Ye Gilde

Lady Alinza's Holiday part 7
Cultists Compound Part 2
Once the group was able to gather themselves, as well as some much needed healing potions from the deceased culists, they turned their interests to the rest of the room. Upon a thorough search, they were able to find a secret door in the south wall in this room.

tiefling_alchemist.jpg As they enter the room they find a cultist and an alchemist. The alchemist quickly drank an extract as the heros entered the room. He then floated above the fray, raining down deadly incendiary bombs. The group makes quick work of the one remaining guard, but can’t reach the alchemist from his high pearch. Ursoc tries to strike him with javelin, but his aim is poor and throws ineffective. A direct hit on Piria drops her unconscious, but some quick healing gets her back on her feet. She then retreats from the room, trying to hit with her sling from the doorway.
Lady Alinza attempts to gain the upper hand by smiting the Alchemist, but she fails to strike a blow. She is also knocked unconscious by a deadly bomb. Tendegor takes a direct hit and catches fire, but chooses to fight on rather than dousing himself, necessitating Abe to use the last of the healing wand to keep Tendegor in the fight.
Abe tries to aid with his longbow, but the Great Dreamer has disfavored his efforts. A steady stream of weak but constant sling blows from Kanina finally whittle down their lofty foe. Abe is finally able, with his first successful strike to the evening, to drive a final arrow through the alchemists heart. As his corpse slowly floats to the ground, the party takes stock and heals those that are wounded as best they can. After searching this secret room the party finds a journal, likely belonging to the alchemist as well as a large key.
The companions then go to search the other two unopened doors to from the main large room. The one to the north appears to be another laboratory. As the party files into the room, Birf notices that the tables and shelves are not resting on the floor, but bolted to the walls. Seeing this unusual detail, the party realizes that this is a large trap and if Birf had stepped onto the floor, several party members would be pleading their case to the Lady of Graves. The final room appears to be sleeping quarters for the cultists and goblins. Some treasure is found here, as well as a locked chest. Piria fails to see the trap on the lock, but Song of Spheres’ favor allows her to avoid the poisoned needle.
Our weary travelers then return to the upper floor to complete their search of the last two doors from the first level. The door to the east is a some type of storage room, but upon further inspection, the party finds a secret door leading to a second entrance into the complex. The final door, the heavy steel one, is locked, but Ursoc opens it with the key. As the door opens a dragon immediately attacks Ursoc, severely injuring him. As the party tries to file past in hopes of getting to a more open space, the dragon, who seems to move with preternatural speed, lashes out to strike almost every party member.
Abe and Birf both attempt to determine if the dragon is evil, but they are unable to get a reading with their spells. The creature is clearly emaciated and is not responding to pleas in common. Finally, the heros find need to defeat the creature, dropping it to unconsciousness. They then take the dragon with them to the safe house in hopes of reviving it.
At the safe house they are able to read the journal, learning the name of the alchemist was Verdavite. It appears to be one part research journal, one part philosophical treatise, and one part personal diary. It appears from his note that the cult is attempting to produce some kind of elixir or other effect to extend life, including their efforts to distill Lady Alinza’s purported magical nature and starving of the dragon for some reason. They were also able to learn that a devil of some sort had taken sway over the Master despite Verdavite’s misgivings. Finally the Master appears to have moved to the Vergan forest in hopes of finding some new source of magical power after Lady Alinza escaped.
That night, Tendegor has a dream revealing that the dragon was a Time Dragon, which is naturally immortal. Several days rest has allowed our intrepid adventurers to recover from their ordeals before they set off on the next leg of their adventure.
600 xp

Lady Alinza's Holiday Part 6
Cultists Compound Part 1
After a harrowing, narrow escape the group of heros cower in the underground, waiting for a clear moment to flee for safety. A figure steps to the entry to their hiding place. Clad armor that is dented and scuffed, she carries a halberd that is notched and coated in blood. Although her features have aged as if weighed down with grief and strife and she has clearly been through a harrowing battle the guild members recognize the young girl from the painting. They have finally found the person they sought, before them stands Lady Alinza.

