Ye Gilde

Thrushmoor Terror I

Once the party arrived at the Brawny Fish Inn Winter divulged more information about herself. She told the party members at first she didn’t trust them at the asylum. She said that changed once she learned the group stopped the living nightmare. Winter revealed that she was with the Royal Accessor Council. She and her peers has been here for three weeks prior to the tremors and the incident at the asylum. She explained the crown has seen fit to become involved due to the suspicion that Lord Lowls has been embezzling royalties meant for the crown. In addition, reports of civil leadership and functionality have been delinquent far beyond reason. Intelligences have spoken of strange occurrences were happening here in Thrushmoor. She told them she would be back in due time.

The group members awoke the morning with the monotone whisper “The dead don’t dream” quietly echoing in each of their minds. None of the party members to include the latest addition Zug Zug didn’t dream. The party members were well aware that the bar keep locked and bared the doors very early the previous night. Charlie asked the bar keep as to why. He reluctantly responded that people are vanishing and it’s not safe at night. Charlie asked about doing some work to earn some coins. The barkeep told her is he did dished, mop, and clean he could give her some coin. Winter didn’t give any finite time she would revisit therefore the party grew restless. Moneyless the troop desired to explore the town and means of obtaining coin. Jacquez and Waldobert elected to remain behind.

The weather right off in the morning is heavily over casted and rainy with substantial fog. The small but populated town of Thrushmoor is bustling regardless of its often gloomy weather. Thrushmoor is known as a hub in which goods and exported and exported from Avon Bay. One of the primary resources the city has is its assortment of exotic fishery. The landscape of the bay and its climate cycle allow for fertile soil ideal for farming. Thrushmoor is an important militant as a part of Versex Region.

Right off the party noticed outsiders were very unwelcome and mistrusted. Charlie had a go at charming a few locals into talking with no success. While making their way up to the Healer’s House they noticed three men in a narrow ally way whispering. Charlie tried to sneak up to overhear the hushed whispering. At the same time Charlie noticed a silhouette at the opposite end of the parallel ally. She was pointing alerting the group to her findings, but they just looked about and shrugged. Charlie spooked the three men in the ally and they ran off. Zug Zug tried to trip the last one running but spun around almost landing on his own rump in the process. Charlie looked at the ally wall and saw a brilliant mural depicting a black skyline of a dark city under a jaundice yellow sky. Cuss came and took a look. He looked for an artist signature on the piece but found none. The group thought to knock on the walls owner. Charlie knocked on the door. A door that adored what seemed to be charms and the like. An older lady answered the door and declined any claim to the mural. She did however try and sell charms that would negate ill omens.

The rag tag gang made their way to the Healer’s House and meet an empathizing halfling. The halfling owned and ran an alchemist shop. Charlie took a sharp eye(s) to his wears, it appeared legit. Although there was wears that repealed spirits etc. The halfing let her know this assortment his is bestselling lot. He confirmed when questioned that people were indeed going missing. He didn’t know much about the murals. Just the fact they been appearing randomly on buildings walls. He confirmed that civil unrest had ensued, leaders of Thrushmoor were absent of responsibilities. The cause of all this is said to be The Briarstone Witch. Randomly he would shout “I don’t have anything here for you outsiders.” As onlookers gazed into his shop. Bronn queried the halfing about a job. The halfing replayed he would pay two gold per delivery in the evening timeframe. People are too afraid to conduct business at night
p. The team mustard again and explored the town. The group picked up rumors about the Briarstone Witch that is going to make all the people vanish once again. Along the way the group noticed an individual tailing them. He was double backing in a crowd. Cuss stayed behind the group and hide until this spy was in sight. Once he did Cuss sought to pick the man’s pockets. The top hat man smiled, tipped his hat and knocked Cuss’s hand away. He quickly speeds up and dashed into the crowd. The exploration of Thrushmoor continued. Charlie heard a loud acquisition of the painter, this outsider was to blame for all the blight the town has suffered lately. Learning quickly that a renowned painter had come to paint and renovate the old chapel. The townsfolk were planning on out casting the man. The team on their way to the old chapel stopped by several shops and sites. The one that stood out was the Star Stela, an old weather beaten obelisk. Cuss detected magic on it and it was found to all schools of magic but it was very faint. The ancient rock had in scripted runes running up its spine. The top had a faded disproportional star at the top. The group placed themselves back on the path to the old chapel. Along the way some man whispered to them “thank you.” The group members a little confused said for what. The man winked and said I know your Sleepless. It didn’t make sense to the group and the man said never mind.

The group ran into a brutish looking short man who was yelling about this town is doomed. He was ranting and calling for all the people to leave this cursed town before it was too late. He was screaming and begging people to just leave. He claimed the entire townsfolk are going to disappear as before. He said that witch plucks people from their homes with her fingernail and eats them. The group engaged him and seemed to repeat what he was shouting.

Zug Zug was looking for easy pickens for a pick pocket. He noticed everyone was at the very least paired with someone else. Finally going up the trail that lead to the old chapel the party members heard a ruckus in the direction of the chapel. The team noticed about two dozen townsfolks with pitch forks and shovels were yelling in front of the door. The crowd was advocating for the painter to leave. Bronn got in front of the crowd, to the front of the main chapels door. He reasonable asked the people to back down and whipped out one of this weapons for a furious display. Nearly sending his weapon flying and slightly stumbling did not detour the crowd. Zug Zug got to the front door and banged on the door. Bronn withdrew his shield and bull rushed. He ran through a dozen people. That got their attention! The townsfolk retreated. Once the commotion was dulled the painter allowed the group members in the chapel.

Lelwyn Hasok introduced himself. It was very clear the half elf thought very highly of himself. When asked if he had done the murals in town he replied that the remedial work on the walls was nowhere near his standard. He told them an old priest hired him to repaint the chapel. The priest went missing and thus the townsfolk saw him as a scapegoat for their superstitions. Lelwyn said he was going to finish this art masterpiece and book it out of town after. He offered the group a place to stay if they desired. The old chapel itself was a place of prayer to multiple gods. It was quite awful shape. Suddenly a top hatted man cleared his throat loudly. The painter and the group turned to him. He told the group his mistress would want to be seeing them. Before they left Zug Zug left he convinced the painter to paint his deity on the chapels wall.

The man who didn’t give a name escorted the party members to a lavished cabin style dwelling. It was here they meet Cesadia Wrentz. She was finely dressed red headed women with soft features. Her demeanor was very businesslike. She spoke to the group with the understanding she didn’t trust them. She pointed at Bronn and stated I especially don’t trust you. She explained that Bronn was one of Lord Lowls thugs and him and one of her agents came to blows at one time. Winter vouches for you and this is why she will share information. She also mentioned an open partnership, I share you share information pact. She informs them she is the guild master of “The Sleepless Agency”, an investigator guild. She confirmed that the local government has not been helping with these vanishings, processes of the law, or any other civic functionality. Quite a few townsfolk members have come to her asking her Sleepless Agency to step in free of charge. Cesadia finally agreed to look into matters but not to police the town. Lord Lowls left early this morning on a ship. Where and why is unknown. Lowls has had odd dealings as of late. Imports of old gilmores and unknown hired hands. Melisenn Kororo has taken over the old manner now and she herself is a disturbing character. Furthermore, Winter’s seven peers went to the old manner and were killed. Magistrate Tillus Padgett had gone missing who ran all civic function of Lord Lowls. She informed them that it was Tillus that reported the embezzling to the crown. Constable Barawyn Cesyll is now in charge of Fort Hailcourse. When asked for an audience neither Constable Barawyn will answer the summons nor is Melisenn responsive.

She then informed the group about 700 years ago a similar occurrence happened. The Briarstone Witch turned the people from their current religion and crown. A small detachment of military came to Thrushmoor the town to restore the town. The day the detachment arrived the entire townsfolk was gone. This is what everyone is up in arms about. She also tells them about where the supposed witches grotto is.

Bronn ad Zug Zug then went to the Healers House and made the deliveries for the halfling. Cuss and Charlie stayed at the Brawny Fish. Charlie went to work on her chores for coin. Cuss applied his tradecraft to squeeze a few coin out of some drunkards at the inn.

The team went to the market and bought some supplies and planned on visiting the old manner. The old manner on Iris Hill is quite large. An eight-foot gate and vegetation surround the compound. Dogs could be heard. A large number of crows stood on the tops of the gates posts just staring out. Bronn shook the gate to gain attention. An attendant came to the gate with a whistle around his neck and four dogs answered Bronn’s beckoning. The group asked to see Melisenn and the attendant said he was busy. The group pressed again and the attendant said he would be back. Ten minutes’ past and Bronn shook the gatehouse’s bars again. The annoyed attendant came back out and said she’s busy, be gone. Bronn made it a point for the attendant make a serious inquiry when they could see Melisenn. He arrived back in short order and told them she would have an audience at six in the evening. The attendant told the group they could join her for dinner.

While the team headed back down to the Brawny Fish Inn Cuss wanted to visit the Healers House. The halfing told Cuss not go to the Sleepless lodge. The halfing let him know he was an agent and information should be passed here. When the group asked about the dinner date he responded that is how The Royal Accuser had gotten the same invite. The team buckled down for the night still awaking with the echoed whisper and void of dreams. The next morning the team wanted to explore rumors of the witch’s grotto.

The team followed the shore with a shallow sandbar until they saw the sandbar dropped off quickly. Bronn noticed the contour of the land rises quickly at this spot. An underground area above sea level was indeed found once the party members swam in it. Cuss helped Charlie keep her crappy gun dry but concealing it in a waterproof bag. Charlie noticed the underground cave has natural vegetation that tailed in long distances at the entrance and along the only entrance point. A narrow ten -foot small tunnel was ahead of the group. At the moment Bronn and Cuss approached too close vines and grappled both of them. The strong vines pulled Bronn and Cuss forward deeper in the tunnel. A sharp spear sprigged from the floor. Both group members were able to avoid the trap. Meanwhile Zug Zug smirked and took a few swings at the vines roots on the cave wall. He managed to nick it a few times. Charlie deployed her gun and shot. She shot everywhere but the where the vines were! Unable to break free of the vines Bronn and Cuss got dragged again over the trap. This time however Cuss’s foot was pierced by the spears tip and injected its poison. More nicks and shots boomed in the air. Bronn and Cuss broke free of the vines. The team finally destroyed the vines. Cuss went and disarmed the traps and recovered a sample of the poison.

