Ye Gilde

The Job 2
The Bee n Bee

From Lemmywink’s Journal:

We’ve been hiding in the cellar for two days. The rest of the bees returned we have been down here ever since. Elmer was almost dead. We tried to first aid but nothing helped. We needed a whole day for Gwaiyu to apply his healing magic and use the enchanted bandages. Tomorrow we plan on going out with Color Sprays blazing and take out the rest of the hive.

I’m going to start a game of Wyvern’s Race now.

Our plan worked! We came out of the cellar and Elmer and Gwaiyu were stung and poisoned immediately. Can you imagine? Its like they didn’t listen to the plan at all.

So to make a long story short, there were ten bees repairing the hive, closing holes, removing bodies, and so on. Most of those were injured from the day before when they busted back into the hive while we shot at them. Between our protective magic, their injuries and a couple of Color Sprays the fight was not nearly as troublesome as the day before. After killing those ten we ambushed the others as the returned. What a day!

We are going to have a lot of honey to sell and even some royal jelly. Score! Now we will be able to rent a place in town. Our welcome is wearing a little thin.

XP: 2,400 each

16 Giant bumblebees killed

The Job
The Bee n Bee

Falcon’s Hollow rejoiced in the decoction Laurel prepared from the rare ingredients retreived from Darkmoon Vale. The six of them were heroes. Different families put them up for the night as the townsfolk healed.

Lemmy took a job with Laurel helping to brew and learn about different herbs. The unused and dilapidated outdoor stage caught Belinda’s eye. The actress chased away the spiderwebs and fall leaves and started giving impromptu solo performances from The Marriage of Tremior. The Mayor realized the potential and advertised several shows. Sinya prepared a hypnotist act and the Mayor was really excited and told her absolutely, but first she could collect tickets and seat people. She’d be able to do her act another time. The rustic townsfolk had a habit of forgetting Elmer was one of the heroes. He had a tendency to blend in. His gout had gotten worse and his right big toe looked like an angry plum so he spent most of his time with his foot out for show, the big toe covered in one of Laurel’s smelly unguents. Most people had a hard time accepting Gwaiyu at first but they slowly came around. Then the town cleric of Iomedea, Lady Cirthanna, found him and their theological discussions caused people to lose interest. The cleric was not held in high esteem after being useless in ending the Blackscour Taint. The fact that this exotic second holy man also couldn’t help was not lost on them.

Between their various day jobs and gout, the group wasn’t going anywhere and the days quickly turned to weeks. Their celebrity had been wearing off but the hardscrabble frontier folk had grown on them. They began to wonder what they should do for winter when they were approached about a level appropriate job.

A growing crowd led a haggard man to them His name was Johnny. He begged them for help with his inn on the River Foam. He had been away all season in Oldfen earning hard currency to fix the dilapidated structure. He returned to find it inhabited by a nest of giant bumblebees. Please help. He didn’t have enough money to make it worth their time but they could have all the honey inside and it was sure to fetch a good price. It turns out the Lemmywinks was something of an expert on bumblebees and she filled them in on the details. About then Laurel arrived and offered to pay good money for any Royal Jelly inside. Honey might only retail for 6gp/lb hereabouts but Royal Jelly was worth 300 gp due to its curative powers. Lemmywinks assured him that they would help.

From Lemmywink’s journal:
We left that evening after dinner and slept a little off the trail in the gorge. The rapids were very loud but we still heard some wolves howling in the distance. The next day with finished the hike to Johnny’s inn. We watched the giant bees coming and going all day. We decided to wait the whole next day too so we could count the bees. There were 18 and they were leaving from the upper story out of the north facing wall.

The next day we put our plan into action. Johnny stayed behind in our observation post and the rest of us walked down to the building after the bees left. One of the giant bumblebees was perched on the roof watching but it didn’t stop us. The front door was missing and the first floor was messed up. Once we got inside the buzzing and humming changed some. I took point and snuck over to the stairs. A pair of bees intercepted us. The fight started. Before I knew it a 5 foot bee stung me and shot me with poison. The guard bee outside came in through the front door and attacked Belinda while the rest of us fought them off from in front. It was rough there for a little bit but Color Spray knocks them unconscious. I was stung again. Balinda created some illusory fog but it confused Elmer as much as the insects. Eventually we killed the six bees that came downstairs.

We crept upstairs which was vacant except for the queen. The upstairs was chewed up and the rooms converted into honeycomb cells. Wax structures hung from the dilapidated ceiling. Down the hall a bloated bee shifted her bulk in response to the intrusion. Elmer charged down the hall and got stung pretty bad. He was poisoned too. Balinda magicked up an illusion wall but the queen moved away and Elmer had to step through. Gwaiyu ran up and healed some of Elmer’s damage. I don’t know why Gwaiyu ignored me. I had just asked for the same thing and I was almost dead.

Anyway we all ran up. Elmer seemed to have more injuries than before. The queen bee was squeezing down the hall toward the opening in the wall. Elmer was swinging and she was stinging. He looked ready to drop. I sent a few more sling bullets into her and Gwaiyu swung a few times.

She tried to sting again and then lurched into the hole in the way. Elmer charged and planted his greatsword into her. The queen died halfway out of the exit hole.

Lemmy’s drawing of Elmer and Gwaiyu during the bumblebee fight

XP: 1,300 each

6 Giant bumblebees killed
1 Giant queen bumblebee killed

Hollow's Last Hope (Part 2)
root and mushrooms

From Lemmywink’s Journal:

Elmer and Gwaiyu surprised us by stumbling into the grove tonight. They didn’t stay in Oldfen after all and have been trying to catch us this whole time. Good thing too because Balinda and Sinya were out cold and Juno wasn’t much better. Gwaiyu healed us all up. Even my little cut was gone.

Nothing bothered us that night. In the morning we were getting ready to leave and Sinya and Juno gave us the bad news. She didn’t feel right bringing her freed slave, Juno, into such danger. They would wait here for us to return this way. That didn’t sound like a great plan to me but whatever.

The rest of us left for Ulizmila’s cottage. We didn’t have much of a description or directions and it didn’t seem too likely but we managed to run into it. It looked abandoned except for a bear. It was a nastly little mud and twig hut in the middle of an overgrown glade. We snuck around but the bear kept snorting at us. Finally Balinda scared it off with a fire illusion and started scanning for magic auras. She found a bunch! The old lady never answered her door so Elmer busted it in. How rude! We were here to ask for help finding the pickled root we needed but he busted right on in. So we started snooping. Then all heck broke loose when Balinda picked up a jar from a shelf. The rusty cauldron in the middle of the room came to life and jumped on her head! It started swallowing her but somehow she slipped free. We fought back and it slammed into us or tried to swallow. It was probably funny to watch if it wasn’t happening to you. We (actually Elmer) finally knocked enough holes into it that it stopped. Well after that we ransacked the place. She hadn’t been there in a long time so we took anything that was magic or looked valuable. I’m a little ashamed thinking back to it but she’s probably dead so we aren’t really stealing. Anyway we got bunch of stuff including the special root.

