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Dreams of the Yellow King VIII

Dreams of the Yellow King VIII

The pc’s now needed the last item on the list, an ambassadors night hags hearthstone. Charlie, Waldobert and Jacquez once again researched the information needed about where to retain such an item. They found they needed to go Dylath-Leen, a notorious city on the dream planes known to have every vice one can dream of. There is a powerful night hag that acts as the citys ambassador, she name is Quaveandra.
The group did notice a change in Waldobert. He seemly suspicious and judgmental. He would not hand out any extracts to his sons and friends.

The group buffed themselves and Charlie casted the hour ritual that lead them to the vice city of Dylath-Leen. The family appeared among a pitch-black alleyway. The alleyways walls were made of a series of endless tents. The majority of these tents were about twenty to thirty feet tall with an exhaust system at the top. Charlie was asking for help because she of course could not see. The group spotted all kinds of suspicious activity around them. One human lay on the ground babbling on nonsense.

Little Cuss went to go pick the mumbling man’s pockets but they were already empty. Bronn tried to identify what poison or drug he was or had used with no success. Charlie was about to light up a sun rod so she could see. Bronn noticed no light whatsoever lite this city. Bronn convinced Charlie to wait. Zugzug tried to solicit sex from a tent provider, he did not have denaors, which was the currency of this land. Zugzug showed her his coins and she dismissed him. They all heard a person approach them.

A tall human came up to the group and simply said “come with me.” The group was hesitant at first. Then he mentioned my master wishes to meet you. Bronn quickly asked who this person was. The human responded with Quaveandra with a quite tone.

Quaveandra knew the party was not from this world and wanted their assistance. Finding a neutral aligned political in her necks of the woods was rare. She pulled the pc’s in her personal tent. This is her base of operations as far as gathering information goes. She had numerous spells casts about her and her tent. The tent itself was a circular sitting arrangement with a small table in the middle. A hookah and some weird substances lay on the table. Zugzug decided to help himself.

Quaveandra told the group she suspects a betrayer within her elite guard. There has been quite a few attempts on her life lately! She said she wanted them to simply interview her four guard and find the traitor. All the while the newly addicted drug addicted Zugzug dancing preforming a belly dance. The pc’s asked about her hearthstone as a reward. She was hesitant but agreed finally.

The pc’s interviewed the four subjects all unique in their demeanor. They learned that Quaveandra trades in souls and she has many powerful enemies. The pc’s were finally able to sniff out the on loyalist. She implied to the group she had a trap set up and beckon the pc’s to join her cause of ambushing Quaveandra. A major discussion took place among the group. The result was they were going to help this person kill Quaveandra. She told them there was a switch which let out a poisonous gas that weakened the night hag. Charlie asked her about her ability to fight. She assured Charlie and the group of her qualifications.

Now the stage set the dimension door trap would trigger the moment Quaveandra walked in and sent them to another tent on the ethereal plane. The reason behind this is so the nigh hag could not ascend to this plane and get away.

The pc’s pressed their luck and found the poisonous gas was a little much for the PC’s so Little Cuss always had it off. The pc’s learned that the henchwoman was actually a grave knight. The battle was won by the pc’s with a few a scrapes and bruises. The team looted her and let the grave knight tear her apart!

Dreams of The Yellow King VIII
Status of Trip (Sellen Passage): Day 80, 916/1,250 miles traveled – Currently between Andoran and Taldor.

XP: 7,302 (Charlie/Zug Zug/Bronn/Waldobert @ 72,179 experience) – Level 10 [Fast Track]
XP: 7,302 (Jacquez should be @ 52,694) – Level 9 [Fast Track]
XP: 7,302 (Little Cuss should be @ 66,328) – Level 9 [Fast Track]

Dreams of the Yellow King VII

Dreams of the Yellow King VII

The pc’s now had a choice of recovering the last two items on the list. The green stone idol of water lizard or night hag’s ambassador’s hearthstone. Waldobert, Jacquez and Charlie combined library combat powers and researched both choices. In the end the team decided to go after the green stone idol of the water lizard. The team assembled for the ritual that night. Charlie pulled off another ritual without failure!

Poof the team appeared in the middle of a huge feasting hall. Brawn and broad warrior of young and old, female and male all were drinking immense amount of ale. Loud yells of boosting and past exploits roaring over other ale enhanced ale tales. The large feasting hall’s north wall was fifty foot high. Unknown to the PC’s this was a sea wall blocking a portion of the large lake from overtaking the city of Sarnnath.

The crowd was very diverse by the way of dress. No one noticed the pc’s just appearing into the scene. Charlie tried to talk to a few folks but they were very drunk. A game of sorts seems to be popular in the room. A punching contest, the loser is the one knocked out. A partaker challenged Bronn to this contest and it was a one-sided contest as Bronn simplify knocked the guy out in one punch. The group got word of this was the 1,000-year celebration of the defeat of the aliens from the lake- the shades of Ib.

Just above the high decibel volume a shriek over took them all. The water from the lake started to come over the seawall. A pale green mist rolled from the upstairs and ascended down the stairs just behind four shades of Ib. Panic filled the room to those who still were not overly intoxicated.

Out of the mists came four shades of Ib. The fog trailing their heels. Muttered spellcasting rattled off within the mist. Lighting zapped from the air. The water level rose as time progressed, leaving passed out drunkard’s dead. The pc’s engaged the shades. Four will of the wisps came out of the mist. Chanting finally stopped within the mist and a larger priest ib became visible. A huge horrific scream filled the air for miles. Little Cuss knew something really bad was happening! An intense battle scene played out. The group’s main target now the priest with the green stone idol of the water lizard chained to its neck. The priest was taken down and everyone except Waldobert willed themselves back to the waking plane. Bronn was able to retain possession of the heavy idol before he willed himself out. In the next few seconds Bokrug showed up to crashed the party. Waldobert tried to fly away but Bokrug teleported to him dismantled him with his epic teeth, claws and tentacle beard. Upon waking up Waldobert felt very paranoid about everything!

Dreams of The Yellow King VII

Status of Trip (Sellen Passage): Day 77, 877/1,250 miles traveled – Currently between Andoran and Taldor.