Exploration of the limestone cave lead to a small oval room in which vines dangled down. Beneath the vines was a fire pit with animal bones around it. Zu Zug noticed the fire’s smoke vent was where the vines hung down. Cuss noticed the back wall of the small tunnel was lose and easy to dislodge. Bronn was in the same area of Zug Zug when Charlie went up to the tunnel wall. The tunnel suddenly came down in rubble and two plant-like wolves gazed at her. A human woman with a spear who appeared angered pointed her spear at Charlie. Bronn ran over and the fungal wolves as identified by Charlie lunged at Bronn. Bronn was bitten but returned a heavy blow of his own. Charlie got attacked by the other. Charlie tried to parlay with the woman. She had wooden and vegetation on for armor. Charlie and Bronn noticed behind her was a symbol etched on the back cave wall. It was a symbol of a black plant with tendrils drooping and then crossing at the bottom. The group asked her about the witch and vanishing people. Her common was not clear but responded he was no witch. Charlie had already made the connection that she was a druid. She roughly spoke of the Great Old One. She mentioned that the people who were taking these people were her friends. The team retreated to The Healer’s House where Cuss dropped off the poison for the Halfing to make a counter potion. Then they headed back to the Brawny Fish Inn. They found Waldobert and Jacquez missing. Their possessions left behind to include the “Chain of Nights.”

Charlie took it upon herself to read the “Chain of nights.” It took her all night to read through it. The language is very unlike any she’s seen before. The contents were mainly on the subject matter of how the brain works in a humanoid. In addition, it talks about dreams. It informs one of how to sacrifice one’s or someone else’s mind to the Mad Poet to erase their memories. It stats that that person’s dreams are now they property of the Mad Poet. In exchange the Mad Poet will give you information about almost anything. He can tap into dreams of anyone who does dream and retrieve information. The Mad Poet is referenced as a dreamcatcher in the dream plane. The tome also lets it be known that a well-educated person uses minions of the plane to haunt others. The text mentions three cities ancient outer world cities called Alar, Yhtill, and Carcosa in reference to the King in Yellow. The Elder Mythos mentions the King in Yellow. After translating most of the contents Charlie gained a new ability.

XP: 1513
XP: Jacquez/Walobert 750

In Search of Sanity III

The party members found themselves staring into the room with crimson blood and buttery fog. Bronn was the first one to rush in. The party noticed two things. One of which was a pale gnome crucified just to the right side of the door. Secondly a small band of yellow robe characters crouched beyond a makeshift barricade. Jacquez and Bronn ran to the western door and endeavored to open it. The door grew a skeletal structure as a result. The door then exploded, sending small bone shards into some of the party members. Meanwhile Waldobert and Charlie checked the gnome on the wall. Charlie noticed he was still breathing slightly. Bronn then heard a quick sharp “shhhh..heellp meee.” From one of the yellow robed bandits. Jacquez now realizing the door has a trap, he started the task of disabling the trap. Bronn put himself into position between his comrades and the bandits. Charlie and Waldobert slowly withdrew the nails that kept the gnome attached to the wall. The gnome was finally cured from his impaled state and fell to the white spider web cracked floor. Jacquez after a failed effort to disable the doors trap decided to give up his potion to help the gnome. Charlie poured the potion down the gnome’s throat. The same bandit whispered again “shhhh..heellp meee.”

The gnome awoke with this cross eyed woman in his face smiling. Not being able to recall who this person is smiling at him and what happened to him he gathered himself up. Waldobert went to the door and tried to disable the trap but the same result as the first. The gnome who introduced himself as Kuse headed over to the western door and disabled the magical trap. The whispering yellow robbed (golden showered, sorry had to put this in here!) person finally skulked past his small cover to expose himself to the party members. Then the remaining three bandits collapsed on the group. The bandits were failing their arms randomly and screaming uncontrollably.

Battle ensued! The group members slew their foes with deadly sword canes, claws and flacons! The shaken last member of the bandits did not seem hostile. He just mopped around and followed the party members. The group did notice his improvised yellow robe was one time an orderly uniform. The group got the western door unlocked and free of traps. Bronn ventured out and was a thick wall of creamy fog. Waldobert quickly suggested a hasty retreat back into the room. Jacquez and Bronn came back in. Charlie and Waldobert searched the flesh tents. One had a cooking pan with small bones and blood in it. The word was made out from the assorted blood and bones was “don’t’ dream.” Another flesh tent had a drawing in blood. The blood against the spider-webbed cracked marble has a rough symbol of chains in a three circles. The middle circle was dark. Charlie pondered for a moment then realized it was a reference to the “Chain of Nights.” The last flesh tent they searched had eight animated severed hands. The severed hands were startled and ran out and scurried about.

Off to the eastern side of this room a vibrant flute ballad erupted into the unnerving atmosphere. The group was very leery of the out of place song. They approached the door and was welcomed in by a very handsome man. He introduced himself as Dr. Wren Elbourne. He looked fatigued in the eyes as if he had not rested. The backdrop there were serval beds. Some had severely injured doppelgangers. One of the injured patients pointed to the group members with a weakened determination. He called out ‘monsters, monstersssss.” The group pressured the doctor to answer many questions.

He tells them he is a doctor that treats mental illnesses. The doctor provided is that Ulver allows him to live while he heals his Apostles of Orpiment. Ulver lead a patient revolt against the staff members of the asylum. Those who didn’t want to join ended up dead. Ulver is in the tower and only his blessed can have the honor of going into the basement and tower. Wren tells them he had healed Ulver himself once the tremors happened. Ulver had a large part of the wall collapse on his right leg. He lets the group members know this “treatment center” is his prison. If he was to leave he would be killed. Sleeping here is dangerous. He also informs the group of the funneling of the yellow fog. The fog going upstairs into the tower. He also tells them Lord Lowls has been consulting with Ulver a lot in the past few weeks. Lord Lowls and Dr. Losandro have been consorting as well. His hypotheses on the fog is it’s a bleed over from Ulver’s dreams. A meld of the dream world and the awoken world. He is unsure of Ulver’s end game. He mentions that the gauzed mummy haunts everyone’s nightmares. Ulver calls him “The Tatterman.” The doctor told the group was to watch out for Agga “bag lady” Loomis. She’s very dangerous and strong as a devil. She’s around seventy years old and murdered a dozen people. She wraps a sack over your head and whisks you away without a trace. The last bit of information Wren told the group was an elite group of apostles called “oneirogen” guard the tower.

Bronn highly suggested they leave this bandit weirdo in the care of this doctor. Some of the group members ask the doctor if they could have the yellow robes of his patients. He declined. He did however heal some of their wounds with an epic Jethro Tull flute solo. Off the party collectively came up with a plan. They let Kuse lead the way into the basement while wearing a yellow robe. The other group member’s stealthed behind him. Once Kuse ascended to almost the bottom stair all he saw was red glowing eyes in a dark room. He knew them to be ghouls.

The group quickly decided plan B was best. They ascended back upstairs and headed towards the tower. Backtracking lead them to the same room so they went towards the western-northern doors. One was unlocked while the other was locked. Jacquez managed to unlock the one which was locked. Bronn in a motivated mood wanted to hastily progress to their objective. One doored opened to some undead. Kuse quickly jammed the door. Banging sounds rattled the door. Bronn found himself in an elongated room with three huge cooking pots. All three had a stinky boiling substance in them. Once Bronn rushed past the last cooking pot it tipped over with no assistance. A few barely fleshy body parts spilled forth along with some bare bones. An incorporeal chief appeared. The spirit was silent and he looked to be sobbing. Bronn quickly trying to escape to a door on the south wall of the kitchen. Once he opened he noticed more ghouls. Bronn quickly closed the door. The chief now had an angry demeanor. He attacked Bronn. Kuse and Jacquez was managing jamming doors. Charlie and Waldobert was struggling to unravel how to claim the spirit. Waldobert thought to take a spoon full of eatery out of one of the pots and compliment the chief. Unfortunately, the involuntary vomiting was ill timed and he threw up blood in the pot negating the desired effect. Charlie recited some positive remark. Then trying to rummage a solution from her knowledge. Charlie thought if they gathered the chiefs remains and blessed them it would disrupt the haunt. Waldobert gathered the chief’s remains in a consolidated space. Bronn meanwhile defending off the chief’s attacks. He spiritual clever missing slightly every swing. Charlie cheerfully prayed to Pharasma while he was hovered the remains. Suddenly as the chief appear he disappeared.

The group decided to keep on the fastest track to the tower. The room they entered was small as they swept past the room unexpectedly a lizard frog aquatic creature appeared in the room. A bit of measuring between the creature and the group was conducted. It girggled and only Waldobert understood aklo. The creature said something to the effect “Fools, dead fools.” The party moved on and the creature kept following them. Waldobert knew it was somehow playing with its meal before actually eating it. In the end it seemed to get bored and left. As the group progressed through a long hallway to a more open area Charlie noticed something important. The rest of the group did hear moans and grunts from beyond the walls. The doors and walls seemed bowed in a manner that is not natural. Chipped white paint from the now color barren walls littered the floor. Through the bowed door on the southern part of the wall a shower facility can be seen. Copper pipes with steaming jetting out of them lapsed over the shower area. The steaming pipes escaped everyone’s else’s sanger sense. Charlie analyzed the pipes and knew scolding hot water was about to burst through flooding the floor. The water would fold one of the walls on the east side of the open area. The area was moans and groans were coming from.

At long last the tower doors were in sight. Bronn and Jacquez burst in first. In the middle of the fairly large area lay three dead bodies and three ghouls. The floor still spider-web cracked all over. In the right side of the room which would be the eastern side stairs in bad repair rose upward. A lack of tactfulness of behalf of the group left Waldobert outside the doors. Luckily the Bronn made the proper arrangements to allow him in at the last second that scolding water crashed into the closed door. A funneled yellow vortex rapidly rushing up the stairs. The challenge now was the three ghouls. Waldobert threw a bomb or two, Kruse’s claws cut one down, Jaquez’s deadly sword cane poked one, Bronn chopped his way throw one. However, winning the battle left Kruse with a nasty fever.

The group surveyed how hard the broken stairs would be to navigate which was not very difficult. The group made their way up all except for Waldobert. He fell and once he hit the ground a sack immediately covered his head. Waldobert felt monsters were after him and was failing and screaming. Charlie went down to help her friend. Charlie pulled the sack off and Waldobert returned too normal. The sack was human flesh that was colored white. When Charlie threw it on the floor it moved into a cracked marble square camouflaging itself perfectly. Waldobert finally made it up the stairs to the second level. This room appeared to be medical supplies. Out of nowhere Jaquez yelped in a whinny French ascent and plopped to the floor with a hard thud. As he fell this short old lady came into sight of the group. Bronn ran over with his falchion and chopped her. She pulled back with her whirling fists and let one fly. It struck Bronn. Charlie pulled out her shabby gun and fired. Agga looked over at her and said “your next.” Charlie screamed! Bronn quickly took two chops on his weapon into the old lady. She quickly disengaged down the stairs. Waldobert accidently feel down stairs again. The sack over the head ordeal happened yet again. Kruse went halfway down the stairs and was ready to defend his new found friend. He saw the old lady. Bronn went downstairs to help Waldobert. On his way down Bronn finished what he started and slashed the old lady again. She slumped over in a bloody pool on the stairs. The team helped Waldobert with the sack. Charlie checked on Jaquez and confirmed he was dead.

