Ye Gilde

The Whisper out of Time II

The team had just slain what they now knew as a hollowed one. This one was quite different then the polite one that greed them at the door. This one yelling at them in an angry spiteful tone. The party searched around the upper part of this floor but did not discover an extended area of any kind. The other direction available for advancement lead to an upstairs area where Charlie and Zugzug revealed decaying skin wrapped brutes with strange red insects flying around them.

Charlie knew exactly what those insects were once she got a good eye on them. Both hellspawn swarms came flying rapidly from their hosts. The feeding on rotten flesh was not so appealing but fresh flesh was always the best! Charlie and Zugzug came back downstairs. The swarms attacked with fury, poisoning some of the party members. Bronn waited for the lumbering hulking undead to come downstairs. Zugzug closed off the tapered stairwell which nullified the tactical plan! Waldobert and Little Cuss threw bombs and spells at the swarms as they descend downstairs. Zugzug finally came ascended from the stairwell allowing the squeezed large undead the egress they needed to attack. Zugzug used his cloak to shock his enemies after a botched fire attack on the swarms. (Charlie informed them they had fire resistance) Bronn made quick work of the large undead beings. Little Cuss threw out a fireball to kill the swarms but hit many other alchemical items in the room! The room became engulfed in a backdraft rooftop wave of alchemical fire, the team’s foes were slain and some of the team members suffered singed fire wounds in the process!

When looking into the now vacant upstairs there was a mecca of alchemical items in this room. Strange body parts in innumerable sized bottles and flasks in formaldehyde, allowing a permanent stasis of rot. One soggy skinned head in a jar labeled number 61 seemed to mutter in bubbles to Charlie! This room was pungent with the most dominate smell – ammonia. Bottles, vials, a vat, alchemical apparatuses, and various substances just lying about. Charlie and Zugzug searched around and found a few items and recovered them into their possessions. They did share their discoveries with their teammates.

In the meantime, Jacquez looked around the small bookshelves in the lower surgery room and found a few books of interest. He snatched them up and then kept snooping around to find a secret passageway leading 60 feet northeast out then 60 feet straight down! Small climbing spikes were placed into its now narrowing cavity. Jacquez being small was able to easily maneuver through without complaint. He spotted at the tunnels end, which was a small-waterlogged wrapped circled wooden deck. The deck oversaw a huge dark cavern with derro hanging about. A sound of rushing water filled the air. Jacquez also saw half a dozen derro hanging from long iron chains over a gaping hole at the cavern’s bottom where water was rushing into a pit of utter blackness. Jacquez let Charlie and the rest of the group in on his findings.

Bronn and the rest of the group were measuring the depth of the dumbwaiter with the golem still inside it. Little Cuss was off balance after the swarm had drain a lot of his energy! Bronn had a plan to deal with the golem, waited for, and counted the seconds for the dumbwaiter went down ten feet at every six seconds. However, Jacquez’s wanderlust wasn’t quite quenched. The rat folk went back to the mecca alchemical room with Charlie on his heels. His prying led him to find an invisible latter leading upwards. The spot of a-framed roof at the imperceptible latter’s end, an area at a closer look was painted and camouflaged very well. A small attic latch and portal now came into focus.

Jacquez didn’t hesitate, he shimmied up the latter and breached the portals hatch while Charlie waited in suspense! Immediately Jacquez saw a dark skinned derro that matched his mass in weight and relatively proportional to his height. The derro was dressed in a semi decorative garden! He waved and cast a spell he appeared to have ready! Jacquez resisted the hold person spell, this was very lucky indeed! The next thing Jaquez observed was pain, blood spilled down the now partly visible latter! Jacquez jumped down with a waned strength and a scream! Charlie took the hint and they ran to the rest of the group.

Suddenly the little dirty derro spell caster became visible to the party and on the same platform they all occupied. There was four of him. Charlie exasperated a quick diplomatic salutation! Zugzug saw a flash of the derro near him then he felt two hits slash and attack him. The group knew something was amiss and their assailant was invisible. Little Cuss cast see invisibility. The party tried to counter! Invisible attacks stuck the party again and again draining their strength. Little Cuss calling out the location once his dad brought him to level. Bronn and crew went to work! Bronn fought the invisible assailant while the rest of the group killed the spell caster. Finally, the invisible person became visible but seemed displaced. A supplementary observation from Bronn and crew noticed this small-cloaked female three-armed derro had a throny body!

Zugzug still wounded kicked this subject and felt the effect of the thorny body as he collapsed over from overwhelming wounds. Bronn started to lay the smack down on his derro woman. He leaped to negate effects of her condition. Waldobert resorted to throwing his returning dagger at Twain. Little Cuss offered spells to attack her. Charlie chipped in with her rapier. Jacquez was examining his newly self-awarded shinny sword cane. Bronn brought Twain down. The group quickly rummaged through the two derro’s belongings.

After a small recovery time the team went back to exploring. By this time the team knew this dumbwaiter went down to the same location as this cavern Jacquez scouted out earlier. The depth was one hundred and twenty feet. Not knowing the fate of the other derro down below or the alchemical golem they moved on.

Once again an invisible latter was found. Once in this room a rack of completely bodied skins took up one side of the room. A table with different journals and books were beside the skin rack. There was trailing black plantlike veins that littered the floor here. The roof bowed badly and its center seemed to touch the floor. Charlie took the lead, she placed her hand on the next attic handle and quickly became paralyzed! She had a vivid vision of a black pulsating veined plantlike tentacle wrap around her neck. Then wrapped around her body and squeezed her into Charlie-jelly, her innerness became her outter-ness! Charlie heard an almost incoherent echoing broken voice in her head say “It sends its tendrils through your mind…..gathers…..strngth…..s..t….o..p…..i…t! The voice was oddly familiar. The same voice told the party to awake in the asylum!