XP: 8,313 (Charlie/Zug Zug/Bronn/Waldobert @ 64,877 experience) – Level 9 [Fast Track]
XP: 8,313 (Jacquez should be @ 45,392) – Level 8 [Fast Track]
XP: 8,313 (Little Cuss should be @ 59,026) – Level 9 [Fast Track]

Dreams of the Yellow King VI

Dreams of the Yellow King VI

The next item the PC’s decided to go after was the tail. Charlie, Jacquez and Waldobert studied the next section they would have to travel to in the dreamlands. It turns out that they needed to go to the enchanted forest of the dreamlands. This area is known to be natures gigantic display of vibrant life and death.
Charlie was able to cast the ritual that allowed the team to arrive where the zoogs where. They were on a tall wide colossal sized tree branch. Huge leaves, moss, vines, and trees suffocate their surroundings. Upon arrival, the party noticed something amiss. No one put their finger on it until it was too late. Before they had their wits about them claws slashed out and struck Charlie.

The two tikbalang were searching for on a hunt for food when they found the PC’s. The engagement lead to Charlie clinking to life and Little Cuss was banished to another pane stuck in a maze. The team managed to take the male down but the female after sustaining critical wounds vanished.

The zoogs, tiny creatures that were semi-sentient came out of a small bored hole out of the tree. They crudely spoke common and thanked the PC’s for killing their predators. The conversation lead to the zoogs telling how many trees westward of this location they would find tree tigers. If the PC’s could recover the zoogs delicacy food, tiger meat they would award them with a prod tail. Bronn lead the way somewhat with the aid of Charlie and Waldobert.

Upon waking on the second day, a small poke of Bronn’s skin woke him fully. Small invisible fairies were trying to poison their larger opponents. Zugzug tried to use his sent abilities track them down. His peers thought this to be strange. The fairies attempted to use their secondary poison on the PC’s. Bronn was able to grab one of them and notice when he did the shadow of his hand blocked the bright sunlight. In the dimmer, light the fairies lower body was not invisible. Bronn called for the team to cover the light. Waldobert spread his wings and flew into the air. A few of the fairies became visible. Bronn squeezed one to death, after witnessing this the rest flew off.

Shortly after leaving the area the team ran into a human wizard tied up to a huge leaf. Little Cuss noticed in the vines that tied this person down there was a dismembered finger pinched in the vines. Little Cuss and Charlie came up with a plan to recover the finger and ring and executed it well. The team helped me recover. The wizard told the group those fairies need five humans for ritual sacrifice to return to their home world. He rewarded his rescuers with a few “crappy” spells. He also told them he was here on this plane hunting his rival. She comes here and kills an entire population of animals for their exotic furs. She then goes back to the prime material plane to sell them for a small fortune.

The party of adventures finally made their way to the tree tiger territory. They found five tigers one of which was the matriarch. The tigers attempted to ambush the group by climbing under the branches. The matriarch mauled Jacquez and got him in her mouth. Bronn noticed she was about to twist her neck throwing the little French rat off the branch. Bronn grappled the tiger and recovered Jacquez. Once the PC killed the tigers they cut up some of the meat to carry back to the zoogs.

The zoogs were happy to prize prod tails for tiger meat. The PC’s willed themselves off the plane and back to the their sleeping selves.

Dreams of The Yellow King VI
Status of Trip (Sellen Passage): Day 68, 760/1,250 miles traveled – Currently between Andoran and Taldor.

XP: 5,019 (Charlie/Zug Zug/Bronn/Waldobert @ 56,564 experience) – Level 9 [Fast Track]
XP: 5,019 (Jacquez should be @ 37,079) – Level 7 [Fast Track]
XP: 5,019 (Little Cuss should be @ 50,713) – Level 8 [Fast Track]

Dreams of the Yellow King V

Dreams of the Yellow King V

Upon waking up from the Dreamlands it didn’t take long for Bronn to discern a certain elysian bronze weapon was missing from his person. Charlie and Waldobert herd shouting from Bronn on the subject of a missing weapon. The crew stayed out of Bronn’s warpath. Skywin was yelling what all this business was about. Charlie reminded Bronn that even though Zug Zug was the main suspect that he possibly incurred and illness. Bronn didn’t care! Waldobert called his son over. Finally, everyone was asking Zug Zug questions. As it turns out Zug Zug didn’t respond to that name but that of Fingers! Charlie reluctantly pulled out the wand and with a sigh she depleted one charge from the wand.

Skywin announced we are out of dangerous Razmir waterways. She told the PC’s she wanted to stop at the next sensible town they could dock at. Bronn, Charlie and Waldobert suggested to pay them to keep The Tribute Taker in commission sense it was faster. Skywin found it to be sound advice and dock in a little town called Ugla. Skywin ventured into town and sold all the of religious’ pirates ship’s cargo. The former slaves rejoiced at the generous coin from Skywin. She of course split the rest with the PC’s. Not all the former slaves stayed, two decided to leave the offer on the table. With that both ships were off back on the Sellen Passage under the command of Skywin.

The next item announced more by Jacquez then the others was the red webbed foot. The research project was one person short so Bronn paid some coin to the scholar to pitch in.

They learned from a lavishly illustrated bestiary identifies rare creatures called wamps, bizarre aberrations with multiple legs ending in webbed feet. Although wamps are generally a pale gray color, the skin of their feet is a dark red. A medical journal describing rare diseases lists corpsepox, ghoul fever, and zombie rot as diseases that carrion-eating wamps can inflict with their bites.

As before the team assembled to conduct the ritual to the Dreamlands. Charlie with all her mustard knowledge and practice at this ritual still managed to botch one of the later segments up. Waldobert was first to notice sounds of movement in the air. Once the creature was pointed out in the night’s sky Charlie knew it to be a flame drake. It was not alone it was accompanied by a smaller flying bluish translucent humanoid head with a squalidly tail attached. Waldobert knew this scowling thing to be a gale spirit. Several fly-by attacks from the flame drake littered the boat with flames, the sails on the ship were gone. Skywin’s anger tangible through her shouts. The gale spirit attacked the PC’s with its sonic weapon. Although a little battered the PC’s won the skirmish. The flame drake retreated after a few of Waldobert’s bombs.

