Ye Gilde

Ninguable's Caves
I don't think we are in Absalom anymore

The guild was asked for assistance with the influx of Shadow creatures by the town guard. Several groups of guild members were taken down to the Docks in the morning. The conjuction of planes was not a problem during the day, but below ground there were still problems. They were going to help clear out the sewers.

Pugno, Afarrah, and Shok climbed down to the gravely beach and almost immediately were engaged. Three man-sized wormlike creatures with tentacles and beaks came out of the sewer. Pugno ran up and directed a fireball from Afarrah. He unfortunately got burned as bad as they did. Then Shok ran up and the two remaining beasts attacked him, hitting him many times. Shok and Pugno finished off the gricks while Afarrah approached.

What they didn’t know was that 4 gricks had been pursued through the sewer by a large shadowy centipede like creature. They discovered the fourth grick when it attacked Pugno (failing). They learned that these creature were very good at remaining hidden. The three of them together quickly took out the last grick but shortly after came the 10 foot long centipedelike creature with pseudopods around it’s mouth. It charged them running along the ceiling. Pugno stepped up but missed the shadowy thing. No matter. Afarrah burned it and Shok chopped it dead.

They continued deeper occasionally hearing other groups and occasionally some screams. At one point Pugno ran off toward sounds of fighting to kill two Otyughs from the Shadow Plane solo. From there they tracked another group into some natural tunnels where they became hopelessly lost. They wandered for hours and hours until a tiny armored eyeball attacked Afarrah.

It was an Augur Kyton. Kytons are non-devils formerly from Hell but now living on the Shadow Plane. This type was often used as a scout and spy. It zapped Afarrah but then was swatted out of the air by Shok. It was smashed and lifeless but they kept attacking it as it was clearly slowly regenerating. They took it along and continued to damage it occasionally.

In a spot where the tunnel entered a fault cave, they encountered a 9 foot tall robed individual with 7 glowing and moving eyes under his hood. He called himself Ninguable and resided in the caves. He said the caves were between places. They had managed to stumble into them because the borders between planes where weak due to that rare conjunction of planes. He also told them that the ones they seek, the Kytons, were just ahead and had three prisoners. He directed them down a side passage and he was gone when they looked back.

Sure enough they soon encountered a group of three humanoid Kytons partially composed of shadow stuff. They were arguing in a strange tongue. Afarrah, Pugno, and Shok walked up and said “hi”. That soon became a fight. Like the eyeball, these Kyton regenerated and they didn’t have the right items to permanently kill them. Afarrah, Pugno, and Shok attacked with their standard fare and the Kytons attempted some gaze attacks and hit with some strength sapping touches. One of the prisoners assisted with helpful cheers and Shards of Chords. The other prisoners were just a baker and a longshoreman.

The Kytons were being quickly overpowered though and two of them were on fire from Afarrah. The battle was soon lopsided and the two remaining Kytons were trying to escape. They both did but just barely after using invisibility and darkness. Afarrah collected the prisoners and everyone made there way out of the magic darkness into the regular darkness of the tunnel. They began to look for a place to rest the night.

XP: 4,000

Slave Ship At Sea
A discrete and elegant handling of a delicate mission

This was a secretive guild mission. A Venture Captain heretofore unknown to you by the name Herminius Droog contacted guildies with a reputation for discreteness. He was looking for a team capable of doing some investigative work that could very well lead to confrontation with forces unknown but that have a patron capable of scrying magic. At least some of the group will need to interact with member of upper society. From who was available at the guild, he picked Weiss, Afarrah, Maestro Pugno, and Sofie and they asked Jalal Baba to join. He agreed to pay the 50 gp/day plus expenses to conduct a small investigation for an important acquaintance of his that wanted to keep this hush hush.

They are told that while entertaining guests, Lady Darchana, Archdean at the Arcanamirium, noticed one of her guest’s servants was being spied on with an invisible scrying sensor. Alarmed at the implications of someone scrying on her or her collegues she reached out for some assistance. Droog explains to them that they need to find the source of this slave. He gives them two names. First Lady Silviana Dimora has quietly left town but her Majordomo is available for questioning. And Lady Dimora also uses the services of a solicitor by the name of Solvius that handles many of her financial matters. With that information the five headed to the Coins to speak with the solicitor.

So the group bounced around the city visiting several contacts. First was the The Red Letter, the office of the solicitor. It was easy to find and the man fairly helpful. He passed them the name Mahjub Mahdi as the slaver from which the slave was purchased. So they were off to Misery Row to meet with Mahdi.

Mahdi’s shop was broken into though and the slaver was being roughed up. Weiss impersonated one of the city guard and bluffed/intimidated two of the thugs to just leave. Pugno grappled their leader and rescued Mahdi from the shakedown. They were part of the local protection racket, The Sanguine Beast, and they were booted out of the shop. Mahdi was grateful of course and they diplomicized him into giving away some more information about the slave sold to Lady Dimora, and Sophie told him that his shop should be named Mahdi’s Bodies. He explains that the slave Atlag came from an infrequent supplier named Waheeda Wardak, Captain of the At Sea. That ship is a Okeno pirate vessel.

They decided to visit Lady Dimora’s estate and talk to her Majordomo also. They didn’t learn too much extra but did meet with Atlag who was enslaved in Sedeq to pay off debts she couldn’t cover. She seemed innocent. She told them that during the sea journey numerous people visited to examine the slaves. She didn’t recognize any wizards checking her out.

They even when to the Harbormaster’s place and asked about the ship but nothing with that name was recognized. So the investigators took this information back to Lady Darchana who seemed like it made sense to her. She also had some pull with the Harbormaster and gave them two additional tasks. That was about all the time they had that day. Afarrah went back to Mahdi’s and brokered a return of the defective slave and then set her free.