Next we took some game trails west until we exited the woods. Droskar’s Crag rose up above us. It’s the biggest thing ever and its lower slopes are covered in dwarven ruins. We were interested in an old monastery. Another group of adventurers had been through the area before so it shouldn’t be too dangerous. We hiked uphill through the scrub and light forest. Finally we got to the ruins late in the day.

Well to make a long story short, the ruins weren’t empty. There was a spider in a tower that webbed Gwaiyu before we killed it. Then there was a bat swarm. Then two wolves. The a big nasty worg called Graypelt. He was a little tougher but we did what needed to be done. And in his lair we found almost enough ironbloom mushrooms. The last one we needed was down the hall.

And that’s it. We still had to walk back but our mission was completed.

We did make it back to town and Laurel was able to make medicine to help the sick people with blackscour taint!

Hollow's Last Hope (Part 1)
Falcon's Hollow is Kind of Sexist

From Lemmywinks journal:

Not long after our adventure in the Arthfell Forest retrieving the Panoply and getting out of some legal trouble, Us new friends parted ways temporarily. Elmer the country warrior developed gout in his big toe and it made walking difficult. He and Gwaiyu headed into Oldfen when they had the chance. Me and Balinda were short on coin so continued toward the small town of Falcon’s Hollow. We would rendezvous there after Elmer was better.

l felt sorry for Balinda, the out of work actress. She was so poor that she didn’t even have a blanket. She shivered in her dingy gown at night and tried to share my tiny bedroll. Falcon’s Hollow couldn’t come fast enough although what we heard hadn’t made it sound so nice.

A rough community wholly owned by the local Lumber Consortium, Falcon’s Hollow rests on the edge of Darkmoon Vale, a blunt, sawdust-choked stop on a winding trade route. Home to fewer than 1,500 humans and a smattering of other races, most of the townsfolk care only for the paltry coins paid for their backbreaking work and what simple comforts they can buy. A few, however, understand that what’s bad for one is bad for all, and so the community thrives on a tenacious mix of greed, debauchery, and stubborn self-reliance. It is also rumoured to be a good jumping off point for adventure seekers.

We met a cat woman and her man friend waiting for the ferry across the River Roam. Sinya and Juno were from far off Osirion. She initially claimed to be a hypnotist by trade but it was soon discovered that she only wanted to be a hypnotist, she was actually an usher in a hypnotist’s show back in Osirion. Awkward.

The townspeople seemed gruff but maybe it was just because they were worried about the outbreak of blackscour taint that had broken out. That doesn’t explain the sexism though. Apparently there aren’t a lot of unarmed, unescorted females roaming the edges of civilization.

Several dozen people in Falcon’s Hollow have contracted a fungal disease called blackscour taint. While the malady is not exceptionally deadly, poor conditions and a general lack of supplies mean that many of the sick—especially the elderly and young—face mortal consequences. Slowly deteriorating, most of the afflicted can hang on for several more days, but already the weakest have succumbed, with their number growing daily.

We found Laurel, the proprieteress of Roots and Remedies. There was a big line for her herbal cures and she had a Help Wanted sign in her window. After an hour they got inside. Laurel was sort of sexist too. She asked if we were there for love potions! Imagine! When asked about the help wanted sign she apologized and said she had all the help she needed in the store. She needed someone to collect rare ingredients from Darkmoon Vale. When we applied, she seemed confused and looked between the three of us and asked if we meant our husbands! I’m a ranger almost and an eldritch slinger! And Balinda is so brave and an illusionist. And Sinya is a cat woman. Just don’t stare at her weird upside down fingernails. (They grow on the bottoms of her fingers not the tops)

She was convinced and promised to pay 30 gold each! All we needed to do was bring back some special moss on an old tree, a pickled root, and seven fancy mushrooms. They were all new to me. I didn’t get to that class in the Learning Annex before stopping to become an eldritch slinger.

It was awesome! I talked and whistled to keep the bears away but it was birds that attacked (and a mean hobgoblin). The goblin shot Juno with and arrow and his pet razorcrows mauled Belinda’s face. Good thing for magic healing or she would never work on stage again. Sinya enchanted the hobgoblin with magic sleep and I batted his birds out of the air. We freed the rare fox that he was baiting his trap with. We left him tied up.

The next excitement was on the shores of a lake. We were following the shore around to the opposite side when a dead kobold shambled up. Can you imagine? It was up to my trusty sling staff again but this time the lead shot did not do anything. Someone said to slash it so by the time it was close my scimitar was ready. Slash, slash and down it goes! Then guess what? A nasty rat crawls out of it’s head. I killed that too. Gross.

When we left the lake it was pretty easy to follow the drainage up to the hollow at the heart of the wood. Wow the trees were enormous and right smack in the center of the grove was the most impressive specimen. We stood there and gaped. We needed some special moss growing on its trunk. It looked harmless enough but Balinda Vanished anyway and ran out there. She was pulling up the moss by handfulls but then her spell wore off and a giant snake with a dragon head and two little claws sprung out from above. It bite her and clawed her and she collapsed. We all rushed to help. It was a tatzlwyrm. I pelted it with sling bullets and Sinya and Juno ran up. That did not work out so great. Before I knew what happened it coiled around it’s newest victim and pulled itself back into the tree.

I gave Balinda one of her healing draught and was almost crushed when Sinya came falling. She was out. The wyrm returned while Juno pulled Sinya to safety. Balinda sat up and used her magic. Colorful lights sprayed in the thing’s face disorienting it. Balinda fell back unconscious and me and Juno beat the dragon to death. Whew! Tatzlwyrm-dragon defeated!

And now we are camping in this beautiful grove of ancient darkwood trees. I can’t think of a more wonderful place for Balinda and Sinya to regain consciousness. Tomorrow is going to be even better!

2 Razorclaws Killed
1 Hobgoblin Slept
1 Zombie Kobold Shaman Killed
1 former rat familiar Killed
1 Tatzlwyrm Killed
2 PCs Unconscious
2 PCs Wounded

500 XP

Into the Haunted Forest (Part 2)
The race is on

The party rested and then set out to take up the mission of collecting the Panoply for Dr. Krane in exchange for the draconically labelled magic dagger ‘Brightflame’ and obsolving their considerable debt for destroying the Dr.’s prime exhibit. Part of the challenge was that the same offer was made to the company of the Black Banner, and they had a head start. With map in hand, Elmer led the way on the hunt to find the Druid Willowroot and gather the Panoply he guards.

