity.

On the night of the 4th day Charlie was on guard and she spotted the ship with red sails way off in the distance. Then she heard a thud on the side of the ship! She called out alerting others to the attack. Charlie rushed to the side to see Id shades. At first, they looked corporeal, then the frog green shades floated up on the ship. Charlie knew these creatures were from the dream plane. The half dozen crew members working at night moved out of the way of the PC’s! Four Id shades in total ignored the crew and went for the PC’s straight away. Bombs, weapons and spells were the tools the party members expended to vanquish their foe. Shortly after the last Id shade was slain the ship with the red sails disappeared. Charlie recalled a past memory about a ship called Bloodwind, a ship legendary in the planes of dreams. Charlie also saw that creature with long claws in the family crypt that had the confabulation plates on the Bloodwind.

On the morning of the 9th day Bloodwind was spotted and a crew member caught a disease. The party convinced Waldobert to treat the four crew members that came down with plague. Charlie knew that the plague was from a carrier golem! The group decided to get the skiff out and put Waldobert and the four crew members on it. Waldobert was able to treat three out of the four. Skywin refused to put any of her personal at risk she pulled the boat over. She cursed under her breath and inform this is Illmarsh and its dangerous. Pogo and a few other party members asked her to keep going, but nevertheless she replied “all for one and one for all!” The next thing Jacquez spotted bubbles surfacing on the icky waters crest. The PC’s got in place and saw these small six legged creatures with extruded spikes on their backs climb on the ship. In total, there were six, but the truly alarming threats came just a few seconds later! Two huge aquatic monsters splashed out of the water. Charlie and Jacquez and Pogo knew these creatures were merrows, giant aquatic cousins of the ogre. The vooniths blood scream kept Pogo and Bronn static. One merrow went for the skiff and Waldobert responded with flying into the air and delivering bombs. Little Cuss used some guerilla tactics dispatching of the vooniths. Jacquez had the attention of the other merrow at the bow. The vooniths were tedious to deal with, the merrow were the threat. Pogo hasted many of his comrades just as he did in the id shade battle. Zug Zug was seen dispatching the vooniths. Waldobert killed the one at the skiff with five bombs. The bow merrow was a team effort even Skywin was out and combating the monster! The team learned that the merrow regenerate so fire was employed to counter act the first one at the stern. The other merrow sank into the murky water and sawm away after being severely injured by a fireball from Pogo.

The aftermath left three crew members slain and the bow heavily damaged. The captain is very taken back that three of her crewmen perished. She swears she’s never had this much bad luck this early!

*New Zug Zug sayings:
“I let everyone hit me once!”
“I let everyone critical me once!”
“I let everyone vital strike me once!”

XP: 2,886 (All but Jacquez should be @ 26,520 experience)
XP: 2,886 (Jacquez should be @ 12,886)

Thrushmoor Terror VI

The PC’s were left with the decision to try and pry the brick at the base of the water well or go through the high end decorated double doors to the east. Charlie did inform her peers that the symbol groupings on the door is the Lowls family crest. Once the call was made to go through the double doors everyone huddled around the door. Charlie checked for traps follow by Little Cuss, the door was not trapped.

Once the double door was pushed open by Zug Zug and Bronn they recognized the scenery as a family crypt. Layers of sarcophagi run horizontally from the ground to about four feet high. Across from the double doors there stood a tall pale figure clamping on some sort of brass plates on a dead body laid out on the mid-level sarcophagi. The body had its cloths stripped from the chest down to the ankles. Most of the group members noticed the emblem on the draped part of the clothing. Winter wore the same mark, the Royal Accuser emblem on her garments. The body’s odd looking armor lay on the gravel. Diagonally from the one body the PC’s saw a feminine body on the neighboring sarcophagi, it was Winter. The tall creature look distracted in its task of applying these plates to the still body.

The PC’s got the jump on the creature due to its distraction with its device. Bronn and Zug Zug positioned themselves in to flank the creature. Charlie whipped her pistol and Waldobert had his notorious bombs to deploy. Little Cuss took a subtler line of combat. The creature turned to the PC’s and said “that foolish mortal should have drowned you all until you could not draw breath!” The PC’s noticed when the creature talked it did move its mouth. The creature clawed and bit at Zug Zug and Bronn all while a sneering laughter. Once the PC’s struck the final blow the creature turned into a thin gray mist and dissipated.

Little Cuss detected magic in the area. He saw there was an odd looking curved longsword that was magical. The strange heavy armor on the floor possessed magic. Numerous decretive sparkling jewelry was still on the body. Zug Zug snatched all of them up (2x golden rings w/ gems, golden necklace, golden bracelet, 4x earring rings). The group was able to confirm Winter’s tortured body on the next sarcophagi. Little Cuss picked up the brass confabulation plates. The group decided to search the room and Charlie found a secret passage on the north end of the crypt. Before exploring the secret passage, Charlie checked for traps and Little Cuss double checked! The team decided to check the water fountain brick before they took the crypt passage.

The PC’s noticed a water saturated ceiling and it was leaking. Charlie put her engineering to work and realized this was the same location as the surface water well in the small courtyard. Everyone got into position while one of the party members pulled the brick. A quick gearing sound littered the air. A five feet section of wall on the northeast wall raised upward quickly. The PC’s saw red beaded eyes and rats in which their tails were entangled together. Charlie knew it to be a rat king. The group decided to quickly undo their previous action and the section of wall came slamming down. The PC’s decided to take the secret stairwell down from the crypt.

The stairwell lead to a huge open circular room with bedrock as its floor. In the middle of a circular, vaulted chamber, standing on a platform of natural bedrock, a black stone monolith similar to the two in Thrushmoor glows with a pale, yellow light. Blood stains the floor surrounding the monument. A thick but shallow yellow mist churns in this room. A ten-foot passage way to the south lead into a larger room. Blooded handprints and blackened fingernails littered the passageway to the larger room.

As the PC’s were on high alert they heard a scornful famine voice call out “the heroes finally arrive to save the day. Come, come and face me!” Charlie was the first to step in the square room with many pillars soaring up to the ceiling that was thirty feet high. Charlie and the other noticed a modest throne made of bone at the southernmost wall. A red velvet curtain covering something next the throne. Melisenn Kororo beckoned the PC’s in with laughter. Melisenn sailed into the air suddenly and then shouted in the kelish tongue “embrace my hand!” Charlies rapier disappeared from her hand to Melisenn’s hand. The rest of the group stepped into the large room now except Little Cuss. The red velvet dropped and the revenant revealed, he was frozen. Melisenn sniggered at the PC’s reaction to her grand reveal! Charlie could tell the revenant was under a hold undead spell.