The next day they returned to the docks to find the ship At Sea. Darchana’s contacts told her that it sails into Absalom as the Kat Season. Armed with that they went back to the Harbormaster with a letter from Lady Darchana. That got them a rowboat and a pilot to take them out to the ship that had arrived yesterday and was waiting to get into port. All five of them climbed up into the Kat Season. The First Mate was suspicious and unfriendly at the unannounced surprise inspection. Many of the sailors were gnolls and they began crowding the guildies. Weiss in disguise as the Harbormaster was led to the Captain below decks by the First Mate. Sofie began telling jokes to win over the crew. They loved her set. Meanwhile Pugno removed the extra letters from Kat Season to reveal the true name At Sea at the bow and stern.

Weiss with the First Mate and Captain Charmed made off with the real set of books for the ship as well as incriminating letters. She came back topside and reboarded the rowboat with everyone else. They headed back to the Harbormaster’s where they turned in the ship for the tax evasion bounty and then turned over all the information to Lady Darchana. The Lady was very happy with the results. The mission was a success and stayed low key.

XP: 3900

No Wasting!
... No waisting ...

A request came to The Guild from a foreign merchant, Amaleek Kalahari from Osirian. He needed a group to retrieve his wares that were stolen. The party formed: Djelzeem the human Osirian rogue, Kass the other human former engineer rogue, and Stritek the hobgoblin rogue-barbarian, plus they grabbed Dirrasha the Catfolk monk on the way out for good measure. The party met with Amaleek at a very low end inn on the fringes of the foreign district. The man was stretching his funds as best he could in hopes of getting his livelihood back. After dealing with the questionable clientele and owner, they met with Amaleek and learned that he had been lured outside the city wall to the desolate Cairnlands to meet with a potential customer seeking his special brew only to be ambushed by a brigand band of gnolls calling themselves The Menagerie. He offered 50gp each to retrieve at least 90% of his more expensive wares (alchemical goods, potions and a special Osirian concoction called Black Iris Brew which he claimed was his most valuable item, an ancient recipe cure-all drink). The party asked a few questions but only Dirrasha noticed that the man was stretching the truth, but she was long bored with the conversation and barely mentioned it. There was a debate about facing gnolls and having a minimum fee if the goods were missing. The merchant reluctantly agreed to a flat 50gp fee but when they pushed for further benefits that deal went sour. Djelzeem and Kass in particular wanted a default payment, but the man grew angry telling them he had hired The Guild by their own rules and was looking for help not to give his limited funds away on a failed mission. Dirrasha grew bored of the debates and arguments while Stritek was the one to chase down the merchant when he stormed out and solidify the deal eventually getting them all to sign the contract. Retrieval of 90% of the valuable goods earned them 100% of the pay (200gp) and it depreciated from there.

First, they traveled north since he showed them a map of where he was ambushed outside the northern gates. They gathered some information on both The Menagerie and Black Iris Brew then stopped to eat and discuss a plan. Too bad diplomacy was not a strong suit of the party. Many ideas surfaced with debates back and forth about how to proceed. Dirrasha grew very bored, wanting only to find some action or adventure. They debated using the cat woman’s sense of smell to track down the gnolls or having DJelzeem pose as a merchant also selling Black Iris Brew to weed out the one responsible for the set up. Since Kass discovered that Black Iris Brew was considered an illegal substance in Absalom they went with the tracking plan. Once outside the city they made quick work locating the ambush site and abandoned cart then followed a trail on to a secluded campsite where they spotted the gnolls. Pay no mind to the howls in the distance or the large dire wolf prints in the dirt. They watched for a while until the guard shifted and the obvious leader, a female ranger, went to sleep and took her weird chicken with her. They shifted their positions with DJelzeem making some noise and attracting the attention of a stirge which latched onto him and began sucking his blood until Stritek blew it away with a well-placed arrow. Amazingly they kept quiet through the attack. They formed a plan to take out the lone guard, avoid the big spiders the monk spotted scuttling into the merchants wares, which sat In two piles in the camp, and then kill the other gnolls in their sleep. The plan did not go as expected with the gnoll sentry wandering out of the fire light and fouling their chances of sneak attacks. So they waited and they waited and Dirrasha grew very bored. She and Stritek held one position while the humans held another. When over 2 hours passed with no action the non-humans took matters into their own hands. They crawled down into the camp with the sleepy cat sliding down the embankment in a cloud of rubble. Another stirge came for them and this time Stritek shot it from the air before it reached them. The twang of his bow caught the sentry’s attention and the gnoll began yapping an alarm in its native tongue. The camp began to rouse. Kass hurled a thunderstone at the sentry and deafened him with a loud boom! The three other gnolls including the ranger leader joined the growing battle and true to their bandit name they added several critters to the fight. The weird chicken (a cockatrice), two big red spiders, and four vipers joined the fray. The rogues did not coordinate their attacks very well with poor flanking arrangements and false promises of light to fight by while the restless cheetah monk darted in recklessly for some action. Djelzeem and Kass found themselves the target of the gnoll ranger’s bow (favored enemy humans) and Stritek was fending off gnolls, spiders, vipers and the cockatrice. The bird actually pecked him a couple of times draining his dexterity as his skin and muscles grew stiff. Dirrasha, despite being the less experienced member, was holding her own, bringing down a viper, a spider and eventually a gnoll with a flurry of strikes that also caused her to pass out. Slowly but surely the tides began to turn and the rogues won, though poison coursed through Kass’ veins from a viper and everyone was bloody. Stritek even chased down and killed the last gnoll as it fled while Kass tended to the unconscious monk and was surprised by the viper Djelzeem sprinted away and left for him to deal with. With the brigand band defeated they licked their collective wounds using a few of the merchants cure potions to heal (some were down dex, some con, and another was unconscious). They dug into the goods and looted the gnolls. But they kept the unconscious leader bound and alive for the return. When Stritek went to place the goods in his pack something broke and a noxious cloud filled the area. Everyone coughed and spat as they fled the vapors but the two humans couldn’t seem to shake the smell from their noses. It was a broken bottle of Black Iris Brew and those two found the next morning that they were infected with something unidentifiable as was the gnoll leader. Their skin was turning ashen and gray and their eyes were also darkening. They felt terrible with Kass losing con and Djelzeem losing strength. They dropped the gnoll off with the city guard and went to the temple of Sarenrae for a checkup and diagnosis. The priests told them they were indeed infected by some sort of magical affliction and that the price to remove that would be quite high, requiring a ‘Heal’ spell. They then went to The Guild and consulted Reznik their resident alchemical expert and doctor. He informed them that Black Iris Brew was outlawed because of it’s unstable and dangerous nature long ago. The infection would likely kill them and return them as undead unless they found an antidote. Only the creator would have such a thing. So they hurried back to threaten and harass Amaleek only to learn that he bought the brew from a local alchemist, Dalahari the Mysterious, a man known to be both masked and elusive. Amaleek was clueless of the dangers of the brew. He directed them to the place where he learned of Dalahari, a magical and mundane regents shop called The Bloody Mark run by a horribly burnt sorceress,Ghesha the Grotesque. They used Djelzeem as the bait since he was Osirian also to ask about locating the brew and its creator. They left word with the sorceress and a place to drop off messages then tried to go question the gnoll captive. Unfortunately no one spoke gnoll … that was a waste of time.

