Player Info for Andoran

Info gleaned from knowledge skills plus what the characters have seen.

Andoran is a nation of the people, governed by the principals of Common Rule which grants every man a voice. Andoran holds the reins of its own destiny in the strong hands of its people. It is the birthplace of freedom.

Titles Birthplace of Freedom
Alignment Neutral good
Capital Almas
Ruler Codwin I
Government Parliamentary Democracy

Brief History

Andoran prospered as a part of the empire of Cheliax until 4606 AR. The death of the empire’s patron god, Aroden, resulted in a power struggle among the nation’s various noble houses. This civil war ended with House Thrune claiming control of Cheliax.

Initially the ruling body of Andoran followed the mandates of Cheliax’s new queen, but the people of the region quickly became outraged; in 4669 AR Andoran claimed its independence from the empire, casting aside its own noble class and establishing Common Rule. The newly-established nation abolished the practices of slavery and servitude, and embraced the belief that all are equal. Andoran continues to embody these ideals to this day, concepts they attempt to force upon other nations with what many feel to be idealistic and imperialistic fanaticism.


Andoran is located on the northern coast of the Inner Sea. The nation is separated from its western neighbor, the empire of Cheliax, by the Aspodell Mountains. The Five Kings Mountains perform a similar function in the north, serving as a barrier between Andoran and the nations of Druma, Isger, and Kyonin. To the east lie the nations of Galt and Taldor; much of Andoran’s eastern border lies within the Verduran Forest, and follows the flow of the Sellen River.2

Andoran’s interior is dominated by plains and hills, and the remnants of Arthfell Forest. The nation’s northwest region is known as Darkmoon Vale; the Vale’s northernmost border is dominated by Droskar’s Crag, a massive volcano that serves as the southernmost point of the Five Kings Mountains.


Aspodell Mountains

The Aspodell Mountains form the western border between Andoran and its rival Cheliax. Unlike the Five Kings Mountains north of Andoran, the Aspodells are not a particularly tall range, but their highest peaks are known to reach above 9,000 feet. The mountains’ rugged slopes form a substantial border between Andoran and Cheliax, with only one easy pass, the Aspodell Pass overlooked by the walled town of Piren’s Bluff. Apart from this pass, the rest of the mountains are not seen as particularly important by either nation as they are lightly inhabited, monster-infested, and not known to hold significant mineral wealth.

It was within these mountains that the magic troll baby was “laid to rest”.

Arthfell Forest

The ancient pine and fir trees of Arthfell Forest make up one of the most infamous woodland regions in the nation of Andoran. Known for its druidic cabals, bands of menacing werewolves, and other dangers, Arthfell is rarely traveled, though civilization is ever encroaching on its borders. The forest was once much larger, spanning Darkmoon Vale up to the edge of the Five Kings Mountains, but an agreement between Forest King Narven and baron Nyes of Darkmoon resulted in the logging of much of the northern forest and created the two distinct entities of Arthfell Forest and Darkmoon Wood.

It was here that the Puddlians captured the magic troll baby.


This is a port city on the shore of the nation of Andoran. It’s the second-largest settlement in the nation, and boasts one of the largest ports and shipyards of the Inner Sea.

Size Metropolis
Population 54,200
Demographics 70% human, 12% halfling, 8% dwarf, 4% elf, 4% gnome, 2% other
Government Democratic
Alignment Neutral good

This is were the Puddlians arrived from Absalom.

Chimera Cove

Chimera Cove lies at the southern tip of a rocky and storm-swept cape projecting into the Inner Sea, in a no-man’s-land between the great nations of Cheliax and Andoran. The three islands sitting just of shore do little to block the sea’s relentless swells, but they do efectively anchor the persistent coastal fog, making local navigation perilous. The fishermen who settled this grim seashore decades ago have a knack for maneuvering their catboats to and from their spindly docks, but no merchant ships dare use the treacherous cove, even with a launch. Few outsiders ind the settlement’s steady decline in recent years surprising, wondering only at why the place was ever founded.

Darkmoon Wood

Darkmoon Wood is among the most dangerous places in all of Avistan. A feral, fey-haunted forest on the edge of civilization, the Wood presents a constant threat to those who live nearby, but also serves as a persistent temptation to adventurers eager to make names for themselves.

Darkmoon Wood is located at the base of Droskar’s Crag, along the banks of the River Foam in northern Andoran, near the border of Isger and Druma. The dense forest, which stretches approximately forty-two miles wide and around fifteen miles tall, contains at its heart a small lake which runs into the nearby River Foam. Lumber camps can be found throughout the outer edges of the Vale, a reminder that the dangers of the woods are not enough to stop the expansion of the greedy Lumber Consortium. The nearest permanent settlement is the logging town of Falcon’s Hollow, which rests about eight miles from the forest’s southern edge.