The battle was on! Waldobert took flight with his wings. Bronn and Zug Zug rushed the revenant. Charlie pulled out her pistol. Little Cuss stayed back in the other room for the time being. Suddenly a floating beautiful woman dressed with exquisite attire appeared. Her neck seemed a bit odd and Charlie immediately knew this creature to be a penanggalen. She had a rapier and was floating in the air with a flute! Waldobert started to throw bombs at Melisenn. Zug Zug and Bronn were attacking the revenant. Little Cuss came up and started to attack the revenant as well. Charlie was shooting at Melisenn.

In an eerie manner, an undead creature made its way through the ten-foot passage way and entered the large squared court. Melisenn mocked the dead priest of Pharasma. Spells and blades flew in the furry of combat. The revenant was finally slain after it clawed Bronn countless times. Zug Zug was charmed by the undead bard! Charlie was cursed with blindness! The PC’s conquered the moment and killed Melisenn and her undead servants. Once the deed was done the visage of Winter approached Little Cuss and handed her holy symbol to him. Then she dissipated from existence!

The PC’s returned to the heart of Thrushmoor and found a battalion of military focuses present. It was apparent Prince Aduard Ordranti III patience had ran out!

XP: 4,749 (should be at 23,634) – Level 7

End of the Cult of the Jelly God
Cult of the Jelly God
One without form; He that Dwells Below

Four guildies were hired to guard a caravan to the town of Diobel west of Absalom. It didn’t pay much but the four needed the coin. The journey was expected to be 7 days there, one overnight, then 7 days back. They were to be paid 1 gp per day on the road and double on any day with fighting.

The trip to Diobel was largely boring except for a brief encounter with some gillmen, a wife abuser, and a harpy – not all at the same time. The gillmen attempted a raid on the passing caravan but their leader was charmed by Archie who convinced him to return to the sea. The domestic violence situation was handled by Dirrasha without disrupting the caravan at all. The harpy was the only problem. It flew overhead one night and after getting shot with one of Kaleb’s arrows, started singing. almost everyone was charmed by the creature including each of the guildies. It flew in circles attacking the few people not affected by its song. When it thougt that it had everyone cowed it landed on a wagon to eat one of the drivers. That was it’s undoing. After it’s song stopped, the four hired guards snapped out of it and killed the creature thus earning their 2 gp for the day.

Diobel is a stepping-stone to the most cosmopolitan city in the Inner Sea region, yet its residents are earthy,
honest folk. Whether they’re oyster farmers or smugglers, dockworkers or shopkeepers, all of Diobel’s residents toil in the imposing shadow of the Citadel, the beating heart of a massive network of trade commissions operating under the auspices of the secretive Kortos Consortium. Some of these simple folk, however, trace their ancestry to the first explorers to arrive on Kortos after Aroden lifted it from the sea f loor. Compared to the history of Diobel’s roots, the grand houses of Absalom are but upstart latecomers, and many a haughty visitor has been humbled by a reminder of this fact, murmured with a wry smile by a weathered man or woman shucking oysters on the quay.

The merchant had business with three different people in town. The first two business deals proceeded without any trouble and two carts were emptied of their contents. The third, Rollyo was missing however. An inkeeper and part time merchant named Borlis mentioned that there had been some disappearances lately and Rollyo left town a few days ago to check on his relatives. The Parson’s operated a grub farm about 2 hours away and were rumored to be among the missing. The merchant convinced them to look into Rollyo’s disappearance so they could conclude there business and head back to Absalom.

After agreeing, Dirrasha, Kaleb, Archie, and Tergum checked out the merchant’s building. They learned from a street urchin that he left with his clerk a couple days earlier and hadn’t come back. Breaking into the building didn’t reveal any clues so they left and decided to hike to the grub farm before it got dark.

Finding the grub farms was easy. As they descended into the hollow though, 5 people were spotted hiding on either side of the trial. The five ran away when they were shouted at. Dirrasha briefly gave chase then returned. They didn’t seem interesting in their peasant dress and clubs.

The Parson’s grub farm revealed a few clues. The Parson’s were missing and a chair was on its side. There may have been a struggle and there was some mud tracked into the hut. Tergum and Kaleb followed the tracks back through the grub fields deeper into the hollow. At a community amphitheater they spotted another five peasants hiding in the trees on the other side. Archie put one of them to sleep and Dirrasha ran through the woods to engage. Kaleb killed another with an arrow and Tergum ran up into the amphitheater clearing.

Then surprisingly Archie was put to sleep and another 19 peasants armed mostly with clubs broke cover and charged. Dirrasha partially surrounded hit with a stick. Tergum was engaged and a burly man swept his leg putting him on the ground. Three separate fights broke out. Dirrasha and Tergum were each on their own fighting and Kaleb stuck with Archie and woke up the tiefling as some of the mob approached.

The fight quickly turned against them with Tergum decked and Dirrasha grappled. Then Archie charmed the adept in charge and convinced him to talk things over. The discovered that these people were all worshippers of He Who Dwells Below. Named Izcozicomecoatl, the god was unknown to the group. It seemed these people were forcibly taking folks to meet this god. That looked like their fate also. They also learned that Borlis was in on it and he would send people out this way and the cultists would take them and leave their gear as payment. Also some of the hillbillies spoke Hallit instead of common. Archie convinced the adept to let them keep their stuff and they would come along quietly.

They hiked east after leaving some of the cultists behind. After about an hour dusk fell and the cultists took out hooded lanterns to light the way. Then as they reached an area of rock outcroppings and it was clear they were heading to one narrow cleft in particular, the four captured prisoners scattered. They were pursued but not easily.

Sometimes trying to run away and hide and sometimes fighing back, the four prisoners managed to thin out the ranks of their capturers. Most of the cultists were obviously untrained and poor fighters. The adept got off a few more spells but ended up dead. The few remaining cultists ran away.

The cleft led to a hidden path. It’s only guard was a gelatinous pillar. Kaleb walked right into it but busted out. Then the pillar engulfed Archie. That was it’s last victory because shortly after it succumbed to the sling stones and arrows. It fell over and released the tiefling.

The path lead to a small valley between the bare rock faces. They were being led by Dirrasha with her lantern and saw a bald woman in a white tunic approaching on a cobbled path. She was carrying an ornate silver pitcher and a staff topped with a golden cube. She beckoned them forward and led them back up the path to a large stone carved into a cube. She welcomed them in the name of the Mass that Dwells Below. She offered them a drink from the pitcher and became visibly upset when they refused. About this time, three of them noticed a gelatinous cube peeking around the large stone carving.