Accompanying her is a new gentleman, with an unpronounceable name AKA Birf. He appears to also shine through with divine glory, but is also very sketchy about if he is going to stick around. Lady Alinza and her companion lead the group into the sewers, in hopes of reaching a safehouse. On their way, Ursoc saw a group of dire rats poised to attack. Lady Alinza was injured by their bite and took on a pallid complexion. The fight was over in but a few moments, with Piria shining with her whip, taking out two rats on her own.
Lady Alinza finally leads them to a place they can rest, urging them to climb the ladder to the small hovel she had called home. After a quick circle back to be sure they were not followed, the Lady joined the companions in their current home. Once they were safe, the group was very curious about Alinza’s time since she went missing and her family history.
She was able to describe her abduction and subsequent rescue. She may have tarried in Caliphas too long, hoping to learn more of her family’s history from the records kept there. She learned that he was at least 100 years old, but little else. She was attacked before getting on the ship and was held against her will for the full 5 day voyage. The cultists kept asking about her “Papa” and the secret to his longevity. She didn’t have much to share, as it never really occurred to her to ask. They did take samples of her blood while being held captive. The Resistance attacked the ship she was on, having had some intelligence that it carried some high value cargo. She then joined to help her rescuers in their quest for freedom, and also to learn more about herself and why she was targeted.
She was able to share with her new found companions a bit of the Ritter’s history. About how he left home looking for his fortune and had success as an adventurer. How he purchased his title and settled down. And that her parents died when she was barely and infant and that Papa Gunter raise her. Lady Alinza then asked if the heros would help her further.
Initially they were skeptical of putting her in harm’s way, particularly Abe who had people other than himself to consider. Lady Alinza was able to impress upon them that, even if she flees, it is unlikely that she would be safe and nothing would stop the cultists from coming after her or her family again. She promised to send a letter to the Ritter letting him know she was well and was able to procure some masterwork equipment to assist the party. Finally, after making assurances that she would intervene on their behalf in raising the fee for her rescue was she able to convince the party to help.
Lady Alinza had tracked her captors to an abandoned temple in town and believed they were some splinter group from the main church. With each equipped with their new items, the newly bolstered party followed Lady Alinza to this location. Upon approach, the companions were able to see this abandoned building once was a church to Nethys, god of knowledge, but it was in significant disrepair. While searching the interior for any clues, Abe noticed an interloper watching the party from one of the windows.
As he turned to flee, Kanina jumped through the mostly shattered window and tackled him to the ground. The other people quickly followed, and Tendegor walked around to the outside at a leisurely pace. She onlooker drew his weapon and threatened to kill them all, attacking wildly with his rapier. Piria was able to get him with her whip, killing him. A further search of the church located a hidden door leading to an underground tunnel.
Tendegor was the first down the ladder and encounter three guards playing a game of chance at a table. They quickly took up arms against him. With their superior reach from wielding guisarmes, the guards were able to slow the heros’ attempts to come down the ladder into the room. Ursoc was able to finally get into position and mauled one guard to death. Abe and Birf were able to take down the other two, even as one was attempting to flee out the door.
The next hall was L shaped, with three doors, two of wood and one of steel. Ignoring the two on each side of the hall, Birf moved to the one at the end and opened it. Inside were several goblins in front of a makeshift barrier and two more cultists behind. The group made quick work of the goblins, but one cultist was able to block running past the barrier. The second custist threw a lantern igniting the oil slick on the floor. Abe was able to douse the flame with create water before the whole room went up in a conflagration. The one cultist blocking the way forward finally fell, but the second quickly fled down the hall, raising the alarm.
In the next door the party found another ladder leading down and then a straight hall ending in a door barred from the other side. Ursoc was able to break down the door after several minutes of trying. As a reward for their efforts, the party was stricken with a lightning bolt. As Lady Luck had left them, this quickly depleted the party’s healing resources.
The next room was a large circular chamber filled with all manor of magical machinery. There were also several cultists and five goblins who were using short bows to attack while standing out of reach on top of the machinery. Abe was able to move skillfully into the room, attacking a cultist and helping to turn the tide of the battle. Piria took out one of the goblins, and Birf another. The heros were finally able to go on the offensive, moving quickly to attack the wizard. He was able to get off a few more spells, but was finally killed by Piria’s dangerous whip. The last of the goblins attempted to flee, but was chased down by Abe.
Having ended the initial danger, the party took a few moments to collect themselves and take stock of their condition before pushing on.
946 exp

The Pilgrimage Home
Reunited and it feels so good

They regrouped minus the lost pants-less dwarf and with the rescued teen-aged girl in tow. She guided them back to her village, SeaShore. The villagers were overjoyed to hear about the destruction of the Hag’s minions. They threw a celebration dinner in honor of their new heroes and offered a ferry back to the main land once the party learned their actual whereabouts. Still in Cheliax, if a bit closer to home, at least they were nearest a substantial port town where passage back to Andoran might be possible.

The villagers dropped them off on the coast near the Anferita Wood. The journey of a day and a half would get them to Corentyn’s gates. Too bad they were spotted by a pack of hungry yeth hounds upon landing. The overcast day encouraged their hunt. The baying of the otherworldly hounds carried far and wide as they dove to attack. The sound struck Jaron at his core, sending the investigator fleeing into the wilderness in a pure panic. Lemmy’s Slingstaff, Gwaiyu’s braced spear and Bart’s trident made quick work of the hounds with only a few bite wounds to show for the effort. An old friend, Elmer, appeared just in time as they dealt with the last hound.

Unbeknownst to them, Elmer and his trusty pack dog had been on a journey of their own to find them. The farmer/ fighter had a personal quest in mind and needed their help. He made his way to the port city and even consulted the famed seer Madam Perinsky to find his lost comrades. She warned him that Ill-fortune surrounded them.

Before proper introductions could be made, another enemy appeared, drawn by the baying hounds. A trio of manticores arrived. Eager to kill whatever the hounds had uncovered. Seeing human victims, their favorite meal, made them very happy. Diplomacy failed. Balinda’s illousions led one astray while a second swooped down to attack Elmer, Bart tried intimidating them but that also failed. The third hovered firing tail spikes at the group. Concerted efforts dealt with each creature in turn but heavy injuries were suffered. As always they patched their wounds and debated how to get to Corentyn. Lemmy had to straighten out the argument between Bart and Elmer. They were both wrong! The halfling found the path and an uneventful jaunt reached the port city. Sadly, they could not track down Jaron …?

The city seemed in a bustle. Several party members noticed the local Cheliaxian military searching the inns. Lemmy even spotted a small child, no another halfling, shadowing them. Balinda mentioned that the local thieves guild, The Thin Wisps, was dominated by halflings. Lemmy dazed him and Bart confronted the creeper. He quickly offered a smile and waved away any threat. Kip was quite friendly, and Lemmy noticed, quite handsome. The halflings traded iuendos until Kip told them his boss, Kantha, wanted to meet them. She had an offer for them. Not wanting to get caught up in the hype with the guards, they accepted. Following Kip they soon learned that her offer was more of a blackmail.

The city guards were hunting for the flame-haired halfling woman and her friends, including a demon-blood priest. The famed Madam Perinsky predicted it. And there was a 1,000gp reward on their heads. Kantha, head of the guild, offered a deal to not turn over the party and even help them find passage out of town if they did a simple mission for her. Evidently, they were now wanted for killing the naval leutenant’s pet manticores.

The mission was to deliver a sealed box to an abandoned temple at the edge of the wood and retrieve whatever was left on said altar in exchange at midnight. Off they went. Gwaiyu accepted the deal and carried the box. They found the abandoned temple to Aroden and did as instructed, taking up observation positions around the temple in the forest for good measure. At midnight an old woman arrived and entered. A scream of “blasphemy!” Woke everyone followed by a sinister female laugh. A bearded devil and an accuser devil appeared, asking the person inside “if they got it?”. That prompted Elmer to lead an assault to stop the devils from doing whatever they were doing. Too bad the accuser devil greased his bow and made him drop it. Seconds later a floating woman shrouded in mist with four arms exited the temple. She spotted little Lemmy hiding in a tree and blew her up with a fireball. The fight progressed, the bearded devil went down first after a deep cut on Bart. The accuser devil remained mesmerized by Balinda’s wandering star motes. The female devil proved incredibly hard to hit and harder to damage. She was something called a Cabal Devil. Lemmy kept unloading magic and screaming out warnings as her spells failed. “Don’t use fire!”, “Don’t use cold!”, “Don’t use magic missiles!”. Elmer’s huge sword barely scratched her, Gwaiyu’s spiritual weapon and Lemmy’s Staffsling dealt some hits, and Balinda’s magic left a few scrapes. Fire ball after fireball blew up the party leaving them all crispy and weak. The outcome seemed bleak. On his last legs, Bart swung his trident at the powerful devil and miraculously landed a critical hit, skewering her and dropping her to the ground. The accuser devil managed to teleport away with the entire encounter recorded.

