Factions and NPCs

The Guild

Venture Captain Alak

High-ranking member of The Guild and Master Diviner


Low-ranking guild member and priest of Sarenrae. Often times messenger for the temple, upper guild members or both.
Extremely bored seeming and monotone at all times.

Brother Dilatante

Inquisitor of Abadar and discovered traitor to Absalom.
Lost his soul during a distant mission and returned to arrange a new mission that cost The Guild many lives and nearly allowed the demon known as Soul-Eater to claim the city in exchange for his soul back. He is currently in prison for his crimes.

Venture Captain Dreasing

High-ranking member of The Guild and high priest to the Temple of Sarenrae in Absalom.

Battle Captain Drussel

High-ranking member of The Guild and experienced paladin of Sarenrae.

Venture Captain (At Large) Herminious Droog

Little is known about this high ranking guild member that arranged guild assistance for Lady Darchana.

Dr. Reznik

Guild Medical Examiner
Originally hails from Taldor and worked abroad in several different countries, Dr Reznik has settled for the time being in Absalom. He is a surgeon by trade and now a member of the Guild called upon to perform autopsies and provide medical advice when needed.

Centaurs, Tribe of Fire



The most out spoken of the centaurs is a warrior by the name of Bane. He believes the people of Absalom are a threat to the centaurs and their way of life.

Gale Reda

The Half-elf scholar of Katheer (bard-archeologist)
Gale has remained with the centaur tribe for study in their camp at the base of the Kortos Mountains.

Lord “Nevil” Grayden Burnal III


The local “authority figures” for the Puddles District. Volunteer positions that are less about protection and more about shaking down the local populace of undesirables.


Muckrucker and Ginger’s ex boyfriend/shakedown boss


A powerful demon released back into the world through the chest artifact portal after being banished by members of The Guild over a century ago.
Seeks his revenge on The Guild and all of Absalom.


Young noblewoman sorceress kidnapped by bandits and rescued by The Guild.
She is currently in Absalom with her extended relatives. Jerro was her best friend and protector for many years.

Felligo Mahd

Owner and head cartographer of Mahd’s Maps located in the Coin District of Absalom.
He is both a man with connections and a low sense of morality. He wants what he wants and the process of getting it is of little to no concern for him. The Guild often receives requests from the man though most have grown to despise working with him for his manipulative and spendthrift ways.


Sergeant, City Watch
Kasadei is a sergeant in Absalom’s City Watch and part of the Special Victims Unit. She normally has up to a dozen guardsmen under her command. Although part of the SVU, her team doesn’t have any special investigative abilities. They are normally used to provide security to the experts that might be investigating an unsafe scene. She sometimes accompanies “civilian contractors” working for the city to legitimize and lend authority to their actions. She is normally equipped with chainmail, shield, longsword, and short bow. Her guardsmen are usually equipped with chainmail and halberds but can swap out for other weapons and shields if the job requires it.

Funky Town

Not everyone that comes to Absalom finds a better life. A small community of homeless people that make up a tiny neighborhood in the Foreign Quarter. There are a number of abandoned buildings in this area. Town guards occasionally attempt to route the members from this area by force but this area of the city is worn out and old and continues to remain a refuge to the down and out. The community even has its own “Mayor”.

Residents largely wiped out defending Funky Town after their link to and worship of Shax was revealed.

The Mayor of Funky Town

The charismatic and dirty leader of the residents of Funky Town. Recently deceased.
Can be ruthless in looking out for “his people”. Has recently found religion — one that promises more than occasional charitable handouts. A rakish miscreant revealed to be a follower of Shax.

Lady Darchana

Senior Lesser Councilwoman, Archdean of the Arcanamirium, Second Spell Lord of Absalom, Lady Darchana of House Madinani

Co-prosperity Society

Met in Falcon’s Hollow. A classic group of obnoxious adventurers. Later revealed to be Chelaxian Pathfinders.

Lord Vincenze

Male tiefling with mithral breastplate, mithral heavy shield, silver longsword, and expensive clothing.


Male human in glamered (to show his pecs and 6 pack) spiked half-plate with heavy shield and an unusual jagged bladed battleax with runes. Slain by a group of mercenaries while defending the Keep of the Last Baron.


Female human cleric of Asmodeus. Wears chain shirt and carries a quarterstaff.


Male catfolk in a leather catsuit with a beautiful scorpion whip.


Female elf wearing studded leather and buckler and armed with a rapier.

Falcon’s Hollow

Lumber Consortium “company town”. Falcon’s hollow began as a tiny lumbercamp on the savage edge of the untamed wilderness of Darkmoon Vale. today it is a sprawling muddy township that feeds on lumber and misery. Families here live under the thumb of the Lumber Consortium and its unscrupulous Gavel, Thuldrin Kreed, a man who makes a lich seem compassionate. the town has a bloody history, having been beset by evil fey, prowling monsters, and the moaning wraiths of a fallen dwarven empire from without and the hired swords of Kreed from within. to call Falcon’s hollow a little slice of hell on Golarion would be charitable. Still, the desperate and brave flock here like flies to honey. Zealots worship strange gods whose faiths are outlawed elsewhere, adventurers hunt for the lost treasures of dwarven civilizations, and fugitives seek to wash away the blood on their hands in the frontier’s Foam River. Falcon’s hollow promises anyone with a strong back a new life, but new arrivals soon learn it is a life of servitude. to become a lumberjack, a man must sign over his life (some not-so-jokingly say their souls as well) to the Consortium. When the grueling hours and unsafe conditions cut him down, his widow frequently has no choice but to sell herself in Kabran Bloodeye’s brothels to keep their children from starving. this is life in Falcon’s hollow,and those who choose it know only sorrow for the rest of their days

Gavel Thuldrin Kreed

Male human, Gavel of the Lumber Consortium for the area around town.

Magistrate Vamros Harg

Male halfling Magistrate-Elect of the town.

Sheriff Deldrin Baleson

Male half elf sheriff.

Overboss Payden “Pay Day” Teedum

Male human Lumber Consortium Overboss for the area around Falcon’s Hollow. Leads the Regulators – company enforcers paid to keep the peace.

Brine Mages


Factions and NPCs

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