So the group attacked slaying the harmless woman immediately. The gelatinous cube slimed forward. The four of them stayed out of reached and killed it without much trouble. Then they picked over the woman’s body before moving past the stone cube. Dirrasha stayed behind to pick up strange square gold coins scattered around the base of the statue.

Tergum, Archie, and Kaleb left the path and walked directly to a statue of a gelatinous pillar. it was also surrounded by writings in Hallit on the base. Nobody could read it so they moved laterally to a carved sphere. it was also on a based with Hallit carved upon it. They surmised that there must be gelatinous balls. The left that statue and walked to the end of the small valley. There was a temple carved into the rock with five arched doorways.

They entered through the far left arch. The short hallway led to a rectangular room with three men in robes sitting on a stone bench. They were murmuring in Common, " Praise be the whole. Praise be the Mass that Dwells Below." The three worshippers ignored the party.

To be continued next session…

Thrushmoor Terror V

The PC’s rested and resupplied themselves. The group ventured into the markets and bought supplies. Little Cuss acquired some poisons through unconventional means. The PC’s exchanged some masterwork weapons acquired from Fort Hailcourse for coin. The group rested for a few days for the upcoming challenge. Waldobert made some extracts for her sons and Bronn! The day came when all agreed it was time.

Charlie had the key from the skum ranger that opened the gatehouse without disrupting the glyph. The adventures decided to walk in as if they belonged their and perhaps they would not be molested. As they walked into the courtyard and noticed two fine well dressed women. The vegetation off the trail was high and unkempt. The PC’s walked passed the ladies as if they not noticed them. The PC’s clearly saw some of the cannibal humanoids hiding in the bushes. The great axe sticking out of the overgrown grass was a dead giveaway.

Bronn first got to the door of one building they suspected was the main manner. By this time one the ladies at the courtyard stood and rattled of a spell. Charlie knew it was suggestion. She yelled out to Bronn to “go inside and keep an eye out for trouble.” Bronn thought that to be a great idea. Little Cuss was at the door on the edge of the high grass and got a dagger in the back. The cannibals rushed them as well. The PC’s went into the building with haste. They heard loud sinister chuckling outside. The front door started to be hacked by great axes.

Zug Zug decided to run upstairs and found himself in a pit of spikes. Bronn threw a rope down to help Zug Zug. Zug Zug climbed out of the pit with some confusion on his face! The group looked at the next course of action. The group had one option left, a door to the south part of the room. They heard a vile dog pitched growl beyond the door. The PC’s opted to open this door. Their eyes where meet with three more berserker blood crazed cannibals, a strange looking dog like creature and a Hastur cultist. The man was familiar as the PC’s saw and divulged information to this person. They quickly closed the door.

In the next instant, the dog like creature was in the thick of the party. Sinister laughing was thunderous even among an already littered clamor. Charlie knew this thing was bad news! All party members knew the urgency of the matter and got down to the task. Bronn struck with fists and his “fish shovel”, Charlie deployed her gun, Zug Zug threw down kicks and elbows, Waldobert threw his bombs, and Little Cuss his claws! Just before the great axes shredded the front door the team had slain the dog like creature and the Hastur cultist. Thanks greatly to Waldobert’s bombs! The cannibals with the cultist were struck down as well. The other set of berserkers once threw the door were meet with Little Cuss’s attacks!

Battle was over and there was no sign of the caster and rouge lady. Bronn instead on staying in this greeting room and making sure no other danger lurked its way into here. Time passed and Charlie finally convinced Bronn to abandon his post. They walked in the hallway to the next room. The manner showed signs of obvious missing décor. Paintings, nick knacks, and furnishings were absent from spaces in which looked uncompleted.
The next room had torn journal notes spread across its floor. Waldobert collected the papers and stuffed them in his person. Charlie noticed a rug that covered up a hatch to a lower part of the manner.

The PC’s voyaged down the stairs to find a basement. Old wines lay here for years in this dusty wine cellar. A door to the north and one to the east presented themselves to the group. The group investigated the east door first. They found a tall basin room with yellow tapestries. The north door lead into a narrow hallway. Half way down the PC’s spotted a room off to the left. A salon swinging door was the entrance yet another small room with a rack and torture devices. Down the hall lead to an elongated room with a statue of a hooded figure with an odd-looking faceless mask. Zug Zug decided to knock the small statue down. It crumbled with a loud thud on the ground. Waldobert gave Zug Zug a stern fatherly gaze. Bronn and Zug Zug peered around the corner on the eastern side of the room. They saw a big bloated figure with deep yellow glowing eyes that was not moving. By the time Bronn and Zug Zug alerted the rest of their friends to what they had seen, it was gone. A cold clammy feeling came over Zug Zug when he noticed the creature touched him on the shoulder. Zug Zug was zapped of his flexibility. The team assaulted the creature. Alas it disappeared once again. Zug Zug sniffed him out and just as it touched Bronn. The party destroyed the undead guardian.

The party checked the hallways and room in which the creature was originally spotted. A well with water was in the center of the room. Charlie noticed a lose mudstone on the base of the fountain. The group looked weary!

XP: 3,716 (All should be @ 18,885xp)

Thrushmoor Terror IV

The small study room now musty with sweat and blood and shattered glass was filled with sounds of hefty breathing. The group utilized a few potions to improve their health status after a nasty engagement. Yet still more to exploration lay before them. The PC’s decided to check downstairs despite being low on resources.
The descending room was some sort of storage room with two neighboring doors. One to the south and one to the east.

The party inspected the good stored and Charlie found gunpowder and another foreign substance. Waldobert and Charlie studied the material for a short time and concluded this was a readied mixture for burning oil for the forts walls. Cuss decided to lesson to both doors and the rest of the group followed suit. The majority of party members heard noises beyond both doors. Waldobert with his translation spell going understood in Aboleth “We will get the ghost if everything else fails.” The group moved some of the barrels in front of both doors. Bronn thought it clever to go chop of the ranger skum’s head and place it on top of one of the barrels. Bronn suggested to the group that their alchemy people convert the severed head into an improvised bomb and throw it into the door. The party also jammed the two doors for additional measure.

The PC’s discussed a few plans but decided on leaving the fort completely. A sudden mumble for help was heard by the group. Waldobert and Charlie recalled people who were kidnapped were held here. Bronn groaned at the notion of helping, Cuss didn’t look interested either. The mumbled came from beyond the eastern wall. The team prepared and thrust the door open after unjamming them.