Additional Darkmoon Wood Info

Darkmoon Vale

The forbidding reaches of the treacherous Darkmoon Vale is a fey-haunted wilderness on the outskirts of civilization, where the worst predators and foulest threats are the humans who live there—and those who, in many cases, pass themselves off as humans. It is known to have ancient dwarven dungeons, a cabal of evil druids, dreaded werewolves that haunt Darkmoon Vale and Arthfell Forest, the rightfully feared Kobold King, and the still-rumbling Droskar’s Crag.. It’s largest settlement is Falcon’s Hollow dominated by the unscrupulous Lumber Consortium and ruled by the last baron of republican Andoran.

Droskar’s Crag

Droskar’s Crag is a volcano located in northern Andoran, in the region known as Darkmoon Vale. The mountain consists of two primary peaks, known as the Hammer and the Anvil, the taller of which rises to an altitude of 28,822 feet. The volcano last erupted in 3980 AR in a massive explosion known as the Rending, which transformed the entire region. At the time, Droskar’s Crag was known as Torag’s Crag, though its name was changed to reflect the more hostile nature of the volcano since that time. To date, it has shown no major activity, though the peaks constantly spew ash and smoke into the air as a constant reminder of the threat that exists beneath the snow-capped mountain.

Droskar’s Crucible (Monastery)

Sleeping in the shadow of Droskar’s Crag on the edge of Darkmoon Vale lies the now ruined monastery once known as Droskar’s Crucible. At its prime, the monastery was home to dwarven clerics of the malevolent god Droskar, who urged them to ever toil in making weapons on their great forges. The evil forge spurned which came as a result of their worship eventually drove the dwarves out of their haven, and left behind a now-haunted shell of a building. After its fall to decadence and decay, legends began to spread among the dwarves telling of vast riches now lost beneath the crumbling citadel. The greatest dwarven hero, Druingar the Glintaxe, ventured into the depths below the once sacred site in search of this wealth, but he was never heard from again, and inhabitants of the Vale still talk of his ghost haunting the ancient ruins.

Falcon’s Hollow

Falcon’s Hollow is a town in Darkmoon Vale, in the nation of Andoran. The settlement sits only a short distance from Darkmoon Wood and is little more than a logging village, comprised almost exclusively of lumbermen in the employ of the Lumber Consortium and their families. With few exceptions, the buildings and their inhabitants belong to the Consortium and totally depend on the overpriced goods delivered by the organization. Falcon’s Hollow is located a short distance south of Darkmoon Wood and roads radiating from the town often lead to lumber camps operating on the edge of the treeline. The volcano Droskar’s Crag dominates the skyline to the northwest, and its presence is felt throughout the region in the form of mudpots, geysers, and areas of past lava flow. The River Foam acts as the southern boundary of Falcon’s Hollow, as it passes southeast through the Darkmoon Plain. The settlement boasts the flow’s only ferry, a fact that helps secure the Consortium’s hold on the region as currently no bridges span the river to provide other means of easy passage.

It’s said that in times long past, dwarves settled in the surroundings of Falcon’s Hollow; rumors persist that forgotten treasures of their fallen civilization yet remain to be found. Yet today it’s a place for the desperate with no other place to go, for outcasts and religious zealots seeking to avoid hindrances brought on by their surroundings.

Size Small town
Population 1,400
Demographics 94% human, 3% halfling, 1% half-elf, 1% elf, 1% other
Government Nonstandard (Lumber Consortium)
Alignment Neutral evil
Leader Thuldrin Kreed
Magistrate Vamros Harg
Sheriff Deldrin Baleson

Life in Falcon’s Hollow revolves around the harvesting of darkwood, and as such the Lumber Consortium holds sway over the community; the Consortium’s primary representative in the area, Thuldrin Kreed, maintains control of the region by denying goods and services through means other than those he allows. Firmly believing his hold on the town to be complete, Kreed has no qualms against exploiting his power and position for personal gain, often at the expense of the citizenry. However, dissent does exist.

Elara’s Halfway House

For years, Elara’s Halfway House took in the itinerant children of Falcon’s Hollow and offered shelter to the numerous war orphans left in the wake of a recent conflict with nearby goblin kingdoms. A few months ago the orphanage burned to the ground in a mysterious fire. Every child and the headmistress perished in the
tragic blaze, their only epitaph a charred husk of sooty timbers.

“Elara was a selfless woman who spent the greater part of her life caring for those no one else wanted. The fire was a horrible tragedy.”