The devils dead or gone, they focused on helping the old woman. They found her inside paralyzed. She awoke and thanked them for saving her with words and gifts. She also gave them a scroll to take back in exchange for the box. Jaron awaited them back in Corentyn. The exchange bought them all passage on a fishing boat to the nearest Andoran port – Chimera’s Cove!

Elmer, Bart, Gwaiyu, Lemmywinks, and Balinda earned 4,480 xp each

Lady Alinza's Holiday Part 5
Of Councils and Combat
The next morning Costella returns to collect our traveling misfits from their safehouse/holding cell, but she was not alone. Joining her was a stoic masked gentleman. The two proceeded to place sacks over the heads of each of the heros, and had each hold hands as she led them into the sewers. A twisting and turning route led the five through the sewers, up and down a flight of stairs, into a smaller space and then back into the sewers.

At one point the two leaders pushed the companions against the wall and began whispering to each other, clearly concerned about what might be ahead. The direction was quickly reversed, fleeing down the way they had come at the quickest rate possible while blindfolded. Suddenly their guides pushed our heros into a deep alcove as one departed. The only sense they had of this intrepid beast was a deep gurgling sound and the overwhelming stench of rot and garbage. After a few moments, the danger appeared to pass and the guides were on their way again.
Finally the travellers were lead through a small doorway and their hoods removed. Finally able to see, Costella bid them to wait here while she prepares for their audience. As she stepped out, their masked man remained with his back to the door. After a few moments, Costella returned and led them to a large audience chamber, This room was a round room, about 100 feet in diameter with several doors from varying directions. The walls were lined with people between 3 and 5 deep, each masked. The center of the room was dominated by a semicircular table seating seven figures. Each had a mask that was more elaborate and complex then any other.
Presently, the man at the center of the table addresses the group, asking what their purpose was in Xer. Abe responded, saying that they were their looking for Lady Alinza. Again he asked, “what is your purpose here?” Abe explained further that they were sent by her great grandfather to guarantee her safe return to her home. The speaker responded that he “knew of her,” but was circumspect when it came to any more details. The woman to the first speaker’s right then intoned, “How do we know you are not spies, come to discover our hidden location and lead our enemies to us?” Another man from the table interjected, “We should just slit their throats and be done with them.”
Before a decision could be made, a blinding flash of light came from behind the group, as they turned a large magical passageway had opened in the far wall, someone yelled “death to the infidels!” as soldiers began pouring into the room along with two brutish minotaurs, each powerful enough to take on all five of our heros at once. Many of the rooms inhabitants began to flee while others took up arms to fight the invaders. Several of those upon the dias disappeared or fleed while two stood to fight. A blast of lightning streaked across the room, seriously injuring one of the minotaurs and killing several other guardsmen.
Kanina moved in to fight the soldiers, as the second minotaur charged at Ursoc, injuring him. A cloud of fog settled over the battle greatly hindering both groups and slowing the soldiers’ advance. Ursoc continued to fight the Minotaur, while Piria and Abe closed in to assist. A blinding light was seen blasting down into the middle of the fog, its target unclear. Piria and Abe were able to take down the Minotaur and then the five turned to fight the soldiers they could see. After several moments the fog dissipated and it became clear that the second minotaur was no more.
Just as it appeared the group had the upper hand, a second wave of soldiers emerged, this time with two devils, both more powerful than the minotaurs. A sorcerer among the soldiers cast magic missiles, hitting Ursoc with each. Overtaken by the throes of rage, Ursoc charged the sorcerer, but was disfavored by Desna, failing to even lay a hand upon him. The Devil in turn lashed out, striking Ursoc with such a forceful blow it would have felled any one of his companions, but not only was Ursoc still alive, he stood yet and continued the fight. Swift action by Abe and Tendegor helped to keep him hale and in the fight.
The Sorcerer attempted to enchant Ursoc and bend his mind to the sorcerer’s will. But Ursoc was able to keep his wits about him. One of the remaining council members stuck out again with lightning, hitting the second devil. This devil then teleported up to combat the council. Abe, hoping to get the upper hand moves to flank the sorcerer but instead gets an acid arrow in the face. Kanina also moved in and was able to kill the spellcaster. The remaining devil continued to cause trouble for the group, as well as the remaining soldiers. They were able to injure Kanina to the point that she collapsed from her wounds.
As things were looking grim, unexpected assistance arrived. One of the council members reappeared, blasting the devil the companions were facing with lightning, wounding him and allowing Tendegor to fell him with a mighty strike of his axe. Abe was able to quickly heal Kaninia, getting her back on her feet. Just as the soldiers again appeared to have lost, the room shook with a booming voice, speaking in some otherworldly tongue. Then a massive leg, itself the size of a man, steps out of the portal. Fearing this creature to be too powerful for even the whole of the remaining combatants, the five turned to flee.
Costella emerged from the crowd again, motion for our heros to follow her, leading them down a passage to try and escape. The group came upon a collapsed tunnel, which they had dexterously leap over. Several did so without trouble, but Abe and the stubby-legged Tendegor were unable to do so without several tries. Next was a wall that had to be scaled to avoid those in pursuit. Again Tendegor was disfavored by the Song of Spheres, unable to gain purchase upon the craggy surface. Kanina used a rope to assist her friend but the soldiers were right on their tail. Abe hung back, hoping to heal his companions but let Ursoc and Piria run ahead.
Finally, the Great Dreamer sought fit to smile down upon them, as the soldiers were unable land a blow upon the heros as they fled. Costella led them to a hiding place where they were able to conceal themselves and avoid more combat. Taking but a few moments to rest and regroup, the companions again prepared to venture forth in hopes of finding safe harbor.
Pary loot consisted of a hastily grabbed scroll case with 3 unidentified scrolls and one scroll of levitate.
1460 exp.