They entered the great Arthfell Forest. Lemmywinks warned them that bears were probably out here and she was a city halfling. Elmer rolled his eyes and took up the lead, guiding them with the map. Not far into their journey Elmer located a dead rabbit, slain by an arrow then flayed and left behind … but why? He collected the rabbit. It was going to waste here. The country fighter continued onward trying to prep the rabbit for dinner as he went. He absently avoided the trap but little Lemmy was not so lucky. The rope snared her ankle and flung her into the air to dangle from a tree. The wolf drawn by the smell of rabbit blood showed up just in time as Elmer chopped the rope with his axe dumping Lemmy to the ground (she shouldn’t have called him stupid). The halfling magus fought from the prone position with her staff-sling while Elmer swung his axe, Balinda tossed drops of acid and Gwaiyu attempted to bite the rabid animal. Together they put down the wolf but the fight went on for some time. To finish a bad situation Elmer dropped the rabbit and the meat was ruined! At least Lemmywinks spotted a discarded scroll case from her prone view. Inside was an arcane scroll (comprehend languages).

They arrived at the ‘X’ on the map and found a ritual site at the Druid’s grove. A dying wolf wrapped in a tangle of living vines surrounded two stone monoliths and a stone altar all with writing Lemmy told them was in elvish. They could not see the writing clearly because of the young assassin vine. When Elmer got too close it grabbed him and dragged him into its folds. Gwaiyu moved to help, again trying to bite. Elmer made a baby cartwheel and escaped the vines but the oni-blooded cleric was then pulled into its grip. Sling bullets, acid and Elmer’s axe tore into the vine. It was not a weak creature and no one knew enough about it to be able to tell if they were hurting it. It’s coils tightened and Gwaiyu basically gave up in its hold, surrendering to his God and swooning. When Gwaiyu fell unconscious Elmer pulled him from the vines and narrowly avoided being grabbed himself. During the struggle Lemmy noticed a tree branch that hung over the alter. She suspected she could get a better look at the writing from that vantage point so she climbed the tree like a monkey. During her climb the others killed the vine. The halfling’s instincts proved solid and she not only read all the writings but spotted two objects hidden in the tops of the monoliths – a silver ring ( which she slipped on her finger – finders keepers) and a breastplate that turned out to be one of the special items (the Breastplate of Sacred Fire). After vaguely deciphering the riddles inscribed on the stones they made a plan to find the rest of the scattered Panoply. Unfortunately, Lemmy’s Vantage point also identified something else, tracks heading in all four directions, the directions of the scattered items. The Black Banner had been here first. A decision was made. Balinda would stay and watch over the unconscious priest while Elmer and Lemmywinks collected the items as quickly as they could.

The pair headed for the nearest riddle direction hoping they might be able to find an item and handle the divided member of the Black Banner. They found a cave with two sets of footprints coming and going. Afraid the item might still be inside they entered the cave with Lemmy lighting up Elmer’s shield with a light spell. Too bad the velvet-lined coffer inside was empty and the black bear living there was not happy about the bright disturbance. Lemmywinks knew there’d be bears! This bear was very angry and bit Elmer. They agreed the animal was too much for them so they beat a hasty retreat. Luckily the bear did not give much of a chase. Doing their best to follow the direction of the Banner member’s footprints they headed for the next item.

They reached a pool and easily spotted the Black Banner mage, Pudge, hiding in the reeds. They thought to sneak up on him while pretending not to see him but he shot Elmer with a magic missile warning them to stay away, so Lemmywinks dropped him with a sling bullet to the forehead. They made sure the man was not dead but looted him and left him in the reeds. When they searched the pool a nixie poked her head out of the water. She seemed disappointed in her charmed guardian and mentioned the elven cleric of Urgathoa fleeing. They tried to befriend her but Elmer’s poor manners and Lemmywinks lies of being part fey only annoyed her. If they wanted the druid’s Bottle she wanted a magic item in exchange. At first she wanted the silver ring Lemmy secretly claimed. She wanted magic for magic and was uninterested in any paper items. They found a potion, spellbook and a magic bolt from Pudge’s body. Elmer drank the potion before she could request it, hoping it was some sort of healing but it only caused his body to turn blurry. The screaming bolt was traded and the Vial of Pure Water was acquired. Now they had two of the Panoply.

They raced for the third item, finding a huge hollowed out tree with a scroll case banging against it in the wind some 30 feet up. Not wanting to chance climbing so high and having her magic not quite reach, Lemmy convinced Elmer to let her sit on his shoulders so she could try to weaken the straps holding it up there with her ray of frost magic. There were several missed shots and barely scraping blows plus plenty of noise but the stacked pair managed to dislodge the scroll tube. The noise they made drew the attention of something living in the tree. Elmer could hear it scraping and moving and kept urging the halfling to hurry! As the bone tube hit the ground a man-sized beetle crawled into sight. Elmer ran to the tube with Lemmywinks on his shoulders. The halfling tried to do a fancy dismounting move but failed so she basically slid down the country boy’s body awkwardly instead and grabbed the tube. Elmer fled into tree cover with little life left and the beetle tried to bite Lemmy but missed. Too bad she did not move so fast on little halfling legs. She fled and the beetle turned, blasting her with its acid butt spray. She avoided the worst of it so she wasn’t melted alive but was still singed badly. They did acquire the Codex of the Firmament though – win!

Feeling weak and tired they crawled back to regroup with Balinda. They hoped she could identify the magic they collected including the ring, scroll and the bottle of liquid.

They found Balinda hiding in the bushes with Gwaiyu’s body. She did in fact identify the ring as a swimming ring and the liquid in the bottle as two doses of healing potion which they quickly scarfed. Elmer recovered with one while Gwaiyu was awakened with the other. The cleric then channeled to heal everyone up to a respectable level of health. It felt good to have the cleric up again. They held three items and the Black Banner had one. Next they moved as a group to find the last item.

Following the riddle clues yet again they navigated their way to a dilapidated Inn long overgrown with foliage. Inside they spotted a gruesome scene with several skeletons in their death throes from a battle long past. A magical ghostly fire burned in the hearth and Balinda detected another magical source buried under one of the skeletal corpses, the only human-sized one amongst goblin, centaur and satyr skeletons. Elmer moved to collect the hidden magic with Gwaiyu staying just inside the doorway as backup. The ladies waited outside. Luko, Balinda’s Sparrow familiar called a warning and they turned to see the remaining trio of Black Banner members creeping up on them from the bushes. When Elmer claimed the Spirit-Staff of Narven a creature of roots and thorns spilled from the wall of the Inn. Balinda identified it as a wooden protector, a creature created from Druidic magic to guard a location. It’s viny appendages twisted together to form a spear which it used to plunge through Elmer. The fighter cried out, hurt badly. Gwaiyu moved to support him against the protector.

Outside another struggle was underway. Grelm fired arrows at Lemmywinks and Balinda while the goblin, Knu, moved in under shadow cover wielding the Wand of Earth’s Ire. Nirashi the cleric of Urgathoa cast a spell identified as magic weapon on her scythe as she advanced spitting curses. Lemmy nailed Grelm with a solid sling bullet hit. Balinda raised a wall of earth and foliage separating the Inn from the Black Banner. The illusion fooled everyone including poor Lemmywinks who was outside its protection in the forest. When the Black Banner trio advanced Lemmy knocked Grelm out with a flash of colored lights, revenge for punching and kicking her! Gnu tried to put her to sleep but she resisted his magic. When they heard the men inside the Inn screaming for retreat, Balinda forfeited maintaining her wall in exchange for her own color spray at the evil cleric, dropping her unconscious, too. The goblin vanished into hiding.