The remaining part of the party watched as Charlie screamed her head off and ran out! Bronn was trying to figure out what was bowing the upper level! Jacquez went to open the latch next and didn’t have any issues or visions! The next thing a massive multi hooved and eyed goo reshaped itself and came to the room. All the while holding Jacquez with a black tentacle draining his strength. He used this transplanner body to escape! The madness aurora surrounding this thing send everyone into a panic! Bronn went to the top floor and started to chop his way out. Once feared everyone heard in their head: “It sends its tendrils through your mind…..gathers…..strngth…..s..t….o..p…..i…t!

The creature made its way down to what it desired – darkness. It went down the dumbwaiter shaft. Once the group became unafraid and regrouped, they found a chest at the top attic now furnished with a new side door! The chest had a note, the deed to the property, s small book, and four diamonds. Charlie and Jacquez gathered the journal nooks on the table next to the skin rack. The team decided to get the hell out of this place!

(Currently in Cassomir – explored the old prison’s infirmary which was Mun’s makeshift alchemical laboratory)
The Whisper out of Time II

Note: this is what I have been tracking for you guys experience wise!

XP: 5,774 (Charlie/Zug Zug/Bronn/Waldobert @ 92,365 experience) – Level 10 [Fast Track]

XP: 5,774 (Jacquez should be @ 72,880) – Level 10 [Fast Track]

XP: 5,774 (Little Cuss should be @ 86,514) – Level 10 [Fast Track]

• Excavated Self (Kelish with the first layered skin) – An instruction manual on how to create hollowed ones
• Advanced Alchemy for the Simple Alchemical Minded –common – (Poison Diffuser, Count Ambras’s Punishment, Smell of Fear and Flaming doom)
• Muthwait’s Diagram of the Human Form – common – if read thoroughly for 48 hours reader gains profession surgeon I (Must have 8 skill rank points into heal)
• Healus Mundus – common – a thick book written in peeled skin describes in detail the ways in which to sooth pain and help slow deep wounds. If the reader reads this for 48 hours they gain +3 heal check
• Ooze You’re Potential – Necril (must have create ooze feat). Instruction manual on make oozes. Also requires vat
• Masterwork Surgery Kit
• Small slim clear bottle of silence dust (6 uses left)
• Masterwork medium vat (20lbs)
• Potted jar of homunclus Clay (full – 3 uses)
• +2 Sword cane of Negating (small)
• Rosewood armor +1 (magically fits all sizes)
• Spell book – undercommon (mage hand, bleed, detect magic, flare, read magic, unwitting ally, charm person, mirror image, hold person, mental block, murderous command, vanish)
• +1 short sword (small)
• Potion of invisibility CL 10
• +2 Studded leather (magically fits all sizes)
• +2 cloak of resistance (magically fits all sizes)
• Duelist’s vambraces (magically fits all sizes)
• +1 aklys (small)
• Handy haversack w/ blackened gnomes skulls decorated on its outside material
• Masterwork alchemy crafting kit
• Masterwork thieves tools
• Hybridization funnel
• Three glass bottles of bladeguard
• Alchemist formula book – alko (cure light wounds, deathwatch, expeditious retreat, long arm, shield, stone first, barkskin, cure moderate wounds, invisibility, resist energy, cure serious wounds, displacement, haste, thorn body, greater invisibility, stoneskin)
• Deed to the old prion’s infirmary (signed by official seal and signature)
• Journal of skin peeling and cutting techniques (included was a side journal of the experiment of developing a second skin for the derro’s so their outside skin wouldn’t be vulnerable to sunlight)
• Chain of Dimensions and Aloofness – a rare occultist book that calls forth ancient lifeforces from Carcosa (Can only read if reader is of a chaotic alignment)
• The Keleshite in You – A small pocket book explaining simple Kelish culture
• A small note sheet Mun wrote stating Lord Lowls concerns in getting to the Necronomicon from the Mysterium – The guardian of the Mysterium
• Four diamonds worth 1k gold per

The Whisper out of Time I

The battle with their dream plane selves was intense and mentally taxing. Memories rushed back into focus rapidly and took root in the lost minds. This causing the each person to see spots for a short second.

Little Cuss was the only one who did not recover! He named his big toe Sparklebright and was having an almost jolly conversation with Sparklebright! The meeting with the Mad Poet now complete the adventures recollected themselves. Now understanding they had to hunt down Lord Lowls contact in Cassomir, a Miacknian Mun. Waldobert’s newly recalled memories allowed him to evoke this name in his mind. He reminisced the early laboratory experimentation employment with Lord Lowls and with it remembered notes Lord Lowls had given him. These journal notes signed by that of Miacknian Mun.

(Little Cuss does not have his memories back)

Charlie and Jacquez attempted the ritual a few times! Fortuitously the failures resulted in the extra days on the dream plane in raining blood and not summoning some colossal terror!

Once back to the prime material plane Skywin told the wayward party they were in que to port in Cassomir. Harbormaster Beren singled the harbor tower called Harbor Watch to allow docking for Skywin and the crew. Bronn apparently kept a keen hear when the crew talked about Cassomir and heard things before. Bronn informed his comrades the information he knew about this city.

• A gateway to the Darklands lay under the city to a Derro city called Corgunier
• Corgunier’s population is around 2k who slave the race called mongrelman
• The governing element of Cassomir are paranoid of spies stealing ship plans (Taldor’s Imperial Navy has the most advanced ships in the Inner Sea region)
• There is a powerful renowned wizard named Epius
• The swamp bog outside the city are rumored to be hearth to powerful creatures
• The city has a strong distain for strangers going into the swamps and bring trouble to the town
• There is a thieves guild called The Serrated Blades
• The ruling council of this large city is known as the Esoteric Knights of Evolvement
• The demographic was mostly human with Halfling
• Pirates are a plague often times in the Inner Sea region of Taldor’s seas

The bustling massive shipyard’s environment is like nothing else. Ships being built, ships in repair, laborers yelling loudly while working, goods coming and going, and the harbormaster managing the entire monstrous operation! As the group stretched their legs on land, a well-armored tall man approached them with haste. He had a clipboard with mixed papers some stamped and some not. He introduced himself as Merek. He had a holy symbol of Abadar swinging from his neck. He verified the grantor of the 5k gold through Charlie! This was a reward for saving the political refugee form “The Glower” earlier in their journey on the Sellen Passage. Finally yet importantly, Skywin gave an awkward but earnest smile to her student sailor who was always in search of the “sex tent” and game Bronn a sealed envelope.