They spent two days waiting for a reply with both the humans slowly waisting away. Dirrasha once again grew very bored. When they returned to the shop late the next day Djelzeem and Kass entered to spot a hooded, masked figure shopping. Ghesha the Grotesque directed them to him with a gesture and a nod. Outside, the lookouts Stritek and Dirrasha didn’t notice anything until Kass exited to let the two have a private conversation and waved the pair over. Djelzeem was inside brokering a deal for an antidote. Stritek took up a position in the back alley at the rear exit and the other two waited at the front door. Stritek saw the sorceress exit and depart as well. Djelzeem tried to lie and failed miserably then called for help when a fight broke out and Dalahari tossed a fiery bomb at him, burning him. The doors were locked but Kass quickly picked the front lock and Dirrasha kicked in the door. Stritek had trouble with the back door and instead ran around to the front. The fight was on with bombs flying, kicks flying, blades flying and then the man going invisible. He didn’t count on the cat woman being able to sniff him out. His gloves and mask came off and when they saw Dalahari again he was actually a ghoul. He paralyzed Kass then Djelzeem and finally Stritek, but only because the others begged the hobgoblin not to kill him until they found the antidote. So, Dirrasha cleared a path and let the heavily injured ghoul alchemist run while her companions recovered their ability to move.

Together they tracked him down to his lair beneath the city near the edges of the Puddles. Inside he had left a trap, a gelatinous cube but they quickly avoided and outran it, finding his lab and six unfortunate souls he was holding prisoner strapped to tables as they neared the waisting completion. Another fight ensured and more bombs flew burning the hobgoblin badly. The monk tried to rescue a victim only to have him turn to a zombie in her arms and knock her nearly senseless. They were fast zombies and began rising at a staggered pace throughout the battle. Since they could see his lab, they decided to destroy Dalahari and beat down every zombie that rose up. It was tense for a moment as the hobgoblin threatened to slay the last two victims before they turned, two children, but the others convinced him to wait just in case. It was a fortunate decision for the children were not quite ready to succumb to the waisting. The lab was unfamiliar to any of the party members so they sent for help from The Guild getting the only alchemist present, old Nicholas. He arrived, picked his teeth, sang a bad tune and pointed out what he thought was the antidote and the day was saved for both the children and Kass plus Djelzeem. The party was then chastised by Guild officials for accepting an illegal mission and warned to be more careful in the future, but congratulated on stopping both The Menagerie and Dalahari’s plan to infect Absalom’s water source. All in all, a good job!

Djelzeem, Stritek, Kass and Dirrasha each earned 1,800xp

Reznik and Nicholas each earned 100xp

Irorium: Starring the Guild

The guild enrolled numerous members into fights at the Irorium in an attempt to increase their survivability.

The pre-game show was a big hit. It featured a four level step pyramid with an enchanted musket on a swivel on top. Four teams of two guildies were randomly picked to fight with merciful weapons enchanted to do only non lethal damage. It turned into an extremely interesting fight. Samaya and Maestro Pugno ran up to the top tier right away and fought each other nearly the whole match. Jalal started by Charming Weiss, Afarrah launched a fireball, and then Dusk Blinded her. Afarrah kept launching fireballs toward the sound of Reznik’s voice. He was in beast form by then and closing in. Angus started climbing the pyramid and was met by Weiss.

The fighting continued. Angus was knocked out by Jalal, but then Jalal was Charmed by Weiss. Charred Reznik got a good swipe in on Afarrah but it was Jalal that finished her off. Then Samaya fell to Pugno. Reznik was pummelled mercilessly by Pugno. Then Charmed Jalal and Pugno were convinced to leave the field and disqualify themselves.

Team Dusk & Weiss looked like they were going to sweep the game but then Reznik tore into the crouching Sin Mage and took him out. Reznik and Weiss stalked each other on the pyramid for a while. They ended up on the top tier fighting it out. It could have went either way but Reznik landed the winning blow and Weiss collapsed.