Elmer and Gwaiyu worked in tandem to distract the wooden protector and flee with the staff. Gwaiyu’s slow movement (he was wearing the Breastplate of Sacred Fire) left him standing in the doorway. The protector stabbed him while fleeing leaving him staggered. The tiefling cleric opted to channel and heal everyone . It was a sacrificial gesture of goodness but his God was watching over him and aiding, the protector missed him this time. As Elmer and Gwaiyu fled the Inn the protector followed. Balinda used her staff to beat on the unconscious Grelm. Gnu the goblin surprised Balinda, blasting her with a sheet of fire from the wand. The illusionist was badly burned. Lemmywinks took that opportunity nail the goblin with a slingstone, laying him flat. With The Black Banner down, they focused their efforts on the protector who seemed set on recovering the sacred Panoply. Elmer dropped with another vicious spear strike. Gwaiyu used his healing magic to wake the fighter as Lemmy and Balinda peppered the protector. Elmer, while weak, hit the creature with the sacred staff and landed some serious axe blows to the protector. When Nirashi stood, the party groaned. They knew those color spray spells would be wearing off. The elven cleric of Urgathoa channeled negative energy knocking out Elmer again and hurting everyone. She laughed and told them to surrender everything to her or die. The party dropped the protector but they could see its body knitting itself back together. Another negative energy channel sent pain through everyone. Lemmy had seen enough. She took aim and popped the dark cleric spinning her to the ground. With all enemies down the magus, cleric and illusionist focused their efforts on the healing plant creature, destroying it utterly. They checked, looted and stabilized the Banner members, dragging them back inside the Inn and leaving them there. With Panoply in tow and Elmer recovered to a staggered position they limped their way back to The Traveler’s Stop Inn.

Dr. Krane was happy to see his goals reached. He dropped the criminal charges releasing them from debt. The sheriff kept his word, awarding them the dagger, Brightflame, and sending them on their way. The party celebrated their wins, spent the night for free then beat a hasty retreat from this nightmare stopover in the middle of nowhere, more experienced and a few coins richer.

Gwaiyu and Balinda each earned 900xp

Elmer and Lemmywinks each earned 1535xp

Into the Haunted Forest (Part 1)

358A7D41-EF6C-4541-9A92-6CF344669C67.jpegThe adventure started with a trio of unlikely traveling companions making their way down a rural road boardered by the mighty Arthfell Forest in Andoran. Gwaiyu the oni-blooded tiefling priest from a foreign land, Elmer the human country-bumpkin fighter, and Lemmywinks the ever-cheerful halfling magus came together for safety. When they happened upon a pack of wild dogs feasting on a humanoid corpse things got interesting. Elmer, deciding these couldn’t be much different than the animals back on the farm, tried to bond with the dogs. When he got too close they snarled threateningly. So, Gwaiyu and Lemmywinks took a different route. Gwaiyu put a crossbow bolt in one dog and Lemmywinks beaned another with a sling bullet. Elmer screamed and frightened the injured dog with the bolt in its side away, but the one hit by the bullet dropped instantly, unmoving. The last dog charged Gwaiyu but the priest bashed it on the head with his Morningstar. Elmer charged and finished off the dazed mutt. The travelers examined the body and identified it as a hobgoblin in antique armor with a sundered antique sword. Lemmywinks noticed several injuries in addition to the dog bites. She declared him dead by blades before ever encountering the dogs. Elmer traced the hobgoblin’s tracks and determined he was chased through the woods by several people approximately 12-16 hours earlier. While tracing his steps, the halfling spotted something glowing. She recovered a dagger that flowed with liquid fire at its heart. It fit the hobgoblin’s empty sheath so she claimed both and strapped them on her belt.

The party travelled a few more hours along the road before arriving at their intended destination for the night – Travellers Stop Inn. It was the only real stop for miles and a regular trading stop as well. There seemed to be a bigger crowd here than usual, possibly due to the banner stating “The Traveling Exhibition of Dr Phineas Krane, Professor of Antiquities and Master of Shroud Artistry”.
They made their way into the busy taproom of the Inn. Elmer headed to the bar for a drink while Gwaiyu and Lemmywinks stopped to hear Dr. Krane speaking at a table where an antique linen and some ceramic trinkets were displayed. When the teifling lifted the halfling to get a better look, her newly acquired dagger showed and sparked an incident. A large man by the the name of Grelm Hammerlock stormed to them demanding the dagger as his. Gwaiyu positioned Lemmywinks away from the angry man while the halfling told him the dagger was hers, she had found it fair and square. Grelm proceeded to punch the small woman in her face, once again demanding his rightful property, stating he had “killed the hob” and that dagger was his. The fight drew the attention of the whole taproom as the big man attacked the tiny woman. Gwaiyu and Elmer moved to protect little Lemmywinks. Grelm’s associates (an elven cleric of Urgathoa, a portly human wizard, and a scary looking goblin – calling themselves The Black Banner) moved to support him. Elmer flipped the table trying to swat Grelm but missed. He did However succeed at dumping Dr. Krane’s valuable antiques to the floor shattering several pieces and setting flame from a lamp to the linen shroud. Gwaiyu spotted a lady at a corner table working the gestures of a silent image spell just before two city guardsmen burst into the taproom from the front door. The guardsmen seemed out of place so far from the city. Grelm chased Lemmywink under another table and proceeded to kick her there repeatedly before a man rose from the bar brandishing a fine long sword and a brooch identifying him as the local sheriff. The city guardsmen vanished. The law man stopped the fighting and called in two deputies to escort both parties to separate holding rooms. He confiscated the dagger until morning when he could sort out this mess. The Black Banner was placed in one holding room while the traveling trio was placed in another chamber, each with a deputy watching over the locked rooms. At some point during the night both The tiefling and the fighter awoke to someone unlocking their door. They peeked but did not leave the room, fearing a setup..

Come morning Sheriff Cage called both groups to the taproom. Evidently the dagger was stolen from beneath his pillow during the night. He pulled out several suspects including Grelm, Lemmywinks and the lady that cast the illusion spell (Balinda). There were a handful of witnesses including the disgruntled Dr. Krane. Pudge, the human mage from the Black Banner and both Gwaiyu and Elmer took up the Sheriff’s challenge to weed out the culprit. They began an investigation, questioning each of the witnesses. Unfortunately, neither the tiefling nor the country-bumpkin were particularly good at diplomatic endeavors so most of their efforts either ended with Elmer threatening the people or the witnesses just walking away annoyed and upset with them. Actually, the more information they gathered, the more the priest and fighter began to suspect their halfling companion of actually stealing the dagger. How well did they really know her anyway? They met on the road..