Bronn opened the envelope to read a paper accounting for the possession of the Tribute Taker. Skywin signed an oath of the accounting and ownership to Bronn and crew! Bronn was pressed by the harbormaster to pay the ten gold docking fee a day. Bronn was able to whittle it down to seven gold per day and payed three days docking fees based on that basis.

Tribute Taker – (50ftx20ftx20ft) Rowed barge estimated worth 13k gold

Charlie staled Merek who was unpleasant about this delay. Charlie pressed for information about Mun and these knights of evolvement folks. He held out his hands and Charlie paid him twenty gold but only gained minimal information. Waldobert and Zugzug were busy containing Little Cuss with his madness’s but they were tagging along nevertheless. Bronn quickly took the opportunity to ask the harbormaster about the knights. He responded they meet and chat at The Sceptered House in the Abbey Green district or as he called the well-to-do district.

Zugzug convinced his dad to take his brother for a walk. Zugzug took his brother to a merchant thorofare. The first order of business was to buy some goblin pickles, he had to settle for regular pickles! He started to beg for money using his brother as a vise! Zugzug even offered to let passer buyers beat up Little Cuss for a fee. A slim human who was dressed quite well asked Zugzug if this was Ethem. Zugzug said he and offered to sell him off! The guards finally came by to inquire about the duo. Zugzug informed them his brother was a retard and he was trying to get help for him.

Meanwhile the separated segment of the group ventured to the Abbey Green district. It was obvious they stuck out like sore thumbs in the upper crust of this society. They heard a child claim the circus was in town! Charlie decided to stop into a clothing vendor to get a suitable fancy travels outfit.

Jacquez followed suit but when the price was announced he declined! Soon enough they saw Zugzug and Little Cuss escorted by city guards. The leader approached the group and asked who was responsible for these vagrants. Everyone but Waldobert tried to shy away from the question. Waldobert told the guard he would look after his sons with better care. The guards left Zugzug and Little Cuss with their dad.

They arrived at The Sceptered House and went in. There was a greeting desk right as the double door’s entrance ended. This place was push with rich decor and fashionable furniture. The layout was intricate, the stairwell’s iron handrail designed with exquisite water motif, beautiful artwork carved in the dark wood walls, and the book selves were gold trimmed. This reading/research lounge was the best in Cassomir. The sole owner of the establishment, a small attractive human female named Melian greeted the out of place guests. They asked to see Epius or any of the Esoteric Knights of Evolvement. Melian informed them that none was available for an audience. The only member Ethem was present but busy!

Charlie attempted to read Melian’s mind. When it went sideways, Charlie tried to use the classy Charlie charm! Melian immediately took notice to the attempted invasion of her mind. Melian’s demeanor took a nasty turn and wanted them out. She exited the building and called the guards. She claimed these strangers were spies trying to steal shipbuilding secrets.

The guards intended to detain the odd bunch but Jacquez noticed distain in the guard’s facial expression in regards to the Esoteric Knights of Evolvement. They gave the group a chance to explain themselves. The guards said they would be monitored closely. Soon after they saw a small bleached gnome walk out of The Sceptered House.

The group engaged him but he was in a hurry and skeptical of the group. Ethem was carrying many scroll cases under both his arms. The group pressed their luck and only found that he sees people by appointment only. They also learned Ethem was the Chief Shipwright of the Imperial Navy. Ethem did everything slow and joyless, so when he called the guards over it was not in an alarming state.

The team regrouped and visited the modest clerical building of Pharasma called Pharasma’s Pulpit. They were very welcomed and offered free lodging. The lead cleric told the team much of the town, about the Esoteric Knights of Evolvement, and an estimated price to fix their ill-minded friend. He also explained Mun was a clever chief alchemist advisor that aided shipbuilding with alchemical means. The location of this person’s home was still a mystery. The leader escorted Bronn and company to Abadar’s temple and set up an appointment in the tomorrows afternoon to fix Little Cuss. Charlie and Waldobert used an extract to change their appearance and went to make an appointment with Ethem at The Sceptered House. Melian was not wiser for the wearer at the change of Charlie /Waldobert and granted them an appointment early in the morning! In the interim, the team traveled about the city or did their own doings until they all meet up for a fulfilling swamp pig meal in a local dive.

The morning meeting with Ethem went well. Ethem proclaimed Mun a genius alchemist who had helped him with his personal inability to focus! Now Ethem has the undeterred will to build the best ships in the world. He spoke he was worried about Mun due to the fact a few of his old peers came to visit but never left! He said Mun had recently had a fellow visitor named Lowls and went rushing off with him. When hard-pressed for Mun’s laboratory location he honestly did not know. He only knew it was in Admiral’s Fen district. The Admirals Fen is the poorest part of the city and is half part bog part city.

Little Cuss’s appointment was honored by Abadar’s temple. Eight hundred gold later Little Cuss wasn’t taking to Sparklebright! The team decided it was time to head into the fen to find this Mun character. Confronted by beggars and pickpockets the fen lived up to its description. Even the walking ground was troublesome due to sticky mud. Bronn and company got lucky and found a cheap but desperate informant that pointed the way to an old prison location. The old prisons foundation crumbled from the ever-shifting muck it was once stuck too. Only one main skewed structure appeared to be habitable- The prisons old infirmary!

