Ye Gilde

Tengu Mission

Magic Poop Adventure

XP: 2,589

Essentially when the guild gets your news they will launch an investigation. You guys represent the guild and innocent people died (Meric, the coachmen, and the whores). The guild is going to “ask” you all to go to the victims families and split the money equally between them. Also explain what happen. The guild wants a good reputation. A few representatives from the Zethis trade guild want you to put you all under a gease to tell the truth.

Elder Wing will heal everyone to full if you tell him the absolute truth. It turns out he is an incredibly powerful druid. He let’s you know he was watching the battle. (My DM safety card)! He tells the party that wand was repudiated. He will give you guys the jewels. He tells you guys he doesn’t want them. Combined they are worth 3,000 gold. The guild is going to take 300 gold. You guys get to split the rest. 540 gold per person.

You guys are directed not to leave Absalom until this whole thing gets figured out.

The result- The son planned it all. He convinced his father to go which was no easy task. His son would never had killed him in the city walls without suspension. The researched relocation information was falsified by the son. Deshard and Menas Vor thought that the hired band of mecanaries would kill you. Deshard tried to kill you all with summoning the Yurthak, the huge magical beast. He simply could not control it. Then they were going to go kill the Tengu. Deshard and the hired mecanaries watched you all in the arena. They knew how to prepare. Deshard told them he was going to help. Menas Vor wanted the family power for himself. He also wanted the Mountain Bloom. He also planned to enslave a few Tengu to sell in the Coins. The son is set for trial, Deshard no one can find.

Thus you all are clear of involvement!


Here’s the new breakdown of the loot based on Joe’s updated outcome:

Magical bladed belt (2,000gp) (Fancy)
Magical ring of spell storing (counterspells) (4,000gp) (Ginger – I don’t know how we let her get a hold of this…!)
Mwk scimitar (315gp) (Sparkles)
1 heavy steel shield (1,000gp) (Largus)
+1 composite longbow (Str +1) (2,100gp) (
1 hit & dam, 1d8, x3, 110’, 3lbs) (Sparkles)
Spellbook (I assume this ends up in our growing spellbook library, eh Sparkles? We should have these documented somewhere.)
Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Alarm Blur Blink
Charm person Ghoul Touch Deep Slumber
Chill Touch Hypnotic Pattern Dispel Magic
Disguise Self Invisibility Fireball
Endure Elements Minor Image
Identify Scare
Mage Armor Web
Magic Missile

Unless claimed for individual use, sold and cash going to Meric & Families (2,353.5gp)
Mwk glaive-guisarme (312gp) (1d10, x3, brace, reach, 10lbs) (FYI, Fancy, this is just a variation on the glaive, so think you could/should use it)
Mwk morning star (308gp) (1d8, x2, B&P, 6lbs)
Mwk dagger (302gp) (1d4, 19-20/x2, 1lb)
Mwk dagger (302gp) (1d4, 19-20, x2, 1lb)
Mwk half plate (750gp) (8 AC, +0 Dex, -7 ACP, 20’ move, 50lbs)
Mwk studded leather (175gp) (
3 AC, 5 Dex, 0 ACP, 20lbs)
Breast plate (200gp new, 100gp sold) (
6 AC, 3 Dex, -4 ACP, 20’ move, 30lbs)
Light steel shield (9gp new, 4.5gp sold) (
1 AC, -1 ACP, 6lbs)

Cash from jewels: 3,000gp – 300gp tithe = 540gp each for Ethelfrith, Ginger, Fancy, Sparkles, and Largus

Tengu Mission

Ok the this adventure from start to finish took 16 days.

Tengu Mission

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