Ye Gilde

In Search of Sanity III

The party members found themselves staring into the room with crimson blood and buttery fog. Bronn was the first one to rush in. The party noticed two things. One of which was a pale gnome crucified just to the right side of the door. Secondly a small band of yellow robe characters crouched beyond a makeshift barricade. Jacquez and Bronn ran to the western door and endeavored to open it. The door grew a skeletal structure as a result. The door then exploded, sending small bone shards into some of the party members. Meanwhile Waldobert and Charlie checked the gnome on the wall. Charlie noticed he was still breathing slightly. Bronn then heard a quick sharp “shhhh..heellp meee.” From one of the yellow robed bandits. Jacquez now realizing the door has a trap, he started the task of disabling the trap. Bronn put himself into position between his comrades and the bandits. Charlie and Waldobert slowly withdrew the nails that kept the gnome attached to the wall. The gnome was finally cured from his impaled state and fell to the white spider web cracked floor. Jacquez after a failed effort to disable the doors trap decided to give up his potion to help the gnome. Charlie poured the potion down the gnome’s throat. The same bandit whispered again “shhhh..heellp meee.”

The gnome awoke with this cross eyed woman in his face smiling. Not being able to recall who this person is smiling at him and what happened to him he gathered himself up. Waldobert went to the door and tried to disable the trap but the same result as the first. The gnome who introduced himself as Kuse headed over to the western door and disabled the magical trap. The whispering yellow robbed (golden showered, sorry had to put this in here!) person finally skulked past his small cover to expose himself to the party members. Then the remaining three bandits collapsed on the group. The bandits were failing their arms randomly and screaming uncontrollably.

Battle ensued! The group members slew their foes with deadly sword canes, claws and flacons! The shaken last member of the bandits did not seem hostile. He just mopped around and followed the party members. The group did notice his improvised yellow robe was one time an orderly uniform. The group got the western door unlocked and free of traps. Bronn ventured out and was a thick wall of creamy fog. Waldobert quickly suggested a hasty retreat back into the room. Jacquez and Bronn came back in. Charlie and Waldobert searched the flesh tents. One had a cooking pan with small bones and blood in it. The word was made out from the assorted blood and bones was “don’t’ dream.” Another flesh tent had a drawing in blood. The blood against the spider-webbed cracked marble has a rough symbol of chains in a three circles. The middle circle was dark. Charlie pondered for a moment then realized it was a reference to the “Chain of Nights.” The last flesh tent they searched had eight animated severed hands. The severed hands were startled and ran out and scurried about.

Off to the eastern side of this room a vibrant flute ballad erupted into the unnerving atmosphere. The group was very leery of the out of place song. They approached the door and was welcomed in by a very handsome man. He introduced himself as Dr. Wren Elbourne. He looked fatigued in the eyes as if he had not rested. The backdrop there were serval beds. Some had severely injured doppelgangers. One of the injured patients pointed to the group members with a weakened determination. He called out ‘monsters, monstersssss.” The group pressured the doctor to answer many questions.

He tells them he is a doctor that treats mental illnesses. The doctor provided is that Ulver allows him to live while he heals his Apostles of Orpiment. Ulver lead a patient revolt against the staff members of the asylum. Those who didn’t want to join ended up dead. Ulver is in the tower and only his blessed can have the honor of going into the basement and tower. Wren tells them he had healed Ulver himself once the tremors happened. Ulver had a large part of the wall collapse on his right leg. He lets the group members know this “treatment center” is his prison. If he was to leave he would be killed. Sleeping here is dangerous. He also informs the group of the funneling of the yellow fog. The fog going upstairs into the tower. He also tells them Lord Lowls has been consulting with Ulver a lot in the past few weeks. Lord Lowls and Dr. Losandro have been consorting as well. His hypotheses on the fog is it’s a bleed over from Ulver’s dreams. A meld of the dream world and the awoken world. He is unsure of Ulver’s end game. He mentions that the gauzed mummy haunts everyone’s nightmares. Ulver calls him “The Tatterman.” The doctor told the group was to watch out for Agga “bag lady” Loomis. She’s very dangerous and strong as a devil. She’s around seventy years old and murdered a dozen people. She wraps a sack over your head and whisks you away without a trace. The last bit of information Wren told the group was an elite group of apostles called “oneirogen” guard the tower.