Meanwhile poor Lemmywinks was being terrorized by Grelm. They were put in a holding room with the other suspects. The big man in black scalemail spent most of his time posturing at the halfling and threatening her while she huddled in a corner flinching. The magician, Balinda, tried to support her but the other suspects just wanted to avoid all conflict.

After much interviewing, searching the Inn room by room, and calling in help to identify their findings, the party discovered a trail leading from the Sheriff’s window to the stables. There they spotted a hole in the wall. They had already identified bird prints in the room, so suspected a nest. Elmer crawled atop a hay bail to have a look and was attacked savagely by a large owl. The bird clawed his face relentlessly while he and Gwaiyu battled it. Gwaiyu slowed it down with a crossbow bolt and Elmer finally cut the bird in two with his large axe. In ran a farmer screaming. He was a suspect but the least likely. Turns out he was a mage too and the owl was his thieving familiar. They robbed visitors of the Inn regularly.

With the crime solved and the dagger retrieved, the sheriff called the trio in to offer a means to both excuse their significant debt since they had destroyed valuable items of Dr. Krane’s and to also acquire the magic dagger. Dr. Krane needed a group to go find a handful of ancient treasures suspected to be scattered about this part of Arthfell Forest and convince their Druid guardian (Willowroot) to allow him to examine the treasures in exchange for a shroud of the dead king they once belonged to for the Druid. Gwaiyu asked the question and they learned that The Black Banner received the same offer. Belinda the mage/actress offered to aid them against the awful banner members and their next adventure was set begin ….

The treasures they seek are:

Breastplate of sacred fire
Codex of firmament
Spirit-staff of Narven
Vial of pure water
Wand of earth’s ire

The five together are known as the “Panoply”

Gwaiyu, Elmer, Lemmywinks and Balinda each earned 635xp

Gallery of Evil (part 2)
The investigation continues

They took a minute to catch their collective breath and expend a few valuable healing spells to boost their health. They were headed into the lion’s den. The wizard artist Imron had to be in there somewhere.

Their charge ended abruptly as 3 more weird serving boys surprised them all in the foyer. They stepped from behind curtains and began wailing on them. Pugno and Shokkanaw began tearing into them quickly. They wanted Afarrah to save her dwindling magic. There was also a long golden rope hanging from the ceiling that reached out to grab Shokkanaw, but he avoided its grip. With the servants destroyed and transformed into more piles of black goo, they decided to venture upstairs. The group debated destroying the annoying animated rope first but Shokkanaw told them that was a problem for future Shok!

When they reached the top of the stairs a brawny wild man in leaf armor and wielding a huge axe charged with a scream. He barreled into Shokkanaw and sent the rogue tumbling over the balcony. He deftly landed on his feet but was then smacked in the face, hard, by the animated rope. Future Shok did not take long to get here. While Shokkanaw evaded the rope, Pugno faced off against the wild man. Afarrah tossed flames at him with little effect. Pugno used his training to dodge most of the man’s blows but when they did hit him it really really hurt. Every miss tore holes in the walls or floor. When Pugno blocked a blow with his specially crafted three-section staff the huge axe chopped it into two pieces! There went a thousand gold pieces down the drain. Realizing that the man was severely dangerous, Afarrah summoned a spiritual ally and Pugno focused on damaging him. Still his blows were deadly so they voted to lure him out where they could flank him in the foyer. They pulled back and he did follow, only his method was not the stairs. He leapt from the balcony landing a deep chop on Pugno in the process. Afarrah had to heal the monk quickly to keep him in the fight. Shokkanaw was trying to stay out of reach of the massive axe and used his bow. They damaged the wild man heavily and he turned and fled. Pugno gave chase, dodging past that damn rope. Realizing they all needed to follow, Shokkanaw and Afarrah combined their efforts to fight the rope. Pugno found the wild man healing himself with potions so he took that break to do the same thing. Meanwhile the others still fought that rope with magic and bow. Ultimately, Pugno got tired of waiting and tossed a shuriken, severing and destroying the animated rope once and for all. They converged on the wild man and brought him down. With him out of the way, the search for the missing wizard began. They found another cryptic note but made little headway with it other than becoming more confused.

The party searched every door and hallway of the manor. From rooftop garden, to creepy servant-guarded kitchen, to workshop, to study to dusturbing bedroom, they wandered. They never paused to search any room in particular and only skimmed them visually in search of their quary. There were numerous weird and disturbing paintings throughout the home and plenty of other interesting and expensive decorations to see. Shokkanaw was careful to mention they should not steal anything. That would be wrong.

They wound their way through the manor, peeking in fancy bathrooms and guest rooms plus numerous servants quarters that looked unused for months. Where was this wizard? When they ventured to the basement things got interesting. There was a chamber lined with suits of armor and banners Afarrah named as prominent houses in Absolam’s history. She also pointed out that each of those 8 suits of armor was enchanted. When Pugno tried to sneak across the room unnoticed, he triggered a pressure plate and a large portion of the ceiling fell on him. Buried under the stone, he wriggled free to find all of the armor suits poised to strike with their halberds. Shokkanaw watched from the wings shouting a warning to his maestro. Pugno miraculously dodged two rounds of attacks from the armor with only 1 glancing blow. Afarrah launched a fireball into the room and mostly melted the armor suits. Shokkanaw and Pugno finished off the damaged constructs with Shokkanaw taking a few hits in the process. They needed more healing from Afarrah.

Onward they went, deeper into the basement and found a huge gallery filled with over 50 paintings of all topics. Some were enchanted and others mundane. Both Pugno and Shokkanaw spotted the shadowy figure leaping from painting to painting. Afarrah was preoccupied searching for magic among the pictures. An illusiory wall separated the student from his maestro just before the shadow creature targeted its victim – Shokkanaw. Shokkanaw decided to take the fight to him, charging and striking with his falcion only it passed right through the incorporeal monster with no effect at all. The creature retaliated, dragging a clawed hand across the 1/2 orc’s face. The touch burned cold and left a shadowy handprint that twisted Shok’s features. Pugno raced to the rescue but was not fast enough. Again the creature clawed at Shokkanaw while leaping between paintings and his face became even more twisted and ugly as his charisma was drained away in rakes of pain. Afarrah blasted a section of the wall with fire and damaged several paintings along with the shadow beast, causing it to flee. Pugno gave chase and took note of not only the creature’s new location but also of a painting high on the wall that resembled the thing. He shouted for Afarrah to blast that painting. First he had to point it out to her. She was having a hard time spotting it. She tossed a firebolt at the picture and the creature began to plead with them to stop, promising it would allow them safe passage. That sounded like a pretty good deal to the party. “All day long!” Shok insisted. The creature nodded. “Forever!” Pugno corrected, and shokkanaw repeated “I meant forever!” The creature nodded again in agreement then vanished into the painting. They could see it slowly repairing itself.