Three skum stood ready with their tridents in a ten-foot hallway. They noticed cells on the sides of the hallways with prisoners in them. Waldobert recalled when her and Jacquez got captured and woke up in cells. These were the exact cells they were in. One skum stayed at the door while two left for the back end of the hallway in which there was a door. One of the skum opened the door and called for the ghost. He called him by the name of Clymes Prett. That faintly rang a bell for Charlie. The name invoked thoughts of Lord Lowls mother’s lover. The ghost was quick to appear and did as it was bid. Its incorporeal melee strikes hit true on Bronn and Charlie. Together the PC’s destroyed the ghost.

Concluding combat the PC’s searched the area and found a torture room. Waldobert opened the cell doors and the group freed the grateful prisoners, there was twenty in all. The PC’s noticed a mirror in the corner of the room. It seemed out of place. As the party was inspecting it Charlie got a quick glance at one of the prisoners taking careful notice of the mirror. Charlie spun up a story and tried to hint to the rest of the group to stop this person. The person of interest was making their way through the across the hallway to the exit. The PC’s halted the person and the mob of prisoners mumbled in gossip.

The soulsilver once changed to its natural form appeared to be jagged mirrored glass. The PC’s struck a deal with the creature. If the party gave him the mace, he would spill the beans! The deal was struck and the soulsilver explained it all. The PC’s learned of the core plot of Melisenn. She has been here under the guise of Lord Lowls stewardess for many years. Her true self was a priest of Haster with the intent on harvesting souls to the star stelas. These stones connected to the out planes where Hastur is more influential. The PC’s learned more about their past as the soulsilver laid it out to them.

The team headed into town with the rescued townsfolk. The PC’s cleared their name to the rest of the populace. With knowing Melisenn was waiting them at the old manner the team determined to be ready.

XP: 4,500 (All should be @ 15,169xp)

Thrushmoor Terror III

A peaceful rest found its way on the PC’s. They still woke to the monotone voice echoing “The dead don’t dream.” The painter was already packed and appeared eager to leave this cursed land. A hard knock on the old temples door sent a thudding vibration through the air. Cuss tried looking out the peeking latch but had trouble reaching it. Bronn peered into the looking latch but saw nothing. Yet knocks were still assaulting the door. Bronn just opened the door. He saw the halfling from The Healers’ House standing with a large sack slumped over his back.

He informed the party that it was unsafe to venture into town. The townsfolk found two bodies with vampire bites on them. Melisenn made an appearance and confirmed the out-of-towners with that vomiting vampire certainly are the cause of people missing. The townsfolk are stirred up and searching for your friend. Charlie asked about everyone else besides Waldobert. The halfing half-smiled and replied guilty by association. He sat the sack down and told them this was the best he could do. The sack had some torches, healing potions, and a flint kit. He explained Melisenn has threated the Sleepless Agency. He or any other of his peers could not be see helping the group. He also mentioned that Winter was captured and presumed dead. When asked about how to enter the old manner at Iris Hill he said the gatehouse is the only option. Breaking the gatehouse lock would not be wise. It has a powerful glyph on it. He mentioned the constable is supposed to have a copy of the key. With a wish of good luck the halfing made his exit quietly.

The group consulted on a plan. The end result was to get into Fort Hailcourse. The team scouted the place from the wood line on the northeast side. Cuss noticed the tower guards were not vigilant in their duty. He also spotted the eating a macob dish. Late in the afternoon they party observed the tower guards abandoned their posts. As the day’s curtain was closing and nights vail opened the group decided it was time to infiltrate the fort. Waldobert had prepared a potion for this purpose. Waldobert drank his potion and quickly assented the wall. He tied of some rope for the others to climb. Everyone made it without much effort.
The team spotted some dogs in the courtyard areas nestled up against each other. Familiar sounds of shirking and such started to permeate the air. The team knew they had to hurry. Cuss inspected one of the towers. He and Bronn spotted droplets of blood leading up to the towers summit. Cuss quickly and quietly investigated the towers top. Cuss found a human arm half eaten alongside a skull three quarters eaten. Cuss ascended quickly to inform his peers of his findings. Cuss and Zug Zug decided to go down to the ground level via the stairs. At the bottom, they saw a rotting corpse dressed up in armor and a longsword with a whistle around its neck.

Zug Zug in haste tried to snatch the whistle without notice. It backfired and Zug Zug ended up ringing the zombies neck. Cuss retreated up the stairs to set up a sneak attack. Zug Zug on his second attempt to remove the whistle did so. The rest of the group came down the stairs. Charlie identified the zombie as a juju zombie. The zombie took a few slices of flesh of the party members before it destroyed.

The stairwells bottom ended into the magistrate’s office. Three doors gain entry to this room. One on the north wall, the south wall, and eastern wall. A small desk and journals lay about. The team started to search the room. Zug Zug rummaged through the desk. A small needle jabbed his skin. Blue whinnis ran through the mutant goblins bloodstream. He however did find a masterwork dagger with the seal of Ustalav on its hilt. There was a note stating that the Lord Lowls had not filled the crowns coffer. The letter recorded the date on which the magistrate dispatch word to the crown on this matter. Cuss detected magic and found nothing. They heard a dog squeal outside. Bronn started to bar the northern door and while doing so made quite a bit of noise. Cuss aided him as not to be too loud. Bronn decided to bar the eastern door. Charlie had no light so she was a limited asset. A faint fiery glow did come from the southern door. Waldobert lessoned and heard a light conversation in a foreign language. Aboleth was the language spoken. The team prepared to barge in on the southern door.

When they opened the door, they saw four aquatic like humanoids. They were at the table eating dinner when they were disrupted by the PC’s. The last one in the corner had a headband and seemed to be giving orders. Equipped with tridents battle ensued. A kitchen fire was lite and Charlie could see. Charlie identified them as skum. Acid bombs, flying kicks & knees, and scizore attacks littered the air. The leader cast grease and magic missile into the fray. Zug Zug combat swiped one of the creature’s tridents. The team finally collapsed on the leader and dispatched him. A quick search by the PC’s resulted in a masterwork trident and some healing potions.

The team searched around the next room to the south. It turned out to be a small courtroom with a modest podium in the semi-circled rooms center. The room had small parallel beach wood benches on each side of the podium. Dockets lay on the podium of various upcoming trails. Nothing of great interest was found in this room. The neighboring room was searched by the PC’s. This room was the archives room. Waldobert found a series of public records against lord Lowls. It showed a chase in which Lord Lowls didn’t pay services for the delivery of a rare tome by the bookkeeper in town. Lord Lowls had not paid royalties to the crown as of late, in six months in fact. The records show a case against Lowls for the suspected murder of his mother. The ruling lord also is accused of experimenting on people.