Team 1
Angus & Maestro Pugno
Team 2
Afarrah & Samaya
Team 3
Dusk & Weiss
Team 4
Jalal & Reznik
Order of Defeat
1 Angus
2 Afarrah
3 Samaya
4 Jalal
5 Maestro Pugno
6 Dusk
7 Weiss

The halftime show was a rousing game of baskethead. For this game a prisoner is taken from Death Row and laid in a guillotine. At game start the head rolls down a chute and drops to the arena floor. The two teams race to the head with the objective of taking it to the opposite end of the court and pitching it into the basket. Of course there are obstacles along the way and a few surprises. The court was roughly divided into thirds with each third hosting a minor creature, giant centipede, venomous water snake, and giant scorpion. The center section had water obstacles. The surprises were two 10 ft wide trenches filled with water and leech swarms, and a wide pool with floating wooden rafts where falling into the water turned you into a Koi fish until the fish person was dried off on land.

Team Guild made it more difficult than necessary by letting the other team grab the head-ball first and starting attacking players. They dropped one of the opposing team right away and injured half the rest with Stone Call. A few turns later another died because his Stone Call injuries were just enough that falling into the first leech pool killed him. A rusty longsword was released into the arena at the same time the head rolled. Thiery managed to claim it from one of the floating wooden platforms but unsuccessfully fought a snake until she went unconscious. Meanwhile the giant centipede was having the best time biting people left and right. Somehow Sampson didn’t get trampled by the Centaur. Shadow traded blows with Team Two’s leader, the Lumber Consortium Enforcer, for most of the game – basically taking them both out of the fight until the very end when the enforcer dropped. Toward the end, Sampson attempted to throw Bergman (in Koi fish form) across a leech swarm pool but he missed and Bergman-fish landed short before transforming back. A giant scorpion on the other side ran over and ate him. About that time Team Guild reclaimed the head ball with an interception by Kaleb. Team 2 didn’t have enough people on the far side of the court to stop Kaleb from running closer and throwing the head into the basket for the win.

Team Guild collected 2,400 gp for their win.

Team1 (The Guild) ♕
Valla ☹
Sampson and Lulu ☹
Thiery ☹
Bergmann ☠
Team 2
Lumber Consortium Enforcer ☹
Human Rogue
Thug ☠
Half Elf Scout
Kobold Rogue ☠
It's a Boy!
Fancy and Morti finally give birth

Fancy along with five other women and Morti were brought into the nursing wing of the temple to Shelyn, Goddess of love and Fancy’s patron. Labor had been slow-coming and painful for all of them. Fancy noticed the way they looked at them and her in particular. They told her that she was carrying a boy, but there was something else that worried them, something they did not share with their paladin. It was odd that all of these pregnancies seemed to be in the same state and all seemed to be running late by weeks! Morti was the least pleasant of the expectant “mothers” with his constant whining.

Morti: “Awww geez … child birth looks terrible. All that labored breathing is really going to do a number on my asthma. Plus, when I’m nervous I get gaaaasssy! And don’t get me started about hygiene of the delivery room – oi vey! Do you know who the doctor will be? I’d like to see his credentials. These days, any two bit schmuck can become a healer. Also, if it’s a boy he’ll need a bris. I know it’s a weird thing to do, but what can i say – it’s tradition. My mother – the Gods rest her soul – would be put in an early grave if I didn’t do it. In any case, I doubt you’ll find a proper Mohel, so just make sure the doctor doesn’t accidentally chop off his weewee … that would be aaawful. Awwww geez, all this talk is making me very very nervous, and you know what that means …”

The mothers were eventually ready to give birth … all of them at once! Morti required a c-section. They were in great pain, so much so that even Fancy could not remain conscious. They each passed out. Fancy awoke first, she was nauseous and in horrible pain but she came to her senses because of the crying babies and the screaming. All of the other mothers were still unconscious. She struggled out of bed and stumbled to the next room’s doorway to check on the commotion. She shook away the nausea, reducing it to sickness. There were several hooded men in the room. One crawled out the window carrying a bundled baby under each arm. The other two each stood over one of the priestess midwives that lay in pools of their own blood. The one priestess that still moaned softly was silenced when the man over her jabbed his kukri into her again. They spotted Fancy watching and one man advanced on her with his blade. The other seemed unconcerned and went about sprinkling a powder around the room. Fancy did her best to catch the man leaving with the babies. She knew one of them must be hers. All seven of the cribs in the room were empty. When she suffered a stab but made it out the window she watched the hooded figure along with several others slipping away down the alley carrying the babies. She cried out for help and tried to pursue them but lost them quickly. The city guard and the temple guard took her reports. They tended to the midwives who both miraculously survived. Fancy wanted answers and demanded to speak with the high priest. He told the whole story, that she was tainted with evil as were all the pregnant mothers. Something was very unnatural about the children they carried but they feared for their safety so they treated them and tried to help with a safe delivery. It turned out that wasn’t enough. The demonic children held a dark link to their mothers, feeding on their energy (effectively draining their levels). This kept Morti in a coma, left Fancy weakened considerably but killed the others. There was also a mark left on all the mothers and found on the cribs of the missing infants. The symbol was of a black bat-like creature with red eyes. It was more of a brand on Fancy’s stomach that held the potential to interfere with her holy blessings from the goddess. She also learned of her sister’s recent death and received the family heirloom sword. Still Fancy wanted her baby back!

She went for help from the guild with a reward and the blessing of her temple to back her. She selected a team. Courage the half orc fighter, Dawn the deaf human oracle, Than the goblin necromancer, Djelzeem the human rogue and Fursifer the halfling rogue. The party immediately set about gathering information. They visited several temples around the city (Sarenrae, Pharasma, and Abbadar) and learned of similar incidents occurring there too. The babies were all stolen and the midwives and mothers more often than not were slain. Even some of the priestesses of Pharasma were missing, but the offer of aid the head priestess originally offered was revoked when Than offended them by praising Urgathoa, his Goddess, and their mortal enemy inside the temple. So the group was kicked out instead.