Charlie found an acid trap right off the main huge oval shaped door with a huge angel shaped knocker. The team by passed the complex lock and entered. Stuffed stirges hanging from the wall was their first impression of this place. Everything was neat and perfectly clean. Jacquez found a coat rack with assorted coats. He dangled through the coats and found a potion, which later he put back. The rooms explored were taboo. A table made of preserved owlbear and other macabre arrangements. Strange books about the desks and tables. Once such book called Algernon Muthwait’s Diagrams of the Human Form is one Waldobert thumbed through. It is a lavish but ghoulish illustrated book – once read thoroughly the read gains profession surgeon skill. The rooms had beautiful paintings. The first room had shown a slender tall man in his youth – Mun. Common alchemical regents are neatly assorted about. Upon trying to enter one room, the team was meet with Mun himself.

He kept the door mostly closed and asked the group to leave very nicely. He repeated nice canter to urge the party to just leave and come back tomorrow. Bronn finally got impatient and tried to sweep the door open but the door didn’t budge a bit. Mun proceeded to attack after Bronn tried to gain entry. Mun slammed Bronn a few times while agreeably asking him and his friends to leave. When Mun finally was slain by the party he fell apart! Waldobert used his alchemist talent to understand this was a hollowed one.

The room blocked by the hollowed one was an overlook of a surgery room. In the southwest corner of the room was a dumbwaiter that went down to the surgery room below. Charlie and Jacquez explored the lower room a statue of an odd looked statue besides a clear glass tank filled with yellow protoplasm. The two saw the golem smash the tank and an ooze and the golem came for them. The golem used the dumbwaiter to come up as it appeared. Little Cuss and other ranged attacks from Waldobert took out the yellow slimy ooze. Little Cuss and the now flying Jacquez rigged the dumbwaiter so it was stuck. Just before however Jacquez inspected the dumbwaiter and found a secret lever that takes the device down to a hidden level.

Zugzug thought it was a good idea to explore the next upstairs level while the group was engaged with the slime and golem. Once Zugzug set forth another Mun shouted with vial anger at him and slammed him when he came up the stairwell. The party managed to trap the golem in the dumbwaiter. Then defeated the second hollow one!

The Whisper out of Time I

Note: this is what I have been tracking for you guys experience wise!

XP: 4,101 (Charlie/Zug Zug/Bronn/Waldobert @ 86,591 experience) – Level 10 [Fast Track]
XP: 4,101 (Jacquez should be @ 67,106) – Level 9 [Fast Track]
XP: 4,101 (Little Cuss should be @ 80,740) – Level 10 [Fast Track]

Dreams of the Yellow King IX

With all six gifts obtained from the dream plane (viscount’s signet ring, feline tail, skull of ghoul royalty, the green stone of water lizard, night hag ambassador’s hearthstone, captain’s tricorne and a red webbed foot) the next stop was to visit the mad poet. In order to reach that goal, the team had to go to the caravanserai once again to speak with “king in yellow” aka the frayed fragment of Lord Lowls dream plane self. The party learned that Lord Lowls mind was corrupted from reading rare occult books over the last couple of months. He was the catalyst to all the events from the asylum’s Tattered Man and vial proceedings up until now.

The team once again gathered themselves for the planer travel ritual after Waldobert fixed her sons drug addiction problem. Charlie had no problem casting the ritual, a much-practiced routine at this point. Jacquez of course assisted as always. Upon arriving in the desert near the caravanserai the expected brutal heat was absent, in its stead was the bright moons light. The party made their way inside the building. Charlie led the way searching for traps but was not diligent enough catch the trap set for them. A quick implosion of blackness spread quickly around in sixty foot in diameter. The team immediately lost the majority of their strength. Charlie yelped in shock, as she didn’t have the strength to lift herself off the sandy floor.

Not long after the trap, denizens of Leng with yeith hounds assaulted the weakened party. Bronn charged to meet his foe when Leng ghouls sprang from their underground burrowed positions. The fight was difficult with Charlie disabled and Waldobert paralyzed by a Leng ghoul. The advantage of battle swung into the dream walkers favor after Little Cuss saved Waldobert from his paralyzed state. Waldobert used some of his potions on the group to recover the strength loses.

The newly titled dream walkers now on their toes explored the caravanserai. The next encounter was very dissimilar then the previous. A tall pale figure was sitting at the desk where Lord Lowls dream plane self was during their last visit to the caravanserai. Once the presence of the party was noticed by the odd man he reacted by putting his finger up as he had his face plunged into a book. Charlie knew this to be a bogeyman. Mister Wanderlust as he introduced himself, asked the party members some accounting questions, and was not impressed. He informed them that the “King in Yellow” was taken to the lunar prison by Weiralai’s (The Denizen of Leng who you first encountered in the Lowls family crypt. He is the slaver who provided Lord Lowls with the cannibal guards at his estate. Also was on the intelligent ship with its captain when you fought him) orders. When the group pressed how or who took the “King in Yellow” Mr. Wanderlust replayed the ghouls. He also broke a moment to explain about the shantak on the roof. After revealing this information, Mr. Wanderlust held no interest in sustaining the party’s company or conversation.

Charlie led the way to the roof. A huge purple lizard looking creature with wings was standing lazily on the roof. The creature had this massive teak platform with a step latter strapped to its back. Charlie and Jacquez tried to identify the creature and what its nature was. They could only concluded the shantak was a peaceful creature. Reluctant to approach the creature one by one the adventures mounted the shantak and the Howdah of Leisurely Travel. Once prompted the shantak flew faster than anyone could imagine. The enclosure was extremely comfortable and spacious. The Howdah provided healing and shelter from the outside environment. Some of the party members understood this creature was flying in a void and it didn’t effect it. Then it came to Charlie this creature could star travel!