Suddenly Waldobert head shook and blood poured from his hears and noise. He called a scene in which he saw himself in an alchemical lab and Lord Lowls patting him on the back and he spoke “These will help people for sure!” The moment faded and Waldobert came back to reality. Another record providing correspondence with undesirables caused a huge fight in The Silver Wagon. A large odd looking goblin caused a lot of damage to the inn and people. Waldobert slipped the records into his person.

The only feature in this room full of binders and papers was a staircase leading down. It was dark and thus Charlie lite a torch and took the lead to explore the downstairs. Immediately she spotted another skum lurking by a fireplace. He seemed to be ready for her and jump at her and clawed Charlie with an uncanny intensity. The rest of the team filled down. A of a sudden a copy of Waldobert emerged from the mirror in the room. The ranger skum kept close tabs on Bronn and Charlie and it seemed that was his only interest. Cuss decided to jump to the dresser in the corner of the room and his attempt sent him and the dresser flying to the ground. Bronn and Charlie fended off the Skum as best they could. Claws and bites were taking their tolls on them however. The copy of Waldobert smacked down Charlies lantern. The next round the room went dark. Zug Zug was aiding in the battlement of the skum but then got backstabbed by Waldobert number 2. The skum ranger called out in Aboleth, Waldobert knew he called for his pet named Slimy! Waldobert number 2 casted a spell and her person turned into four. Zug Zug gabbed at them until there was one left. Cuss helped with the bad Waldobert. An ooze made its way from downstairs. Waldobert threw his bombs on it instead of the skum. It reached out a few times smacking Waldobert. A large number of acid bombs finally slain the ooze. The skum was finally taken down after Charlie bit the dust. The shape changer escaped back through the mirror from which it came. All party members looked banged up except Cuss. Still another downstairs level as yet to be explored!

XP: 3,296 (All should be @ 10,629 thus putting everyone to level 5)

Thrushmoor Terror II

The Brawny Fish Inn was quite with Charlie translating the “Chain of Nights” occult tome. With two of their party members missing Bronn wanted answers. He went downstairs as the barkeep was baring up the door. As the barkeep just finished baring the door a faint thud against the door sent vibrations in the air. Bronn saw the barkeep glance at him with a sharp eye. He said “Don’t open the door.” Bronn paid him no never mind disregarded the barkeeps orders. As he did shout at the visitor right as he opened the door. At the door with a very old woman about five feet in height. She dropped her things due to the sudden thundering of shouting. She slowly gathered her things and Bronn grabbed her and then closed the door.

This old woman had a cane with a thin scalp of white hair. Her skin wrinkly and weathered equipped with an over draping overcoat slowly mad her way to a table. Bronn called the rest of the crew down to meet their visitor. She said she would help them if they agreed to rescue her grandson. He vanished the previous night. She informed them she was a seer and would help locate their missing friends in kind. She laid out a Harrowing Deck and began to cast a spell. Cuss took great notice of her spellcraft, he knew it was an oracle spell. She rolled her eyes back until only while filled her eye sockets. Her hands trembled as she moved the cards on the table. The old hag looked very fatigued after the casting her spell. She needed a moment to gather herself. “Your friends are at Fort Hailcourse” she said with a winded breath. She also informed them that she suspects her grandson is at the old manner at Iris Hill. She then pointed to Cuss and Bronn and said you are being hunted. You folk are also cursed! The two seemed unbothered at the news. Zug Zug just snorted. Bronn did ask as how to how he was hunted. The old seer said a vestige from your past. Bronn rolled his eyes! Cuss asked how many personal manned the fort. The old woman replied about twenty to thirty. She mentioned mercenaries are paid to be the towns military element. With coffers not full the majority of the mercenaries walked away. Bronn got some drinks for everyone and got a room for the old woman. Zug Zug had some exotic globin drink with a rat at the bottom of the bottle.

In the morning the old seer had breakfast. It took quite some time seeing how she only had two rotten teeth reaming in her maw. Zug Zug thought about chewing up the old lass’s food up for her then decided against it. Cuss ran a quick shopping errand to by a rapier. Shortly after Charlie got some sleep the group mustarded for the rescue of the “hairy and pukey (aka dégueuler)” duo.

The team heard rumors of the lights off the costs of Avon Bay getting closer to the town as they traveled. The news of a spirit invading people’s houses at night was the biggest gossip among townsfolk. The group decided too recon the fort before knocking on the gate. They went around the fort and noticed nothing out of the ordinary. Bronn observed the tower guards and checked to make sure they seemed legit. The guards did have the same uniform on. The Bronn knocked on the front gate. The slit opened to revel Constable Barawyn Cesyll. She has a petite facial frame with blonde hair. Her soft light blue eyes enlighten her face. She wears a purple bandana. The team asked several about the whereabouts of Magistrate Tillus Padgett and the status of the fort. Constable Cesyll replied the magistrate left town due to address an urgent matter. She claimed she was under orders to keep the fort closed until the magistrates return. Civil functions are hindered sure but orders are orders she said. The party members lessoned with a keen ear to perceive any lies. The team thought she was being very honest with them. Bronn pointed out the fort may have unexpected guests. Constable Cesyll told them she would sent her men to a sweep. Constable Cesyll looked shocked when she informs the party members that two people were found in the fort unexpectedly.

Waldobert and Jacquez were escorted from jail cells to the forts main door. Constable Cesyll told the party if they would move back she would open the fort and allow the two unexpected guests to leave. Waldobert and Jacquez rejoined their party. They told the same tale, suddenly they felt a presence behind them and a quick whacking sound. The next thing they remember is they were in jail cells. No matter how much they called out no one answered. Waldobert did hear faint cries that sounded like a boy in the distanced cell. The team retired to the Brawny Fish Inn.

The team reassembled at the inn and chatted over a plan of action. Charlie looked for the old seer but she was gone. Waldobert shared a bit more information he had learned when he read through the “Chain of Nights.” Cuss expressed his desire to check the Star Stela on the southwest end of town. The group conversed about other options for quite some time. The thought of looking for the old seer was brought up. Ultimately they decided to inspect the Star Stela.

It was late afternoon when the team left the inn, although hard to tell with the gloomy weather. It seemed the sun was a cursed creature that never showed its face. The group left the rat at the inn to wait to see if the seer visits again. The party members started searching around the Star Stela. Cuss detected magic and found that the ancient stone had all schools of magic like the other in the center of town. In comparison this one however did seem slightly more powerful as in charged to its counterpart. Waldobert and Charlie noticed the runes etched in the twelve-foot high obelisk looked familiar. The same occultic syllables that were in the “Chain of Nights” were represented on the stones spine.