Than eventually identified the symbol they had found and told them it belonged to a cult dedicated to Soul Eater the Demon Lord. The tale was of a demon Lord banished long ago by those that formed this branch of the guild. That name was also familiar to him since he was there when his teammates accidentally released that demon lord from his prison in the Cairnlands a few months back. This cult was composed entirely of fanatical teifling. In the tales the goblin knew, they magically impregnated women then collected the demonspawn offspring when they were born to serve their cult. Some were born as abominations, some were the teifling they desired and some other rare few were born entirely normal. The demon spawn were supposed to grow quickly reaching adulthood in months. They switched tactics since the hooded figures seemed to share demonic traits and the link to the babies was apparently demonic and evil in nature. Djelzeem, having arrived from far shores by ship, knew of a bar at the edges of the docks called The Hallows that was dedicated to teifling patrons. They thought it might be a good idea to try asking around there. While the humans, Fancy, Dawn and Djelzeem waited outside, Than, Courage and Fursifer slipped into the dimly lit bar to gather a little more information. The teiflings inside seemed wary of the outsiders. They whispered in the shadows and eyed them cautiously. Courage made straight for the main bar and began chatting up the bartender and owner in a not-so-subtle half orc fashion. The man was less than friendly. Fursifer and Than tried working as a team and took seats next to a lone teifling trying to gain his favor by buying him drinks. He only spoke to them in Abyssal so Than and the man had a grand conversation about halfling delicacies while Fursier struggled to make out the conversation and tried to present the man with the cult symbol by scratching it into the table. This made everyone nervous. Their dealings with the man ended in them being cast way and Than spilling the man’s drink in his lap “accidentally”. When a tiefling arrived from outside and joined a group in the corner both of the small folk decided there might be some trouble. Fursifer moved to the front door, opened it up and called to the humans “I think we found our guys!” That launched the bar into chaos. The quartet in the corner were indeed cult members and attacked immediately. They injured Than horribly and also hurt Fursifer. Than pulled back to his allies and cast sleep into the room. Unfortunately he only managed to drop Fursifer with his spell. They traded blows and Courage found himself inside alone and flanked by cult rogues stabbing him to the point that he dropped to the floor bleeding and unconscious. Dawn dropped a magical mist which shielded their retreat but also camouflaged the enemy. The party was divided and trying to bring down the cultists before they escaped while the bartender sent for the city guard. Than scared away the leader of the band in the alley outside and one other fled but they did bring down two cultists and carried them away for questioning. Dawn healed and retrieved Courage. Then she channeled to heal everyone since they were all pretty dinged up. When they were unsatisfied with their results of the threats and questioning they took them to the temple of Pharasma for further interrogation. The answers gained let them know where to look for one of the secret bases and that a ritual at midnight would be used to sacrifice the one normal baby. Fancy was worried it might be hers and they headed to the rescue.

Once at the cult hideout, they slipped in using stealth and worked as a team to surprise the demon mother. Courage interrupted her ceremony which saved the one normal human baby. Three abomination babies were here and attacked while two teifling babies huddled at the back of the room by their new mother. The remaining cultists that escaped earlier returned to add to the massive combat. Everyone fought with the rogues, Fursifer and Djelzeem, working together to flank and whittle down the enemy, Dawn using her magic and even rescuing the human baby, Fancy facing off with the abominations and the demon mother and Than tossing his spells into the mix to shake things up. Courage was cursed by the demon mother priestess, Than was spit on with adhesive spittle by the teifling baby boy and a group of them were sonic blasted by the teifling baby girl. The babies were defending their mother. Courage unleashed a huge assault and slashed the baby girl in half. Fancy was none too happy about that or the fact that the three abomination babies were laid to the ground too. She knew one of these was her baby – Damien. Delia, Morti’s little girl, turned out to be the teifling baby girl that Courage slaughtered but by doing so he set Morti free of the curse. The fight turned in their favor. They ended this hideout of the cultists, gained their reward from the temple and returned with two baby boys, one human and the other teifling. Fancy learned that the teifling baby was Damien. She sought the help of the temple to remove the cursed link between them and set her baby free of his ties to his unholy father, Soul Eater. Now her child is growing and quickly. Damien will be a young adult in a matter of months. His mother has already begun the process of training him and teaching him so that he too can join The Guild, wield the family heirloom sword and carry on her family name in honor of her late sister Gidget.

Fancy, Fursifer, Courage, Dawn, Djelzeem each earned 1118xp

Morti earned 200xp

Attacks from the Darkness Conclusion
The Rescue

XP: 2500

The Awakening
Off to find a lost book in the Precipice District ... easy!

The day began early with Chad wandering into the gathering hall where the few available members were gathered. He surveyed the group with disappointment and then held aloft the fancy paper with its golden writing and wax seal offering it to whoever wanted it. The group formed: Nicholas the aged alchemist, Sophie the comedic bard, Her younger disapproving sister Valla the shaman and Bergman the black-lunged investigator, sadly their brawn for the mission. They took the request and found it was a call from Lady Abigail Aruthella of the house of coins – nobles known for having a lot of wealth. They hurried along to meet with the lady and arrived at an estate that left them in awe. Greeted by doormen, escorted by house guards and waited on by servants, it was quite the reception. When the portly lady arrived dripping in finery they managed to repulse her in every way. It was as if these uncouth vagabonds had crawled from the sewers to assault her refined sensibility. Only Valla had the presence to present a respectable image. Her sister, Sophie, flashed the lady, while Bergman coughed on her hand, leaving a bit of his bloody spittle. Nicholas was equally inappropriate then made a scene about using the bathroom and later popped-a-squat in the bushes out front because she denied him. They managed to gather enough information and a map to proceed on the mission but didn’t bother with much in the way of information gathering. They had a map and a direction, find the black and gold book … oh, wait was it black and silver? Well, we’ll find it …

The trip to the precipice was easy enough with the help of purchased carriage rides. The guards at the gates got a hearty laugh when the party stopped to ask what they knew of the area before entering, the fools! Bergman turned out to be an excellent guide once they entered the district. Good thing since that brawn position was a bit sketchy. But, Sophie was sure to keep them entertained with her non-stop string of bad jokes succeeding at further embarrassing her judging sister. Bergman always laughed though, because she is hot! Nicholas picked his teeth and sang a few off key ditties and everyone made their way without incident.