Upon landing on the moon’s surface ten hours later. The party was well rested due to the magical priorities of the Howdah. The shantak landed on a smooth landing pad about eighty feet from a dull gray building. A lake of black ooze ran from the building into a huge lake in a small lunar valley east of the landing pad. Lunar rocks of all shapes and sizes littered the moon’s surface. Dismounting the Howdah the group proceeded to what appeared to be a huge door to this lunar prison. A tight shrieking voice shouted at the dream walkers! A more pronounced Leng Ghoul called out Bronn for stealing the skull and wanted it back! The battlefield spilled its surprises revealing Leng ghouls, shadow yeith hounds, flying winged creatures called nightgaunts, and a moon giant!

The giant nearly crushed Charlie with a huge thrown rock. Little Cuss saw to the demise of the moon giant with his spells. Bronn took on the lead ghoul with Waldobert and ZugZug! Waldobert saved Little Cuss right before a nightgaunt flew away with him into the void filled sky! The party won the battle with some scraps and bruises.
Now came time to enter the prison. The huge and thick door opened with a lever on the wall. It opened with smooth gears barely clanking. Charlie once again on the lookout for traps saw none. Inside was very dull and stale this air. The leaden gray walls left the feel of depression. The building had two floors, the main and the basement. Different mechanical levers and gears opened up varies portcullises within the top floor. The group scouted a spacious room in the basement level with the main gearbox control. Near this massive complex device stood a moon beast Charlie knew as an ahrkn-nar! The moon beast spotted the group and started to use its spell like abilities! Waldobert threw his bombs, Bronn hacked and slashed and ZugZug threw daggers! Fortunately, every time the moon beast tried his mind effecting abilities the party member resisted its influence.

After the quick conquest, the party worked their way to the prisoner’s cells. The first thing of interest to the group was a female human dressed in sleek black leathers locked in a cell. She fit the description of the monster hunter the mage was after in the forest. The odd thing about her is there was two of her. One version of the monster hunter named Kelvetta was walking outside of the cell absent minded like. The secondary Kelvetta lay slinked in the corner of the cell barely conscious from torture wounds.
Across Kelvetta’s cell the party saw “The King in Yellow” in his own cell. He was sobbing and whimpering. The group could hear slight screams mixed with maniacal laughter. The sounds were coming from the stairwell leading to an access to the ease of the basement floor. The wounded Kelvetta finally noticed the group and called them over. This also prompted the secondary Kelvetta to approach herself! The party witnessed the merger of the two Kelvettas and they became one! After the complete amalgamation, Kelvetta screamed and grabbed her head! She violently trusted her head from side to side!

This scene was enough for the party to free ‘The King in Yellow” and escape! Charlie still felt uncompleted in her curiousness and traveled down to the ease to where the torturing room to fill her incompleteness. She saw a small fragile female human with flat red hair. This small human had an apron equipped and seemed to have modified pockets attached suitable for small tools. Small sharp and jagged objects filled all the apron pockets. She was in the process of taking her subject apart on the slabbed gray table. A small hum from the human then a sharp look right at Charlie! She transformed into a nightmare dragon and chased her prey!
Charlie yelled “Run” to her friends the team scrambled back to the entrance door. Jacquez shaky hands barely able to undo locks he and Charlie had locked. Now the lever at the main entrance did not work! The nightmare dragon just on their heels with malice intent. ZugZug had his brilliant moment! ZugZug activated his headband and blew away a good sizeable hole in the wall. The party quickly ran through the new exit and mounted the shantak. Jacquez come within inches of getting on the Howdah when a huge black claw swept by. The freighted shantak had no issue with taking off with his new passengers.

Finally, landing back at the caravanserai the party was fully rested once again due to the Howdah of Leisurely Travel. The trip to the mad poet was now the final objective left. The group made ‘The King in Yellow” direct them to the oasis of the mad poet. A few hours later they saw some trees and a small pound of water in the distance. As they approached, trees and a little hut become more in focus. They passed an odd think huge fruit tree. The tree had heads as the fruit. A few of the fruit faces turned into mirror images of the traveling party as they walked by.

Note: You got all gifts so you get the entire information & rewards!

Soon enough a figure emerged from the tiny hut like home. He was holding a dirty worn book. The party offered their gifts to the Mad Poet. He looked somewhat puzzled and bored at the same time. Murmuring off rhythm poems under his breathe. The questions and actions of his visitors seemed foreseen by his actions and reactions. In summery he explained to the group about Lord Lowls finding the resting general place of one of the Elder Mythos Old One (Xhamen-Dor) through his occultist research and dreams.

Lord Lowls does not know the exact location of the dormant god. Lowls wants to set this old god free and become his number two. In order to do this the information he seeks is the exact resting place of his god. A city forgotten by ages of time called Neruzavin. The Necronomicon is the book with such information. The Mad Poet told them Lowls seeks a person named Miacknian Mun in Katheer. An old associate of Lord Lowls who might be able to led Lowls to the vault of a university of the occult called the Mysterium. A secret copy of the Necronomicon is rumored to be in the Mysterium. He states the copy will never be as good as the original, trust me I would know, I wrote it!

The Mad Poet tells the party “in regards to the burned symbol in crest in your chests, you all are cursed by Hastur. The King in Yellow had no use for you until you muddling with his stone. Now he seeks to make you his inadvertent champions… lololol! You are now pieces on a deadly chest board between two elder players.”

Note: This is where you people rolled will saves to drop an ability knowing where those “gifts” came from! (Only Waldobert failed his will thus not being able to choose to give up an ability)

Abul Alhazred called the party over to his door of his home. He rewarded them for their gifts he adores. He asks each party member what he or she relish the most might, quickness, health, clear thought, understanding or influence. As each player answered, he tore a page out of his book and gave it to him or her. Now for the last reward he said.