From there they moved to a deeper level of the basement and found a most uninteresting storage room filled with mundane supplies, how boring. On an off chance, Pugno decided to search the room for any clues. He found a lever concealed to look like a broom handle. When he moved the lever a large section of the wall and floor swiveled carrying him away to an adjacent chamber. Shokkanaw and Afarrah watched in surprise as he vanished. On the other side of the wall, the maestro found himself facing a life-sized portrait of what he suspected was the wizard, Imron, To one side stood a large clay statue. He called the others through the secret passage and soon they all gazed upon the seated wizard with his crystal ball in hand. Afarrah studied tte chamber with detect magic and told them the painting was definitely magic, strong magic since it stunned her! The statue was magic too. They were annoyed with so much unidentifiable magic in this wizard’s house!

Unsure what to do next, Pugno told Afarrah to touch the painting as he readied to grapple the large statue if it moved. She did and it did and a fight broke out. The statue lurched forward and Pugno tried to grab it but failed to get a good grip. The thing swung wildly punching both Afarrah and Shokkanaw in their faces. Again Pugno called out for them to work together to grapple the statue but even with their help they failed to slow it down so it punched Pugno and Afarrah this time. The large statue’s punches really hurt too. Pugno asked them to unite and give it one more try. The rogue and priestess wiped the blood from their noses and went for it. This time they succeeded but it still hit them again before he was able to pin and drag it to the swiveling part of the floor. Beaten down and bloody the group dragged the struggling statue a few feet to the side. Once it was in place, Shokkanaw kicked the lever and the clay golem guardian swiveled out of the room. They released a collective sigh of relief until they realized they had just trapped themselves in this room with no other exits. Oh well, that was a problem for future them. The pounding on the wall reminded them that they were on borrowed time. Examining the portrait of the wizard only revealed glowing runes … more unknown magic stuff (sigh). So they agreed to let Afarrah try to destroy the painting. Her answer to everything was to “purify it with holy fire from Sarenrae”. She conjured a wall of fire pressed against it and watched it slowly catch fire and burn under the intense heat. No one realized the Id Portrait might be a minor artifact or that destroying said artifact might result in a huge explosion …. it did result in the destruction of the magical artifact and that did result in a massive (20 dice) explosion of flames! The explosion took out the swiveled wall and left both Shokkanaw and Afarrah unconscious on the ground smoldering. Pugno and Shokkanaw took cover behind Afarrah so their burns were less severe. The priestess was nearly obliterated. If not for her innate fire resistance and a quick action with a healing potion from Pugno, she would have died instantly. With the wizard dead, the golem, which was linked to him, had also suffered serious injuries and now stopped moving. Pugno dragged his companions from the deadly manor. In a completely unplanned and unorthodox way, they had stopped the killer. They reported their results to the local authorities and collected their reward. They even let them know about the missing artist so that he could eventually be rescued from his painting prison trap.

Unfortunately, they did not piece together that in a way, the wizard was a victim here too. The prominent art community had been stealing his artistic ideas and giving them to the famous artist that worked for them in order to make them all rich at the wizard’s expense. But all’s well that ends well, right? It was a Guild success!!

Pugno, Shokkanaw, & Afarrah each earned an incredible 10,933xp and 2,500gp to split for their efforts

Gallery of Evil (part 1)
The Guildies get involved in their own backyard

The day began like any other at The Guild Hall. Chad paced quickly through the building searching for someone capable enough to take on the latest adventure request. This time it was from a prominent Local art collector named Asheron Coyl. The man lived in the same area of Absalom as the Guild, the Ivy District, and was known to fund extravagant expeditions to far off ruins in search of the latest and greatest addition to his art collection. Chad found Shokkanaw, shadowing his Master Pugno as usual. He seemed a capable prospect. The letter was handed to him and the young priest departed. Unfortunately Shokkanaw could not read so he handed the letter to his mentor. The monk paused from his sad efforts to Impress the pretty priestess, Afarrah, and focused on the request. The words were flowery and the translation rough (especially with the brain power of the 1/2 orc and Suli to back it up) but they headed for Asheron’s home to learn more about this new mission. Asheron, being a prominent local figure could be a great resource for The Guild.

Though it was mere blocks away, the group struggled with direction until eventually arriving. Afarrah prepared to stroll up to the front door of the lovely manor house but Master Pugno and Shokkanaw noticed something amiss. The front door sat ajar and hanging by a single hinge. Pugno listened carefully and picked up the hints of a struggle, crashing furniture, breaking glass, and a slithering sound. They moved quickly as a team. Pugno being the fastest was inside to spot an odd scene. The lavish manor was in shambles with a bloody trail leading into the gathering Hall. There he spotted a serving girl hiding behind an overturned bar. The Hall, littered with broken furniture and art, housed a giant octopus with a man’s body in its grip. The creature seemed set on killing and lashed out at Pugno with its lengthy reach, striking several blows. Shokkanaw entered and was immediately grappled in those tentacles. Afarrah launched a fireball into the room adding to the damaged property but singing the octopus. The man he held looked to already be dead. The fight was not easy and the creature took a serious beating, one that strangely did not seem to spill any blood from its body. The octopus died at Pugno’s kick turning into a puddle of black liquid.
They checked the body, Asheron Coyl was most definitely dead. Now what? That did not look good for the mission … whatever the mission was.

They gathered the hiding setvants and questioned them learning that a foppish rake with a hired hand had arrived about an hour prior to deliver a package to Asheron. It was a painting and the only painting still intact in the Hall. It depicted a storm tossed ship at sea. The servants said the handsome finely dressed delivery man mentioned it being a gift from a fellow art enthusiast, but when their master opened the wrapping that creature sprang to life from the painting and killed Asheron. That’s when the party arrived. They also mentioned that the rake was carrying 3 other similar packages. Immediately they sent a servant to fetch the city guard and he returned with a local captain who informed them that this could not have come at a worse time. His men were stretched impossibly thin watching over important events with visiting foreign dignitaries, and so The Guild members were deputized and tasked with locating Lord Asheron’s killer, plus stopping any further casualties. He offered a reward of 2,500gp to seal the deal. The race was on to stop any further disasters.

Pugno began scanning the busy streets of the Ivy District for any unusual characters. He spotted nothing, but Shokkanaw with Afarrah’s diplomatic aid approached a corner vendor offering up the rake’s description. They learned the well-dressed gentleman was Darius Finch also know as ‘The Gent’ in this area. A local minor nobleman whose parents lost his house to debt making him more of a silver-tongued mooch seeking ways to earn coin than an actual part of the upper crust society. The vendors mentioned seeing him headed down the street to the next block over. Being their only lead, that’s where they went. While Pugno scanned the lavish houses for more broken doors, Shokkanaw took note of a large congregation at the biggest house on the end of the street. Belfor Vittanis (another prominent art collector) was having a huge party. They made their way up the drive and met with the drivers and servants hanging outside with the carriages. The servants mentioned seeing Darius enter with 3 packages, stay for a while, then depart in a lady’s carriage alone with 2 packages after paying and dismissing his hired hand. They debated and decided to go inside before another giant octopus appeared and killed all these unsuspecting people.