Upon arrival at the half dilapidated mansion, they found a hooded and robed figure standing at the entrance with its back to them. Several of them tried calling out to the mysterious stranger but got no answer. Bergman, being the trusting sort, readied his crossbow and took a shot at them, missing terribly. Yep, good thing he was a great guide! It was Sophie that finally tapped the figure on the shoulder getting a response as the young woman jerked to face them. She was apparently deaf, which made Bergman trust her even less … how did she get here alone? Nicholas enjoyed engaging the young woman with pen and paper and soon learned she was led here by her dreams, a servant of the gods going by the name of Dawn. The old alchemist was all for bringing her along with them. They had a brief argument about what to do with Dawn, but she heard none of that and simply fell into line behind them as they entered the mansion. Bergman cautiously searched their path as they followed the map straight to the stairs and down to the library without pausing for so much as a peek in any other direction. He was sure to check for traps and test the floors though. They reached the grand library and began searching for the book among piles of scrolls and tomes. During their search they uncovered several scrolls and books on the waterways, gods, noble houses and one about the Aruthella household. Nicholas even found a heavy tome about rituals and ceremonies. But it was Sophie who found the the book they sought. She picked it up and began to skim the first pages of the black and silver bound, skull marked book. It was magical and forced her to read the arcane words inscribed there, words that finished a dark ceremony begun over a decade past. A ghost, the man who owned the book in life, Abigail’s uncle and a necromancer of great power killed in the earthquake appeared and began to laugh as his ceremony was finally completed. The ground shook as a cold wave of energy blasted through everyone. The book flew away as the Ceremony of Awakening was completed and the ghost vanished. Everyone looked about unsure what had happened. They spotted a shadow darting about the room, alive! Nicholas threw a torch at it, singing the creature. It struck him back twice, draining the old man’s feeble strength to nothingness. He crumbled to the floor under the weight of his own clothing. It darted at Bergman depleting his strength next. There went their brawn. The others did what they could with Valla and Dawn calling upon divine power to create stones for them to throw at it. They were enchanted to be deadly against the undead. Eventually they destroyed the thing but not before something else began to pound at the barred door to the library. Dawn never heard the pounding and actually backed up to the doorway before Bergman raced over to hold it secure. The others ran for the second exit with Sophie in the lead. The bard heard more pounding at that door. The doors began to shatter under the beating they received and a ghoul wedged itself into the first portal while skeletons and zombies busted through the other entry. Sophie’s grease spells kept them slipping and falling and actually saved their hides while the others used magical stones supplied by Valla and Dawn to destroy the shambling bodies. Although many of the stones missed their mark and went bouncing around the chamber, lost under piles of rubble and parchment. Nicholas’ bombs came in handy too, blowing the bodies apart in masses, until he accidentally dropped one in front of his feet and burned himself. The undead continued to pour towards the chamber, summoned by the Ceremony of Awakening Sophie had completed. The level below the library was a catacomb filled with the burial sites of the long lived Aruthella line. The party continued to try and push their way out of the library and made it into the hallway they entered from, but it was a slow and losing process. At one point Sophie was paralyzed by a ghoul and Bergman found himself shredded by skeletal claws as did Valla, while Dawn felt the solid blow of a Zombie. They had toyed with an idea Nicholas suggested earlier but abandoned it quickly as the undead surrounded them. Now they were trapped in the hallway so the idea seemed their best bet. The book of ceremonies the old man had found earlier was the focus. They dug through the pages scanning for any sign of the Ceremony of Awakening. They found it! Nicholas began the undoing of the ceremony aided by whoever was not being shredded by the masses of undead surrounding them. Valla, Dawn and Sophie all added their bits of arcane knowledge to the process to help the man complete the ceremony. They each paused as they were attacked. Bergman fought on steadily with his weakened strength. The deaf girl destroyed multiple skeletons with her club, giving them breathing room to aid the alchemist. When Nicholas committed to the process he gave it his all and raced through the words to undo what had been done. At an astounding speed born of pure adrenaline and fear, they completed the process and reversed the magic of the ceremony. It came none too soon as those fending off the undead were all but drained of life. The undead collapsed around them as the false life left the corpses. Not wanting to waste any time or take any chances they ran from the old Aruthella estate and hurried through the Precipice eager to be free of this place before darkness set in. They took the book, which was not a diary as they were led to believe but a powerful spell book of necromancy to their guild to be studied. The higher ranking members thanked them for their foresight but had them deliver the item to Lady Abigail and complete the mission. Dawn was invited to join The Guild with her newfound abilities and everyone was paid for their efforts plus a nice sum of cash from the sale of the other tomes they uncovered in the library. They are unsure if there were any lasting effects of the magic, but they did make a hasty copy of the ceremony and it’s undoing before selling that book – just in case.

Bergman, Sophie, Nicholas, Valla and Dawn each earned ???xp

Attacks from the Darkness

Venture Captain Alek made an all hands call to all available Guild Members after coming to suspect that the Guild or some of it’s members may be in danger. Alek explained what he could to gathered members of the guild in the great hall. Watches were posted, but when the attack came it was not at the guild hall but the north most gate of the East Gate residential district and the Precipice District.