Bronn highly suggested they leave this bandit weirdo in the care of this doctor. Some of the group members ask the doctor if they could have the yellow robes of his patients. He declined. He did however heal some of their wounds with an epic Jethro Tull flute solo. Off the party collectively came up with a plan. They let Kuse lead the way into the basement while wearing a yellow robe. The other group member’s stealthed behind him. Once Kuse ascended to almost the bottom stair all he saw was red glowing eyes in a dark room. He knew them to be ghouls.

The group quickly decided plan B was best. They ascended back upstairs and headed towards the tower. Backtracking lead them to the same room so they went towards the western-northern doors. One was unlocked while the other was locked. Jacquez managed to unlock the one which was locked. Bronn in a motivated mood wanted to hastily progress to their objective. One doored opened to some undead. Kuse quickly jammed the door. Banging sounds rattled the door. Bronn found himself in an elongated room with three huge cooking pots. All three had a stinky boiling substance in them. Once Bronn rushed past the last cooking pot it tipped over with no assistance. A few barely fleshy body parts spilled forth along with some bare bones. An incorporeal chief appeared. The spirit was silent and he looked to be sobbing. Bronn quickly trying to escape to a door on the south wall of the kitchen. Once he opened he noticed more ghouls. Bronn quickly closed the door. The chief now had an angry demeanor. He attacked Bronn. Kuse and Jacquez was managing jamming doors. Charlie and Waldobert was struggling to unravel how to claim the spirit. Waldobert thought to take a spoon full of eatery out of one of the pots and compliment the chief. Unfortunately, the involuntary vomiting was ill timed and he threw up blood in the pot negating the desired effect. Charlie recited some positive remark. Then trying to rummage a solution from her knowledge. Charlie thought if they gathered the chiefs remains and blessed them it would disrupt the haunt. Waldobert gathered the chief’s remains in a consolidated space. Bronn meanwhile defending off the chief’s attacks. He spiritual clever missing slightly every swing. Charlie cheerfully prayed to Pharasma while he was hovered the remains. Suddenly as the chief appear he disappeared.

The group decided to keep on the fastest track to the tower. The room they entered was small as they swept past the room unexpectedly a lizard frog aquatic creature appeared in the room. A bit of measuring between the creature and the group was conducted. It girggled and only Waldobert understood aklo. The creature said something to the effect “Fools, dead fools.” The party moved on and the creature kept following them. Waldobert knew it was somehow playing with its meal before actually eating it. In the end it seemed to get bored and left. As the group progressed through a long hallway to a more open area Charlie noticed something important. The rest of the group did hear moans and grunts from beyond the walls. The doors and walls seemed bowed in a manner that is not natural. Chipped white paint from the now color barren walls littered the floor. Through the bowed door on the southern part of the wall a shower facility can be seen. Copper pipes with steaming jetting out of them lapsed over the shower area. The steaming pipes escaped everyone’s else’s sanger sense. Charlie analyzed the pipes and knew scolding hot water was about to burst through flooding the floor. The water would fold one of the walls on the east side of the open area. The area was moans and groans were coming from.

At long last the tower doors were in sight. Bronn and Jacquez burst in first. In the middle of the fairly large area lay three dead bodies and three ghouls. The floor still spider-web cracked all over. In the right side of the room which would be the eastern side stairs in bad repair rose upward. A lack of tactfulness of behalf of the group left Waldobert outside the doors. Luckily the Bronn made the proper arrangements to allow him in at the last second that scolding water crashed into the closed door. A funneled yellow vortex rapidly rushing up the stairs. The challenge now was the three ghouls. Waldobert threw a bomb or two, Kruse’s claws cut one down, Jaquez’s deadly sword cane poked one, Bronn chopped his way throw one. However, winning the battle left Kruse with a nasty fever.