The squad licked their wounds and recovered to try again on the next night. Once again Charlie casted the hour long occultic ritual. This time it went without a hitch. They appeared in a grand scenery of desert as far as the eye could see. The PC’s having prior knowledge of going to be in a nearly barren desert prepared accordingly. In the distance, a yellow city, a once flourishing city named Arventon. The PC’s through another journal learned that his city had become cursed and everything turned to pale yellow ceramic. With a relentless sun and its heat beating on them the PC’s gathered themselves and marched forward.

Once close to Arventon they noticed the yellow buildings had what were once windows but mostly covered up with makeshift yellow blocks. They noticed out of the slights they saw eyes tracking them. Shortly after a group of ghasts started to intersect them at the city’s gates. Most of the group waved with eagerness and Charlie waved back with glee! The ghast at the front line of the group announced they were friendly and beckoned them to come and greet them. Cautiously the PC’s approached their welcome party. The one in the front informed the group he was the mayor of Arventon. He announced they don’t often to visitors anymore. Bronn and Waldobert noticed a few of the ghast were giving them elevator eyes and salivating. Their leader slapped them and they seemed to come into a friendlier state of mind. The mayor explained that the nearly three-hundred survivors of the curse has turned into ghasts and they are running out of food. Bronn spoke up and asked if the city was safe with them to go into the city.

The mayor said some of his people cannot maintain their good nature and might resort to try and eat you and your friends. He mentioned he cannot control all of them. When the party asked if they had an “ok” to take out ones that attack them the mayor just nodded his head. He explained further that wamps (not whops – inside joke had to be there to understand) raided their cashes of rationed food. The mayor offered direct direction to the graveyard. Supposedly these wamps come in a frequency of every two to three days. He also mentioned if they fail they might be subject to the current ongoing curse!
As the PC’s made their way to the graveyard aka food supply the
y were approached by a few hungry ravaged ghasts. Bronn used his illusion of undead that scares undead. The groups were fended off by means of this device. At the graveyard layers of yellow rock surrounded the grounds as a makeshift wall. It was obvious that there had been a recent burrowing/digging effect in the area. Webbed footprints still littered the ground outside the makeshift wall. Bronn decided to try and set up a position to defend. Bronn’s peers seemed disinterested. Bronn recalled these wamps could trample as a combat tactic.
They waited what was two days in the graveyard. The mayor checked in on them from time to time and taken the days rations as well. The sun never sit the day’s heat always an onslaught. Finally, the wamps showed up. There was five of them, they approached in a v formation and appeared to measure up their obstacle and their dinner. The smaller one on the front spoke in necril to surround one at a time and kill them. Charlie repeated the order to her comrades.

The battle ended in shirt order the wamps put up a decent resistance and managed to give two people zombie rot. In a blink of an eye the ground and the sand started to swirl in the manner a whirlpool would in water. Everyone was sucked in but Waldobert. Charlie was sure to cut off a web foot before being sucked in. Finally, Waldobert was sucked into the sands!

The PC’s ended up falling through blackness and fell into a humongous ballroom. Filled with people from wall to wall. The dead wamps bodies splattered on the floor from the ceiling just a bit later. When looking upon the ceiling it was all black with mist and the ceiling counted for eighty feet from its blackness to the white polished titles that covered the ballrooms floor. The PC’s witnessed a dark shadowy something would reach down from the back mists above and snatch a party goer up to the ceiling. Moments later blood and bones would spill to the floor from the same location as the abduction.

Charlie quickly rummaged through her learnings of the dreamlands and found it sound that they were in famous extravagant city called Celephasis. Panic was running through Waldobert recalling the history of the King in Yellow and his ballroom visits! Waldobert willed himself out of the dreamlands and into the waking lands, sort of! Once he almost made that transition that mark on his chest glowed and he was pulled back into the ballroom.

A butler finally made his presence known to the PC’s and asked if they desire anything. Bronn saw no reason to order a chop of lamb! In comparison to the party goers the butlers uniform was in horrid condition. Seems falling apart, their shoes had holes in them, and their once white gloves molting apart. The party goers were quite different, they were in the most beautiful silks and expensive fashion never seen before. The PC’s quarried the butler and learned that they were at the ball of the year at Viscount Gala’s palace. They learned the viscount himself was in the east wing of the ballroom.

The team made their way through the crowd and still saw the casual snatch from the back mists of another party goer. Oddly enough no one seemed to view them as out of place! A vigilant guard dressed in polished full plate guarded the door to the room. Charlie convinced the guard to allow them a quick audience with the viscount. As they walked in they saw a handsome man dressed ever more impressive than his guests. He had pastel green eyes and light flowing long brown hair. He was almost trace like dancing. Once he looked at the pc’s he seemed disappointed and asked them how and who they might be.

The conversation lead to Viscount Gala telling them he was practicing for the Sunset Waltz, the final dance of the ball. He so desired to do so with his beloved. But his betrothed already had promised to perform the dance with three others. Urdrenda Splitterbone, Ardvin Telsriette, and Pietro Brelin. He explained if they provided a small discrete serve of convincing these individuals of forgoing their opportunity with his beloved he would reward them with his signet ring. As he spoke a few times he would cough up a black tar substance upon this fluffy gold neckpiece but never broke his conversation to even notice it. When the viscount would do this Waldobert would follow suit and throw up some blood.
When asked about the three individuals he told them little. Only a vague description or who they were. Urdrenda Splitterbone was a gifted dancer and most beautiful woman in Celephasis. Pietro Brelin is the foremost richest trader in Celephasis. Ardvin Telsriette was the only commoner to be invited to this event due to her elegance in dance.

The PC’s left the viscount and through some diplomacy of the partygoers found that Ardvin Telsriette was in the powder room near the west wing location of the ballroom. Charlie went in and found her. In this lavish bathroom, Charlie convinced Ardvin that the Sunset Waltz was no for another hour. She seemed at first almost certain it was within the hour. Charlie suggested she should use the time to practice the Sunset Waltz in one of the private wings. Ardvin agreed and exited the facilities in a hurried manner to do just that.