The group mustarded and went to the third level. The same floor plan as the previous two levels. Here they found Ulver on a podium next to a book that was sucking the yellow vortex into its pages. Ulver had a light mace on his side and a wild look in his eyes. The group attacked Ulver. Ulver failed to deliver any curtail blows. The party members chipped at Ulver. Charlie touched the tome and started to have a nightmare. The Tatterman laughed manically and said “release me.” Bronn was about to strike Ulver down when he saw Ulver put his hand up and yell “STOP!” Charlie finally recovered her mind from the tomes influence. The tome fell to the ground spine up still sucking in the yellow vortex. The group did follow Ulver’s que. He looked as if he was struggling in his mind with another personality. He spoke what words to recite to touch the tome and gave page numbers. He shouted what passages to read. Waldobert was the only one who could read the strange language in the tome. Waldobert followed Ulver’s quick instructions. The book closed violently and the two-way conduit that stretched the dream world to the real world stopped instantly. Ulver spoke with exhaustion “kill me.” Bronn didn’t wait a second and slain Ulver.

Charlie and Waldobert consulted and determined the Tatterman was trying to step into the prime material plane. When Ulver slept his nightmare became everyone’s nightmare. This “Chain of Nights” ritual released the Tatterman from Ulver. With Ulver dead and the minor plane meld destroyed the Tatterman would be forever trapped in the dreamworld. Once Ulver was cut down by Bronn everyone’s dream scars disappeared. All the fog vanished, the haunted feel of this asylum debauched. They concluded If the Tatterman killed a person within certain conditions that person could possibly be turned into a vile creature. Still a hint about a mysterious elder mythos still stirs in the Charlies brain.

The chaos was eventually reined in. Mentally ill patients were rounded up and escorted to a safe place. Not much of the staff was left alive. Survivors have deeper mental wounds than anyone can imagine. Winter approached the group with a memoir and gave it to the heroes of the day. It was a copied exert from some tome. It spoke to how to sacrifice people to the dreamlands, the sacrament was minds and memories. Winter informed them she had made arrangements to accommodate the heroes. A small ferry boat came to the walled island and gave the group passage to the mainland Thrushmoor. Winter also brought the weirdo bandit to the group. He had staples in his head as well. The group is given a three free days’ rest in one of the inns at Thrushmoor. When each member of the group rests for those three days they never dream. Nor do they recover remembrance from their past. When each group member awakes a mysterious faint echoed monotone voice whispers in their heads “The Drowned Dead Don’t Dream.” Any disease or ghoul fevered members are taken of – courtesy of Winter. And CUT SCENCE!

*Remember you still have the 92-page journal from Dr. Losandro about Ulver. I believe Waldobert has it.
One of the party members has the “Chain of Nights” I will need to know who is keeping position of this occult tome.

XP: 1,986

Loot – +1 light mace/ +1 bracers of armor (Who has what?)







In Search of Sanity II

A silent brief moment allowed itself to enter the asylum. The party members gathered their thoughts and collectively decided to check all the doors. The welcoming hall had several new doors the adventures didn’t notice before or rather were not there before. A few members thought they saw the pictures on the wall move. Charlie investigated the matter by cutting one of the paintings that “moved.” Yellow fog slowly poured from it. The room was gradually starting to fill with the low looming buttery fog. Waldobert kept busy trying to get the journal papers together. Time seemed to be of the essence so the team found a dark narrow hallway and went to investigate. Bronn lead the way and around twenty feet or so saw a small framed female balled up sobbing. She took notice of Bronn and Jacquez approaching her. She screamed at them “don’t hurt me.” She also shouted “Don’t come near me you’re one of those monsters!” As Bronn got in front of her the sobbing state ended and a small grin came across her maniacal face. She transformed into a grayish bland humanoid and lashed out at Bronn. Once she realized she was outmatched she ran away. The group agreed to go in the direction away from the doppleganger.

The party members adventured into one room that was plush with fine furniture and books and nick knacks. There were three lavish cages with a dead bird in each. Each taxidermied bird stood upright and dead still on the cages small crossbar. The cages were placed in the center of a semi circled pain glass window that was smeared in an unidentifiable black risen. This risen obscured the window. Charlie wiped some of the blackness away and saw a tremendous thunderstorm intermixed with thick yellow fog outside. At the very same time Charlie wiped a small part of the blackness from the window all three birds started to chirp sweetly in unison. The chirping swiftly ramped up to be deadly shrills. The party beat feet to escape the room and any ill effects. Charlie sensed an invasion of her mind but her will won the struggle. Jacquez and Charlie cooperatively realized that this entire placed was haunted. Each room also had its own haunt.

All party members were on the verge of fatigue and needed rest. Their plan was to find somewhere relatively safe to do just that. The team hunkered down in a small room that lead to the southern courtyard. Waldobert opened the courtyard door to the room. It was storming and raining blood. He stood outside until he was somewhat content with a mid-sized meal. He heard a dragging noise and lazy footsteps and quickly shut the door. A clawing noise mixed with small thuds were audible from the door. Charlie took the first watch. She noticed her acquaintances grimacing, shaking, and sweating while they attempted to sleep. Each party member that tried to sleep shared the same nightmare. In a first person vantage point each saw their party members back at the gray bricked alleyway. The events played out just as they did in the original night terror with one exception. When the yellow fog cleared to reveal the gauzed monster, instead it was themselves as the monster! In short order everyone woke up unrested and very unsettled state.

They finally settled on a plan of action that lead them through the hallway with blinking lantern lights. The team came to what seemed to be red curtain. At a closer look a jaundiced yellowed veiny fungus stained the curtain. It quickly grew into a yellow eye with teeth as its pupil. A few party members endeavored to parlay with the curtain. The curtain responded “Who am I?” in a sobbing eerie tone. The next recourse was to intimidate the curtain. Once again it only responded with “Who am I?” Its toothy pupil protruded forth and bite Charlie. Impatience settled into the group and started attack the curtain. The party dispatched their foe in quick order. The party exhausted marched on. The came to an improvised blockade made of broken desks, chairs, broken masonry and miscellaneous material covered in blood. As they approached a sharp but trembling voice yelled “Holt!” Waldobert, Jacquez, and Bronn noticed shiny crossbolt tips from holes in the barricade. The people guarding the barricade asked the party if they were monsters, monsters that changed shape and attacked people. An accidental discharge of a crossbow bolt went flying by the party. They yelled for a Captain York. Captain York told the group they could not proceed into this area. Charlie and Jacquez convinced Captain York the group was not monsters. York wanted the group to bring dead bodies of monsters to prove beyond a doubt they were not substance of nightmares. The group retrieved two of the undead creatures and dragged them back to the blockade. Captain York allowed them passage into their refuge area. Immediately Waldobert felt an uneasy. Once the party members crossed into the chapel area the haunting aura dissipated. The party member tied to ask questions right off. Captain York noticed their fatigued state and told them to rest first. He called over Winter Klazcka the refugee’s liaison and leader. She introduced herself and showed the group here they could rest. She wore a necklace of a swirling comet. She told them a guard would have to watch over them until they woke.

The group woke after a peaceful rest. Waldobert was the exception. Surveying their surroundings, they noticed a tired guard with a crossbow still pointed at them. Winter greeting them and had basic rations for them. Winter looked at Waldobert and asked her companions if this one could be trusted. Charlie of course vouched for Waldobert right away. Winter then waved the guard off. It was obvious this was a place of prayer. A large prominent statue of Pharasma stood at the rooms summit with smaller statues beside the larger. Religions represented here were Pharasma, Abadar, Desna, Erastil, Gozreh, Iomedae, Ironi, Sarenrae, Shelyn, Zon-Kuthon and Asmodeus. The two minute statues are that of A Asmodeus and Zon-Kuthon. The large room also had numerous refugees that were sick and ill in more ways then one. Some makeshift privacy room was made to accommodate the party. Finally, the splurge of questions came forth the party members.

Winter informed them a massive tremor shook the very walls and floors of this place. Then followed by a revolt by the patients of the Asylum. Some died but other were transformed by a yellow fog. She mentioned that the yellow fog surrounded the entire Island that the Asylum is on. The courtyards had taken erratic weather patterns. She told them they are in Versex County in Ustalav. Briarstone Asylum’s head doctor is Eliege Losandro. Lord Hasterton Lowls IV is one of the major lords of the realm. He’s been rumored to have visited a certain lifelong patient here in the asylum, Ulver Zandalus. Ulver had suffered from constant night terrors. He was Dr. Losandro’s biggest case study. They learned that Lord Lowls was an impetuous pseudo-academic without the disposition for true scholarship. He has been embarrassed in the in the academic community. It was said he bought rare and strange cult like books to make up for his lack of knowledge. One book in particular called “The Chain of Nights” was the rarest and most expensive. Winter let it be known her objective is to escape with her refuges. The problem is they sent out scout parties to find a safe way out but alas none ever made it back. Winter informed them she wants them to go and scout and they would be given some provisions to do so.

Charlie did recall a certain story about Thrushmoor, a small Ustalavic village on the cost of Avalon Bay. The residents had vanished without a trace 700 years ago. Putting the puzzle pieces together that village was at the same location as Briarstone Asylum. It was said this place was haunted and the Ustalavic people held this place in ill contempt. Lord Lowls I in 4596 AR thought the notion of this place being tainted by spirits or anything of the such was not logical. So he aspired to turn this place into a capital of scientific studies. The group was rushed after the history lesson to scout a way out of here.

Charlie also amazingly found bullets to her shabby pistol. Bronn asked for more bolts and a crossbow. The party was best supplied as the refugee camp could equip them. Jacquez had a bit of trouble due to his size. Waldobert remembered he was incapable of managing a weapon! The group members were given a map of the Asylum and two cure light potions. The group members deciphered the best route to the tower. This is where Ulver was last seen. Off they went back into the spooky asylum. Everything went well until they entered the library. Books and ripped pages all around this enormous library. The party took notice of these humanoid rat creatures. Jacquez tried to reason with them but to no effect. Charlie dug into her library of knowledge and knew these creatures well. Bronn intimidated them and wanted to quickly pass through this place. Finally, one ran out and tried to bite Charlie. Waldobert burnt one severely and it died by his superb bomb throwing skills. The end result, the two remaining ratlings withdrew. The party marched on.

The exit doors from the library lead to a ten-foot-wide hallways in which two doors on each side were assessable. They saw on one of the doors the nameplate in polished marble had the name of Dr. Losandro on one of the doors. The party felt it was best to move on. The short hallway ended in an elegant wide door. Once the party members entered the door the door sealed shut. This was a huge room with couches, bookshelves, journals, and tables. The room had a large fireplace. At the foot of the fireplace lay a still petite female body in doctor’s robes. Blood pools stained the floor all around the body as it was arranged facedown. There was a stairway that lead to an upstairs room. Bronn, Charlie and Waldobert stayed on the first level. Jacquez went to the top floor to discover just a lavished bedroom. Jacquez searched the room only to find mundane items found in one’s bedroom. Meanwhile Charlie went up to the body in front of the fireplace and poked it, it didn’t respond. Waldobert searched around and found a journal just a few days old in the last entry. The group reconsolidated and Waldobert read the journal entry to the group. In summary Lord Lowls indeed had a tome named “The Chain of Nights” but Dr. Losandro shared her thoughts of too the logic behind this books ritual. It was a marvel after all. She also logged that Lord Lowls had made a deal with her. He would lend her the book for a limited time in exchange I accept a handful of new patients that worked for him. He also suggested I keep no record of this in my logbooks. The book exposed process in which to expel chronic nightmares from a person. Tomorrow the experiment begins.