Lady Alinza's Holiday Part 4
From Sea to Shore

Having delivered the mysterious book as promised to Captain Skala Zemerin our intrepid band of misfits took a much deserved rest, taking the opportunity to complete any errands in Caliphas before departing for the next leg of their adventure. The fantastic fivesome met with the Captain at her ship the next morning ready to set sail. After a quick tour of the ship the met with Captain Skala in her cabin. She explained that they would be sailing for three and a half days and that she had a plan to sneak them into Xer unnoticed, but that the details would wait until they were closer.
The first day passed uneventfully on the waters of Lake Encarthan. Kanina made friends with Gary, who showed her around the ship. The seas were calm and wind to their backs, the boat made good time. The next day was a bit choppier. Kanina became unwell from sea sickness and Tendagor had continuous explosive diarrhea.
As the day wore one of the group noticed a shape in the water, but it quickly dropped out of sight. Soon a creature surfaced and immediately began to attack. This monstrous creature of the deep bit Piria a, almost killing her instantly. The Party was quickly out of their depth, unable to hit the creature off the port side of the ship as it continued to strike at them. The group survived only because a fortuitous wind kicked up, blowing the ship away from the beast. Even then, the creature seemed to pursue, closing with the ship at an alarming speed. As another twist, despite being in reach in but a few seconds, it seemed to just give up. Slipping back into the deep insearch of easier prey.
The next day the seas were still choppy, but calmer than the day before. Kanina seemed to recover from her sea sickness, just in time for Piria to succom instead. The day passed uneventfully. That evening Captain Skala called the heros to her cabin to fill them in on the rest of the plan. She also gave them an instant boat which activates upon being placed in water, last for an hour and can be used for up to three times. As they approached the mouth of the West Selen, the sails were trimmed and anchor dropped. The companions were told to get some rest, as the ship would wait there so as to approach Xer under cover of darkness. While the ship sat at anchor three Merrow climbed aboard, hoping for an easy score. The group was able to quickly dispatch the interlopers, acquiring a significant amount of freshwater pearls.
As midnight neared, The ship was once again at sail. They approached within 200 yards of shore, but instead of going to the docks, they dropped anchor at the west end of town. The boat was placed in the water and the quintet piled in. Ursoc and Abe set to rowing toward shore. Ursoc lost an oar in the river, forcing Abe to work twice as hard. They were able to pull up to shore along a stone sea wall. Almost all were able to climb up with little effort, but Tendegor, ever the clod, slipped and fell into the water. This attracted the attention of two City guards. They confronted the group and attacked. The two were quickly dispatched, but the alarm had been raised. Quickly deactivating the boat, the party fled into the city streets hoping to reach their safe house before more guards appeared.
Moving through the streets was a perilous prospect even at the best of times, but a few clumsy attempts at stealth, and with the disfavor of Desna apparent, our heros had a tough going. They were attacked twice more by city guards, but were able to dispatch them and finally made it to their destination. As they approached the Rusty Cauldron Potion Shop, Abe presented the token he was given by Captain Zemerin. The lock gave way and the door stood slightly ajar. Coming in, the companions found a small potion shop with a door to the rear. Entering the back room, they encountered Costella Simp. She was immediately suspicious of the group, but upon seeing the token she led them into the underground.
After several minutes of twists and turns through the sewers of Xer, Costella finally stopped and opened a hidden door, leading the five into a small safehouse. Costella asked of them to tell her their business in the city and how they came to be in possession of the token. Finally she asked Abe to speak a falsehood. Abe attempted but was prevented from doing so by some magical means. At this point, Costella bids them to rest, stating she will be back in the morning to collect them.
920 exp.

Hag Reef

Meanwhile back on the Chelaxian coast, the successful adventurers bid farewell to the cursed oceanside village and its Aztlanti ruins. The reboarded the repaired Chelaxian navy scout ship and began the trip home to friendly waters. Hopefully the undercrewed vessel wouldn’t run into any more problems.

Run_Aground_Sunken_Ship_1_001.jpgNaturally that was too much to ask of Fate and one foggy morning in the Inner Sea the ship grounded on a dark black reef. What a rude awakening for those sleeping below deck. Everyone was separated during the chaos of the foundering ship. Balinda and Gwaiyu were befriended by Lemmyray and towed to a barnacle and mussel covered spit of rock jutting from the sea. Lemmywinks with her magic cloak took them into the yawning opening of a cave mouth looking for shelter from the rough sea. They could only hope that similar was happening to Bart, Jaron, and Cromag.

Lemmyray swam into the cave propelled by the waves. The cave entrance had pictograms but they continued inside to a right hand turn in the cave where the water was not so rough. It stank of dead fish. Lemmywinks transformed out of manta ray form and climbed up on Gwaiyu’s shoulders. The 2-3 foot depth of water here was not to her liking. The water carved passage continued and so Balinda and Gwaiyu took a few steps forward with magical light from Lemmy.

What they saw was a large skeletal creature swimming toward them. Balinda remembered the pictorgrams and hustled back to the entrance leaving the others to deal with the undead sea cat that attacked. It was not as tough as it looked but the fight drew another creature into the fray – a salt water merrow. With the sea cat dead Balinda reappeared and they tried to reason with the aquatic ogre. They felt sort of bad for invading the thing’s home and threatening it.

Balinda, Gwaiyu, and Lemmywinks defended themselves. Lemmy bemoaned the fact she was almost out of sling bullets and would have to switch to her bag of stones. Gwaiyu ditched the halfling on a little sand bar and pushed into the chamber with the merrow. The injured merrow fought back and then submerged. She escaped to deeper water and into the next chamber which Balinda blocked with an illusion while the three of them took a breather and decided what to do.