Unfortunately, not just anybody could walk inside the high society event (though over a hundered people were already gathered). Some drunken patrons mistook the monk and 1/2 orc in a dress for entertainers and they ran with the ruse. Pugno had to convince them however after Shokkanaw lied so badly. The 1/2 orc could not fool the drunken people so Afarrah and Pugno had to speak for him. Afarrah simply presented herself as the Rajkumari priestess she was and was allowed entry. They could hear Lord Belfor announcing over the loud music and drone of drunken patrons that he was about to unveil the mysterious painting delivered earlier. They had to stop him!

Pugno sprang into the crowded hall, dodging past a handsy drunken lady, then using acrobatics to avoid not 1 not 2 but 3 bouncers. Sadly, Shokkanaw and Affarah were not so successful. Shokkanaw was immediately grappled by the drunk lady Pugno avoided. She slid her hands around every private part of his body while forcing her liquored-up tongue down his throat. Afarrah entered trying a different path though she moved incredibly slow in her full armor with the crowds. A drunk man tumbled before her taking her down to the floor with him. While the others struggled to make headway, Pugno deflected the bouncers punches and sprang to the table beside Lord Belfor and the wrapped painting on an easel. He warned the man not to open it but his cries fell on drunk deaf ears so he grabbed the prominent Lord in a headlock and dragged him from the table away from the wrapped painting. The bouncers followed but could not get their lord free. Shokkanaw shoved the woman away with a face palm move and struggled to join Master Pugno through the crowd while Afarrah crawled back to her feet only to be accosted by said drunken lady. Shokkanaw tripped over another drunken patron and sprawled to the flood. Eventually, after dragging the art collector around the crowded room by his head, Pugno was able to explain what was happening and that Lord Asheron was dead. This finally got the man’s attention, plus he was ready to be free of the grapple.

They moved to a private chamber to discuss what had happened and to lock the unwrapped painting in Lord Belfor’s vault for safe keeping. Pugno spotted a painting on the wall that depicted Asheron, Belfor and a steel-haired lady together, Eleazonna Gertwright. They learned that the trio often work together in the art community of the Ivy District. They are all good friends and associates. Suspecting that she might be the next target they headed a few blocks over to her manorhouse.

They arrived in time to see the shiny black carriage dropping off Darius Finch ‘The Gent’ who was carrying a single wrapped package. Before they could reach him and after he had barely taken a few steps across the walkway towards the manor, something unseen struck him in the back of the head sending the young rake sprawling and the package flying to the lawn. Whatever hit him continued to hit him and hard. The party raced across the yard to see what they could do. Whoever attacked him remained unseen. Darius looked very bloody and not long for this world. They decided they wanted him alive for questioning and tried to instruct the unseen assailant to desist by order of the city guard. Their commands to stop only drew chuckles and a reply of “out of my way, he’s mine”. When Shokkanaw got between them and then Pugno as well, they both suffered serious blows from the unseen attacker leaving them both reeling. Afarrah continued to pass out healing in the form of channels to keep everyone fighting and Darius conscious. Having little success with the flying invisible attacker and reasoning, Pugno asked for the help of his party and they grappled it away from killing Darius. Eventually they managed to pin, tied up then murdered it … all the while unsure exactly what ‘IT’ was! Pugno just kept saying “I think I’m wrestling a demon!”

Darius fled during the battle but they confiscated his borrowed carriage though the driver also fled, and collected the wrapped painting plus a map in a scroll tube with ‘X’ marked over four locations in the area. The marks corresponded with Asheron’s home, Belfor’s home, Eleazonna’s home and a fourth location. Having stopped the delivery of this painting they rushed to find the missing package at the fourth location. Never mind the confused stares from inside the windows of Eleazonna’s manor after the front yard brawl.

The fourth location was a grandiose tower placarded as the home of the famed artist Endrik Archerus. They approached, spoke with his servants who welcomed them in to find their master. He vanished after retreating to his workshop with a delivered package from ‘The Gent’. Upon investigation of his workshop they found a freshly mounted painting depicting a dark hag upon a huge black horse with chained devils pulling a cart full of human sized worms with humanoid faces. Afarrah identified the painting as magic like the other packages but knew little else. Knowledge was definitely not her forte. Pugno found a cryptic note plus noticed that the painted images were moving ever so slightly. Archerus was nowhere to be found. Shokkanaw was asked to check the painting for traps but he simply shrugged asking what that meant? They opted to back away from this painting and told the servants to keep it locked away in here while they went back to speak with Lady Eleazonna.

The visit with the Lady went well enough. She confirmed that the trio of art collectors were good friends and that Archerus was a prominent figure in the community they dealt with frequently. She also directed them to Imron Gauthfallow, another retired artist and wizard. He was “jealous of them and their success” and he was the one who painted the group portrait years ago. She claimed he was not so great and wanted to be on their level of success but couldn’t possibly manage that. He was a wizard and thus dangerous so this could absolutely be his doing!
They then headed to Imron’s Small manor on the other side of the Ivy District.

They approached the front door to his simple two story home and knocked with no response. So Pugno decided to beat the door down. His pounding revealed a hallway beyond with an oddly calm servant carrying a tray just smiling at him. A guard dog’s barks rang out in the distance but only Pugno noticed. Shokkanaw and Afarrah were oblivious to the howling charging mastiff hound. Pugno decided to try to punch the oddly smiling serving boy who relaliated with a tray. The guard dog approached growling and Pugno warned his companions not to hurt the dog while he attempted to do the same with the strange servant. When he heard Shokkanaw and Afarrah screaming behind him after the dog belched a massive gout of flame over them he decided not to take any chances. He hit the serving boy hard and flakes of the boy’s skin fell away and cracks formed on his body. He was definitely not human, more like painted wood. The guard dog turned out to be a war-horse sized flaming devil hound under an illusion. The servant went down easily but the devil dog did not. It’s bites hurt – A Lot! They killed the dog but it was a hard won fight with lots of blood on both sides and the expenditure of much healing.

Now they stand in front of Imron’s quaint manor house. One of his strange servants lies dead and shattered in the front doorway. His guard dog is dead on the lawn and the front door is knocked from its hinges ….

Pugno, Shokkanaw & Afarrah each earned 6,934xp

The Whisper out of Time X

Hyena Princess Njano brokered a pact with the party. If the party were able to retain Dahab from his current predicament the princess would then give the details of what they call “Biting Lash.” Her highness believes old slaves are his thing and can lead them to the one they seek. She also bluntly told them they would be followed by her agents, Kisetz and the halfing Hakoor.

Bronn and crew decided on a plan to first visit one of the sites Dahab was last seen, The Shrine of Thaffaar. This was a temple to Gozreh. Upon traveling to their destination in southern Okeno they ran into a nasty pack of gnolls. Bronn took care of the problem afore it came to spilling blood. He intimated the gnoll pack leader and the gnoll front-runner retracted his fury gang. Charlie caught signs of hands signals communications from spotter to spotter, the details were not known. Beaten salves and dead littered the side of the thorofare. The smell of blood, death and wet salted fur littered Okeno’s brisk air.

