Ye Gilde

New Recruits

Day of Demons

Part 1: (non-humans)

The band of non-humans had come together for one reason or another under the banner of “Misfits”, a team gathered by Bhaga, the former gladiator turned manager and trainer. With only two weeks in training their teams cohesion seemed a bit shaky. But, Bhaga was working them hard to get them into the shape he expected out of them. When perspective sponsors arrived to view them, Szorden the drow ranger and Weise the kitsune ninja were chosen to face off against one another. Though Szorden showed great skill, he missed the mark by not prolonging the battle for their viewers. Showmanship is a big part of the arena. There was a badly thrown shuriken from Weise but other than that only two hits – when Szorden hit her and she hit the floor. The merchants left insisting that these misfits needed more training. After that they entered their first team battle in the Irorium against a visiting team of human warriors known as the Abolishers. The showing seemed to start slow at first with Holmes the condescending ratfolk investigator as the point and the bigheaded goblin necromancer, Than, as relief, but they fell into a good stride. Calling his team into play one by one (Magnus the duergar barbarian, Szorden, Courage the 1/2 orc fighter, Afarrah the suli cleric, Jalal the vishkanya whirling dervish and eventually Weise), Holmes managed to survive and lead his team to victory. It was even better than that since the win was complete and without the loss of a single member of the Misfits! From Szorden’s amazing accuracy with his blades, to Courage’s well-placed axe, and Magnus’ enlarged raging rock crushing to Jalal’s spinning dances of death and Afarrah’s flaming scimitar they made an impressive showing. The win earned them praise from Bhaga and more importantly a nice spot of gold, too. After a short-lived bout of recognition from their grouchy manager they were let go for a time before returning for even more training. A few of them spent their newly earned coin while exploring the city at the center of the world. And Courage managed to increase his funds with a little side gambling. Training is what they needed and training is what they would get as Bhaga led them outside the city gates into the Cairnlands to practice in his secret training spot. The trek was interrupted by a blast of red light followed by a rolling wave of purple light that carried moans and screams with it. Than called it strong magic! A strange winged figure was also spotted by a few racing into the night sky. Deciding to investigate further, they were harried by 3 wild dogs with some sort of fiendish taint and then discovered the sight of the lights through their scouts, Holmes and Szorden. The others waited for a report, leaving the scouting to their more stealthy members. But they soon caught the lights and sounds of others come to investigate. Than Bighead was able to make out some of the discussion from these distant newcomers and it did not sound good – something about cleaning up all signs, claiming the chest and no non-humans leaving the area alive. When their scouts returned with sightings of a battle ground, bodies, a large chest, and groggy tieflings a debate ensued. Did they flee, investigate further, try to engage the newcomers, or return to help the tieflings who strangely enough carried symbols of good and neutral gods? The later idea won out and the Misfits plus Bhaga headed for the battle sight. The scene was as described with dozens of human bodies scattered about with signs of some horrible affliction (black bleeding eyes and prominent black veins). The large chest sat at the center of the battle sight and from it crawled two creatures identified by the dervish as Dretches, the least of demonkind. Holmes stayed as lookout while the others, including a reluctant Courage, joined the battle to rescue the tieflings and destroy the demons. The dretches went down but not without tearing into a few people. The chest which sounded to be filled with winds and screams was shut and Holmes alerted them to an arriving band of mercenaries he could not identify. Bhaga tried to claim anything that might have been left inside the chest, but died upon touching it. The others fled seeking a hiding place while helping the teiflings who remained nauseated and weak …

Part 1 (humans)

The small group of young humans were recently gathered and accepted into the folds of The Guild. Coming from an array of backgrounds each with their own reasons for joining, they spent their first night inside the great hall bunking with others in the same state of newness and awe. They awoke and gathered for a morning meal and listened as some of the other new recruits whispered about recent rumors involving The Guild. Rumors of many deaths and a shortage of members. That was interrupted when a young cleric of Sarenrae (Chad) arrived to collect them (or at least some of the human recruits) for an important mission. Surprised and excited they quickly followed and arrived at the door to Battle Captain Drussel (a prominent figure in The Guild and a paladin of Sarenrae). They watched as a few of The Guild’s senior and more famous members departed and then were ushered in as Vice Captain Dreasing (A high-priest of Sarenrae) departed. Some of them eavesdropped and heard an argument where Drussel thought it was important to include new members and Dreasing advised against such a dangerous task for those so green. After a rousing speech welcoming and then including them into The Guild and a personal mission, Captain Drussel excused them and ordered them to return to the hall at dusk to begin their first official mission!

XP Earned: Non-humans 800 each / humans 50 each



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