The group then exited the room to a hall. The banner above on gray brick was labeled “Records Hall.” The shelves were devoid of books and or papers except for a very few. Charlie approached one and was about to touch it. The other party members convinced Charlie not to touch anything. The next section was a large room with the center focus of an old lady in a wooden wheelchair. She had a gaping hole in her chest. It appeared she was breathing as normal. Then suddenly blood started to flood the room and hallway very quickly. The closest egress was a locked wooden door. Bronn grunted and kicked a quarter of it out on the bottom left side. All members squeezed through. The group found themselves in a dark small dark room. Charlie couldn’t see of course. People who could see spotted a fox-skulled little skeleton body in the corner. He was holding a small doll and with one hand twisting the dolls head. A sobbing voice said “Brenton, turn on the lights, turn on the lights Brenton.” The disturbing creature had kid drawings all over its skeletal frame. The creature turned and attacked the party. In the melee fray Bronn moved to the end of the room to check the door. It was somehow sealed. The door stuffed doll heads all in the cracks of the door. Bronn was bitten by the creature and he felt a heavy wave of sleepiness overcome him. Charlie was clawed and she could not talk. The creature now talked with her voice. All party members took their turns attacking the creature. Waldobert threw bombs on it. Charlie to stabbed it, Jacquez stabbed it as well, and Bronn attacked it. Through a group effort the creature was destroyed. The doll heads in the door became rotten flesh and poured out of the door splattering on the floor.

The group opened the door to view a horrific scene. At one time this gigantic room seemed to be a dinning or assembly hall. Now eerie yellow burning braziers burn in the dark over casted roof. Tents made of flesh and scrapped material litter the room. In the distance on the east side stairs are visible. Around the stairs a dozen bodies hand crucified bodies on the wall. Dried crimson streaks fill the wall below the bodies. Tendrils of yellow mist creep about. And cut scene!

XP: 1221

In Search of Sanity I

Four unaffiliated characters found themselves in a dull gray cobblestoned alleyway. None of them recalling how, when, where and why they are here! No memory of the past only the present! Surrounding the narrow ally was a sickly think yellow jaundice colored fog. The alley’s canyon was starting to quickly collapse with gray brick from the sidewalls. The party could only see roughly twenty feet in front of them. With little ambient yellow colored light peering through the combination of fog and light gave a hazy effect. It was hard to judge distance exactly. Up ahead they saw the ally split to the right and to the left. The yellow fog seemed to be following them. A horrible grumbling sound masked by the fog behind the party was followed by auditable footsteps. Sharlize aka Charlie made an optimistic statement regardless of their plight. Bronn, Jacquez, Waldobert, and Charlie swiftly consulted and chose the to go right on the narrow pathway. This lead the group to a dead end. Bronn readied a weapon while speaking to his companions. The yellow fog opened, a mask of gray rags emerges! Strips of something fleshier than fabric worming and constricting across a body that appears humanlike stood before them. The lean bloody gauzy figure had a circular mouth filled with yellow teeth. The horrifying creature shook its head from side to side in an uncanny way then lunged to assault Bronn. The creature’s teeth unhinged from a curved inner angle to a protruding outer formation. The next instant its mowing mouth covered half of Bronn’s face. It ripped off half of Bronn’s face, his blood splattered against the gray brick wall. The other party members witnessed his blood turned yellow once it hit the wall. As the blood rolled down the wall it spelled “up.” Charlie saw fit to make yet another uplifting positive statement. Bronn still standing but barely went into the corner and collapsed. His mouth lulled open and a rough yell came out of his mouth “up.” The party members attempted to climb the walls seemly the only egress. Charlie managed to get about seven up on the wall when suddenly she felt a presence at her back. The creature was standing on a small cloud of yellow fog. He extended his arms with malice. Long claws came out of his bandaged fingers. He planted his claws in the back of Charlie, ripping her back completed apart. As she fell she saw her blood populate the gray brick wall. The blood once again turned yellow. The blood trickled down and spelled “me.” It was not long until the creature turned his attention to Waldobert. Waldobert was desperately struggling to climb the wall but failed. When Waldobert turned to face the creature it was already ready to attack. The creature’s claws impaled Waldobert’s neck and head, the creature’s claws bulging from the top of Waldobert’s head. The act expelling Waldobert’s brain matter and blood, once again blood sprayed on the wall! It turned yellow and spelled “save.” Last but no least was Jacquez. The ratfolk was climbing the wall when his skin of his back was cut of by sharp claws. Muscle tissue exposed and blood smeared the wall and leaving the symbol “wake.” Waldobert figured out the message and thought the phrase “Wake up, save me!” The nightmare ended immediately.

The group awakened in small cells to the background of a cynical humming lullaby followed by an unsettling yell “wake up, save me!” White spots filled their vision accompanied by server head pain. At first glance they found themselves naked in two different cells parallel to each other. Waldobert and Jacquez were in once small cell, Charlie and Bronn in the other. They quickly noticed their respective peers small shaved areas on their head. Dull gray staples in a rough s shape pattern had sewed together flesh on their skulls. Green goo/liquid mixed with coagulated blood covered the staples. They had been lobotomized, there was obvious side-effects! Charlie was horribly cross-eyed, with her right side of her face saggy and the left very tight. (I still cannot get over how hard Alana laughed at Bill’s character’s disfigurement!) Bronn’s left eye had an eerie blood clot film under this eye. Puss and brain fluid constantly leak from this eye. His left side face skin is also saggy. Jacquez’s hands severely shake involuntarily and often his arms erupt into spasms. Waldobert’s cartilage extremities were blackened (noise, feet, fingers, around his ears) almost as if frostbitten! Waldobert discovered he suffered from compulsorily vomiting. In addition, there is slight scaring where the masked gauzy creature attacked each party member in relation to how the creature killed him. The group members also noticed chalk lines on their bodies. After coming to terms with these new afflictions somewhat the group saw a petite beautiful woman in a bloody lab coat. She was standing and hovered a bloody man tied to a table. At her side was a table with many different strange bloodied tools laying on it. Blood in various stages was everywhere on the floor! He had white chalk outlines on his body just as the party members had. She had a scalpel in her right hand meanwhile her left hand was pressing slightly on various parts of this man’s body. She was humming a children’s lullaby as she evaluated her next cut. Her experiment was constantly screaming “wake up, save me.” The party noticed she had a set of keys on her side. A few of the party members tried to apply a silver tongue to the lady. At first the woman ignored all passes from the group.

Finally, a sharp comment was made at her by one of the members. She then without looking up stopped humming her arrangement! She then in a sudden motion launched herself at Bronn’s and Charlie’s cell. Her face changed into that of Bronn’s to every detail! She shouted “Shut up, you will be next be patient!” Maintaining Bronn’s face on her person she swiftly turned back to her experiment wiggling on the table. Charlie making another trademarked enriching statement for the group. Waldobert vomited a bit in his mouth after hearing Charlie’s statement. Group members noticed the man on the table got his left foot loose. as the lady approached the table he kicked her with all his mustered might. She landed hard against the cell doors of Bronn and Charlie. Charlie quickly covered one eye and reached for the keys on the lady’s side without notice to the owner. The woman yelled in utter rage. She ran back to her experiment on the table. She grabbed a ballpein hammer. She hastily used her new instrument on the mans head. His head exploded brain matter and blood spraying everywhere! One of the mans eyes rolled next to Jacquez and Waldobert’s cell. Charlie found the right key to unlock the cell. Bronn escaped the cell and scouted for an escape route. Charlie sled the keys to her comrades in the other cell. Jacquez quickly unlocked his cell. Meanwhile it appeared the lady was completely oblivious to her escapees. She was pounding her victim into nonexistence. Charlie did recall this creature was a doppleganger but didn’t know anything else. The party with the exception of Jacquez went to a reinforced door. The door was locked! Jacquez went to the opposite side of this cellar room. He found a furnace. Just before the burner vent he searched and found of the party member’s equipment among a pile of tattered bloody cloths. He also noticed a symbol while shuffling through this pile as well. He didn’t have time to grab everything especially with shaky hands. Every now and again he would feel sheets of skin mixed in with the cloths. He finally grabbed Bronn’s shield and placed items on it and started to drag it. The remainder of the party realized Jacquez had the keys and Bronn ran after him. Due to Jacquez’s shaking hands the shield was rattling on the floor as he was slowly dragging it. Still the lady hammering the man on the table to nothing, sending flesh and shattered bone on some party members and the room. Bronn grabbed the shield from Jacquez. Bronn realizing how slow his naked ratfolk friend was turned his back and yelled “hop on!” Bronn felt something warm and fuzzy against his naked back! A little stiffness was apparent also (Sorry Eric had to rub that in). The party noticed only a kneecap was left of the man from the table and hurried their attempt to open the door. Just before the party successfully got the door opened the lady turned her attention towards them and said “Where are you going’ in a simple clam demeanor. Jacquez rigged the lock making it harder to get through. Charlie couldn’t see due to the rooms darkness. The group retrieved their items from the shield. Clothes, and a few items for each member and equipped themselves. Waldobert had to help Charlie get her clothes on. Then a sudden thud at the door alerted the party. The lady was pounding on the door.

Jacquez noticed a pile of bodies all cut to shreds against the wall. Meanwhile Charlie was asking what was going on. Bronn and Jacquez spotted an empty space just behind the bodies. The only other sensible route seemed to be the downstairs option. The party chose to go down stairs to a sub-level of the cellar. It was here they found straightjackets, a broken desk, desk chair, and papers all spread all over this room. There was 92 pages and Waldobert picked up all the pages. Some where covered in blood, some tore at the corners. Some half ripped at the center. Waldobert thumbed through them tiring to put them in order while Bronn and Jacquez searched the room. Charlie still could not see so she was asking what is going on. Waldobert got a few pages in order and scanned them briefly. The journal read about mentally ill patients and logging scientist progress in this asylum. The group ascended back up to the room with the dead bodies. Bronn moved the bodies in order to get a better look at this space. There was also a symbol above this shoot. It was a very artful letter A with the holy symbol of Pharasma behind it. It appeared to be a laundry shoot. The party members landed up in a bit hamper bin with sharp bones and tattered clothes. The vent flap was found in the hamper bin as well. Waldobert learned after studying the tattered clothing she identified they were doctor’s lab coats and orderly’s uniforms. This symbol matched what Jacquez had found on the tattered at the furnace.