“The fire started out of nowhere and spread so fast, by the time the town’s volunteer brigade arrived all that was left was a smoking ruin, every child dead, and Elara burnt to cinders. Hard to believe a blaze that fierce could start as an accident. I was always a’feard for the safety of that place. Elara built her halfway house far away from town and much too close to that haunted vale.”

Gold Falls Inn

Gold Falls Inn: This large, well-guarded stone-and timber lodge stands on the northern shore of the River Foam, right next to plunging Gold Falls. The inn serves as a popular waypoint on the trail from Falcon’s Hollow west to Cheliax. Owned and operated by Mierson Berekland, a friendly middle-aged retired Pathfinder, the inn originated as a small dwarven fortress built to control a wide bridge across the river at the top of the falls. One of the massive earthquakes accompanying Droskar’s Crag’s eruption during the Rending collapsed the bridge. No longer serving a purpose and heavily damaged from the Rending, the fortress was abandoned and fell quickly into ruin.

For several hundred years, the fortress ruins served as a home to a succession of creatures until, in 4437, an explorer named Argus Berekland discovered placer gold at the base of the falls. In less than a year, Argus and a small group of his friends cleared the fortress ruins and built a sluice above the falls among the ruins of the great bridge. Over time, the group built a heavily defended manor house to guard the sluice and to offer protection to travelers along the riverside trail.

Today, Gold Falls Inn serves as a heavily defended waypoint on the trail from Falcon’s Hollow west to Cheliax. The Berekland family now owns the inn outright, and it still operates the nearby sluice as well. Thanks to the revenue from the sluice, the family can afford to offer very affordable rates on food and lodging, making the Gold Falls Inn a popular destination for bored residents of Olfden and Oregent looking for an excuse to traverse the dangers of Darkmoon Vale. It was visited by Nigel Nightman when his teleport elixer brought him here accidentally instead of to Absalom.

Gold Falls: The River Foam drops over the edge of a tall plateau at the roaring Gold Falls. Gold Falls drops a total of 564 feet in two sections: a 323-foot plunge into a deep, cold pool and a 241-foot cascade fed from the oft-ice-encrusted basin. Gold Falls Inn hangs out over both River Foam and Gold Falls, giving guests of the inn spectacular views of the waterfall.

Piren’s Bluff

The town of Piren’s Bluff looks like a traditional Andoren town, with a walled keep acting as the seat of power and the rest of the town sprawled out around it. The wooden palisade provides adequate protection against most threats. And when it doesn’t, the town folk can retreat inside the keep to defend themselves. Piren’s Bluff is large enough that strangers can mingle with the town folk without calling attention to themselves. As a border town, standing as it does on the border with Cheliax, Piren’s Bluff sees a lot of traffic—merchants, adventurers, hunters, and trappers who ply their trade in the Aspodell Mountains and Arthfell Forest. Smugglers occasionally even bring Darkmoon Vale darkwood through Piren’s Bluff, despite the random searches of caravans passing through. Because of darkwood’s strategic importance, those caught smuggling it out of Andoran are hauled off to Adamas and are never seen again.

Due to the rocky terrain Piren’s Bluff sits on, growing food is difficult and so trade becomes essential for the town’s survival. Fortunately for its residents, Piren’s Bluff stands only a few miles from the Aspodell Crossroads, so food and other commodities from Andoran and Cheliax constantly flow through the town, which in turn supplies both countries with an abundance of iron ore.

Size Hamlet
Population 210
Demographics 96% human, 2% halfling, 1% elf, 1% other
Alignment Lawful neutral
Leader Baron Galdur Vendikon


River Foam

The Foam River (often referred to as the River Foam) is a tributary of the Andoshen River of northwestern Andoran. It skirts the southern foothills of Droskar’s Crag before cutting across the Darkmoon Plain between the Five Kings and Aspodell Mountains and flows in an easterly direction through Darkmoon Vale. It runs past the small town of Falcon’s Hollow and punches through the Wolfrun Hills via a narrow gorge filled with rapids and shallows before joining the Andoshen. The river is less than 150 miles in length in its entirety.

The River Foam cannot serve as a highway. Not even riverboats can pass through the Wolfrun Rapids. The few ferries and boats on the river were carried overland or built on the river. No bridge spans the river, but two fords and one ferry provide ways across the Foam. One of the river’s fords lies a few miles upriver from the remains of a bridge that was destroyed in the Rending of 3980 AR and the other lies just upriver from where the Foam joins the Andoshen. The only ferry crosses the river at Falcon’s Hollow.

In the spring and autumn, the river is filled with large, silver-flanked salmon, spawning at the base of Gold Falls. Crawdads, otters, fisks, marles, herons, and alligators live all along the river. Occasionally reefclaws and water nagas make their way to the river.


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