Ye Gilde

In Search of Sanity I

Four unaffiliated characters found themselves in a dull gray cobblestoned alleyway. None of them recalling how, when, where and why they are here! No memory of the past only the present! Surrounding the narrow ally was a sickly think yellow jaundice colored fog. The alley’s canyon was starting to quickly collapse with gray brick from the sidewalls. The party could only see roughly twenty feet in front of them. With little ambient yellow colored light peering through the combination of fog and light gave a hazy effect. It was hard to judge distance exactly. Up ahead they saw the ally split to the right and to the left. The yellow fog seemed to be following them. A horrible grumbling sound masked by the fog behind the party was followed by auditable footsteps. Sharlize aka Charlie made an optimistic statement regardless of their plight. Bronn, Jacquez, Waldobert, and Charlie swiftly consulted and chose the to go right on the narrow pathway. This lead the group to a dead end. Bronn readied a weapon while speaking to his companions. The yellow fog opened, a mask of gray rags emerges! Strips of something fleshier than fabric worming and constricting across a body that appears humanlike stood before them. The lean bloody gauzy figure had a circular mouth filled with yellow teeth. The horrifying creature shook its head from side to side in an uncanny way then lunged to assault Bronn. The creature’s teeth unhinged from a curved inner angle to a protruding outer formation. The next instant its mowing mouth covered half of Bronn’s face. It ripped off half of Bronn’s face, his blood splattered against the gray brick wall. The other party members witnessed his blood turned yellow once it hit the wall. As the blood rolled down the wall it spelled “up.” Charlie saw fit to make yet another uplifting positive statement. Bronn still standing but barely went into the corner and collapsed. His mouth lulled open and a rough yell came out of his mouth “up.” The party members attempted to climb the walls seemly the only egress. Charlie managed to get about seven up on the wall when suddenly she felt a presence at her back. The creature was standing on a small cloud of yellow fog. He extended his arms with malice. Long claws came out of his bandaged fingers. He planted his claws in the back of Charlie, ripping her back completed apart. As she fell she saw her blood populate the gray brick wall. The blood once again turned yellow. The blood trickled down and spelled “me.” It was not long until the creature turned his attention to Waldobert. Waldobert was desperately struggling to climb the wall but failed. When Waldobert turned to face the creature it was already ready to attack. The creature’s claws impaled Waldobert’s neck and head, the creature’s claws bulging from the top of Waldobert’s head. The act expelling Waldobert’s brain matter and blood, once again blood sprayed on the wall! It turned yellow and spelled “save.” Last but no least was Jacquez. The ratfolk was climbing the wall when his skin of his back was cut of by sharp claws. Muscle tissue exposed and blood smeared the wall and leaving the symbol “wake.” Waldobert figured out the message and thought the phrase “Wake up, save me!” The nightmare ended immediately.

The group awakened in small cells to the background of a cynical humming lullaby followed by an unsettling yell “wake up, save me!” White spots filled their vision accompanied by server head pain. At first glance they found themselves naked in two different cells parallel to each other. Waldobert and Jacquez were in once small cell, Charlie and Bronn in the other. They quickly noticed their respective peers small shaved areas on their head. Dull gray staples in a rough s shape pattern had sewed together flesh on their skulls. Green goo/liquid mixed with coagulated blood covered the staples. They had been lobotomized, there was obvious side-effects! Charlie was horribly cross-eyed, with her right side of her face saggy and the left very tight. (I still cannot get over how hard Alana laughed at Bill’s character’s disfigurement!) Bronn’s left eye had an eerie blood clot film under this eye. Puss and brain fluid constantly leak from this eye. His left side face skin is also saggy. Jacquez’s hands severely shake involuntarily and often his arms erupt into spasms. Waldobert’s cartilage extremities were blackened (noise, feet, fingers, around his ears) almost as if frostbitten! Waldobert discovered he suffered from compulsorily vomiting. In addition, there is slight scaring where the masked gauzy creature attacked each party member in relation to how the creature killed him. The group members also noticed chalk lines on their bodies. After coming to terms with these new afflictions somewhat the group saw a petite beautiful woman in a bloody lab coat. She was standing and hovered a bloody man tied to a table. At her side was a table with many different strange bloodied tools laying on it. Blood in various stages was everywhere on the floor! He had white chalk outlines on his body just as the party members had. She had a scalpel in her right hand meanwhile her left hand was pressing slightly on various parts of this man’s body. She was humming a children’s lullaby as she evaluated her next cut. Her experiment was constantly screaming “wake up, save me.” The party noticed she had a set of keys on her side. A few of the party members tried to apply a silver tongue to the lady. At first the woman ignored all passes from the group.