They decided to continue but now mom was joined by a juvenile male who pitched a trident. It missed. Balinda, Gwaiyu, and Lemmywinks pressed on. Balinda and Lemmywinks were using their spells very effectively. Another trident flew out of the dark to miss them. It was dad and he was making his saves. The fight briefly flared up again before mom and son succumbed to their injuries and slipped beneath the water’s surface. Gwaiyu moved up but two zombie sharks attacked. The odds were even again.

Grol grabbed his mate and offspring and backed up further into the darkness. That gave the others and opportunity to kill the zombie sharks. The water was waist high in this room and the passage sloped down. From now on they would be under water. Lemmywinks used her magic cloak to transform into a manta ray and took the other two into the submerged escape passage.

It descended 60 feet to an irregular open space. The male merrow was there in a stand off with a giant lobster guarding the way forward. The last of their spells and brutal hits cut down the remaining merrow and the crustacean quickly.

Beyond was the Lady’s room. Grol had threatened them with her and reprisals on the little nearby village of Sandyshore. They weren’t exactly sure who the Lady was but she wasn’t around now which was good for them. The searched and found some loot and a hidden room.

Inside the little room was some old pirate treasure guarded by a lacedon playing dead. It rushed them but the attack was short lived. After setting off the trapped chest they poured its treasure into Gwaiyu’s Bag of Holding. Then they looted the Lady’s treasure room on the other side of her chamber. Success was a great feeling.

On the way out they checked on additional side passage and discovered that it ascended. It led to a room with a ornately covered rowboat. There was someone inside but they couldnt see with all the draped material. They threatened and cajoled to no avail. Eventually they moved up and found a chained teenager inside. It was a traumatized girl who was afraid of them. Balinda was suspicious that it was some villain using an illusion to trick them but no. The girl only spoke a word or two indicating great danger and they had to leave.

Everyone piled into the rowboat and they piloted it out of the cave. Fortunately they were close to shore and did not have far to row. In fact in the distance they could see another manta ray slapping the surface of the water and two bedraggled figures staggering out of the surf to rest in the sand. It looks like the others were safe too.

XP: 4240

Lady Alinza's Holiday part 3
Exchange of Services for the Dead

After wrapping up their foray into the Cultist’s warehouse, the group chose to rest up for several days certain they will have a chance to follow Lady Alinza to Xer by catching a ride on the Star Goddess river barge. Unfortunately, they significantly underestimated the cost of passage. When Abe asked about only purchasing passage to Xer instead of all the way to Star Bay, the clerk blanched and then quickly asked them to leave.
Now unsure how they will follow Lady Alinza, the party began to ask around for new routes across Lake Encarthan. After some time, they quintet was approached by a gentleman suggesting he may have passage for them. Choosing to follow this person, since they lacked any other option, he eventually let them to the office of a small ship captain by the name of Skala Zemerin. She is a bawdy middle aged woman and carries a rapier on her hip. She is has a keen eye and speaks with confidence and swagger.
She begins by stating that she had heard they were looking for passage to Xer. When Kanina answered yes, Captain Zemerin said that they may be able to use her boat and that she can even help them get into touch with the underground in Xer, so as to avoid unnecessary antagonism from the church. However, her price was 100 gp each, as there is significant risk to herself, her ship and crew. Unsure if they are able to come up with such a sum, Abe suggests that maybe there can be an exchange of services. Skala, hoping for this possibility, suggests if the group is willing to get a book for her from an abandoned manor north of town she would be willing to reconsider her price.
While Piria, Kanina and Ursoc just wanted to know where the house was, Tendegor and Abe both expressed concern as to the nature of this book and what Captain Zemerin’s intentions were with it. She insists that she is searching for the book with the intention of giving it to the Pharasmin church. Despite having all the personality of a dead fish, Tendegor is incredibly skilled at noticing lies, and putting this skill to work, he decides that he trust’s her good intentions. She provides the group with the location of the manor and how to find the hidden entrance into the “lower levels.” As an added bonus, she said that the party could keep any other items they found during their search.
Gary, Captain Zemerin’s employee leads the party on the way, showing them how to get to the manor. As they approached the grounds, Tendegor expressed concern about going in through the front gate, so the party decided to climb the fence. Each person, and Tendegor, was able to climb the wall with little effort, except for Abe, who fell several times before vaulting himself over top. A quick search of the grounds revealed the location of the foundation crack and the opening to the cellar. As Tendegor can see in the dark, he had to go first into the unknown, and was able to see that the room was filled with sleeping bats. The group decided that stealth was the order of the day and sent Piria forward to check the door. She didn’t see the Pit Trap in the next hall, but was able to jump out of the way before falling to her death. Piria needed assistance to lift the trap door, so Kanina and Abe came across and helped, gaining access to the next room.
Only Ursoc and Tendegor had to cross the room. Ursoc did so with no problem, but Ursoc with his medium armor and slow pace, could only get partially across before the bats were disturbed, forming a swarm around him. Ursoc was able to flee from them into the next room and avoid more damage. However he wasn’t out of danger yet, as in the next room several skeletons rose to attack. They were quickly dispatched by Kanina and Ursoc. Tendegor searched through the bones, looking to see if they were people bones, or dwarf bones, confirming that dwarves are not people. He also decided, in a morbid act, to take a human femur to use as a makeshift club.
The next room had a narrow path built over a spiked pit and an alter on the other side that had been defiled. As the group moved into the room a voice from the other end of the room spoke a word in some foreign tongue. Three flying heads emerged from shafts in the back wall and began attacking by using their slam attacks. Although the group quickly dispatched the first three, the voice raises again and three more emerge. Realizing that they much attack the source, Tendegor moved forward to confront the unseen foe. A Ghoul emerged and attacked, but was quickly dispatched. Abe was able to remove the last of the Beheaded. Abe took a moment to inspect the altar and found it had originally been an alter to Pharasma, but was defiled in the name of Geryon, the Archdevil of forbidden lore. Tendegor, being the only dwarf that doesn’t know anything about stonework didn’t notice that the altar was clearly much older that the structure, Abe did.
Tendegor again took the lead as the party entered a hall that lead down a set of stairs. Not paying attention, Tendegor walked right into an arrow trap, striking him in the chest (it is aimed for the gut on a person). The chamber at the bottom of the stairs had been covered with infernal drawings in blood and was home to three sootwing bats, small ghoulish cousins. Although small, they were able to infect Ursoc with ghoul fever. Through a set of double doors was a crypt with several alcoves containing dead bodies. Abe, suspecting they were actually undead, began to cast a spell. The four ghouls in the room, not wanting to wait for the spellcaster to finish, jumped down and pressed the attack. Kanina and Piria were the first to be paralyzed, and then Ursoc and Abe, leaving Tendegor to face down the last ghoul by himself. He was able to cleave it in two before it was able to afflict him as well.
Into the next room, the group found a large sarcophagus, and out came a wight on the attack. It was able to drain Tendegor almost immediately, putting him at risk of death. Piria and Abe moved around the back of the sarcophagus, hoping to flank, while Ursoc and Kanina moved in for the kill. The five were able to quickly overwhelm the wight before it was able to drain again. A secret door was found leading to another burial room. This one contained treasure in silver and gold, as well as a coffin with body buried with several magical items, and a book. Abe scanned the book, learning it had a faint evil aura about it, so the party decided against reading it. The coffin had runes written upon it as a ward against the raising of the undead.
Having completed their task, the five returned to town and gave the book to Captain Zemerin. She then agreed to take them to Xer at no additional cost and even agreed to help identify the items they found. Finally selling excess items, the group was able to afford a restoration on Tendegor, helping him shed the drain from the wight. The next morning the set off for Razmiran and where true danger awaits.
1203 exp.