Bronn and Cuss spotted blood droppings the size of small rain about thirty-feet away from the stone. The blood had human footprints walking towards the stone. The footprints seemed to just appear out of now where. Charlie decided she was going to tap into the magic of the stone and endeavor to use it. Waldobert attempted to aid her colleague! This quickly went awry (yay -27)! The clouds above swirled and became denser and the already deemed light seemed to flee in fear. The air appeared to immaterializing leaving a void. Pain engulfed all party members! A yellow symbol engrained itself slowly on the chests of all the members. The newly branded party looked at Charlie with accusing eyes. Charlie chirped a marry quote to sub do the mood. The group saw a hooded figure approach from the north.

The party all observed the nearly six-foot-tall figure had skeletal hands coiled up into the robe’s long sleeved opening. The party members braced themselves for combat. Bronn could see through the hood to see a fleshy emaciated face. A face he recognized! Bronn’s head stung him with pain, blood poured from his noise and ears! Bronn had a flashback into his past. In a first person view Bronn saw himself beat this man to death. The man was shouting asking for mercy but none was shown! He shouted “all I did was take some food..I was hungry!” Bronn saw himself next to Lord Lowls and he stated “You are working out well.” A quick reminder in the asylum of the acquisition that he saw a monster flashed across his thoughts! He was quickly snapped back to the grave reality when this creature walked into Waldobert. A quick rake of his skeletal claw withdrew some of Waldobert’s skin from his bone! Bronn announced he had beaten this man to death and he would repeat that! Charlie and Waldobert looked startled at the announcement. Zug Zug merely laughed. Cuss felt a tingle in his head and then just shrugged his shoulders. It was apparent this undead creature is deadset on kill two people, Cuss and Bronn! Once that realization took hold Cuss looked at Bronn and Bronn looked at Cuss. Waldobert moved and threw an acid bomb on the creature. Charlie withdrew her pistol locked and loaded and shot the creature. Even though her bullet struck the creature it did nothing! Charlie only knew somewhere in the back of her mind this was a revenant. A new found panic found its way into the party. The revenant’s attention still deadlocked on Cuss and Bronn. Bronn thought to engage the creature. Bronn missed the creature with his two attacks. Zug Zug took his turn with his prostetic arm and it batted on the creature, still no visual damage was seen. Bronn threw his ally his short sword then sunk his falchion into the revenant. The revenant stepped into Bronn and with an uncanny haste sliced three claws into him. The barrage left Bronn bloody and hurt. Cuss sneaked attacked with a spell. Charlie cast a spell that held the creature in place. Waldobert threw another bomb on the revenant.

The creature did not escape Charlie’s spell so it decided to use its shriek ability. This sent Waldobert and Charlie failing away in terror. Zug Zug decided to back down and withdraw. Cuss took his goblin friends cue and did the same. Bronn angered took off running. Cuss used an ability to hide from undead. The fleeing team members created massive hysteria. A wave of panic had hit the town like a tidal wave. The event left seven people trampled to death and three dozen injured! The last thing the group saw numerous was balls of light right on the beachfront. Charlie knew they were will-o-wisps! Charlie got chills up her spine!

The team reformed and ran for the Sleepless lodge. Loud sounds of doors slamming and screams echoed throughout the town. Bronn had no time to be subtle. He banged on the door and a top hatted man answered. He slightly gasped at the site of bloody Bronn. The man allowed the group members in. Their host arranged for drinks and two healing potions for Bronn. The team explained what happened. Bronn asked for Winter and the host explained she went to the Brawny Fish Inn looking for you folk. He also explained that his guild mistress was off on an errand. A member of the Sleepless Agency rushed back and fetched a book at the top hatted man’s request. He hastily returned and gave the book to the top hatted man. He opened to a certain page and gave it to Charlie. She read the profile of your run of the mill revenant to the group. The top hatted man insisted the group come up with a plan quickly. He could not risk the lives of his guild mates.
The team thought to set up a trap for the revenant on a nearby bridge. They ran to the new temple seeking holy water. The bright lantern Waldobert carried for Charlie might as well been a lighthouse against the vast darkness. The only contrast was the luminescent will-o-wisps of pale white on the shoreline. Shrieks and other unidentified sounds littered the night. They knocked on the temple door and received no response. A few different ideas were exchanged quickly between the party members. They shuffled off to the nearby bridge and set up. They heard growling in the distance and were attacked by rapid dogs. Charlie took note they seemed to be normal but transformed by this vile darkness. Anxiety ran high for the revenants return. The party dispatched the dogs without repercussions. The team waited for some time for the revenant to show up. After a certain time, the team decided to pack it up and run for the old temple.

On their journey they happened to go by the towns center Star Stela. They all heard chanting coming from the location. The team sneaked up and saw three yellow robbed personal at the obelisk. The three had a small boy and slit his throat while chanting! The team rushed them, Charlie shouted and pointed to her chest so you think your real priests! Charlie blew one away with her gun and Zug Zug knocked the other out with a kick. Waldobert shoot one with his crossbow! The last priest shouted “Help us Hastur!” Cuss saw to it her prayer never got answered!

Waldobert decided to quench his hunger on one of the dead priests. As he was devouring his meal their cloths suddenly ripped off! A slow message in an occultic was spelling with flesh and blood. Across both bodies read “I the Unspeakable One… watching you.” Charlie quietly mumbled a prayer to Pharasma out loud and the group headed for the old temple. Bronn grabbed the one priest that was still alive. He also took the boy. The temples only resident Lelwyn welcomed the group in. He was very startled at the quick news update.
The priest came too and the group interrogated the frightened man. The information he gave up was priests of Hastur are in secs of three. He revealed that there were three Star Stelas in Thrushmoor. One is under Iris Hill. Three cities mentioned in the book Charlie recalled. The prisoner when convicted to keep talking enlightened the group to the fact Melisenn Kororo was the head priest here. He explained that true faithful of Hastur could use the Sat Stelas to teleport from place to place. They could also use telepathy with one another when touching the stone. These abilities make the stones weak so sacrifices must be done to charge the stones. When the faithful use the stones murals appear out of nowhere. He also informed the group that Constable Cesyll was dead. Melisenn summoned some sort of silver-tongued shape shifter to take her place. Cuss grew his claws and ended the man’s life. Waldobert took the man as a snack. The painter was very disturbed after the scene. The group settled in for the night. Only a barred wooden door of an old temple kept them from the darkness’s reach. Still shrills and unworldly sounds reverbed through the night.