A fifteen-foot wall encased the group members. There was a lighter reinforced door to the back side of the wall. The party members opened it with the set of keys. They were small linen hamper baskets with a washing sink. A type of conveyer system lead back up at the same angle and location as the shoot. Bronn spotted a blue glow from under one of the laundry hampers. Two oddly light blue eye colored rats attacked the group. Jacquez was bitten by one after attempting to plea with his distant ken. The party dispatched them without adsorbing much damage and the aid of Bronn’s scizore. The team searched the room. Bloody water and bobbing heads where in the sink. It appeared the sink was moveable and under it was a fire escape egress vent. A bloody handprint on its shutters. Bronn kicked out the vent and all members got through the vent. The group found themselves in an eerie courtyard. Yellow fog surrounded the huge facility they were in. In the distance they could see how large this place is. Some of the fog was on the ground by was not as think as the one above and outside the facility. Misshaped dead trees baron of life littered the courtyard. The group spotted the surface of a humongous spider thorax and legs way in the vast distance well beyond in the mist. The group heard wings flapping not too far from them. Bronn spotted some tracks and knew it was some sort of clawed chicken creatures. There we three of them, he was sure of it. Limited vision to twenty feet kept the party cautious. Bronn suggested they move away from the direction these chicken-winged things went. They followed the courtyard wall south. The party came to a point in the wall where it was collapsed. They had to take time to move the debris aside in order to advance to that room and escape the courtyard.

The next room was nothing but a janitorial supply room. Broom handles mops, water buckets, and wash cloths lay all over the room. A door was the only thing of interest. Although Bronn made an impromptu torch for Charlie out of two mops sticks and mop heads. The group got through this door and it lead to a huge cathedral with elegant white titled floor. The white title was spider webbed cracked in every direction in this well lite room. Charlie tried to take a light fixture off the wall but once ripped of the wall it didn’t have light. Numerous painted portraits of doctors adorned the walls. A huge desk towards the entrance chained/barricaded double doors was the only furniture in the room. The group made their way to the desk and inspected it. They found registration forms and welcome letters. A huge banner lay across the front door. “Welcome to Briarstone.” Charlie noticed a fleshy ooze starting to squeeze through the tiniest of cracks from the front double doors. Once She saw it she knew exactly what it was-bad news! Panic started to settle into the party. Bronn found another single door that was also barricaded on the wing of this room. He tried to open it but managed to not notice the massive chains on the doors. Bronn rattled the door then heard low mumbles and clawing at the door. The group decided to open the wing side door and get away from the flesh ooze that was continuing to come in through the cracks of the double doors. Jacquez was tasked with getting the wing side door open. Bronn readied for what was to come through. Waldobert readied his bombs. Finally unleashing the chains two undead orderlies in uniform stumble out of the door. Bronn stabbed one in the head right from the start. Waldobert threw his bomb and consumed it in fire, this one crumbled to the floor! The remaining undead grappled Charlie. Suddenly this gray wormy tentacle swarmed from its host stomach and tiring to enter Charlie. Jacquez did his part by throwing a stab of this sword-cane. Charlie broke free from the undeads grip. As she ripped away the creature’s claws did damage to her. Only to be grabbed once more. Bronn finished the job with an attack and slain the undead creature. Bronn had a flashing memory enter his head once he saw the banner. He saw himself shacking hands with a small female figure. The image was waist down vantage point in first person. Her arm left her waist where Bronn noticed was a white lab coat. Her hand embraced his and she said “welcome glad you came here to help us.” The tentacles still reached out from the undead corpse. Once Bronn shook the himself free of this flashback he stomped on the tentacles! Waldobert took notice of the flesh ooze now completely in the room. The group looked down the hall where the undead came from and saw flickering lighting but could not see a complete clear picture of where to go. Waldobert cleverly stayed out of the slow moving ooze’s reach and bombarded it with fire bombs until it completely disassembled.


Angels of the Magi
(Charlie's Angels)

“Based on your demonstrated skill and talent, you have been invited to become an Angel, an initiate of the Circle of the Magi. Your first mission will be given to you in Absalom, at the following location, ### Avenue, Eastgate on the #th day of <month>, at sundown. This message will self-destruct.”

And so the summons went to a handful of carefully selected Magi, all of whom decided to accept the invite. This select group was composed of:

TURRIS (code name: “Higgins”) the male Elven Spire Defender Magus. (Eric)

FARRAHS FRESCA (code name: “The Sunblade”) the male Elven Mindblade Magus who likes to feel people up. (Bill)

ARCHIMONDE “Archie” DUFF (code name: “The Puppetmaster”) the male Tiefling Puppetmaster Magus and his puppet, Gregory. Short and pale – can’t put your finger on why, but you just don’t like looking at him. Looks human, beside a prehensile tail, to which he has tied a puppet made out of an old sack and some twine.(Alana)

??? (code name: “Nevaeh”) the female Aasimer Skirnir Magus. (Glen)

DESTINY (code name: “Suli”) the female Suli Spellblade Magus. (Lyndon)

DAMIEN (code name: “Black”) the male Tiefling Bladebound Magus. (Ray)

When the characters arrive to the sparcely furnished home in the East Gate district, they are greeted by a gentleman that introduces himself as “Q.” Q welcomes the team, pulls out a large gem that he places on the table, and introduces the person who has summoned everyone here, code named “Charlie.” The voice from the Gem sounds male, but it could easily be a woman or some non-humanoid entity who is using magic to disguise their voice. Charlie begins his address with “Good Morning Angels” to which the group responds in unison “Good Morning Charlie.” He then goes on to give some background on the Angels of the Magi, a group that has appeared throughout history off and on, and in it’s current incarnation is a newly formed rogue shadow agency that was tacitly approved by one or several high level Guild members that want new blood, an escape from the Guild’s tarnished reputation, and is basically a beta version special ops team. The adventurers were told that should anything happen to them, the Guild is not involved and will deny any involvement. These adventurers did not get a guild badge, and will operate with anonymity and discretion, assuming new identities as needed.

Charlie also explains that the first mission is merely a test, for which he is not personally invested, but agreed to in order to win the services of a healer, a deaf female Oracle code named “Apollo” (which Damien recognizes as Dawn from the Guild). Archie seemed upset that his healing abilities were being upstaged by a professional healer. Q then stepped in to interpret a signed language that he and Apollo had developed. Apollo has had some prophetic visions surrounding the kidnapping of a disgraced guild lieutenant, Courage (aka “The Baby Killer”). According to Apollo’s dreams, he is being held under duress in the Precipice District. Her dreams have allowed her the knowledge to guide the team to the location where he is being held, but she is not clear who has captured him. What has been revealed is that Courage, who has always been known for being a bit paranoid, is being haunted by malevolent spirits (Shadows?), who together with his captor, are seeking to turn him evil. She emphasizes that her dreams indicate that he must be saved, else his own mixed feelings about slaying a child combined with torture and the psychological duress of the taunting spirits will cause him to become an Oracle in his own right, an evil Oracle of Bones who will bring much pain, destruction, and havoc to the world!

Charlie thanks Apollo for her presentation and tells the new initiates that if they accept this mission, they will receive powerful runes specially chosen for each of their strengths. He also tells them that they will be allowed to stay in this house for the night, sparcely furnished as it is being sold and only rented to them temporarily through a new start-up business in Absalom called Starstone BnB. Charlie reminds them that Dawn’s abilities should be reserved primarily for healing, and wishes them well and signs off. The Puppet Master and Higgins were unimpressed with the lack of indoor toiletry systems.

Q mentions that since the team is supposed to be the best of the best, that they should huddle and coordinate an adventure strategy. In the course of their adventures, they learn a few signs to use with Apollo that translate to “Channel (Heal),” “Channel (Blast Undead),” “Look <direction>,” “Stay back,” and “Trap <direction>.” They also determine that should Dawn find herself in a predicament where she can’t see, she should scream or ring a bell (“Shame… Shame….”). Lastly, everybody learned a short sign for their code name and the code names of their team members.

A few team members stepped out for supplies, and some shared their knowledge of spells, learning some new ones in process, before heading to bed.

The team was awoken by a scream from Apollo’s room. With Q interpreting, Apollo indicates that Courage is being held by an evil Orc. And so the adventurers begin their day. With the flashing of some fancy papers (and Higgin’s generous prestidigitation), the team passes by the gate guards, as security along the Precipice border has been amped up due to recent guild missions that were, ahem, less than successful.

Apollo was able to quickly lead the team, after only a few blocks, to the basement where Courage was being held. Unfortunately, lurking about was a ghoul (identified by the puppet Gregory), gnawing the flesh of cadaver in a half-fallen down shack. The ghoul came at the team but Black made short work of him. Once the ghoul was taken care of, the team realized that the cadaver was a zombie! Again, the talented Angel’s made short work of the enemy.

After checking for traps, the team opens the basement doors. The Sunblade is the first to go down, identifying a Sentry Skull, but getting sealed in by a sliding trap door in the process. While in there, the Sunblade miraculously survives three shadows attacking with only a minor dent in charisma, using the Vanish spell to aid him. Meanwhile, outdoors a 200+lb (with gear) Black falls through the rotted stairs, trapping himself and Higgins into a small space. They realize they are dealing with shadows and Dawn casts Hide from Undead to protect them. Higgins gets the door open, and one of the team members (Neveah) gets the door propped open. The team entered to take on Charisma and Con draining shadows, using Disrupt Undead and Burning Hands, with Higgins and the Sunblade dancing among the most fearsome foes and hacking them to pieces with their beautiful elven curve blades charged with elemental energy, Suli using her force athame, and Black with his intelligent Blackblade.

Upon entry to the main room, the heroes found a large dark room (luckily most all team members had dark vision), with a large circle of silver powder, and large orc warpriest that Puppetmaster identified as a follower of Zon-Kuthon wielding a spiked chain in the center of the room. Although Puppetmaster’s Charm spell was fail, he made a valient effort, and Nevaeh’s Reduce Person turned the tide of the battle right at the beginning. The evil warpriest used several negative energy channels, but the team bested him with little effort, with the Sunblade dealing the final blow, burning blood spurting all over Higgins! Apollo was on hand to heal. Meanwhile, some of the team members had spotted Courage in a chair at the back of the room, arms held down by metal cuffs, and his bloody hands straining to hold an anvil over an infant tiefling. Black propped the anvil against his back, and grabbed the baby, Courage was able to release the rope and the anvil fell off of Black’s back to the floor, injuring no one. Black even freed Courage, the Half-Orc Guild Fighter who had tried to kill him as an infant!

Getting out, with broken stairs, proved to be challenging, more so because five zombies had converged upon the hole where the stairs were. However, the team capitalized on the Zombie’s lack of brain power, allowing them to fall into the hole, falling onto each other, and picking them off one at a time with Disrupt Undead, Burning Hands, and weapons. After which, the team clambered out with Courage and the baby Tiefling. Courage explained that the Warpriest was from an Orc tribe that he ran with years ago and that the guy never liked Courage.

Upon returning to the Starstone BnB in Eastgate, the team received the following runes, which also tie them to a lifetime as Magi (no more multi-classing!).

Higgins – Rune of Contingency
Sunblade – Rune of the Inscrutable One
Puppetmaster – Rune of the Mistress
Neveah – Rune of Resistance
Suli – Rune of the Lord’s Palanquin
Black – Rune of Razing

The team members may also learn Common Sign Language when they level up next, and are now embedded as undercover agents in the Guild, and will take on Guild missions as necessary to stay undercover.

