“Not more than a year after starting my service, my regiment was on patrol in the east Menador Mountains. A gang of brigands set off a landslide, then tried to pick us off while we dug ourselves out. We beat them back, but old Captain Kercerri caught a spear through his leg. We got out of there, but the captain never quite recovered – you could see it in his face, in the way he hunched when he walked.

“Months later, I woke up in the barracks and found the captain was gone – ‘walking the Longacre,’ they said. I assumed he’d died, passed on from some sick that takes old Officers. ‘Worse,’ she told me. ‘Retired. Headed off to the fields of weak drink and regret.’

“That’s when I realized there are worse fates than dying in battle. Longacre’s one.”

Longacre is a small town in Cheliax known for the large number of Chelish army veterans settled there – some pardoned soldiers who’d fought on the wrong side in the Chelish Civil War, others disillusioned Thrune supporters who fled to a hideaway they hoped those in power wouldn’t bother to reach. Many of these residents are outspoken in their criticism of House Thrune and Cheliax’s military policies, and thus live in poverty and exile – they have even had their names struck from Cheliax’s military rolls. Their presence makes this town a powder keg just waiting to spark.


Ye Gilde Arkadie