The PC’s once again asked around for Pietro Brelin. With assistance, they found him mingling with the elite of the elite of the rich of Celephasis as they danced. The team discovered he was endeavoring to elevate his status even further. To do this was to perform the Sunset Waltz with the beloved. Charlie spoke of who he should let the viscount dance with the beloved due to the fact he is not as good as you. The spill caught his snooty attention. Charlie said if the viscount made a mistake during the dance then he would certainly look foolish. Finally, Pietro seemed annoyed by Charlie but convinced. He shooed them away with a flick of his hand.
The last to find was Urdrenda Splitterbone or aka Lady Splitterbone. Which the partygoers knew well and she was preparing for the Sunset Waltz with the beloved in the northeast wing. The squad made their way there and opened the door. They first saw the silhouette of an elaborate black cloak type dress shooting out the back of her outfit. The PC’s could see the pallid gaunt man whom she was currently practicing the dance with. She turned to face her guests in a dramatic fashion. Waldobert was the first to notice her fangs and knew her to be a vampire right off. She was a red headed and green eyed woman well beyond what one would call beautiful!

Lady Splitterbone agreed to forgo her chance at the Sunset Waltz if she could acquire a new dancer partner. She pointed to Waldobert! She playfully but quietly mentioned she had never had dhampir blood before! She Claimed he didn’t know vampire etiquette due to the fact he was raised by humans! Waldobert instructed her son Zug Zug to not look, to cover his eyes.

She embraced Waldobert and they danced. Lady Splitterbone gently bite into his shoulder. Charlie was shouting go Waldo, go Waldo! Waldobert bite back, Lady Splitterbone seemed to be enamored with Waldobert. She said she would look for him after the Sunset Waltz.

The crew returned to Viscount Gala and informed the task had been done. He was truly happy with the news. He said they would have to stay and watch the finality of the ball. The time approached and all the party goers parted a wide straight-away for the dance to take place. The viscount bowed and her called the beloved and a Leng huge spider retreated from the ceiling to greet the viscount! They danced the Sunset waltz. Tears of joy came from the majority of partygoers, it was that beautiful! After the dance the Leng spider ascended back to her ceiling domicile. Viscount Gala retired to his wing.

After which the PC’s confronted the Viscount in his wing and as promised he gave them party one of his signet rings!

Dreams of The Yellow King V
Status of Trip (Sellen Passage): Day 59, 652/1,250 miles traveled Currently docked at Dabril, a village in Galt

XP: 7,351 (Charlie/Zug Zug/Bronn/Waldobert @ 51,545 experience) – Level 9 [Fast Track]
XP: 1,500 (Jacquez should be @ 32,060) – Level 7 [Fast Track]
XP: 1,500 (Little Cuss should be @ 45,694) – Level 8 [Fast Track]

Dreams of the Yellow King IV

Dreams of the Yellow King IV

The PC’s found themselves a few hours from docking at Razmir’s dock. Skywin expressed her concern in regards to the local religious fanatics in this area. She told the group she has a drop off here and will be back in one hours’ time. The Sallen Starling pulled into the port and expensive tithe was paid by its captain. Skywin took several of her deck crew with her. Meanwhile the PC’s surveyed the dock and its workers. Little Cuss noticed somewhat of a thieves chant about the Sallen Starling. Charlie read the mind of the harbor master and discovered they were going to increase the tithe the next merchant ships heavily. As predicted Skywin showed up in one hour.

Skywin was eager to leave this place, it was obvious in her mannerisms. Under away once again down the passage once again trouble waited. Skywin spotted the infamous Tribute Taker, a faith barge decided to Razmir. This area was full of them but the roughest and toughest was the head heading for them. Skywin informed Bronn to follow her lead. Bronn stated the captain wanted all down below!

Captain Hicks pulled his barge near the Sallen Starling. A parley between both captains resulted in Skywin paying a heavy tithe to the Tribute Taker. Once the money was about to be transferred captain Hicks said he wanted all of it! Battle ensued, bombs and lighting bolts, sword and steel flashed throughout the night. The PC’s won the day and claimed the Tribute Taker as a prize. Even though the Captain Hicks got away.
It was a peaceful four days of traveling in claim waters. Skywin was towing her boat behind the Tribute Taker and having it fixed up from the battle. Jacquez, Waldobert and Charlie studied the next segment in the series to know the right incantation to go to retrieve the captain’s tricorne.

The group started to cast the ritual and did so successfully without incident. The team surveyed their surrounds and found they were on the Sallen Starling. Skywin was manning the wheel and spoke out about seeing something in the water of the stern side of the boat. Charlie went to go check on the captain. Just as Charlies hand was about to rest upon Skywin’s shoulders she whipped around her head and howled. She turned into a large creature with claws and broad wings. Jacquez knew this to be a feargaunt, an incorporeal creature that feeds off the fears of others.

Bronn was surprised with a surprised attack from the Captain Vadrack. At the same time the ship started to shapechaged into something else, in the process showing monsters in the lower deck. Bronn spun around to deal with the denizen of Leng captain. Waldobert started to launch her bombs at the feargaunt. Zug Zug was struck dead by one of the special abilities of the fear creature- phantasmal killer! Jacquez intimidated the feargaunt for a round. This surprised it and it was shanked from the bolster from the little rat. Bronn dueled the denizen of Leng and brought him down. Charlie grabbed the hat and had to try it on for size, this lead to an ego battle between her and Bloodwind. Charlie ended up winning that battle. She was trying to influence the actions the boat was taking. All in all the PC’s won the day with some scything.