It only took a couple minutes for the guild to respond, Alek and his team were the first to teleport in response to the opened gate. Shadows, skeleton, zombies and ghouls all seem to be making their way out into the town. multiple guard had already been killed and as the fight drew on, raised themselves as shadows that had killed them.

The fight took a turn when a monstrous creature known as a Night Walker appeared at the gate. A couple party member speculating that it had been summoned by a Zombie Lord the was seen silently mouthing words from within the broken gate. The lower level members of the party fled, chasing a lone ghoul and saving a local pleasure house from becoming a complete shadow filled conclave.

In the end, reinforcements from the guild arrived. The undead slain and the Shade defeated, but the morning would reveal the the City Council was holding the guild responsible.

The party is now seeking Lord Zaylus, a mage of some power and repute was known to have helped architect the wards on the gates and walls of the Precipice. A mage that is now being held deep with in the Brine Prison.

XP: ??


The call to serve the guild began with Venture Captain Alick calling for all hands-on-deck! The objective was simple, search for this Keleshite female named Kierra. Alick reserved a few members for a special agenda. Those members were to travel the “Zul’d Flume” in the Petal district and speak to a Sultan from Osirion. Alick spoke as to wanting this Sultans future business. The party learned one cannot just go to this fine establishment without proper attire. The guild organized a remedy for this. The group was assigned a fashion liaison and sent to the most fashionable outfitters one can imagine. After several design choices by both the trail guild members and the two current full members they were rushed about.

Sultan Kulbad was awaiting the presence of the party with reserved patience. It was easy to catch onto the fact the Sultan was a seasoned wizard. The Sultan demanded this Keleshite woman named Kierra along with her valuables be found and delivered to an address in the Ivy district. The dialog seemed direct and the Sultan was annoyed easily. He spoke of this young lady being unable to understand her power. He mentioned she has not begun to understand her past. He also noted that this person cannot be scryed upon. The additional information about this woman the party received was, she was believed to be alone, he had no idea where she was in the city, the Keleshite heritage was deeply rooted into worshiping Sarenrae. and other interested factions were already looking for her. After several minutes of the Sultan answered the inquiries from the party, he gestured that they start on their task, a task that paid well. Coinage was brought up for the party for bribing. The Sultan obliged this request with 300 gold per person.

It became very apparent numerous folks were looking for this mystery woman. A clue presented itself, persons with razor tattoos on their forearm. Searching for several hours the party came across the information that the Drywell street in the Puddles was experiencing severe problems with disturbances. A muckrucker informed the group that some folks took a lady to an old crumbled temple within the Puddles. The party was hesitant to run ahead and surveyed the area. Adam detected a sentient mind with a spell. Shok found a trap leading down to the downstairs. So an alternative route down stairs was found. The party ascended into the watery tunnel. They found a skull wrapped in chains painted on the door along with a few traps. Shok peered around the corner and saw a figure with a spiked chain awaiting them.

The battle was brief, Shok made very short work of all three opponents! The spoils were meager! A chest within a chest was found that had a geas scroll combined with a contract. The thieves guild called the Bloody Barbers looked to be recruiting mercenaries to acquire at time called the Amulet of Eyes. But something seems amiss, still no Kierra!

The Pride of Absalom
... To challenge a giant ...

Three weeks had passed since the induction of a whole new band of recruits to help flesh out the depleted guild. The leaders at The Guild had their reservations about this lot, more so than the others that came before them. Experts retrained into fit adventurers was not such a simple or easy task. Traveller went from courier to Witch of the elements with her new familiar the lively fox named Willow, Nicholas evolved from herbalist to alchemist but a mishap in the lab left him in recovery and missing a finger. That was just one sign that they might have made a mistake with this lot. Egglantine left her herbalist roots to take up the trying mantle of paladin carrying her book of documented failures, while Sophie took less of a shift from Courtesan to comedian Bard. Her judgmental little sister, Valla, learned to speak with their ancestors and share her sisters transgressions in the role of a shaman, and Kass the engineer with questionable morals honed skills as a rogue while posing as a nobleman. The final training took Bergman from slave miner to investigator and the ever-moody Theri focused her roiling emotions into the role of a bloodrager.

They were all called together to test their mettle and shape up for their first mission. Apu a local merchant and former hireling to Dr. Reznik, used his connections with The Guild to garner a reduced price on a mission. The connections plus a general desire to see these new bloods tested led to the acceptance of a minimal fee of 100gp to escort him beyond the city walls, beyond the Cairnlands and into the open lands in search of a Varisian caravan in hopes of trading his goods before they reached a proper settlement. Apu had already done his research in locating them with scouts but the scouts returned before reaching them with news of cat creatures lurking in the tall grass. They feared for their lives and that information led to him hiring this band as protectors. The former experts compared skills and new training to form a band worthy of the task. Traveller, Egglantine, Kass and Theri were selected to make the journey and earn the gold. When they learned what the task and minimal compensation was, Traveller set the tone with the phrase “You get what you pay for”.

Apu had his wagon pulled by an axebeak and two pack mules loaded down with goods for trading. They made an immediate departure and noticed the lurking shadows moving about the ruins in the Cairnlands but chose to wisely avoid any conflict there. Once in the wilds, Theri, though often distracted, found it easy to lead them in the direction they suspected the Varisian caravan to be located. A day’s ride through the wilds had them tromping through waist-high grasses when they were waylaid by a band of strange gray humanoids. Only Kass spotted them before their attack was launched and only he was not targeted. Apu took an arrow to the chest and began berating his guards for their failures. Egglantine dodged the arrow that flew her way but both Traveller and Theri were not so lucky. Traveller moved to hide, heal herself and Apu, then pelt the enemy with her sling. Theri flew into a mad rage and cut the nearest creature in half with one swing of her heavy blade. The aging shepherdess was even more deadly with her new weapon and training. Kass added a few crossbow bolts to the fight while Egglantine slew the next enemy and then moved to help him. Theri added another dead body to be stripped. The first threat was gone and they had survived to continue the mission.