Upon arriving at the Shrine of Thaffaar it was in the process of being rebuilt. The druid was an easy mark to make. The dialog between the party and the druid was surprising easy. He asked for a few hours labor in return for Dahab’s recent information. Charlie helped the scaffolding integrity with her engineering, Bronn labored on a wall, Waldobert just watched, and Zugzug brought up supplies. After the work was done and night was falling onto Okeno he divulged what he knew of Dahab ‘s last encounter with him. He spoke of Dahab having been marry instead of his droughty self. He was gearing odd colored cloths as gifts, ocher colored garments in fact. Charlie knew this color stain to be produced by several methods but mainly tanning.

The party members traveled back to the north toward the tannery part of Okeno. Before they could go too far a mirthful but stubborn merchant wanted to buy a night with Charlie the young Aasimar. His acquiesce was meet with the party’s non- acquiesce. The homely merchant with pearlescent teeth changed and turned into his real self a marid! He jabbed with his large trident and hit Charlie square. Tiny plant surfaced from the coastlines cliff, griefgalls! The marid’s superiority complex lead to his downfall. His fellow plants were slain at his side as well. Waldobert quickly started to pull the pearl teeth from the marid, only getting three. Bronn grabbed the large masterwork trident and carried on.

The tanning district was quite large part of the city by comparison. About two dozen thriving tanneries canvased the area. Bronn and crew were here in the early nighttime. Collectively the team queried about the tannery that produced ocher. They efforts were rewarded when one person told them that “Salir’s Fine Leathers” is the place they seek. Luckily, this tannery was not hard to find due to the girth and largeness of the building. The party strolled in casually. There was a female human that greeted them warmly. When Dahab and Salir popped into the conversation, she became very hesitant to accommodate their following questions. She alerted the guards who happened to be in the next room eating dinner. Bronn and crew did notice the peculiar demeanor the shopfront held against them now, they knew she was under a charm effect.

The situation escalated when they guards came into the storefront and told they party to leave. Bronn started to taunt them! Five guard in breastplates started to draw their scimitars and seek blood. The party also observed these guards were under a charm as well. Charlie went forward and started to explore while she was invisible. As she did, Charlie noticed a presence go by her eventually. Charlie felt an attack upon her. The div revealed herself. Charlie struck back while the rest of the group was dealing with the five guard at the storefront. Understanding Charlie was a threat the div charmed Charlie! When the div came to confront the party Charlie was at her side vouching for her!

The Whisper out of Time X
Date played: February 16th 2018
Note: this is what I have been tracking for you guys experience wise!
XP: 4,950 (Charlie/Bronn @ 135,857 experience) – Level 11 [Fast Track]
XP: 4,950 (Zug Zug/Waldobert @ 130,244 experience) – Level 11 [Fast Track]
XP: 0 (Jacquez should be @ 93,859) – Level 10 [Fast Track]


The Whisper out of Time IX

The team was finally in Okeno! The stench of gnoll was present in every corner of the city. The clashing of waterfalls filled the ears of the party. They were teleported near the Palace of Waterfalls. The mosaic palace in the background blended with the violent water breaking up its images from a distance. The party where at a vantage point to see over Okeno. They saw the waterfalls from the high cliffs brought the only clean water to the city.

They saw heavy gnoll guards about three-hundred feet away at the palace’s entrance. The party also observed slaves bring broken by the whips of their masters. Dead slaves littered roadsides and the city itself. Fleshpeddlers and fleshfares were everywhere the eye could take in imagery. The information at hand that was that:

• Gnolls here hated and harbored great mistrust for humans, very paranoid.
• Slavery was the core of the city’s economy
• Faction leaders (mainly gnolls) did not openly attack each other
• Also knowing that gnoll leader(s) rarely made an appearance at all

A little halfing caught their attention displaying his wears. He was able to fence a few of this good to the party and offered to be the party’s chaperon. After a quick bartering process the price was settled for the haling’s services. He told them they needed to arrange their coin purses; this is how he knew they were new to town! He then tried to use a clever quip that gave him the nickname “Silly Thumb.” He led the party to the poor shanties of the city.

The dwelling barely holding together seemly that held to a small ratfolk inside. Silly Thumbs had spoken to them about the local attire. Stich the ratfolk was eager to obtain their services for making them a local garb. This grab conceals coin pouches and small weaponry. Stich was impressively quick about making this grab to each party member who paid for one. They noticed he also made body bags when another black-toothed human pried in and asked a quick favor from Stich.

Jacquez knew of a master auctioneer, a human who peddled exotic flesh. Bronn and crew asked around to acquire the knowledge what was “exotic.” Aasimar was the answer to this question. The party formed a plan to turn Charlie into an exotic flesh meat! Silly Thumbs said he could help with that. He brought a contact that had a small potion that could turn someone into what they wished. Bronn and crew were convinced so they bought the product. Charlee was able to turn into an Aasimar.

The party knew that the governor was the master auctioneer’s best client. The party traveled to what is known as the “Palace of Honeyed Stone”. Zugzug plainly was asking around for an old woman slaves! The rest of the group was staged as trying to peddle this exotic Aasimar. Bronn took note that the palace guards did not take weapons but rather rubbed some sort of oil on each person’s weapons and noted what they had.

Zugzug finally got a person of interest to call his que about old women slaves. A tall slim cloaked person started to ask why he was pressing about such slaves. Waldobert saw his son had gotten himself into another jam. He quickly rushed over. Luckily, a little kindred spirit turned the tide of conflict to resolution. The vampire lord went on his way.

As expected the master auctioneer shows up. She was through the party’s folly buy played along and told them to come follow him. He had taken them into the shipyard. Hammers, chisels, and other obnoxious sound drowned imminent sound away. He told them they had better pay for wasting his time. He informed them what they sought could be found in the Laughing Fleshfair.

This place was known as an only gnoll fleshfair. Once they team arrived shouts and growls came quick. Bronn started to shout in gnoll himself. A gnoll stepped up to over his guide services at quick costs! Then a dark skinned tall female human and a halfling with a small blue monkey on his right shoulder signaled the party to them. They did and found a gnoll female being carried on a palanquin by four human slaves. This was Hyena Princess Njano. The dark skinned female they heard her called Kisetz had intense hate for Bronn. She spit at him, he spit back. Njano yapped and Kisetz stopped for moment. The princess offered an invite to her domicile. When they accepted the party was given blacked backs to put over their heads. Zugzug tore holes in his which raise ire from Njano’s servants. Bronn received a stinging pain in his side and heard Kisetz’s whisper which was trembling on the edge of yelling “give me a reason!”

Njano informed them she knows where an old woman slave is that they seek and she is on the ownership of who they know as “Biting Lash.” Quick pro quo was offered to find her spy and she would spill the beans on her advisory “Biting Lash.”


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