Abul called the party to the oasis’s water’s edge. The group complied and quickly saw themselves under the surface of the water! Abul pushed each party member into the pool while transfixed with a copy of themselves. As each party member hit the water, their second selves attacked them! All party member defeated his or her drowned dream plane selves except for Little Cuss! All except Little Cuss lost their deformity!

Waldobert found a note tucked in his clothing. A poem from Miss. Splitterbone!
“When bones are bitter, I stand to quiver. Unsatisfied thirst, I cannot hereby deliver!”

To be continued….

Dreams of The Yellow King IX

Status of Trip (Sellen Passage): Day 107, 1,240/1,250 miles traveled – Almost there @ Cassomir!

Note: this is what I have been tracking for you guys experience wise!

XP: 10,311 (Charlie/Zug Zug/Bronn/Waldobert @ 82,490 experience) – Level 10 [Fast Track]

XP: 10,311 (Jacquez should be @ 63,005) – Level 9 [Fast Track]

XP: 10,311 (Little Cuss should be @ 76,639) – Level 10 [Fast Track]

Shory Story 8: Staff of Rightful Rule
Showdown with the Shoggoth

Destroying the Shoggoth Stone.


Shory Story 7: A New Understanding
Orko once again is most valuable character

Exploring the Forsaken Palace, curses, and escape from the city only to plan an immediate return.

XP: 2000

Shory Story 6: Mini Me

The exploration continues…

XP: 2,000

Shory Story 5: The Aeromantic Infantibulum
The Heart of it All

The chaotic energy from the broken stone gave Djelzeem a minor curse but a small boon to ???

Banderak’s items were pawed over and there was a hurried discussion about where to go next. The shoggoth was drawing near. They decided to fly and/or climb into the globe tower where Yakmar seemed to originate. The first ones entered the main chamber. From inside the living area, the walls appeared transparent and seemed to offer a view of the surrounding city. It is clearly an illusion, however, as there was no green haze and the buildings all appeared intact. Instead of jungle, only sky surrounds the city. People flew past the tower, some using magical flight while others rode on flying carpets or the backs of griffons and giant eagles. A floating square metal platform engraved with complex geometric designs was being loaded with many fine-looking goods, some of which were obviously magical.

A sneaky fiendish baboon took a swipe at Jerro when he neared the central staircase. It missed and those in the room ganged up on the primate. Skritek pulled Djelzeem the rest of the way up and the two of them joined the monkey bashing. They bloodied it good and it ran upstairs.

Outside they heard the shoggoth and they all quickly went downstairs into what was left of the the dinning room and kitchen. Seeing nothing interesting they continued down. The storeroom was next. There was no exit. M’aiq pressed his hands to the wall and used his power to see through it. Below in the crater, the mass of undulating tarry black flesh caressed the menhir. Its unworldly voice could faintly be heard plaintively crying out, “Tekeli-li!”

Shory Story 4: The Shoggoth Stone
The Battle at the Crater

M’aiq moved further into the Temple of Azathoth. Djelzeem, confused, shot a sling stone at Jerro but missed. Uth telekineticly attacked Skritek with rubble, Jerro crept around, and Skirtek slashed Uth back for less damage than she did to him.

The immense mound of black slime oozed forward, eyes and mouths and even stranger things forming in its heaving bulk. It rolled into the crater and engulfed the bodies of the wights. They were no more and then it headed to the side of the staircase and flowed halfway up.

Orko conjured and ankylosaurus atop the stairs to fight the Horror. Meanwhile his companions were still fighting each other. All but M’aiq that was. The catfolk had realized that there was no exit and moved to the opposite side of the open entrance. The others continued to have their brains scrambled.

Tentacles swatted the anklyosaurus and the dinosaur fought back. Orko stayed out of reach. Djelzeem grabbed his head and collapsed unconscious. Then Uth did the same.

The dinosaur had been grabbed and pulled into the heaving black body. It disappeared. As horrible as the sound and smell were, though, the sight of the creature was terrifying beyond imagination. A horrible mass of slithering darkness, it moved forward with a speed that seemed impossible, as if its very drive to consume somehow propelled it without the need for physical locomotion. The giant blob was now at the top of the stairs and it sang once more. Again Skritek’s mind was overcome. Then he collapsed unconscious. M’aiq escaped around the wall and ran through the city for his life. Orko and Jerro moved to the center of the bodies and Orko Plane Shifted them all to the Shadow Plane.

M’aiq escaped back to the pylon where he hid only to be discovered by a pair of tny dinosaurs. The little dinos began nipping at him and drawing blood. He managed to skewer them on his rapier and ran for the jungle.

On the Shadow Plane the others had their own problems as two nightmare ettercaps investigated Orko’s tiny hut. By then Skritek had been healed slightly with the Panacea and the three of them managed to kill the ettercaps.

After two days Orko Plane shifted back but ended up in a spot far removed from where he intended. They were in the Mwangi next to a river and there was a strange, ancient elven waymarking stone that Uth tried to pull out. The next day he tried teleport and returned them to one of their campsites on top of the tepui.

Before long they were reunited with M’aiq. and back at the city for a second attempt. Behind them, outside, they heard the blob creature singing at a small lake so they hurried inside the city. and returned to the crater.

Orko examined the menhir closely. He learned several things. Destroying it would be extremely difficult, as spells like shatter and even disintegrate would have no effect, but the stone is vulnerable to magic with the law descriptor. Also he felt that Attacks by those protected with protection from chaos spells or wielding weapons with the axiomatic quality also bypass the stone’s hardness. They believed that the stone was key to the creature’s existance here and begain attacking it. Uth threw huge chunks of masonry at it damaging it with her mental force, and Orko summoned a lesser angel to attack it. This did not go on for long before something came to investigate.