Finally, a sharp comment was made at her by one of the members. She then without looking up stopped humming her arrangement! She then in a sudden motion launched herself at Bronn’s and Charlie’s cell. Her face changed into that of Bronn’s to every detail! She shouted “Shut up, you will be next be patient!” Maintaining Bronn’s face on her person she swiftly turned back to her experiment wiggling on the table. Charlie making another trademarked enriching statement for the group. Waldobert vomited a bit in his mouth after hearing Charlie’s statement. Group members noticed the man on the table got his left foot loose. as the lady approached the table he kicked her with all his mustered might. She landed hard against the cell doors of Bronn and Charlie. Charlie quickly covered one eye and reached for the keys on the lady’s side without notice to the owner. The woman yelled in utter rage. She ran back to her experiment on the table. She grabbed a ballpein hammer. She hastily used her new instrument on the mans head. His head exploded brain matter and blood spraying everywhere! One of the mans eyes rolled next to Jacquez and Waldobert’s cell. Charlie found the right key to unlock the cell. Bronn escaped the cell and scouted for an escape route. Charlie sled the keys to her comrades in the other cell. Jacquez quickly unlocked his cell. Meanwhile it appeared the lady was completely oblivious to her escapees. She was pounding her victim into nonexistence. Charlie did recall this creature was a doppleganger but didn’t know anything else. The party with the exception of Jacquez went to a reinforced door. The door was locked! Jacquez went to the opposite side of this cellar room. He found a furnace. Just before the burner vent he searched and found of the party member’s equipment among a pile of tattered bloody cloths. He also noticed a symbol while shuffling through this pile as well. He didn’t have time to grab everything especially with shaky hands. Every now and again he would feel sheets of skin mixed in with the cloths. He finally grabbed Bronn’s shield and placed items on it and started to drag it. The remainder of the party realized Jacquez had the keys and Bronn ran after him. Due to Jacquez’s shaking hands the shield was rattling on the floor as he was slowly dragging it. Still the lady hammering the man on the table to nothing, sending flesh and shattered bone on some party members and the room. Bronn grabbed the shield from Jacquez. Bronn realizing how slow his naked ratfolk friend was turned his back and yelled “hop on!” Bronn felt something warm and fuzzy against his naked back! A little stiffness was apparent also (Sorry Eric had to rub that in). The party noticed only a kneecap was left of the man from the table and hurried their attempt to open the door. Just before the party successfully got the door opened the lady turned her attention towards them and said “Where are you going’ in a simple clam demeanor. Jacquez rigged the lock making it harder to get through. Charlie couldn’t see due to the rooms darkness. The group retrieved their items from the shield. Clothes, and a few items for each member and equipped themselves. Waldobert had to help Charlie get her clothes on. Then a sudden thud at the door alerted the party. The lady was pounding on the door.

Jacquez noticed a pile of bodies all cut to shreds against the wall. Meanwhile Charlie was asking what was going on. Bronn and Jacquez spotted an empty space just behind the bodies. The only other sensible route seemed to be the downstairs option. The party chose to go down stairs to a sub-level of the cellar. It was here they found straightjackets, a broken desk, desk chair, and papers all spread all over this room. There was 92 pages and Waldobert picked up all the pages. Some where covered in blood, some tore at the corners. Some half ripped at the center. Waldobert thumbed through them tiring to put them in order while Bronn and Jacquez searched the room. Charlie still could not see so she was asking what is going on. Waldobert got a few pages in order and scanned them briefly. The journal read about mentally ill patients and logging scientist progress in this asylum. The group ascended back up to the room with the dead bodies. Bronn moved the bodies in order to get a better look at this space. There was also a symbol above this shoot. It was a very artful letter A with the holy symbol of Pharasma behind it. It appeared to be a laundry shoot. The party members landed up in a bit hamper bin with sharp bones and tattered clothes. The vent flap was found in the hamper bin as well. Waldobert learned after studying the tattered clothing she identified they were doctor’s lab coats and orderly’s uniforms. This symbol matched what Jacquez had found on the tattered at the furnace.