The group surveyed how hard the broken stairs would be to navigate which was not very difficult. The group made their way up all except for Waldobert. He fell and once he hit the ground a sack immediately covered his head. Waldobert felt monsters were after him and was failing and screaming. Charlie went down to help her friend. Charlie pulled the sack off and Waldobert returned too normal. The sack was human flesh that was colored white. When Charlie threw it on the floor it moved into a cracked marble square camouflaging itself perfectly. Waldobert finally made it up the stairs to the second level. This room appeared to be medical supplies. Out of nowhere Jaquez yelped in a whinny French ascent and plopped to the floor with a hard thud. As he fell this short old lady came into sight of the group. Bronn ran over with his falchion and chopped her. She pulled back with her whirling fists and let one fly. It struck Bronn. Charlie pulled out her shabby gun and fired. Agga looked over at her and said “your next.” Charlie screamed! Bronn quickly took two chops on his weapon into the old lady. She quickly disengaged down the stairs. Waldobert accidently feel down stairs again. The sack over the head ordeal happened yet again. Kruse went halfway down the stairs and was ready to defend his new found friend. He saw the old lady. Bronn went downstairs to help Waldobert. On his way down Bronn finished what he started and slashed the old lady again. She slumped over in a bloody pool on the stairs. The team helped Waldobert with the sack. Charlie checked on Jaquez and confirmed he was dead.

The group mustarded and went to the third level. The same floor plan as the previous two levels. Here they found Ulver on a podium next to a book that was sucking the yellow vortex into its pages. Ulver had a light mace on his side and a wild look in his eyes. The group attacked Ulver. Ulver failed to deliver any curtail blows. The party members chipped at Ulver. Charlie touched the tome and started to have a nightmare. The Tatterman laughed manically and said “release me.” Bronn was about to strike Ulver down when he saw Ulver put his hand up and yell “STOP!” Charlie finally recovered her mind from the tomes influence. The tome fell to the ground spine up still sucking in the yellow vortex. The group did follow Ulver’s que. He looked as if he was struggling in his mind with another personality. He spoke what words to recite to touch the tome and gave page numbers. He shouted what passages to read. Waldobert was the only one who could read the strange language in the tome. Waldobert followed Ulver’s quick instructions. The book closed violently and the two-way conduit that stretched the dream world to the real world stopped instantly. Ulver spoke with exhaustion “kill me.” Bronn didn’t wait a second and slain Ulver.

Charlie and Waldobert consulted and determined the Tatterman was trying to step into the prime material plane. When Ulver slept his nightmare became everyone’s nightmare. This “Chain of Nights” ritual released the Tatterman from Ulver. With Ulver dead and the minor plane meld destroyed the Tatterman would be forever trapped in the dreamworld. Once Ulver was cut down by Bronn everyone’s dream scars disappeared. All the fog vanished, the haunted feel of this asylum debauched. They concluded If the Tatterman killed a person within certain conditions that person could possibly be turned into a vile creature. Still a hint about a mysterious elder mythos still stirs in the Charlies brain.

The chaos was eventually reined in. Mentally ill patients were rounded up and escorted to a safe place. Not much of the staff was left alive. Survivors have deeper mental wounds than anyone can imagine. Winter approached the group with a memoir and gave it to the heroes of the day. It was a copied exert from some tome. It spoke to how to sacrifice people to the dreamlands, the sacrament was minds and memories. Winter informed them she had made arrangements to accommodate the heroes. A small ferry boat came to the walled island and gave the group passage to the mainland Thrushmoor. Winter also brought the weirdo bandit to the group. He had staples in his head as well. The group is given a three free days’ rest in one of the inns at Thrushmoor. When each member of the group rests for those three days they never dream. Nor do they recover remembrance from their past. When each group member awakes a mysterious faint echoed monotone voice whispers in their heads “The Drowned Dead Don’t Dream.” Any disease or ghoul fevered members are taken of – courtesy of Winter. And CUT SCENCE!

*Remember you still have the 92-page journal from Dr. Losandro about Ulver. I believe Waldobert has it.
One of the party members has the “Chain of Nights” I will need to know who is keeping position of this occult tome.

XP: 1,986

Loot – +1 light mace/ +1 bracers of armor (Who has what?)









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