Dreams of The Yellow King IV
Status of Trip (Sellen Passage): Day 35, 316/1,250 miles traveled Currently just outside of Razmir (part of the River Kingdoms)
XP: 6,013 (All but Jacquez should be @ 44,194 experience) – Level 8 [Fast Track]
XP: 6,013 (Jacquez should be @ 30,560) – Level 7 [Fast Track]

Dreams of the Yellow King III

The party members were aware of a new power swelling within themselves and embraced it except Zug Zug. The PC’s decided to act upon the previous call to go back to the dream plane. They were going to recover a skull of ghoul royalty. Charlie and Jacquez studied the proper manuals to perform the ritual that leads to an underground necrotroplis where this skull could be obtained. Below is what was learned and explained to the party:

Once again as before Charlie started casting the ritual with her peers on the deck of the Sellen Starling. A fowl up caused each ritualist to take force damage. The crew took a few of Waldobert’s healing potions and tried again. The second attempt went far more wrong then the first. A huge black formless ooze appeared. Black tentacles littered the upper part of the ships deck. Charlie and Jacquez knew this ooze was a very nasty ooze from the plane of Leng. One by one the ooze had swallowed all the PC’s and Skywin! However, upon being swallowed each member found themselves taking no damage and shortly after were falling! Each plummeted to an almost endless dark pit with certain death awaiting! Zug Zug felt strange in his mind for a short period of time, Jacquez felt the same but his was more powerful. Charlie, Little Cuss, (*maybe Waldobert) and felt a sensation on their chest where their they had been branded. Each landed safely on the ground.

Off in the far distance they saw a marvelous huge city in the darklands. The underdark’s plant life was fluorescent illuminating the entire area. Bronn and Little Cuss noticed imprinted footsteps on the ground all from small to huge all inner mixed. The PC’s gathered themselves up put worries aside and started towards the city. A good march lead to an auditable war chanting. The team saw off in the distance a large number of militarized ghouls. They were chanting in necril “Take it back, Take it Back!” One ghoul noticed the group and started to wave at them. Charlie was the first to wave back.

The PC’s noticed a wave of excitement within the two-hundred plus ghouls. The PC’s approached them and all were excited. They announced their prayers had been answered. One ghoul that was very lean and tall, a Leng ghoul approached the party. He introduced himself in a proper fashion and said we are glad you folks are here! His name was Wilkins.

He told them group that a clan of gugs taken their city. Charlie talked about a skull of royalty as a reward. The ghouls overheard and there was a sudden change in their demeanor. The group members heard them mutter among themselves about a similar theft about two years ago. Wilkins whispered to them that there was a mausoleum in the city that held prince Scarcim’s skull. Wilkins asked them to protect a vial choke point in the center of the city called the Plaza of Bones. He also mentioned the mausoleum was very close to their anyway. He also said they were welcome to the skull if they would do this task and keep a tight lead on it.

Bronn lead the way into the city after a few missteps. Wilkins gave directions to the plaza. Once the PC’s reached the city there was one to two feet of marrowless bones littering the ground. This made it slightly more difficult to sneak around and maneuver normally. The team arrived at the Plaza of Bones and saw tight buildings with the intersection leading to the main center point of the city. Before this stretch to the center stood two parallel pillars with decorative slabs on top. The pillars themselves were very lavish and detailed.
Unexpectedly in the next moment some of the pillars peeled themselves off the now bare thin pillar center. A bone golem and three large snakes attacked the party members. The group was quick to catch on to the fact they were guarding this area. The squad withdrew and the constructs went and reformed into the pillars decorative look.

Thunderous shockwaves shook the ground and echoes of battle were apparent. After waiting for a little over an hour the crew felt the ground thudding and a gug was running right for their position.

He was barreling through the inner section and coming for the choke point. The team managed to catch his attention. The life-force set off the golem and snakes. They were attacking the gug however. Bronn and Zug Zug was standing toe to toe with the gug. Charlie deployed her gun, Waldobert his bombs. Little Cuss set up for a spell that caused massive damage to the gug. The gug did however manage to rend Bronn before it was over. Bronn slashed the gug with his katana for the final blow. The damaged constructs returned to their pillars.

The PC’s found the mausoleum with no problem. The archway that was the opening to the building was trapped with a nasty variation of chill touch trap. Luckily Jacquez found the trap before anyone activated it. Little Cuss picked the lock from a distance to be safe and was successful. The PC’s found paintings all over the walls and in the center, was a dais with a skull on it. The group succeeded in willing themselves back to the waking lands. They had learned they were gone for fourteen days. Skywin was upset to be away that long and found the boat in dangerous waters.

Current session – Dreams of The Yellow King III
Status of Trip (Sellen Passage): Day 28, 269/1,250 miles traveled
Currently in Razmir (part of the River Kingdoms)
Average 9.6 miles per day thus far
XP: 3,282 (All but Jacquez should be @ 38,181 experience) – Level 8 [Fast Track]
XP: 3,282 (Jacquez should be @ 24,547) – Level 7 [Fast Track]

2nd to last session – Dreams of The Yellow King II
Status of Trip (Sellen Passage): Day 11, 113/1,250 miles traveled
XP: 8,379 (All but Jacquez should be @ 34,899 experience) – Level 8 [Fast Track]
XP: 8,379 (Jacquez should be @ 21,265) – Level 6 [Fast Track]

Dreams of the Yellow King II

The Sellen Starling recovered from the merrow attack with aid from the PC’s. Skywin was eager to leave Illmarsh as soon as possible. Waldobert attempted to treat the last deckhand infected with carrier disease, alas an unsuccessful one. Skywin was very somber with sadness, she never got accustomed to losing her men. A person appeared on the boat and requesting the audience of Pogo. Pogo informed the PC’s he had to go on a more urgent matter. The two teleported away as if never there.

With four deckhands down Skywin offered to teach a willing mind the way of a sailor. Bronn offered to be a willing subject however once the captain mentioned the sextant he was much more interested! Once the Sellen Starling broke free of Illmarsh waters the captain had a respectful eulogy for the fallen lad. With a reserved nod, she gave the ok to send the wrapped soul to rest in the lake. Only eighty miles and nine days into the journey she took a deep breath. In the upcoming days, Charlie, along with Jacquez were studying the series of books. Tring to make sense of the list wrapped around the wand. The only findings where are that ghouls on the dream plane are quite social. The Dichotomous Translations of Aklo Syntax was extraordinary difficult to research, odd words and dialect didn’t make sense.