Lady Alinza's Holiday part 2
Culling of the Warehouse District

As the day arrives, our intrepid adventurers have just left the barge owner’s shop. They decide to split up to tackle the two leads they have left simultaneously. Tendagor takes the key with him to the temple of Pharasma in hopes of identifying the house crest on the key, since Pharasma is both the god of birth and death, they would likely have highly detailed genealogy records. He is initially unsuccessful in his search, but with the help of Abe and the librarian, he is able to ID the crest as belonging to a now defunct noble house by the name of Farnfold.
The second group, consisting of Kanina, Ursoc and Piria are having much less success. With Abe helping Tendagor the only one with any social skills is the Halfling and it appears that Desna had deserted her as her honeyed words continued to sour before they left her tongue. Kanina decides to find a pub to ask if anyone has seen or heard of any Razmiri cultists operating on the city. Because Razmiran is just the next door country they don’t usually stick out, appearance wise. Additionally, as the Cult of Razmir is banned in Ustalov, they don’t usually work out in the open.
As the party reconvened, they were able to figure out that the Farnfold family may have had a warehouse in the west docks. A search of the area allowed them to discover a derelict building with the faintest of outlines of the same family crest. By now dusk had fallen, but the adventurers fearing nothing move to inspect the building. By chance, Ursoc noticed a set of footprints in the mud on the north end of the building leading to a well concealed hidden door. Applying their key to the door, they were able to gain entry into the warehouse.
Upon entry, the group encountered two cultists. Initially, they appeared confused, thinking the group were new cultists. However, once Tendegor started talking they realized the 5 were merely interlopers. One called the alarm as another attacked. Ursoc threw the bolt on one of the doors, hoping to slow down reinforcements. They were able to make quick work of the two cultists in the room, but three more, including a Bard, were able to kick down the door and tried to join the fight. Ursoc was too much for them and he and Abe made quick work of the mooks. The bard attempted to flee. Ursoc, using some quick thinking and good luck, decided to push over some crates onto the bard, catching him in his own trap.
Tendegor then kicked in the second door leading to a hallway, and moved into it. A new combatant exited the hidden door in the hall and called for reinforcements. Tendegor then found a clearly powerful separating him from the party and two more cultists coming down the hall, moving to flanking position. This person appeared to fit the description of the person asking around Calif township before they had left. The party would later learn his name to be Renic.
Ursoc charged into the hall in an attempt to defend his companion. However two swift blows by Renic quickly depleted Ursoc’s hp, causing him to flee. A clear stalemate developed, with no one able to come to Tendegor’s aid, but bad luck and good tactics kept Tendegor at least conscious. Tendegor stepped through the side door in the hall, granting him a reprieve from Renic’s blade. Renic then turned his attention to the party in the first room. Unbeknownst to him, Kenina had been biding her time and waiting for the right moment to pounce. As Renic entered the room, Kenina dealt several wounding blows, killing the cultist leader. The two remaining cultists were quickly dispatched and the fight was over.
Piria was able to deal with the trapped door to the second story room and the group was able to find Renic’s shrine to the Living God. In this room, they found Renic’s notes about his research into the Ritter and his longevity, including Renic’s belief the Ritter was between 105 and 115 years old, and a local legend about a swordsman by the name of Gunter Calif who defeated a powerful devil named Melphanes in the 4640s (current year being 4718). A search of Renic’s corps turned up a letter from another cultist congratulating Renic on his success and imploring him to destroy any evidence and then join them in Xer.
Looting the corpses brings 8 more daggers, a potion of bull’s strength, potion of enlarge person (CL 3rd), 2 masterwork chain shirts, javelins (4), masterwork longsword, gold necklace, a razmiri iron mask, a silver holy symbol Razmir (15 gp), potion of invisibility, caltrops, silk rope, and 2 tanglefoot bags. Searching the building turned up a wand of cure light wounds (10 charges), two potions, a feather token bird, talisman of warrior’s courage, significant rations, a disguise kit, a healer’s kit, and 3 alchemist’s fire. The last two potions were unidentified, but clearly had an evil aura about them.

800 xp, and everyone is at level 2!