Horror achievement accomplished! AND CUTT!

*Everyone should be @ 6,000 xp as of Thrushmoor Terror I (Ignore what is on the original post)

This adventure’s experience is 1,333 so all should be at 7,333xp!

Thrushmoor Terror I

Once the party arrived at the Brawny Fish Inn Winter divulged more information about herself. She told the party members at first she didn’t trust them at the asylum. She said that changed once she learned the group stopped the living nightmare. Winter revealed that she was with the Royal Accessor Council. She and her peers has been here for three weeks prior to the tremors and the incident at the asylum. She explained the crown has seen fit to become involved due to the suspicion that Lord Lowls has been embezzling royalties meant for the crown. In addition, reports of civil leadership and functionality have been delinquent far beyond reason. Intelligences have spoken of strange occurrences were happening here in Thrushmoor. She told them she would be back in due time.

The group members awoke the morning with the monotone whisper “The dead don’t dream” quietly echoing in each of their minds. None of the party members to include the latest addition Zug Zug didn’t dream. The party members were well aware that the bar keep locked and bared the doors very early the previous night. Charlie asked the bar keep as to why. He reluctantly responded that people are vanishing and it’s not safe at night. Charlie asked about doing some work to earn some coins. The barkeep told her is he did dished, mop, and clean he could give her some coin. Winter didn’t give any finite time she would revisit therefore the party grew restless. Moneyless the troop desired to explore the town and means of obtaining coin. Jacquez and Waldobert elected to remain behind.

The weather right off in the morning is heavily over casted and rainy with substantial fog. The small but populated town of Thrushmoor is bustling regardless of its often gloomy weather. Thrushmoor is known as a hub in which goods and exported and exported from Avon Bay. One of the primary resources the city has is its assortment of exotic fishery. The landscape of the bay and its climate cycle allow for fertile soil ideal for farming. Thrushmoor is an important militant as a part of Versex Region.

Right off the party noticed outsiders were very unwelcome and mistrusted. Charlie had a go at charming a few locals into talking with no success. While making their way up to the Healer’s House they noticed three men in a narrow ally way whispering. Charlie tried to sneak up to overhear the hushed whispering. At the same time Charlie noticed a silhouette at the opposite end of the parallel ally. She was pointing alerting the group to her findings, but they just looked about and shrugged. Charlie spooked the three men in the ally and they ran off. Zug Zug tried to trip the last one running but spun around almost landing on his own rump in the process. Charlie looked at the ally wall and saw a brilliant mural depicting a black skyline of a dark city under a jaundice yellow sky. Cuss came and took a look. He looked for an artist signature on the piece but found none. The group thought to knock on the walls owner. Charlie knocked on the door. A door that adored what seemed to be charms and the like. An older lady answered the door and declined any claim to the mural. She did however try and sell charms that would negate ill omens.

The rag tag gang made their way to the Healer’s House and meet an empathizing halfling. The halfling owned and ran an alchemist shop. Charlie took a sharp eye(s) to his wears, it appeared legit. Although there was wears that repealed spirits etc. The halfing let her know this assortment his is bestselling lot. He confirmed when questioned that people were indeed going missing. He didn’t know much about the murals. Just the fact they been appearing randomly on buildings walls. He confirmed that civil unrest had ensued, leaders of Thrushmoor were absent of responsibilities. The cause of all this is said to be The Briarstone Witch. Randomly he would shout “I don’t have anything here for you outsiders.” As onlookers gazed into his shop. Bronn queried the halfing about a job. The halfing replayed he would pay two gold per delivery in the evening timeframe. People are too afraid to conduct business at night
p. The team mustard again and explored the town. The group picked up rumors about the Briarstone Witch that is going to make all the people vanish once again. Along the way the group noticed an individual tailing them. He was double backing in a crowd. Cuss stayed behind the group and hide until this spy was in sight. Once he did Cuss sought to pick the man’s pockets. The top hat man smiled, tipped his hat and knocked Cuss’s hand away. He quickly speeds up and dashed into the crowd. The exploration of Thrushmoor continued. Charlie heard a loud acquisition of the painter, this outsider was to blame for all the blight the town has suffered lately. Learning quickly that a renowned painter had come to paint and renovate the old chapel. The townsfolk were planning on out casting the man. The team on their way to the old chapel stopped by several shops and sites. The one that stood out was the Star Stela, an old weather beaten obelisk. Cuss detected magic on it and it was found to all schools of magic but it was very faint. The ancient rock had in scripted runes running up its spine. The top had a faded disproportional star at the top. The group placed themselves back on the path to the old chapel. Along the way some man whispered to them “thank you.” The group members a little confused said for what. The man winked and said I know your Sleepless. It didn’t make sense to the group and the man said never mind.

The group ran into a brutish looking short man who was yelling about this town is doomed. He was ranting and calling for all the people to leave this cursed town before it was too late. He was screaming and begging people to just leave. He claimed the entire townsfolk are going to disappear as before. He said that witch plucks people from their homes with her fingernail and eats them. The group engaged him and seemed to repeat what he was shouting.

Zug Zug was looking for easy pickens for a pick pocket. He noticed everyone was at the very least paired with someone else. Finally going up the trail that lead to the old chapel the party members heard a ruckus in the direction of the chapel. The team noticed about two dozen townsfolks with pitch forks and shovels were yelling in front of the door. The crowd was advocating for the painter to leave. Bronn got in front of the crowd, to the front of the main chapels door. He reasonable asked the people to back down and whipped out one of this weapons for a furious display. Nearly sending his weapon flying and slightly stumbling did not detour the crowd. Zug Zug got to the front door and banged on the door. Bronn withdrew his shield and bull rushed. He ran through a dozen people. That got their attention! The townsfolk retreated. Once the commotion was dulled the painter allowed the group members in the chapel.

Lelwyn Hasok introduced himself. It was very clear the half elf thought very highly of himself. When asked if he had done the murals in town he replied that the remedial work on the walls was nowhere near his standard. He told them an old priest hired him to repaint the chapel. The priest went missing and thus the townsfolk saw him as a scapegoat for their superstitions. Lelwyn said he was going to finish this art masterpiece and book it out of town after. He offered the group a place to stay if they desired. The old chapel itself was a place of prayer to multiple gods. It was quite awful shape. Suddenly a top hatted man cleared his throat loudly. The painter and the group turned to him. He told the group his mistress would want to be seeing them. Before they left Zug Zug left he convinced the painter to paint his deity on the chapels wall.