As dusk set in, the wisps of fire smoke showed in the distance so they continued on to find a remote farming family closing up for the night. The man, woman and child stowed their goats and chickens. They were unprepared for the arrival of the adventurers. After calming them and assuring them that Theri was harmless, Kass spotted watchers in the tall grass. He fired an arrow and called to draw them out. Three catfolk plus their hunting cheetah revealed themselves. Felix the archer and scouting leader, Purrnima the magically gifted whip wielder, and Dirrasha monk and daughter of the former chieftain all introduced themselves. It turned out that the catfolk were here to protect not hurt. They had been tracking the leader of the gray skinned army (hobgoblins), Shandalla the Frost Giant Queen. They told a story of the giant coming down from the mountains and attacking their pride in the night. She slaughtered a handful of their people before scattering them to the winds, but she had also taken Dirrasha’s little sister Thannis prisoner. They spoke of others from the area, farmers and even a couple of survivors from a large foreign caravan (the Varisians) she destroyed being held prisoner. The catfolk were following her forces and picking off as many of the hobgoblin raiders as they could while planning a time to strike and rescue their pride member. The adventurers stayed at the farmhouse as guests of the farmer. In the night more hobgoblins raided, breaching both house and barn. Traveller sounded the alarm since she was on watch, though her alarm came in the form of her pounding on the locked front door of the house while screaming for help. She dropped one to sleep while waiting for the others to let her in. Kass and Egglantine worked together to subdue the enemies that entered the home, while Theri fought off one in the barn after being awakened with a short-sword to the ribs. Traveller, Apu and Theri were injured as was the farmer but they managed to fend them off with the surprise aid of Felix the archer who arrived in the nick of time to stop the creatures from running off with Apu’s goods. The catfolk fighter was also instrumental in tracking down and recovering the missing axebeak. Traveller spent most of her time healing and tending to the many injured, including waking Felix after he was knocked unconscious.

Come morning a heated debate rose amongst the group. Apu, learning that the Varisian caravan was destroyed, decided that his mission was over and ordered his escorts to guide him back to town immediately before more hobgoblins returned. Egglantine was outraged and insisted on rescuing the prisoners taken by the giant’s forces. Apu called her an oathbreaker and promised to report them all to The Guild for breaching their contract, but they ignored him and left him with the farmers to join the catfolk in a raiding rescue mission.

The catfolk had gathered copious amounts of information on the giant’s forces and their habits. Using that information, they planned to hit the camp at dark when the giant left on her nightly hunt taking a considerable amount of her forces with her. They watched and waited and true to the information gathered the giant left and the camp was much quieter. There was a moment of debate over the best plan of action with some wanting to create a distraction, others wanting to split into two groups to hit the camp from two fronts and others wanting to stick together and slowly sweep in picking off the outlying guards as they went. Egglantine refused the idea of splitting up and they decided to use the sweeping plan as a group. Theri and Felix took up positions on over-watch with ranged weapons while Traveller and Purrnima used their magic skills. Egglantine and Dirrasha kept guard over the magic users. Purrnima kept them connected via her message spells. Purrnima would dampen their senses then Traveller put them to sleep and Kass slipped up to slit the sleeping guards throats. It worked well on the first two and they made their way to the main tent. Inside Kass found Thannis the cat prisoner chained to the giant’s throne and an orc nursemaid telling stories to a horde of hobgoblin and orc children. He warned the others and slipped inside to set about freeing Thannis. He unlocked her chains and her sister, Dirrasha carried her clear to safety. During that time, Traveller, Purrnima and Felix slipped inside to deal with the orc and the brood. Egglantine told them they would not be killing any children. Though she resisted the sleep hex from Traveller, Purrnima managed to put the majority of the children to sleep and the hex worked on the final child still standing. The orc nursemaid seemed confused by her suddenly sleeping children and even heard noises when Felix and Traveller exited the tent, but the children were her priority. The one Traveller put to sleep woke up just in time to draw her back from further search after she called out to the dead body she thought was a sleeping guard. With the first captive free, the party felt a sense of vigor and pushed on to the magic tent where they knew the other prisoners to be. They were warned of a magic-using hobgoblin inside. They needed a distraction to lure the guards away so Purrnima again called on her magic, creating glowing balls of torchlight that drifted through the tall grass just outside of the camp. It was spotted by several guards who went to investigate and called the others. While Purrnima led them away with the light, Traveller detected magic in the tent – most likely the spell-caster. Kass and Felix entered finding the remaining human prisoners and the hobgoblin witch. Traveller’s slumber hex dropped the witch and Kass slit her throat while dodging her viper familiar’s bite. Traveller then put the snake to sleep and it was dispatched as well. Egglantine cut the prisoners free and led them to the safety of the tall grass. The hobgoblins raced to the tents to get their orc and bugbear captains plus the witch but the party was already slipping away. The witch’s body was dragged out as well and looted and the party plus their rescued captives fled into the night victorious!

They returned with Apu to the city where he filed an official complaint with The Guild and did not pay them. The Varisians that survived the giant’s attack were in town and offering a reward for their kinsmen so the group earned 300gp from them which they shared with the catfolk who escorted them back. An invitation to join The Guild was extended to the catfolk that aided them and was accepted. The addition of three capable catfolk, explanation of what happened, news of the Giant Queen Shandalla stalking about the wilds and the praise of the Varisians outweighed the complaints from one angry merchant. To save face, as punishment for their transgressions against Apu, those responsible were required to sign a writ of service without any complications free of charge to the man at a future date.

Egglantine, Traveller, Theri and Kass each earned 1,124xp

Apu earned 662xp

Felix, Purnima and Dirrasha each earned 462xp


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