Lady Alinza's Holiday part 1
I left my heart with von Calif

The newest recruits of the Guild Ursoc the Bear-barian, Abe the harried father of 7 in search of success abroad, Pirira the Calistrian rogue, Tindigor the gruff and stoic Pharasman dwarf warpriest, and Kaninia the warebunny have arrived in the small town of Calif, the home of the venerable and ancient Ritter Gunter von Calif.
The group paid a visit to the manor house, which is regal in its design but clearly in need of some maintenance. The butler ushered them into a parlor where the Ritter von Calif was waiting. He explained that the daughter of his daughter’s son, Lady Alinza von Calfif, had embarked on a journey to visit her cousin on her mother’s side in Cassomir, the Taldan city at Star Bay. She had departed about a month prior, but never arrived in Cassomir, being over a week late already. Desperate for help, and knowing the trail goes cold with each passing day he requests of our intrepid adventurers to seek her out, offering 1000 gp for her safe return or 300 gp for the retrieval of her earthly remains. To assist in their search the Ritter provided several items. First a horse and wagon to travel to Caliphas, the capital city of Ustalav, second 30 gp for expenses, and finally a letter of reference with the name and address of Sir Valdas Nalor, an associate of Rutter Van Calif who was to assist Lady Alinza in booking passage for her journey.
After taking their leave of the Ritter, Abednego suggested that they search Lady Alinza’s effects, in hopes of finding some clue as to her whereabouts. The search of her room produced a letter from Lady Olenda of Cassomir addressed to “my dearest cousin Alinza,” expressing excitement of the prospect of her visit and all the fun they will have in Taldane society events. While the others searched for clues of the missing young lady, clearly concerned for her safety, Tindegor, aka Nintendo, took the opportunity to carve Pharasma’s double spiral in every surface he could reach.
Upon leaving the manor, the group asked about for information about Alinza, hoping that she had maybe ran off with the local farm boy instead of some more sinister plot. Many towns folk expressed dismay at the idea that the proper young lady would socialize in that way with those below her stature. They did learn that she was a kind and doting great-granddaughter and had lived with him in at the von Calif estate since the death of her parents when she was but an infant.
Piria, with literally the best roll of the night by the GM by about 10, got a 26 on her diplomacy roll. While asking around, the stable boy mentioned that a stranger was in town a few days before Lady Alinza left of on her journey poking around and asking questions about the Ritter’s age and longevity. The inn keeper was able to give a fuller description of this stranger, describing him as a tall, powerfully built man with dark close cropped hair and a beard. He was in his later twenties or early thirties, carried a sword and moved with confidence. He left town then next day and did not leave a name. Pira and Kenina shared one room at the Inn, and Abe and Tendagor the other. Ursoc chose to sleep in the barn, which was only slightly less pleasant than Abe being forced to listening to Tendegor sleep-eating this 4 foot loaf all night.
The next morning the quintet set off for the big city. Around noon they were waylayed a a group of half starved bandits and a few trained dogs. Short work was made of the would be attackers as they couldn’t roll above a 3 for most of the fight. As evening set in Kenina suggested that the ditch on the side of the road looked very cozy and mostly leach free. Thankfully, Abe was able to locate a clearly marked campground just off the road with an existing fire pit and everything. As the dawn approached, Abe was looked to the east in a moment of divine providence as the light from the dying embers illuminated the eye of a pair of hungry wolves. Although they moved with great speed, attacking the sleeping forms of Ursoc and Kanina before Abe could yell out a warning, thankfully the wolves were so inept they couldn’t even hit an unconscious naked person. The group made quick work of the blind and toothless wolves and enjoyed a nice breakfast of fried wolf meat and collected two pelts for their troubles.
The next day was much less eventful. As the party joined the main road, traffic became much heavier, they even stopped to help a group who had broken down in the road, with Tendegor’s bulging muscles doing what Ursoc’s could not. Once at town, Abe set off to find a very poor Inn to spend the night, unsuccessfully attempting to talk down the very minimal price for a place on the floor. They then went in search of address of Sir Nalor.
As they approached, the party was clearly distracted and only just barely heard the sounds of distress coming from around the corner. Round the bend, 6 masked people surrounded a middle-aged man. Seeing the adventurers, the likely leader orders his minions to finish the man. One stabs him in the back, while two flee with the assistance of a smoke pellet. The witch in the back cast sleep on the party, but only Piria fell victim to the spell. Seeing the injured man, Tendegor rushed forward to give aid, but due to his short legs, he was only able to move and take no other action. Ursoc also ran forward, but not all the way, hanging back to avoid being hit. The brigands, seeing Tendegor out all by himself each step up, two getting sneak attack damage and almost killing him in one round. Abe rushes forward to heal Tendegor, thus leaving the napping Piria behind. After another spell by the witch the party quickly defeats the brigands. They then turn their attention to the bleeding man on the ground. Despite their attempts to heal him, they were only able to help him gain consciousness for a few moments.
The man told Tendegor that the men came by asking about the Ritter two days ago and they wanted the info about passage for Alinza. He then died from his wounds. In searching the bodies, Abe found a brand marking the witch as a cultist of Razmir, the Living God and rule of Razmiran, a large autocratic theocracy to the east. The only other thing you found was a mysterious key on her person.
Searching Nalor’s shop, you find evidence to suggest that the man was in fact Sir Valdas Nalor as the party had suspected. There was a ledger with a notation of a ticket for Lady Alinza, a letter from Ritter von Calif, requesting Nalor book her passage, and the receipt taken from Nalor’s body for passage on the River Nymph. At this point the heros decided to hide the bodies in Nalor’s shop and then get some rest, as it was getting late at night.
The next morning, Abe was able to find someone to point the five to the barge owners of the River Nymph. After some negotiating the clerk does confirm that Lady Alinza was on the passenger manifest and appears to have been on board when it departed. The River Nymph is not expected back in Ustalav for another month, as the passage up river is much slower than down. They do learn that the barge goes past Xer, which is in Razmir and suspect that Lady Alinza may have been captured there. Additionally the Star Goddess, the company’s other barge is leaving for the same route in 3 days.
The lead grows cold and more desperate, and more dangerous by the day…

Party loot: several daggers, a letter of reference from the Ritter, a letter from the Ritter to Sir Nalor, 21 gp left from the original 30 and a mysterious key.
625 xp.