Two days later on a quite morning a fog rolled over the lakes waters. The PC’s now divided into a day watch and night watch, the day crew was massed on the deck when they saw Bloodwind a quarter mile off to their starboard. Charlie knew this ship to be a mean spirited magically intellect ship that was capable of shapeshifting. Bloodwind by trade was a cross planner slave boat made by Denizens of Leng. Charlie knew of recent affairs that the Bloodwind was captained by Vadrack with a reputation of endless pursuit of his prey. In the next instant Waldobert spotted a flying creature headed right for the Sellen Starling!

Waldobert knew this to be an ahool, a large flying creature with aspects of a gorilla and a bat. He also knew this creature’s main tactic is to snatch a disinclined victim with his claws and ascend into the air to drop them. The PC’s prepared for the incoming creature. Bronn rattled off arrows at the creature with meager results. Jacquez took cover under the ships middle roofed cabin. Charlie getting ready with her pistol. Waldobert ready with bombs, Little Cuss hid in a small shadow, Zug Zug started to undo the cargo hold netting all the while taking cover under the ships sail. Once the ahool was able to grab a foe it already had been bombed, shot, stabbed, and netted. Nevertheless, the creature still managed to grasp Bronn. The netting disallowed the ahool to fly off. Bronn and company kept the ahool pinned while finishing the creature off, it dissipated into thin air!

The PC’s were trying to catch their breath. The deck crew below sounded worrisome along with the two scholars. Skywin gave a quick glance at the party members and said what the hell is this ship and why is it following us? The conversation feel short when an image of a human fisherman with a fishing pole appeared on deck! Everyone readied for the odd appearance of this figure. A splash in the water alerted the PC’s to the real danger already behind them. A large fish creature with huge jaws and a fleshy tethered lantern over this head with illuminating light.

The flashing pulsating light caught all but Jacquez and Charlie in a trance. Zug Zug, Waldobert, Bronn, Skywin, and Little Cuss was fascinated and just walk over to the hungry maw! Charlie and Jacquez were yelling at the others but still their companions favored the light! The creature unhinged its jaws and then swallowed Zug Zug whole. Zug Zug came to his senses once he was being dissolved in the fish’s stomach! Jacquez tried to thump Bronn but missed and Bronn was swatting with his hands at the fleshy tethered lantern. Zug Zug flurries with attacks inside and was able to be vomited up. Charlie was able to hit Waldobert and he shook off the effect! The creature bite Waldobert when he tried to move. Then it swallowed him! The creature then traveled to the end of the deck to jump off. Bronn now free of the effect held the creature down! The team finally was able to recover an injured Waldobert. The creature lay cut open on the deck!
Charlie informed the captain of the predicament and the Skywin said she would do her best to help them. The PC’s realized the Bloodwind was sending these creatures to capture them. They decided to do the ritual to take them to the dreamlands to find answers.

The hour casting of the ritual did not go as planned. In the later part of the ritual Charlie, the main ritualist failed to keep the ritual going. Charlie looked around and saw noting just her alone! Zug Zug saw the last non-sour goblin pickle animated in front of him. Little Cuss and Bronn saw the revenant. Waldobert saw this paladin with gleaming silver armor with a wooden stake in his hands ready to strike! Jacquez saw a giant tom cat hissing at him! Charlie and Jacquez saw an aspect of their nightmare that seemed out of place. They both quickly searched their thoughts and knew this to be a creature known as an animate dream. Each party member battled their worst fear. Bronn finished it with the last blow and the scenery came back into focus and he saw all this comrades, only now they were in a desert with unbarring heat assaulting them.

Charlie realized they had been pulled into the Dreamlands after all. In the far distance a huge building visible through lucid sight. The party made it to the caravanserai. This place once had been opulent. The thick cracked sun bricks that walled the caravanserai were still stable. Gossa, the scholar who had helped at the ritual attempt was very scared. The party explored the caravanserai and found some magic weapons in the arms room. They found a modest but somewhat impressive library. The greeting center for trade between dream walkers and natives seemed to be abandoned. The PC’s searched the stable area and found a hidden passageway. Jacquez and Charlie checked for traps, none were found. This lead them to some of the answers they sought!

They came to an office with a lucid figure sitting at a small desk. A very familiar face sat with yellow tapestry makeshift cloths greeted them!

It was the face of Lord Lowls. He greeted them and beckoned them in with a good spirited demeanor. The PC’s had learned that this was only a fragment of Lord Lowls psyche left here on the dream plane. He knew nothing of ill deeds done by his person. When the party referred to him as Lord Lowls he corrected them and announced he was “The King in Yellow!” He told them he would lead them to the Mad Poets oasis once they retained enough gifts for him. He educated the PC’s that the mad poet was a fickle character, a lore master through the sands of time. He gave them some journaled notes. These notes expressed and explained slang words for here in the dreamlands making the Dichotomous Translations of Aklo Syntax tremendously easier to research. He told them that list of items is of particular interest to the Mad Poet. If not those then he is also fond of people’s memories. The “King in Yellow” remarked he is a lore master after all.

It took the PC’s two hours to will themselves off the dream plane and back to the prime material plane. Upon waking they learned that no time had passed on the prime material plane. They talked about which item to retrieve first and the winner was: skull of ghoul royalty!

Status of Trip (Sellen Passage): Day 11, 113/1,250 miles traveled

XP: 8,379 (All but Jacquez should be @ 34,899 experience) – Level 8 [Fast Track]
XP: 8,379 (Jacquez should be @ 21,265) – Level 6 [Fast Track]

Dreams for the Yellow King I

The PC’s returned from their victory over the head priest of Hastur. The scenery in town was chaos! Soldiers were kicking in doors and throwing people down in the streets. Beheadings and beatings were in open display! The tone of unlawful intolerance and traitorship to the crown was loud and clear. As the PC’s approached the towns center six mounted half-orc soldiers on horses with polearms approached them. They asked if you were the “outsiders” people were referring too. Charlie responded with a yes. The soldiers told them their lord was awaiting their presence. The mounted warriors escorted the adventures to a tent, they were told to enter the tent.