XP 1,215 per player

River into darkness
A little jaunt through the Mwangi

It began with an easy enough mission. Chad rounded up the first trio of guildies he spotted – Fursifer, Sophie, and Traveler. They were given their instructions, meet with a young merchant named Raeken and do as he asked. They decided to grab an extra set of hands and maybe a little muscle to support their rogue, bard, witch ensemble, but all they could find was Dirrasha, so they recruited the catfolk monk and headed on their way. The merchant asked them to guard a chest being shipped by sea to a distant port town known as The Bloodcove. There, they would deliver the sealed papers to the dockmaster and head back via their prearranged transport on the ship called the Sea Serpent. It was an easy 100gp job. They chose to ignore the uncertainty and seeming lack of knowledge possessed by their young employer. They were even asked by the guild to check around and see if anyone knew anything about their missing guild party that visited the Mwangi a while back.

The journey was smooth with only a small pirate showing easily being turned away by the heavy cargo ship’s defenses. Fursifer got a little sea sick, Dirrasha was bored and wondering why she ever agreed to go out at sea when she hated water, and Traveler chipped in to learn a bit about sailing, but Sophie was the most active. The prostitute turned bard practiced her old trade extensively with the crew, earning 30sp over the 12 day voyage at 1sp a go! Upon arrival in Bloodcove they easily found the dockmaster and delivered their chest (full of maps – Raeken turned out to be Mahd’s nephew dealing with his first business transaction). They collected a receipt and prepared to head home to Absalom. There was a hiccup though. The Sea Serpent never made it to port. It was attacked and sunk by pirates. With no way home the party decided to scope out the locals and look for a new transport ship. No one had heard of those missing guildies that vanished on their mission to this part of the world. They visited the Pirate’s Hook tavern and were distracted by loud screeching outside followed by screams. They ran out on the docks to see an enraged Dragonnel attacking. It had several townsfolk, including a woman and her three children, trapped at the end of the dock. The guildies quickly rushed to help. Traveler tried to put it to sleep with little effect while Fursifer and Dirrasha readied ranged weapons. Sophie’s quick thinking saved the day with an illusion of a similar creature swooping in and hoving overhead. The Dragonnel flew off after it and was brought down by the town militia in hails of arrows and ship ballista bolts. Two of the rescued individuals belonged to the Aspis Consortium. Their associates soon found the adventurers and made them an offer. Come by boat inland to their base known as Night Fall to help guard against local elven cannibals just a couple weeks until their mercenary reinforcements could arrive to replace lost soldiers and they would not only pay each person 20gp a day but also book them free passage on the next cargo ship headed back to Absalom. They accepted and began their trek up river by strange paddleboat. The River Queen, captained by human Kelim Esteban and manned by his crew of first mate Faruq the half orc, Hurg the dwarf engineer, and his three human lackeys set out later the next day.

The heat of the Mwangi jungle was intense, plus the constant swarms of insects and the bouncing of the river left Sophie feeling ill for several days with Traveler and the others occasionally joining her. That didn’t keep her from earning another 2sp from the captain though (she raised her prices after a talk with Fursifer). They spotted crocodiles in the water, listened to Sophie’s tales of pygmy ketches in the trees and the cannibal elves of the jungle, plus a number of other colorful additions added by both Traveler and Fursifer. Fursifer even chatted up the dwarf engineer after catching a hint of uncertainty in the captain’s tone about their first stop over, the Aspis station known as Whitebridge. They had discussed the Consortium and pieced together that they were known for trading with the world and selling such valuables as ivory, gems and even gold uncovered in the wild jungles. Hurg confided by accident that the Archophage (an entity identified by Traveler and confirmed by Sophie to be a strange magical plant parasite) was what fueled the ship but it was about dead and out of power. They could collect a new one in Whitebridge before heading deeper in the jungle to Night Fall. A wrecked ship named Lady Fortune the day before showed that not all of these paddle boats survived the hostile environment. Everyone took regular watches and helped aboard the ship as they made their slow journey upstream. Just before reaching Whitebride, Fursifer and Dirrasha spotted something floating in the water. It was an abandoned punt from Whitebridge. It was hastily packed with supplies and a lone backpack stained with blood and housing two thistle arrows (the kind used by the cannibal elves of the Ekujae tribe). Captain Esteban called them to anchor and wait for morning to head to the station. The night passed tensely but uneventfully and they arrived at Whitebridge. Everything looked fine except there were no people in sight. The station should have been bustling with activity. Fursifer and Dirrasha sneaked ahead to get a peek. They spotted bare footprints and no sign of anyone so they returned with their news. While the captain and the rest of the crew remained on the ship, Faruq the first mate and the party made their way to locate the extra Archophage they needed to power the ship. Ekujae elves ambushed them with arrows sticking into both Traveler and Sophie. They tried to parlay but the elves retreated after firing their arrows. Traveler and her friends had discussed the possibility that maybe the Aspis Consortium had done something to disturb the elves and incur their wrath. They moved on and found another pair of elves atop the buildings and took a couple more arrows before they too retreated. Not wanting to risk a swarm of cannibals, they raced for the storage building housing the archophage. They listened and checked for traps before opening the double doors and heard distinct heavy breathing, which /traveler confirmed was definitely something big and not human. Fursifer silently unbarred the doors, they stood back with weapons trained and let Sophie use her magic to throw the doors open. A large white-furred gorilla creature with 4 arms howled and charged. The bard screamed about it being an aggressive girallon just as arrows and sling bullets sped at it. The beast ran forward and slapped Sophie with a powerful blow then everyone set into the creature with blade, bow or bullet. Traveler tried to put it to sleep but it resisted just barely and slapped Fursifer then grabbed Faruq and bit then wrended him nearly tearing the half orc in half. Sophie distracted it with a ghost sound of a similar howl hoping to fool it into thinking another of its territorial kin was present but more injuries focused its ire on the party. they tore into it as it tore into them. A final well-placed sling stone to the forehead from Traveler toppled the beast. They hurriedly found the dead plant creature housing the precious Archophage (a glowing blue tumor-like growth). Traveler had the healer training so she attempted to cut the growth free but nicked it once and nearly killed the power source. Good thing she also had her healing hex to repair the damage and heal her party members. They raced back to The River Queen and let Hurg replace the dying Archophage. On they went to Dark Fall to report the loss of Whitebridge and deliver their assistance at the besieged station.

On their journey the jungle had grown over the river creating a dark tunnel of foliage. While it protected them somewhat from the heat it left them feeling more vulnerable than ever as elves and other things were spotted crawling through the trees overhead. They nervously ignored the sound of something huge tearing through the jungle to the side of the river and pretended the loud roar did not rattle their bones. They crossed through a hanging netting of vines that swept down to touch the water and Fursifer shouted to look up as vicious pygmy ketches screeched and leapt down to board the ship. The poor monkey creatures were surprised by the netting covering most of the upper deck and several of them bounced away harmlessly to splash in the deadly waters. One made it to deck and injured Sophie but was chased away quickly when outnumbered.

They finally reached Dark Fall as dusk set in and were happy to see it lit and manned by the Aspis’ soldiers, even if they looked a little stretched to cover the entire base. Commander Mynafee and his secretary Petrune greeted them with a poorly masked look of disappointment. Captain Esteban explained about your sklills and using you as reinforcements until the mercenaries could arrive to bolster the troops but the sight of the Halfling rogue, the teenaged witch with her fox, the slutty bard, and the cheetah woman with no armor did not inspire confidence. Upon arrival, everyone took notice of the elven heads on spikes surrounding the grounds. A couple of people noticed that they seemed to twitch or move every once in a while and Sophie and Traveler began secretly working their magic. Sophie identified residual necromantic magic at work and Traveler further identified it as a lingering animate dead spell of some sort. Strange. They took their places in the half abandoned fortress camp and held their watches but decided to do a little investigating while they were here. Things seemed off. When asked if there was a wizard present, Petrune identified his talents but seemed cautious. The constant anger of the Ekujae tribe with their stead assaults, plus the weird body storage and off limits areas like the guard house left the party wary. They chatted up the gasrrison commoners and learned that Petrune was a creepy man to be avoided and that they should not ask questions about the mines. The party used stealth and invisibility to search. There was a secret door in the body storage but a dozen zombies animated to chase Fursifer and Dirrasha away. Sophie and Dirrasha checked the guard house and found odd implements for digging plus shackles and whips there. Sophie witnessed a soldier brought in dead with a bashed in head late at night. Her eavesdropping heard mention of “the other one responsible being killed too”. The man that spilled too much information turned up dead the next day floating in the river. Supposedly he fell in. Traveler followed them to the commander to see what had happened and he mentioned the man talking too much and asking too many questions like her friends. She quickly hurried away and told the others about the open threat. Petrune was put under surveillance both up close and afar, Sophie earned another 2sp but the man creeped her out! They saw the secretary venture into the jungle at night and return with three shackled and hooded men later identified as elves whose bodies were added to the corpses. Something was definitely wrong here so they formed a plan.

They went into the jungle and spoke to the Ekujae elves (luckily Sophie spoke elven). They revealed all they knew and learned that the humans had been taking their people as slaves and dragging them away. The idea of taking the elves underground and the idea of not burying them immediately after death were directly opposed to their religious beliefs. The party learned of the next raid by the elves and joined forces. they hit Petrune during the attack since the guards and commander went out to fight. The wizard was not prepared for the surprise assault and they brought him down quickly then carried the battle out to kill the commander too. Traveler dropped the last of the fleeing soldiers that intended to steal the paddleboat with a blind activation of a wand she recovered from Petrune’s body. The colorspray leveled all but one which they chased away. They offered the remaining survivors of the station passage on the River Queen, freed the elven slaves in the mines, released the zombies into the jungle and learned of both false ledgers guarding a secret gold mine here and necromantic practices by the dead wizard that was planning to take over the operation with his undead servants. Back they went to Blood Cove where they made a deal with the Consortium officials: you get us home to Absalom and we forget what we saw going on in the jungle under your banner. A deal was made.

Great Job!!

Fursifer, Traveler, Sophie and Dirrasha each earned 3,150 xp

The Hellfire Compact IV
No One Alive Can Always be an Angel, cont.

Palaxia, Maledictus, Light, Palaxia, Inmo, and Corva receive 4,480 experience points.

R.I.P. Cimri & Light.

The Hellfire Compact III
No One Alive Can Always be an Angel

Light, Palaxia, Maledictus, Corva, and Dwork receive 2,280 experience.

R.I.P. Dwork.

The Hellfire Compact II
Hell's Broke Loose in Longacre

Light, Palaxia, Dwork, and Maledictus get 2,050 experience.

A. Small Resistance
A few days after the Caggan “incident,” Light, Palaxia, and Maledictus were summoned at dawn to meet with Razelago at the Ash House. He was in his office as usual, but he was not alone – with him stood Dwork, an orc carrying a large pack laden with cooking pots and utensils.