From Shore to Sea (part 4)
Another ancient evil released

After healing what they could and pausing for 15 minutes to let Balinda and Lemmywinks memorize new spells, the party continued. They wound through the ancient Azlanti organic architecture and arrived at another pod-like room. This one was filled knee deep with murky water, complete with tangled seaweed floating near the back. Balinda detected magic and picked up something specific from the back corner of the room, below the water’s surface. Bart tossed a rock into the water but nothing happened. Not wanting to miss anything that might come in handy, Bart waded into the water with Lemmy-toad on his shoulders. The others waiting cautiously. As they moved closer the seaweed sprang to life. The pair of disguised cloakers attacked with simultaneous moans. The first caused panic to ignite in both Bart and Lemmy, the second paralyzed Bart. Lemmy dove from his shoulders to flee but landed face first in the chest deep waters, her staffsling lost in the room. One of the cloakers flew forward to engulf Bart while the other engulfed Lemmy. Balinda snowballed one and Jaron moved in to engage it. Gwaiyu waded out to help Bart. The cloakers tails lashed about and several bites were delivered but the party beat them down. They even uncovered an Azlanti magic spear in the water on a skeleton that just happened to provide a component for a spell Lemmy was carrying. Jaron claimed the spear and was excited to learn it was aberration bane, designed to battle horrors from the past!

On they continued down the circular tunnels. Bart spotted a familiar creature in the opening ahead, waiting as if guarding the passage. The Chuul stood, clicking and watching them. The cloakers moans must have alerted it. They set their weapons expecting a charge but it did not advance. Lemmy took a shot at it and missed, so Balinda fired her crossbow and nicked it. The Chuul pulled back around a corner. The party advanced cautiously. Just before passing the next break, Jaron heard a shuffling sound and leapt around the corner to surprise whatever was hiding there. A second Chuul greeted him. Evidently the first one was leading them to an ambush. A battle began and the first Chuul raced out to join the fight. Bart and Jaron were both grappled, but scorching rays from Lemmy, Gwaiyu’s club, Jaron’s spear, Bart’s trident and ice spears from Balinda did an impressive job at destroying the pair of powerful creatures. Gwaiyu, Jaron and Bart suffered some injuries but they all felt lucky to get out so well off. Searching their lair they uncovered an old urn filled with restorative ointment which several of them slathered over their wounds. Lemmy chastised then for wasting this valuable ointment.

They cautiously proceeded. Up ahead they heard clanking sounds. Creeping forward, they spotted 5 skum working to excavate a wall. The sound of surf from outside and the spouts of seawater pouring in let them know the tide was just beyond. The chamber was again knee deep in water. They held their ground just outside the water and fired on the skum. Balinda injured one and they stopped digging and came to attack the intruders. The skum swarmed forward and were cut down neatly. There were a few minor scrapes to Bart and Gwaiyu but one managed to deliver a critical blow to Jaron on its way down. As they picked over the bodies a ghostly image appeared before them. It was shriveled and dry, with long tentacles and three stacked eyes. It looked alien and just a step above dead. The insubstantial aboleth, as Balinda identified it, floated towards them and reached out with its mind to dominate Bart. As Jaron moved past him, the fighter lashed out and dealt a devastating blow, knocking the investigator unconscious in the waves. Fantasia the pooka held his head above water to keep him from drowning. Another skum entered from the opposite side of the flooded chamber. This one wore fancy robes – it was Gerlach. The ghostly aboleth vanished and Bart was suddenly their biggest concern. The fighter’s attacks were tearing through them like butter. It was great when he was on their side but now he was a killing machine targeted back at them. Gwaiyu suffered a solid hit when he reached out to heal Jaron. Balinda surrounded Bart with an illusory wall then slipped past him invisibly and Gwaiyu darkened his vision with a touch. Balinda then rooted him to the spot by his shadow. They couldn’t afford to let him hit them again. Everyone was too weak. Bart all but dropped Gwaiyu with his next attack. Debating their targets Lemmy focused her shots on the sailor and pelted him unconscious. Gerlach unleashed a lightning bolt at Balinda. Evidently, he could see her invisible form. The party entered the water-filled room slowly fanning out to make less of a target for the lightning bolts. They fired a few shots at Gerlach but he seemed to shrug them off. He was definitely shielded by magic. A mass of black tentacles slowed the skum alchemist/sorcerer’s approach but everyone just struggled to get to him before he unleashed anymore magic. Gwaiyu headed him off to keep him from escaping the black tentacles. He took a couple a scratches from the skum in the process and swayed on his feet. Gerlach’s arms seemed incredibly long. Jaron and Balinda were on their last legs as was Gwaiyu. Everyone sat on the brink of collapse. The investigator and priest tried to hold the skum at bay. Lemmy stood with Bart’s unconscious form for protection. A wandering star mote spell from Balinda dazed the skum and Gwaiyu took the opportunity to bash in his skull. With the immediate fight won, there came a collective sigh of relief. They picked a few treasures from the skum’s corpse. No one was aware that the aboleth was taking control of poor little Lemmy’s mind. The halfling began assaulting the loose wall in an effort to break it and release the tide to flood this area. Jaron’s assessment was that she was making headway and fast. Water began to fill the room faster. The party hurried to stop her from drowning them all. Lemmy pulled back to blast Jaron with a spell and exposed herself. He launched an attack, dropping her unconscious. A quick debate led to a decision to retreat. Bart and Lemmy were both dominated and unconscious, Jaron, Gwaiyu and Balinda barely had enough life to stay standing between them and no magic to speak of left. No one wanted to face off against this lurking aboleth. They pulled back out to the natatorium surface to rest. When they regrouped to heal after sleeping with the dominated members safely tied up, they realized the entire lower chambers had flooded. A search showed the loose wall to the chamber below broken through. The aboleth identified as Mohl’Omog was free of his thousands of years prison and back to terrorize the ocean. In some way, it seemed a Guild tradition – right?

The village was freed from the hold of the aboleth and from Gerlach when the observatory was repaired. Their leaders met the party and escorted them back to the village of Blackcove. The people were thankful for their rescue and paid the party the 1,000gp in Azlanti jewelry as promised. They also uncovered a collection of alchemical mixtures in Gerlach’s lab. With Jaron’s help, they completed the mixtures known as Elixers of True Form. Each of the party members consumed one and returned to his or her’s original form before the taint of the island took hold. With their bodies back to normal, boat repaired and reward received, they set out in hopes of returning to Andoran to begin building their new branch of The Guild. No one need ever know of the village, it’s heritage or the fact that Mohl’Omog was free once more.

Gwaiyu, Bart, Jaron, Lemmywinks and Balinda each earned 3,840xp


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