A flying dread wight descended from the globe tower and shrieked at Uth before casting a Lightning Bolt. Luckily she was protected from electricity damage and unharmed. The group spread out before the undead pointed his staff down at the ground and unleashed a fireball. It only caught 3 and did minimal damage. Orko then protected them from fire damage. Fezghul, an efreet bound to Yakmar, appeared behind the hound archon attacking the menhir and stabbed the dog angel. Those two began to fight. Then the wight used air magic to pick Uth up and drop her but Orko again was there to save her with Feather Fall. Fezghul killed the hound archon.

The wight disappeared and Uth returned to attacking the stone. This went on until it returned with reinforcements.

Behind the dread wight flew five of the pony-sized spider eater wasps. Riding one of the creatures was a Shory or what had once been a Shory. Somehow the group identified him as a mummy. The battle recommenced and this time the adventurers were outnumbered and quite possibly overpowered.

Orko helped even the odds by capturing two spider eaters with Black Tentacles. Djelzeem used a magic lamp from the buried city of Pazar to bring forth a djinni. The djinni owed him one. It blocked another two of the wasp things. Banderak charged Djelzeem and Uth trying to bull rush them off the crater lip. Djelzeem did not budge. Several others concentrated their attacks on the mummy’s mount. It was killed but the mummy remained in the air with magical flight. He announced himself as Banderak, chief of the Aeromancers.

The continued on more equal terms once the djinni transformed into a whirlwind and scooped up two of the spider eaters. The efreet with its sword and the undead with their spells. M’aiq channeled some healing into his allies but then, it was suggested to M’aiq that he not heal his companions any more and he succumbed to the spell. The mummy’s aura of fear paralyzed several of them.

Banderak proved to be incredibly tough. He also healed as damage was done to him. He clubbed Djelzeem with a fist and infected the eunuch with mummy rot. Then the efreet was slain but Djelzeem released the near dead djinn from his duty. The djinni thanked him and popped out. There were only two spider eaters left and each flew to a paralyzed victim, M’aiq and Uth, to lay an egg in their bodies. The survivors made an effort to take both of those out next.

Yakmar released another fireball from his staff and burnt of number of people. Later he channeled negative energy and did some minor damage before he was cut down. Banderak continued fighting the good fight. Everyone left was able to concentrate on the aeromancer who was being forced back and heinously injured. Since there opponents had been flying most of the allies were low on distance weapons. Skirtek had thrown everything he had. Jerro was busy looting Yakmar’s body and bringing the staff to Orko. Uth returned to blasting the menhir.

In the end Banderak tried to flee. He couldn’t quite fly far enough fast enough though. Finally he dropped to the ground.

When the rune covered menhir cracked with a boom chaotic energy washed over them and in the distance the Shoggoth sang out. It was coming.

XP: 6,000

Yakmar (dread wight)
Staff of bronzewood and brass (that shoots fireballs)
Leather traveling boots (in suspiciously excellent condition)
Silver chain with ruby studded nipple rings
Tian style dagger with blue metal blade
Silver holy symbol of Azathoth
gold ring with 3 dagger like marks
platinum ring with etchings of intertwined naked people

Banderak (mummy)
Fine blue vest with Shory motif
Leather belt with embossed pegasus
Mithril dagger
Mithril bracelets (pair)
Mithril earrings
Heavy gold necklace
Silver holy symbol of Azathoth
Ancient gold coin 1 inch in diameter and .25 thick
Iron key

Shory Story 3: Oh the Horror!

Out of the jungle, through the swamp, across the pampas, and into the city!

When the trail turned muddy and it was clear they would loose it soon, Orko conjured up mounts for them all. His magic steeds could walk on water and they sped off through the fens and into the open land between them and the crashed city visible in the distance. The tall ferns and rushes didn’t hid the numerous dinosaurs that were feeding and walking through the plain. They all looked like plant eaters though so the group sped along at top speed.

They caught the attention of the Tyrannosaurus from the jungle however. It began chasing them and when they realized it would be able to catch them, Orko created a Wall of Force between them. The T Rex crashed into the invisible barrier and fell back. The others angled for one of the strange pylons ringing the city. Along the way two giant ankhegs broke out of the earth but they were too slow. The magic mounts were a huge boon.

Uth fussed over the Shory pylon. She thought it had some sort of maintenance function and declared it a worker’s hut. The pylon was magic though and she tried to Use it. She received a zapping from a single crystal set in one of the walls. Undeterred, she tried again and a diamond opening appeared.

The interior was bigger than the exterior and dark except for a tray of multicolored glowing stones set atop a pedestal. Orko stated that they radiated strong abjuration magic. Someone noticed the T-rex coming their way so everyone stepped inside. Uth began manipulating the stones with her mind but sent the tray crashing to the floor. Orko mentioned that they were still magic but he didn’t sense abjuration any longer. Uth declared that now they could enter the city.

Outside though the T-rex was slowly approaching. It was scared off with more magic and the party quickly made for the bizarre edifice from another age standing in crumbling majesty. It was surrounded by a gold-colored wall of some unidentifiable, semi-translucent material rises twenty feet above the rock. Behind it rise
buildings that seem to defy reality. Shimmering glass spires twist in on themselves next to massive towers that seem to be composed of fern leaves. One of the larger towers seems to be shaking, as if some unseen giant is gently rocking it back and forth. In the center of the city, a massive inverted horn, made from some kind of purple metal, towers over the other buildings. Other unusual buildings include a metallic cube, a glass flower 100 feet tall, and a needlelike tower with a puffball in the middle. A low discordant humming sound drifts out of the complex. On the southeastern side of the city, a ramp is pierced by a series of gates, which open on to other ramps leading down onto the plains. It appeared deserted and they hiked up the nearest ramp.

Beyond the gates, the streets and alleys of the city are only partially visible, shrouded by a pale green mist that seems to seep out of the walls and cling to the ground. Ahead and to the left was one of the more unusual towers appearing like a needle and globe. They made there way to it. The structure esembled a very thin reed or stalk with a puffball globe stuck halfway up the tower, fifty feet above the ground. The surface of the walls look like chitin, and numerous cracks ooze a sticky yellow sap. It sat on the long edge of a plaza. It was not a building with an entrance on the ground floor. They began exploring the plaza and noticed baboon poop of a fiendish nature. At the far end of the plaza there was a lot of strewn debris as if from an explosion and further still was a crater adjacent to a very large domed building.