The PC’s entered the purple tent and first saw two drudger dwarfs, one female and one male. They shared the very same body shape and facial features. The male twin was an obvious cleric of Urgathoa the other an inquisitor of the same faction. The female asked her twin as the PC’s came into the tent “wonder what that one tastes like?” They both smirked, then a stern voice beckoned the PC’s to move forward. The twins started to tease the PC’s once again but the human dressed in strange armor held up his hand, the twins quickly stopped. The PC’s saw a stoic human with similar armor that Omrai, the royal accessor adorned. He introduced himself as General Xin Zhao. He told the PC’s he desired a true accounting of what is taking place here. Any attempt to cover or distort any truth’s will costs you your life. Charlie was nominated to be the storyteller. Before she began the PC’s noticed the drudger cleric cast a spell, zone of truth.

Once the story was told the general acknowledged their story as true. He glared at Bronn and his newly acquired katana. The general asked if Omrai died like a true warrior and you avenged his death? Charlie replied with a yes to both questions. His dismissed them on the account they indirectly severed the crown. He even allowed Bronn to keep the samurai weapon.

The team exited the tent and quickly spotted Cesadia waving to them. Jacquez caught up to the group before meeting up with Cesadia. The twitchy rat was back! She had a stranger by her side wielding a staff. She quickly spoke we have much to discuss but not here, let us retire to my guilds lodging. The stranger introduced himself as Pogo and told them he would lead the this team, real short introductions were commenced. She informed the PC’s that this is the crowns punishment and reestablishment goon outfit. This force is here to reestablish order. Cesadia debriefed the adventures about Lord Lowls leaving town and why. She told them that the former lord is on a vouge to Katheer to an occultic place referred as the Mysterium. He is after a powerful occultic tome known as the Necronomicon! He wished to wake up one of the gods of the elder mythos and be its champion. It is possible he has gone quite mad with all the exposure to this occultic knowledge! She also told the PC’s that the lord indirectly killed some of her employees, an act she doesn’t take likely. She says bring back his head and its 1,000 gold for each person involved in his killing. The last bit of information she told them is a merchant vessel captained by Skywin Freeling is going to pass through neighboring areas that will easily lead to Katheer. The boat arrives in three days’ time. Charlie knew this person to be very capable and a reformed pirate!

The three days were spent differently by the PC’s. Bronn went off and came back with a holy symbol of Pharasma and a tattoo over the left part of his face. Zug Zug went out and sold the jewelry he snatched off Omari. He bought some “magic beans” to bring back to the group! Unknown to Zug Zug he had under sold this jewelry to a great extent. He still was able to get 3,200 gold for the lot. He came back to the group saying he bought these magic beans but Charlie alert to his laying words. Zug Zug finally gave everyone their share. Charlie had time to sit down and review lord Lowls journal volume that Waldobert retained from Iris Hill. Charlie discovered tomes in the small dimensional pocket that were kept in the journal volume. Fourteen tomes were being stowed in this space. Charlie, Jacquez, and Pogo started on the research project on this small library. Little Cuss went out for some shopping.

The third morning came just as gloomy weather would allow. The PC’s shuffled off to the docks with Cesadia accompanying them. They saw the red headed halfing captain in a heated argument with the dock master. Skywin was yelling to the dock master that he will reload her ship correctly! The dock master denied the request! The PC’s intervened and told her they would reload her boat correctly for passage to Cassomir. The halfling granted their passage under the understanding they were to protect the ship and her crew, the agreement was struck! Skywin told the PC’s it was a 1,250 miles’ trip down the Sellen Passage. Her keel boat the Sellen Starling does about 10 miles a day. Two other passengers bought passage to Cassomir, two professors Gossa and Wreben.

It took the PC’s three hours to rearrange the weight distribution on the Sellen Starling, after such time they were under way. Just hours into the journey an uncanny thick fog sprung from the water. In the distance the PC’s spot a glimpse of another boat with red sails peak out of the fog then suddenly vanish. The next two days went smooth. Charlie, Jacquez, and Pogo completed the research on the small library. They learned failing the ritual can summon creatures from the plane! If you die on the dream plane your abruptly awoken on the prime material plane, in which case you get a mental madness effect! Two people can assist the main ritualist with the checks. The plane of dreams in certain places can be normal time distortion or 2x time, or can be completely no time distortion. The plane is mildly chaos aligned, magically morphic – size of the plane is finite shape and size, and normal gravity.

On the night of the 4th day Charlie was on guard and she spotted the ship with red sails way off in the distance. Then she heard a thud on the side of the ship! She called out alerting others to the attack. Charlie rushed to the side to see Id shades. At first, they looked corporeal, then the frog green shades floated up on the ship. Charlie knew these creatures were from the dream plane. The half dozen crew members working at night moved out of the way of the PC’s! Four Id shades in total ignored the crew and went for the PC’s straight away. Bombs, weapons and spells were the tools the party members expended to vanquish their foe. Shortly after the last Id shade was slain the ship with the red sails disappeared. Charlie recalled a past memory about a ship called Bloodwind, a ship legendary in the planes of dreams. Charlie also saw that creature with long claws in the family crypt that had the confabulation plates on the Bloodwind.

On the morning of the 9th day Bloodwind was spotted and a crew member caught a disease. The party convinced Waldobert to treat the four crew members that came down with plague. Charlie knew that the plague was from a carrier golem! The group decided to get the skiff out and put Waldobert and the four crew members on it. Waldobert was able to treat three out of the four. Skywin refused to put any of her personal at risk she pulled the boat over. She cursed under her breath and inform this is Illmarsh and its dangerous. Pogo and a few other party members asked her to keep going, but nevertheless she replied “all for one and one for all!” The next thing Jacquez spotted bubbles surfacing on the icky waters crest. The PC’s got in place and saw these small six legged creatures with extruded spikes on their backs climb on the ship. In total, there were six, but the truly alarming threats came just a few seconds later! Two huge aquatic monsters splashed out of the water. Charlie and Jacquez and Pogo knew these creatures were merrows, giant aquatic cousins of the ogre. The vooniths blood scream kept Pogo and Bronn static. One merrow went for the skiff and Waldobert responded with flying into the air and delivering bombs. Little Cuss used some guerilla tactics dispatching of the vooniths. Jacquez had the attention of the other merrow at the bow. The vooniths were tedious to deal with, the merrow were the threat. Pogo hasted many of his comrades just as he did in the id shade battle. Zug Zug was seen dispatching the vooniths. Waldobert killed the one at the skiff with five bombs. The bow merrow was a team effort even Skywin was out and combating the monster! The team learned that the merrow regenerate so fire was employed to counter act the first one at the stern. The other merrow sank into the murky water and sawm away after being severely injured by a fireball from Pogo.