A fifteen-foot wall encased the group members. There was a lighter reinforced door to the back side of the wall. The party members opened it with the set of keys. They were small linen hamper baskets with a washing sink. A type of conveyer system lead back up at the same angle and location as the shoot. Bronn spotted a blue glow from under one of the laundry hampers. Two oddly light blue eye colored rats attacked the group. Jacquez was bitten by one after attempting to plea with his distant ken. The party dispatched them without adsorbing much damage and the aid of Bronn’s scizore. The team searched the room. Bloody water and bobbing heads where in the sink. It appeared the sink was moveable and under it was a fire escape egress vent. A bloody handprint on its shutters. Bronn kicked out the vent and all members got through the vent. The group found themselves in an eerie courtyard. Yellow fog surrounded the huge facility they were in. In the distance they could see how large this place is. Some of the fog was on the ground by was not as think as the one above and outside the facility. Misshaped dead trees baron of life littered the courtyard. The group spotted the surface of a humongous spider thorax and legs way in the vast distance well beyond in the mist. The group heard wings flapping not too far from them. Bronn spotted some tracks and knew it was some sort of clawed chicken creatures. There we three of them, he was sure of it. Limited vision to twenty feet kept the party cautious. Bronn suggested they move away from the direction these chicken-winged things went. They followed the courtyard wall south. The party came to a point in the wall where it was collapsed. They had to take time to move the debris aside in order to advance to that room and escape the courtyard.

The next room was nothing but a janitorial supply room. Broom handles mops, water buckets, and wash cloths lay all over the room. A door was the only thing of interest. Although Bronn made an impromptu torch for Charlie out of two mops sticks and mop heads. The group got through this door and it lead to a huge cathedral with elegant white titled floor. The white title was spider webbed cracked in every direction in this well lite room. Charlie tried to take a light fixture off the wall but once ripped of the wall it didn’t have light. Numerous painted portraits of doctors adorned the walls. A huge desk towards the entrance chained/barricaded double doors was the only furniture in the room. The group made their way to the desk and inspected it. They found registration forms and welcome letters. A huge banner lay across the front door. “Welcome to Briarstone.” Charlie noticed a fleshy ooze starting to squeeze through the tiniest of cracks from the front double doors. Once She saw it she knew exactly what it was-bad news! Panic started to settle into the party. Bronn found another single door that was also barricaded on the wing of this room. He tried to open it but managed to not notice the massive chains on the doors. Bronn rattled the door then heard low mumbles and clawing at the door. The group decided to open the wing side door and get away from the flesh ooze that was continuing to come in through the cracks of the double doors. Jacquez was tasked with getting the wing side door open. Bronn readied for what was to come through. Waldobert readied his bombs. Finally unleashing the chains two undead orderlies in uniform stumble out of the door. Bronn stabbed one in the head right from the start. Waldobert threw his bomb and consumed it in fire, this one crumbled to the floor! The remaining undead grappled Charlie. Suddenly this gray wormy tentacle swarmed from its host stomach and tiring to enter Charlie. Jacquez did his part by throwing a stab of this sword-cane. Charlie broke free from the undeads grip. As she ripped away the creature’s claws did damage to her. Only to be grabbed once more. Bronn finished the job with an attack and slain the undead creature. Bronn had a flashing memory enter his head once he saw the banner. He saw himself shacking hands with a small female figure. The image was waist down vantage point in first person. Her arm left her waist where Bronn noticed was a white lab coat. Her hand embraced his and she said “welcome glad you came here to help us.” The tentacles still reached out from the undead corpse. Once Bronn shook the himself free of this flashback he stomped on the tentacles! Waldobert took notice of the flesh ooze now completely in the room. The group looked down the hall where the undead came from and saw flickering lighting but could not see a complete clear picture of where to go. Waldobert cleverly stayed out of the slow moving ooze’s reach and bombarded it with fire bombs until it completely disassembled.




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