They first explored a public structure that had a rippling wall but inside it was uninteresting an totally ruined. When they exited M’aiq stepped in a pile of baboon poop. They made their way to the crater. At some point in the past, this wide area was likely a large plaza. Now, a deep hemispherical hole carves out the center of the plaza, forming a gigantic crater roughly three hundred feet across. The walls of the crater are smooth and descend sharply near the edges before curving inward to the center at the bottom of the crater. A wide flight of steps is cut into one side of the crater, providing access to the bottom of the hole. At the exact bottom stands a glossy black stone menhir. The stone is about eight feet high and looks old and weathered. Its surface is
carved with runes, symbols, and signs, although the passage of time has eroded some of them. The stone does not cast a shadow of any kind and it seems to glow with a faint, green light, slightly brighter in the grooves of the chiseled runes. The light is the same shade as the ever present mist.

Soon four lizardmen were noticed inside the crater. They moved quickly and silently up the stairs. It was clear they were not alive and they were identified as dread wights. The party arranged themselves for battle. They knew the wights would have to climb around the wall of the building that overhung the crater. And so it was. As the wights climbed around the wall they were cut down in turn. The last cried out in Draconic for Lord Yakmar for help before dying and tumbling into the crater.

In the distance they heard the musical call of Tekeli-li!

Each climbed around the wall into the low domed building. It did not look like much on the outside, but the inside is decorated with gold leaf on every available surface and the ceiling is a marvel of magical control: a huge eight-pointed star at the top slowly rotates and releases colored beams of light. The floors and pillars all seem to be in fairly good shape, and the style and construction of the building seems
more recent than anything else you’ve seen in the city. The gray stone altar at the center of the temple is stained with fresh blood.

They were not alone however. Almost immediately three chokers descended from the ceiling and attacked. Although great at choking, they couldn not put up a suitable defense against the party. After the first was killed Orko left to investigate the approaching sound.


He returned as the last two chokers died. Orko told them that it looked bad and they could hear it more clearly now. At first, it was just a sound. A squelchy, slithering, sucking sound that spoke of constant and insatiable consumption. Then came the smell. Almost imperceptible at first, the odor seemed new and yet familiar at the same time—a sweet, seductive scent that seemed attractive at first, before it grew to sickening, overpowering strength. Then it sang.

It was a sounds sane life was not meant to hear. Jerro the wyrwood was immune, and Orko and M’aiq were lucky. The other three lost their minds.

XP: 1200

Shory Story 2: Jurassic Park
Oh Jerro!

The party follows the narrow trail along the stream. It isn’t long before they meet some of the wildlife. It began with a single orangutan. The orange creature was coming at them fast from the right and they readied their weapons and took a defensive stance. Almost immediately they noticed a troop of monkeys coming from the same direaction. They began panicking. Jerro started climbing a treetrunk, Skriteck leapt across the stream, Djelzeem and M’aiq hid, and Orko floated across the stream.

The orangutan swung across the stream and kept going, ignoring them. It seemed the mad monkeys were the real threat, Djelzeem and M’aiq both took a running jump over the stream but the catfolk didn’t make it and was swept downstream. Jerro was hiding unsuccessfully. The doll was the only one left on the right bank. When the monkeys reached the stream Orko met them with an Aqueous Orb and others loosed arrows. The animals were quickly exterminated and most of their furry bodies fell into the stream (downstream, M’aiq hanging onto a vine was smacked my multiple monkey corpses).

While everyone was congratulating themselves, Skritek pointed back across the stream. Many things were moving through the ferns towards them. Soon a pack of velociraptors was at the bank of the stream sniffing around. One of them noticed Jerro and walked over to sniff him while Skritek aimed his bow. The dinosaur breathed in and out making Jerro’s bonnet flutter. It blew some snot on him. Another raptor noticed Skritek and leaped across the water and gutted the hobgoblin with one of his toe claws. The fight was on.

Orko still had his Aqueous Orb and the other fought as best they could. Most of the raptors jumped the stream and attacked. It turns out that nobody was really concealed from them. As frightening as the situation was at the start the fight turned against the velociraptors quickly. Except for Skritek there were barely any injuries.

But like before the fun was not over. The velociraptors had been stalked by a Tyranosaurus Rex that now came through the jungle. Everyone froze. The huge beast sniffed the air and looked around. It jabbed it’s head downward and knocked Jerro over before it snagged a velociraptor body and gulped it down. It seemed to see the others across the stream but it moved to the next dying raptor. It stepped on Jerro pushing him down into the soft earth. It swallowed the next dinosaur and Orko decided that they would be next. He cast a spell and make the dinosaur’s own shadow attack it. The T-rex bellowed. It ran off upstream with Jerro’s bonnet stuck between its toes. Finally the encounter was over. They were safe for the time being.

They discovered that the jungle held many wonders for the five senses and they followed the narrow trail along the stream. It was beautiful, strange, and a little scary. That afternoon two lizard-like creatures were spotted in ambush next to the trail. When they were confronted they ran off.

They were seen again shortly though. In the next ambush they did not flee. These strange creatures seemed to be a strange offshoot of lizard folk. Clearly these were the Sleestacks mentioned to Uth by the old adventurer. There were only three of them armed with bows and spears but they were backed up by a triceratops. It was a stout fight. The leader of the sleestacks was an excellent fighter and of course the dinosaur was trampling and goring before Orko summoned two giant scorpions to hold it in place. Ultimately the ambush failed with all the attackers dead.

Soon after Orko summoned up a opaque sphere for them to all sleep inside. No doubt it would be a big day tomorrow.

XP: 3567


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