The aftermath left three crew members slain and the bow heavily damaged. The captain is very taken back that three of her crewmen perished. She swears she’s never had this much bad luck this early!

*New Zug Zug sayings:
“I let everyone hit me once!”
“I let everyone critical me once!”
“I let everyone vital strike me once!”

XP: 2,886 (All but Jacquez should be @ 26,520 experience)
XP: 2,886 (Jacquez should be @ 12,886)

Thrushmoor Terror VI

The PC’s were left with the decision to try and pry the brick at the base of the water well or go through the high end decorated double doors to the east. Charlie did inform her peers that the symbol groupings on the door is the Lowls family crest. Once the call was made to go through the double doors everyone huddled around the door. Charlie checked for traps follow by Little Cuss, the door was not trapped.

Once the double door was pushed open by Zug Zug and Bronn they recognized the scenery as a family crypt. Layers of sarcophagi run horizontally from the ground to about four feet high. Across from the double doors there stood a tall pale figure clamping on some sort of brass plates on a dead body laid out on the mid-level sarcophagi. The body had its cloths stripped from the chest down to the ankles. Most of the group members noticed the emblem on the draped part of the clothing. Winter wore the same mark, the Royal Accuser emblem on her garments. The body’s odd looking armor lay on the gravel. Diagonally from the one body the PC’s saw a feminine body on the neighboring sarcophagi, it was Winter. The tall creature look distracted in its task of applying these plates to the still body.

The PC’s got the jump on the creature due to its distraction with its device. Bronn and Zug Zug positioned themselves in to flank the creature. Charlie whipped her pistol and Waldobert had his notorious bombs to deploy. Little Cuss took a subtler line of combat. The creature turned to the PC’s and said “that foolish mortal should have drowned you all until you could not draw breath!” The PC’s noticed when the creature talked it did move its mouth. The creature clawed and bit at Zug Zug and Bronn all while a sneering laughter. Once the PC’s struck the final blow the creature turned into a thin gray mist and dissipated.

Little Cuss detected magic in the area. He saw there was an odd looking curved longsword that was magical. The strange heavy armor on the floor possessed magic. Numerous decretive sparkling jewelry was still on the body. Zug Zug snatched all of them up (2x golden rings w/ gems, golden necklace, golden bracelet, 4x earring rings). The group was able to confirm Winter’s tortured body on the next sarcophagi. Little Cuss picked up the brass confabulation plates. The group decided to search the room and Charlie found a secret passage on the north end of the crypt. Before exploring the secret passage, Charlie checked for traps and Little Cuss double checked! The team decided to check the water fountain brick before they took the crypt passage.

The PC’s noticed a water saturated ceiling and it was leaking. Charlie put her engineering to work and realized this was the same location as the surface water well in the small courtyard. Everyone got into position while one of the party members pulled the brick. A quick gearing sound littered the air. A five feet section of wall on the northeast wall raised upward quickly. The PC’s saw red beaded eyes and rats in which their tails were entangled together. Charlie knew it to be a rat king. The group decided to quickly undo their previous action and the section of wall came slamming down. The PC’s decided to take the secret stairwell down from the crypt.

The stairwell lead to a huge open circular room with bedrock as its floor. In the middle of a circular, vaulted chamber, standing on a platform of natural bedrock, a black stone monolith similar to the two in Thrushmoor glows with a pale, yellow light. Blood stains the floor surrounding the monument. A thick but shallow yellow mist churns in this room. A ten-foot passage way to the south lead into a larger room. Blooded handprints and blackened fingernails littered the passageway to the larger room.

As the PC’s were on high alert they heard a scornful famine voice call out “the heroes finally arrive to save the day. Come, come and face me!” Charlie was the first to step in the square room with many pillars soaring up to the ceiling that was thirty feet high. Charlie and the other noticed a modest throne made of bone at the southernmost wall. A red velvet curtain covering something next the throne. Melisenn Kororo beckoned the PC’s in with laughter. Melisenn sailed into the air suddenly and then shouted in the kelish tongue “embrace my hand!” Charlies rapier disappeared from her hand to Melisenn’s hand. The rest of the group stepped into the large room now except Little Cuss. The red velvet dropped and the revenant revealed, he was frozen. Melisenn sniggered at the PC’s reaction to her grand reveal! Charlie could tell the revenant was under a hold undead spell.

The battle was on! Waldobert took flight with his wings. Bronn and Zug Zug rushed the revenant. Charlie pulled out her pistol. Little Cuss stayed back in the other room for the time being. Suddenly a floating beautiful woman dressed with exquisite attire appeared. Her neck seemed a bit odd and Charlie immediately knew this creature to be a penanggalen. She had a rapier and was floating in the air with a flute! Waldobert started to throw bombs at Melisenn. Zug Zug and Bronn were attacking the revenant. Little Cuss came up and started to attack the revenant as well. Charlie was shooting at Melisenn.

In an eerie manner, an undead creature made its way through the ten-foot passage way and entered the large squared court. Melisenn mocked the dead priest of Pharasma. Spells and blades flew in the furry of combat. The revenant was finally slain after it clawed Bronn countless times. Zug Zug was charmed by the undead bard! Charlie was cursed with blindness! The PC’s conquered the moment and killed Melisenn and her undead servants. Once the deed was done the visage of Winter approached Little Cuss and handed her holy symbol to him. Then she dissipated from existence!

The PC’s returned to the heart of Thrushmoor and found a battalion of military focuses present. It was apparent Prince Aduard Ordranti III patience had ran out!

XP: 4,749 (should be at 23,634) – Level 7

End of the Cult of the Jelly God

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