Ye Gilde

Droskar's Crucible: Dungeon Delve

Rescuing Nigel and Chester and re-clearing the top dungeon levels

The group moved off about a thousand feet into the ancient forest to treat wounds and camp until the next day. They wanted to start fresh in the morning. It was a good thing they hid because numerous somethings with chains entered the ruins during the night. They only had to contend with a garden ooze and two shadows (attracted by Ginger’s screams) during the night.

In the morning they headed down the dark stairs. Below ground they found two levels that had already been cleared by the other group of adventurers. There wasn’t too much to see but they did rescue Nigel and Chester Copperpot from 5 forge-spurned undead dwarves.

On the second level, Ginger questioned one of the two remaining red-scaled kobolds in their hatchery. The old kobold told them all this was due to their tribe’s curse and to go deeper where the tunnel was collapsed to find more. They did find that tunnel easily and two more shadows that were quickly dispatched after snatching more strength from Largus.

The collapsed tunnel had been partially excavated and led to a giant circular shaft with water 40 feet below. Largus figured out that it was only 10 feet deep so he enlarged and jumped in. There were 4 creatures in the water and 6 skull-sized eyeballs in the walls of the shaft watching them. The creatures turned out to be bloody bones which were part skeleton with entrail tentacles. The slashing claw attacks were adding up and four undead took some time to hit being submerged. All the watching eyes were shot with arrows. They finally were destroyed and everyone was able to make it from the upper tunnel down to the lower tunnel where they could see the another chamber down a short hallway.

XP: 2500



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