The man who didn’t give a name escorted the party members to a lavished cabin style dwelling. It was here they meet Cesadia Wrentz. She was finely dressed red headed women with soft features. Her demeanor was very businesslike. She spoke to the group with the understanding she didn’t trust them. She pointed at Bronn and stated I especially don’t trust you. She explained that Bronn was one of Lord Lowls thugs and him and one of her agents came to blows at one time. Winter vouches for you and this is why she will share information. She also mentioned an open partnership, I share you share information pact. She informs them she is the guild master of “The Sleepless Agency”, an investigator guild. She confirmed that the local government has not been helping with these vanishings, processes of the law, or any other civic functionality. Quite a few townsfolk members have come to her asking her Sleepless Agency to step in free of charge. Cesadia finally agreed to look into matters but not to police the town. Lord Lowls left early this morning on a ship. Where and why is unknown. Lowls has had odd dealings as of late. Imports of old gilmores and unknown hired hands. Melisenn Kororo has taken over the old manner now and she herself is a disturbing character. Furthermore, Winter’s seven peers went to the old manner and were killed. Magistrate Tillus Padgett had gone missing who ran all civic function of Lord Lowls. She informed them that it was Tillus that reported the embezzling to the crown. Constable Barawyn Cesyll is now in charge of Fort Hailcourse. When asked for an audience neither Constable Barawyn will answer the summons nor is Melisenn responsive.

She then informed the group about 700 years ago a similar occurrence happened. The Briarstone Witch turned the people from their current religion and crown. A small detachment of military came to Thrushmoor the town to restore the town. The day the detachment arrived the entire townsfolk was gone. This is what everyone is up in arms about. She also tells them about where the supposed witches grotto is.

Bronn ad Zug Zug then went to the Healers House and made the deliveries for the halfling. Cuss and Charlie stayed at the Brawny Fish. Charlie went to work on her chores for coin. Cuss applied his tradecraft to squeeze a few coin out of some drunkards at the inn.

The team went to the market and bought some supplies and planned on visiting the old manner. The old manner on Iris Hill is quite large. An eight-foot gate and vegetation surround the compound. Dogs could be heard. A large number of crows stood on the tops of the gates posts just staring out. Bronn shook the gate to gain attention. An attendant came to the gate with a whistle around his neck and four dogs answered Bronn’s beckoning. The group asked to see Melisenn and the attendant said he was busy. The group pressed again and the attendant said he would be back. Ten minutes’ past and Bronn shook the gatehouse’s bars again. The annoyed attendant came back out and said she’s busy, be gone. Bronn made it a point for the attendant make a serious inquiry when they could see Melisenn. He arrived back in short order and told them she would have an audience at six in the evening. The attendant told the group they could join her for dinner.

While the team headed back down to the Brawny Fish Inn Cuss wanted to visit the Healers House. The halfing told Cuss not go to the Sleepless lodge. The halfing let him know he was an agent and information should be passed here. When the group asked about the dinner date he responded that is how The Royal Accuser had gotten the same invite. The team buckled down for the night still awaking with the echoed whisper and void of dreams. The next morning the team wanted to explore rumors of the witch’s grotto.

The team followed the shore with a shallow sandbar until they saw the sandbar dropped off quickly. Bronn noticed the contour of the land rises quickly at this spot. An underground area above sea level was indeed found once the party members swam in it. Cuss helped Charlie keep her crappy gun dry but concealing it in a waterproof bag. Charlie noticed the underground cave has natural vegetation that tailed in long distances at the entrance and along the only entrance point. A narrow ten -foot small tunnel was ahead of the group. At the moment Bronn and Cuss approached too close vines and grappled both of them. The strong vines pulled Bronn and Cuss forward deeper in the tunnel. A sharp spear sprigged from the floor. Both group members were able to avoid the trap. Meanwhile Zug Zug smirked and took a few swings at the vines roots on the cave wall. He managed to nick it a few times. Charlie deployed her gun and shot. She shot everywhere but the where the vines were! Unable to break free of the vines Bronn and Cuss got dragged again over the trap. This time however Cuss’s foot was pierced by the spears tip and injected its poison. More nicks and shots boomed in the air. Bronn and Cuss broke free of the vines. The team finally destroyed the vines. Cuss went and disarmed the traps and recovered a sample of the poison.

Exploration of the limestone cave lead to a small oval room in which vines dangled down. Beneath the vines was a fire pit with animal bones around it. Zu Zug noticed the fire’s smoke vent was where the vines hung down. Cuss noticed the back wall of the small tunnel was lose and easy to dislodge. Bronn was in the same area of Zug Zug when Charlie went up to the tunnel wall. The tunnel suddenly came down in rubble and two plant-like wolves gazed at her. A human woman with a spear who appeared angered pointed her spear at Charlie. Bronn ran over and the fungal wolves as identified by Charlie lunged at Bronn. Bronn was bitten but returned a heavy blow of his own. Charlie got attacked by the other. Charlie tried to parlay with the woman. She had wooden and vegetation on for armor. Charlie and Bronn noticed behind her was a symbol etched on the back cave wall. It was a symbol of a black plant with tendrils drooping and then crossing at the bottom. The group asked her about the witch and vanishing people. Her common was not clear but responded he was no witch. Charlie had already made the connection that she was a druid. She roughly spoke of the Great Old One. She mentioned that the people who were taking these people were her friends. The team retreated to The Healer’s House where Cuss dropped off the poison for the Halfing to make a counter potion. Then they headed back to the Brawny Fish Inn. They found Waldobert and Jacquez missing. Their possessions left behind to include the “Chain of Nights.”

Charlie took it upon herself to read the “Chain of nights.” It took her all night to read through it. The language is very unlike any she’s seen before. The contents were mainly on the subject matter of how the brain works in a humanoid. In addition, it talks about dreams. It informs one of how to sacrifice one’s or someone else’s mind to the Mad Poet to erase their memories. It stats that that person’s dreams are now they property of the Mad Poet. In exchange the Mad Poet will give you information about almost anything. He can tap into dreams of anyone who does dream and retrieve information. The Mad Poet is referenced as a dreamcatcher in the dream plane. The tome also lets it be known that a well-educated person uses minions of the plane to haunt others. The text mentions three cities ancient outer world cities called Alar, Yhtill, and Carcosa in reference to the King in Yellow. The Elder Mythos mentions the King in Yellow. After translating most of the contents Charlie gained a new ability.

XP: 1513
XP: Jacquez/Walobert 750


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