“After the events of the other night, the archbaron and I thought it wise to bring in some additional assistance for you. We brought Dwork in from Remesiana after we’d heard about Caggan; the suspicious death of a beloved local figure in your custody is not going to go over well with Longacre – perhaps that was even Caggan’s goal in attacking you.”

With Dwork in tow as a newly-inducted deputy, the party returned to the Sheriff’s office, only to discover that someone had thrown an impressive handful of horse dung at the window sometime during the night. However, before they could investigate further, one of the archbaron’s guards approached with news that the Castle Gate had been found standing open that morning. Since the archbaron’s latest decree required that the Castle Gate be closed at all times, the party went to investigate.

The gate was once again open when they arrived, and Maledictus and Dwork work together to reclose it. Exploring the watchtower revealed that the pulley mechanism controlling the gate has been severed, as well as a trapped rope ladder leading to the roof of the tower. The culprit was discovered to be a tiny vaguely feline humanoid covered in shiny black fur. It screamed, “You need to get out of my tower and stop closing my gate! The humans stopped taking care of it, and now I have to! I don’t need their help!” and began hurling flames at the party. The battle commenced (sans Palaxia, who was summoning her phantom, Bob), and eventually Light caught the caught the furry beast in her unholy energy, causing it to drop to the ground.


The party took the creature’s body to the nearby home of Bo and Gramel Dent, the former guardians of the Castle Gate. They were distraught at the sight of the limp furry body. The party learned from the Gramels that Pocky was a house spirit that lived in the gatehouse, which the Gramels occasionally gave warm milk or pancakes to placate it.

On the way back to the Sheriff’s office, Light and Maledictus spotted a flyer for the Glorious Reclamation tacked to a tree and tore it down, and Palaxia ordered Bob to clean up the dung that had dried on the Sheriff’s office window.

The following morning, as the foursome reached the Sheriff’s Office, they found another handful of dung splattered on the window. Bob noted small footprints and drops of dung leading to Kemmaino Market, and the party went to confront the dung-hurling miscreant. They found the Kemmainos’ 12-year-old daughter, Jemmy, doing tricks with a ball out the front of the market. The girl was intimidated into confessing that she had done the deed, pleading “I’ll do anything, just please don’t tell my parents!” Light smiled kindly at her and told her that they would never tell her parents as long as Jemmy came to them with any interesting information she discovered. Jemmy quickly agreed and escaped as soon as she could into the relative safety of her parents’ market.

B. Special Delivery
The foursome was awakened by a knock at the door of the Ash House – it was Mr. Ingoe, uncharacteristically early. “Package for you,” he said. “It’s moving. Thought you should look at it.” He led them north of the town to the Longacre docks on the Whisper River. The crate in question was a 2-foot cube, stuffed with hay. Occasionally it shifted, as if something alive were inside.

Palaxia ordered Bob to look inside the crate, which rocked violently at his approach, and a beak lashed out between the slats to attempt to peck Bob’s face. He described the beast as having the body of a rooster, the wings of a bat, and a long scaly tail, which was identified as a cockatrice. Although the address on the box only read “Sheriff’s Office,” Mr. Ingoe reassured the party that no one would have ever done something like this to Rhona Staelish, the previous Sheriff.

Thinking that “petrification by cockatrice” was an appropriately cool sentence for any traitors in Longacre, they dragged the crate back to the Sheriff’s office and stashed it in one of the two jail cells there. On the way back, they spotted another Glorious Reclamation flyer on a tree and tore it down.


C. The Armory
Light’s clever idea of recruiting Jemmy Kemmaino as an information source came to fruition a few days later, when Jemmy came with news that she’d seen Bo and Dent Gramel sneaking into the Longacre Armory a few minutes ago. Maledictus, Palaxia, and Light had visited the armory before and knew that the building’s doors were locked with a heavy chain and padlock, so the Gramels were likely up to no good.

Bob slipped through a wall in incorporeal form and spotted the Gramels sorting and organizing the armory’s impressive collection of weaponry. Unfortunately, he was also spotted by the Gramels, so when Maledicus, Palaxia, Bob, and Light broke in through the front door, they had the giant ballista on display loaded and aimed at the first person who came through. However, the giant missile whistled harmlessly past Maledictus, and the battle turned against the Gramels, ending with both of them captured.

The party tried to question first Bo, who proved tight-lipped, and then her husband Dent. Despite Bo’s order for Dent to say nothing, he cracked when the party forced Bo’s face down onto their cockatrice crate and told him that if he didn’t talk, his beloved wife would be a statue. Through Bo’s cries of pain as the cockatrice’s bites caused her flesh and bones to stiffen and harden, Dent told what he knew: they had been approached by Rhona Staelish with the key to the armory and a request to gather weapons to arm the townspeople. They were supposed to take the weapons back to their home and hide them there. He did not know what was going to happen with the weaponry after that. However, as punishment for their previous recalcitrance, the cockatrice was allowed to fully petrify Bo, and Dent was thrown in prison.

D. The Archbaron’s Justice
The group wisely decided to tell the Archbaron about the townsfolks’ attempt to arm themselves as soon as possible. He was quietly furious. “Every day more of Longacre’s citizens turn to the rebel cause – not because they’re afraid, but because they haven’t been given enough reason to fear. Make them afraid. Give them an example of what happens when I am displeased.”

He demanded that the group take a known rebel and execute them in front of the whole town. “Leave the body for the crows,” he adds “a continuing reminder of the consequences of insurrection. Show my people the price of treason.”

The group decided to execute the two deputies they’d captured in the square in front of the Church of Iomedae the following dawn – a veiled insult toward the Iomedaeans and the Glorious Reclamation, as dawn is considered a particularly holy time in that faith. Meanwhile, Dwork would be using his “cooking skills” on Dent Gramel on a torture rack at the same time. The archbaron’s guards spread the word, so that by the time the execution was to occur, a huge crowd had turned out. Loud cries were heard over the crowd, and the party recognized the deputies’ wives amid the onlookers, sobbing helplessly as the prisoners are marched in by the party. Maledictus stationed herself at the base of the scaffold and Palaxia seated herself on the petrified body of Bo Gramel. As the rest of the group reached the top of the scaffold, the crowd fell quiet and Light began to speak:

“By order of the Archbaron of Longacre, anyone suspected of Sedition will be immediately incarcerated and interrogated. Anyone found guilty will be summarily executed. Their sins will be purified by way of fire. Anyone harboring rebels or found to be withholding information will subject to penalties up to and including execution. Traitors to the Crown can expect no mercy!

“However, the benevolent Archbaron offers rewards to those who prove themselves loyalty. A reward
will offered to anyone who provides information that leads to the apprehension of traitors, their
whereabouts or their leaders.

“Here we have three such criminals. Dent Gremal, you are guilty of sedition and withholding information from lawful authority. Meric Borin and Sedric Walter, you are guilty of attacking lawful authority.

“In the name of Archbaron Fex of Longacre, and under the Lawful Rule of Her Infernal Majestrix Queen Abrogail II of the Thrice-Damned House of Thrune, you have been found guilty of treason. The penalty is death by hanging and burning. Effective immediately.”

But before the trapdoors in the scaffold could be tripped to hang the prisoners, a horse charged into the square, carrying a figure in shining plate armor. Feathered wings rose from the back of her armor and her helmet was a silver mask sculpted with feminine features – the same as the one seen at Allamar’s sermon. She tugged violently on the reins, causing her steed to rear, and shouted:

“People of Longacre, will you let another of your neighbors be murdered by tyrants? The goddess Iomedae and the knights of the Glorious Reclamation are with you! Rise up! Save your friends, your town, and your souls!”

The scene bursts into chaos as four rioters began climbing the scaffolding to free the imprisoned deputies. The crowd roared like a wounded beast, and the mysterious figure began to sing a song, exhorting the rioters.


Light, Maledictus, and Dwork held the rioters off the scaffold while Palaxia and Bob attacked the knight. Light channeled her unholy energy, setting the deputies and rioters on fire as well as several innocent bystanders. Immediately, the townspeople fled the scene, and the rioters and the knight were quickly brought to justice. Palaxia removed the angel-faced helm from the knight, hoping to reveal the identity of the Angel Knight, but recognized, even though the disguise was truly excellent, the face of the last surviving barmaid from the attack on the Last Stand Tavern.

It was in front of a much smaller crowd that the execution was completed, and the bodies of the two deputies and Dent Gramel were chained and displayed as a warning.

The party brought the barmaid to Archbaron Fex, who cast a spell on her to force her to tell the truth. She confesses that Rhona Staelish had asked her to keep an eye on the town after the fight at the Last Stand and that she thought pretending to be the Angel Knight might rile people up enough that the two deputies could escape.

E. The Resurrection
The next few days, everyone kept their head down. When the party walked down the street, people darted into their homes and businesses. No more posters were spotted. Dwork noticed the unusual event: one of the bodies of the deputies was missing from its gruesome display in the church square. An investigation revealed a scrap of fine fabric, white and yellow, which Light recognized as the colors of the faith of Iomedae.

They immediately turned their attention toward the church. A walk of the church’s perimeter revealed no other entrances or exits besides the double doors in front, as well as an unused grave marker propped against the back wall of the church – it bore the name of the executed deputy and a birth year, but no death date.

Bob slipped through the wall in incorporeal form and spotted five members of Sword Knight Allamar’s congregation waiting in the narthex. However, he was spotted as well, and when the party forced the church door, they were arrayed waiting to attack. They were disposed of quickly, and the party fanned out to explore the church.

Palaxia and Bob went to search the Priestess’s office, where they found a short note reading “To undo wrongs and recover your loss. Do what you must, but after, if your spirit is willing, join us at the fort.” The note is signed L.V. The broken wax seal on the note contains the impression of a strange symbol – the sword-and-sunburst of Iomedae combined with the emblem of Cheliax.

Meanwhile, Light, Maledictus, and Dwork opened the doors to the church sanctuary to find a horrifying scene. Sword Knight Allamar, sword drawn and shield up, was backing against the wall of the sanctuary, pleading, “Please, no, this isn’t how it was supposed to happen. Please, Merek, it’s Tilleavia.”


Menacing her from in front of the altar was Merek, but… different. His teeth were long and sharp, and the dark red mark the noose had left on his neck stood out against his deathly pale skin. The stench of death and rot filled the sanctuary. When the trio entered, he turned to you and snarled.


Allamar took this opportunity to flee into her private shrine in the back of the sanctuary and let the party take care of the nasty undead. Palaxia made her way over to the sanctuary while Maledictus and Dwork beat at the ghast, and it was the combination of her scythe and Bob’s fist that finally put the spirit to rest. Then they turned to the priestess.

She had a good defensive position in the doorway between her private shrine and the sanctuary which she took full advantage of, but she fell to the superior numbers of the party.


The Hellfire Compact I
I Like My Town With a Little Drop of Poison

Palaxia, Light, and Maledictus get 1,690 experience.

A. The Heist
Cimri Staelish was met by Maledictus the dhampir monk, Palaxia the fetchling spiritualist, and Light the aasimar cleric of Asmodeus on the outskirts of Longacre, the fortlike compound of Louslik Tannery hunching in the distance. In the shelter of the evening, they slipped through a narrow gap in the Tannery palisade spotted by Palaxia. Unfortunately, no one spotted the hound sitting faithfully next to the door of his master’s office until they were face-to-face with the beast. It got off one good howl before being rendered unconscious by one of Maledictus’ well-placed fists.

The plan had been to break in, sap anyone unfortunate enough to be present, steal whatever shiny things they could find, and be out again before the cops showed – but as no one had attempted to hide their identities and Jabral was alerted to their presence, Cimri changed the order from sap to kill. The quartet broke into the office and attacked Jabral.

Jabral fought back by throwing a thunderstone, deafening Cimri and Maledictus, but he was down before he could shoot his crossbow as Light’s channeling wracked his body with unholy energy, setting him (and his puppy) on fire. He dropped to the ground screaming, trying to roll himself out, as Cimri and Maledictus finished him and the puppy off for good. Cimri located the lockbox under his desk, which contained about 800gp, and pocketed it.


As they were leaving the Tannery, the front gate opened, and an old couple pulling a very stained cart painted with flowers entered, calling greetings to Jabral. Their greetings turned to jeers as they noticed Maledictus and Palaxia in the yard. They began to huck clay pots at the group. Afraid of some unknown alchemical substance, the party was scarcely less horrified to discover that the clay pots contained night soil. However, the oldsters were unable to throw very far and were easily disposed of by Maledictus and Light’s fiery channeling. Then the group returned to the Ash House where Cimri’s employer was waiting to hear their report.

B. The Ash House
The mysterious Razelago, who addressed them from behind a screen, rewarded them handsomely for their work with gold, new weaponry, and a feast. Cimri encouraged her new partners to stay with her in the Ash House where she had been squatting for a few weeks, where they revelled until they fell asleep.

Maledictus awoke sometime in the night by the unexpected sound of splashing water from the second floor, as though someone were taking a bath. As the Ash House was a long-abandoned burnt-out husk of a manor, this was unusual, and she got up to investigate and found herself in the door of a once lavish bathroom with a porcelain tub filled with mud and stagnant rainwater. A second look showed her that instead of mud, the bathtub was actually filled with long-rotting human remains. As she entered the room to further investigate, a slimy shifting mass in the shape of a humanoid lurched out of the tub.

Maledictus fled back down the stairs, followed by the creature, who was screaming as though it were in unimaginable pain. She awoke Cimri, Palaxia, and Light just as the creature phased through the wall to the room, leaving behind a thin silvery mucus where it passed. Light was able to identify it as an ectoplasmic human, a hateful undead. The creature nearly incapacitated Maledictus and Light, but Palaxia with her scythe finally put the tortured creature to rest.

C. The Sermon
The following day, Razelago tasked the quartet with a simple job – the local Iomedaen priestess, Fifth Sword Knight Tilleavia Allamar, was giving a sermon in front of her church that day. Razelago feared some revolutionary claptrap that might sow seeds of rebellion among Longacre’s citizens, and he wanted them to attend as representatives of Archbaron Fex, wearing his insignia, and report back what the priestess said.

They showed up at the church a couple hours before the sermon was due to start to gather some information. There were rumors of an angel that had visited Allamar, talk of what had happened at the Tannery last night, and murmurs about how Archbaron Fex doesn’t like the townsfolk gathering in large groups like this, so Allamar must have something really important to say if she’s willing to provoke him. The group was also approached by Sheriff Rhona Staelish, Cimri’s aunt, in a suspicious mood, but Light’s kind smile and comforting words sent her on her way.

At two o’clock, the sermon began. Allamar addressed the hardships known by the citizens of Longacre, and, in a very inflammatory move, had acolytes wheel out coffins containing Jabral Louslik and the two tannery workers. “See how the evil has touched our own neighbors! These were assassinations provoked by Jabral Louslik’s open criticism of Archbaron Fex’s excessive taxes, callous administration, and personal decadence!”

But she had hope for the people: she read a letter she had received from someone called Lencia Visserene promising honor and redemption if they join the Glorious Reclamation! Allamar had a beautifully-crafted silver helm with angelic features and a halo of curls brought out to display, claiming that the helm belonged to this Angel Knight who would lead Longacre to glory.


Although Allamar did not overtly call for Longacre’s residents to rebel, her words were provocative, and the townspeople were in a fiery mood as she retreated (along with the helm) into the Church of Iomedae. Maledictus tried to calm the people and disperse the crowds while Palaxia attempted to counter the talk by saying that she’d heard that it was crazed worshippers of Iomedae who had killed Jabral and the tannery workers.

That evening, the party went to the two taverns in Longacre, where they learned that the Glorious Reclamation was gaining traction and had driven the Hellknight Order of the Godclaw out of their citadel, and that mercenaries that had come through the town had talked about war. They learned the name of the Glorious Reclamation’s leader, Alexeara Cansellarion, as well as a rumor that her family had owned lands and titles in Cheliax before the Chelish Civil War, making the party question the true motive behind her vow to liberate Cheliax from House Thrune.

D. The Decree
The day after the sermon, Maledictus, Palaxia, Light, and Cimri were once again summoned to Razelago’s presence and given a stack of scrolls. All but one were new decrees from the Archbaron to post around the town; the last was a decree to be delivered personally to Rhona Staelish, dismissing her as Sheriff of Longacre. The new decree stated:

  • The Castle Gate is closed; anyone leaving or entering the town to come through the North or South Gates.
  • Anyone entering or leaving the town must be either sanctioned by the Archbaron or must obtain a writ of passage from the Longacre notary.
  • People are forbidden to meet in groups of greater than six in private or 12 in public. Meetings for the purpose of celebration, education, or religion are not exempt, although families and businesses undertaking the natural course of business are.
  • A curfew is now in effect from the hour after dusk to the hour before dawn; this applies to anyone in the town’s streets without a writ of exemption from House Fex.
  • Any persons found in violation will be considered seditious agents and are subject to questioning, imprisonment, and summary judgment by the Archbaron of Longacre and officials of the town government.

The party met a lot of resistance posting the decrees. The townspeople questioned everything – does the curfew apply to people with medical emergencies? Half of Longacre is related – what does “family” mean in this context? Is a group gathering at the tavern assisting the establishment in its “natural course of business”? How can people outside the town obtain a writ of passage if they’re not allowed in to see the notary? The townsfolk were assured that their concerns would be taken to the baron.

The final decree was taken to Rhona Staelish, who calmly laid down her vest and longsword. Each of her deputies followed her example, refusing to serve under a bunch of “thugs.” However, this wasn’t enough for the deputies, who ambushed the party outside the sheriff’s office and sapped Maledictus into unconsciousness. However, they lost heart when Palaxia forced one of them to flee, frightened, and the rest followed suit.

Razelago thanked them for their service once again and promised them a more exciting reward than mere gold: he wanted to introduce them to Archbaron Fex himself the following day.

The party spent their free time that evening tracking down the four deputies who had ambushed them. The first two were easy to arrest once Light threatened harm to their spouses and children, but the houses of the second two were freshly empty when they arrived – as if someone had run ahead and warned them.

E. The Hellfire Compact
The next morning, the party met Darellus Fex in his lavish scarlet and ebony-furnished office. The Archbaron offered them a job: he would make them de facto representatives of the imperial government in exchange for a salary of 150gp a week, recommending that they take the sheriff’s office as a headquarters

“I have no specific plan as yet. Word of this Angel Knight certainly concerns me. I want her revealed and dealt with, along with whoever else is stirring up rebellion in Longacre. But I am a patient man, and I trust that time will reveal the best course of action for us to take. In the meantime, I would grant you emergency authority to do whatever must be done to keep the peace – although try to keep my town intact, if you would.”

But first… “Queen Abrogail has agreed that in this time of national crisis, all agents of the crown must reaffirm their loyalty to their lord, House Thrune, and Cheliax by swearing the Hellfire Compact. If you’re going to serve as representatives of the imperial government under the Queen’s name, I must insist.”

The Archbaron then revealed a black crystal pulsing with veins of fire on a golden stand. He told the party that the crystal was an ember drawn from the forges of Phlegethon, the fourth layer of Hell, and that each must place their hand on it in turn and vow loyalty to House Thrune, House Fex, and Cheliax. The ember flared with each touch, inflicting unholy and fire damage, and left a scar in the shape of the symbol of Cheliax on the palm.

Fex then revealed Razelago’s true identity – a zebub, or accuser devil – and together they gave the party their next job. A bard called Riley Kels had been performing ballads dedicated to the Angel Knight lately at the Last Stand Tavern – which incidentally broke two of the new laws. They were tasked with arresting the proprietor of The Last Stand, Bolgart Caggan, as an example, and to question the bard through whatever methods they chose – although they were warned against killing or maiming anyone permanently.

E. Last Call
The Last Stand’s patrons glared and muttered under their breath at the sight of them. Palaxia, followed by the shadowy Bob(blehead), drew the most attention. The aforementioned bard was singing a song about the Angel Knight from the small stage. Maledictus grappled Caggan, at which point the townsfolk began to run for the door. Riley Kels, the bard, tried to inspire courage with his song, but immediately surrendered when threatened, and Caggan surrendered as well when Light set him on fire.

After dragging Caggan to the pillory, they questioned Kels. He said he came across a woman in winged plate armor at dawn a couple days ago outside town. She was praying, and when the dawn light reflected upon her sculpted helm, he believed she was was an angel. She told him her name was Lencia Visserene, and he was so inspired he spent the rest of the day writing ballads about her. He led them to the hill where he’d seen her, but there was no sign of her.

A few evenings later, they had an evening visitor, a man named Ingoe Zoags who ran the docks. He promised to bring them anything of interest, as well as to help them out if they needed to move anything sensitive down the river in exchange for 10gp a week. As an example of the kind of information he could provide, he gave them a letter from Dr. Gerya Rohalendi to her cousin in Remesiana. In the letter, Rohalendi laments that she has been informed she owes 300gp in back taxes, which she is unable to pay. She confesses her worries that she will be unable to keep the hospice running for more than a few weeks, and she doesn’t know how to tell the people who depend on her. The party agreed to Ingoe’s proposal, although Caggan in the stocks did not – as Mr. Ingoe was leaving, Caggan spat a string of curses at him, calling him – and the rest of the party – cowards and worse.

Palaxia went outside and threw a stick at him using prestidigitation, saying, “Even the earth doesn’t like you.” Caggan bellowed mightily and his body thickened as short brown fur covered his skin. Two tusks erupted from his jaw as his snout elongated. “Come and get me,” he growled in full wereboar form.

The party rushed outside to deal with the beast, but had a difficult time attacking him through his thick skin. Palaxia landed an astonishing blow with her scythe that would’ve levelled a less ferocious foe, but Caggan fought on. When he was finally brought down, he reverted to his human form, leaving the party with an awkward situation – the town would not look kindly on the fact that the beloved local barkeep had been killed while in their custody.



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