Ye Gilde

Shory Story 4: The Shoggoth Stone

The Battle at the Crater

M’aiq moved further into the Temple of Azathoth. Djelzeem, confused, shot a sling stone at Jerro but missed. Uth telekineticly attacked Skritek with rubble, Jerro crept around, and Skirtek slashed Uth back for less damage than she did to him.

The immense mound of black slime oozed forward, eyes and mouths and even stranger things forming in its heaving bulk. It rolled into the crater and engulfed the bodies of the wights. They were no more and then it headed to the side of the staircase and flowed halfway up.

Orko conjured and ankylosaurus atop the stairs to fight the Horror. Meanwhile his companions were still fighting each other. All but M’aiq that was. The catfolk had realized that there was no exit and moved to the opposite side of the open entrance. The others continued to have their brains scrambled.

Tentacles swatted the anklyosaurus and the dinosaur fought back. Orko stayed out of reach. Djelzeem grabbed his head and collapsed unconscious. Then Uth did the same.

The dinosaur had been grabbed and pulled into the heaving black body. It disappeared. As horrible as the sound and smell were, though, the sight of the creature was terrifying beyond imagination. A horrible mass of slithering darkness, it moved forward with a speed that seemed impossible, as if its very drive to consume somehow propelled it without the need for physical locomotion. The giant blob was now at the top of the stairs and it sang once more. Again Skritek’s mind was overcome. Then he collapsed unconscious. M’aiq escaped around the wall and ran through the city for his life. Orko and Jerro moved to the center of the bodies and Orko Plane Shifted them all to the Shadow Plane.

M’aiq escaped back to the pylon where he hid only to be discovered by a pair of tny dinosaurs. The little dinos began nipping at him and drawing blood. He managed to skewer them on his rapier and ran for the jungle.

On the Shadow Plane the others had their own problems as two nightmare ettercaps investigated Orko’s tiny hut. By then Skritek had been healed slightly with the Panacea and the three of them managed to kill the ettercaps.

After two days Orko Plane shifted back but ended up in a spot far removed from where he intended. They were in the Mwangi next to a river and there was a strange, ancient elven waymarking stone that Uth tried to pull out. The next day he tried teleport and returned them to one of their campsites on top of the tepui.

Before long they were reunited with M’aiq. and back at the city for a second attempt. Behind them, outside, they heard the blob creature singing at a small lake so they hurried inside the city. and returned to the crater.

Orko examined the menhir closely. He learned several things. Destroying it would be extremely difficult, as spells like shatter and even disintegrate would have no effect, but the stone is vulnerable to magic with the law descriptor. Also he felt that Attacks by those protected with protection from chaos spells or wielding weapons with the axiomatic quality also bypass the stone‚Äôs hardness. They believed that the stone was key to the creature’s existance here and begain attacking it. Uth threw huge chunks of masonry at it damaging it with her mental force, and Orko summoned a lesser angel to attack it. This did not go on for long before something came to investigate.

A flying dread wight descended from the globe tower and shrieked at Uth before casting a Lightning Bolt. Luckily she was protected from electricity damage and unharmed. The group spread out before the undead pointed his staff down at the ground and unleashed a fireball. It only caught 3 and did minimal damage. Orko then protected them from fire damage. Fezghul, an efreet bound to Yakmar, appeared behind the hound archon attacking the menhir and stabbed the dog angel. Those two began to fight. Then the wight used air magic to pick Uth up and drop her but Orko again was there to save her with Feather Fall. Fezghul killed the hound archon.

The wight disappeared and Uth returned to attacking the stone. This went on until it returned with reinforcements.

Behind the dread wight flew five of the pony-sized spider eater wasps. Riding one of the creatures was a Shory or what had once been a Shory. Somehow the group identified him as a mummy. The battle recommenced and this time the adventurers were outnumbered and quite possibly overpowered.

Orko helped even the odds by capturing two spider eaters with Black Tentacles. Djelzeem used a magic lamp from the buried city of Pazar to bring forth a djinni. The djinni owed him one. It blocked another two of the wasp things. Banderak charged Djelzeem and Uth trying to bull rush them off the crater lip. Djelzeem did not budge. Several others concentrated their attacks on the mummy’s mount. It was killed but the mummy remained in the air with magical flight. He announced himself as Banderak, chief of the Aeromancers.

The continued on more equal terms once the djinni transformed into a whirlwind and scooped up two of the spider eaters. The efreet with its sword and the undead with their spells. M’aiq channeled some healing into his allies but then, it was suggested to M’aiq that he not heal his companions any more and he succumbed to the spell. The mummy’s aura of fear paralyzed several of them.

Banderak proved to be incredibly tough. He also healed as damage was done to him. He clubbed Djelzeem with a fist and infected the eunuch with mummy rot. Then the efreet was slain but Djelzeem released the near dead djinn from his duty. The djinni thanked him and popped out. There were only two spider eaters left and each flew to a paralyzed victim, M’aiq and Uth, to lay an egg in their bodies. The survivors made an effort to take both of those out next.

Yakmar released another fireball from his staff and burnt of number of people. Later he channeled negative energy and did some minor damage before he was cut down. Banderak continued fighting the good fight. Everyone left was able to concentrate on the aeromancer who was being forced back and heinously injured. Since there opponents had been flying most of the allies were low on distance weapons. Skirtek had thrown everything he had. Jerro was busy looting Yakmar’s body and bringing the staff to Orko. Uth returned to blasting the menhir.

In the end Banderak tried to flee. He couldn’t quite fly far enough fast enough though. Finally he dropped to the ground.

When the rune covered menhir cracked with a boom chaotic energy washed over them and in the distance the Shoggoth sang out. It was coming.

XP: 6,000

Yakmar (dread wight)
Staff of bronzewood and brass (that shoots fireballs)
Leather traveling boots (in suspiciously excellent condition)
Silver chain with ruby studded nipple rings
Tian style dagger with blue metal blade
Silver holy symbol of Azathoth
gold ring with 3 dagger like marks
platinum ring with etchings of intertwined naked people

Banderak (mummy)
Fine blue vest with Shory motif
Leather belt with embossed pegasus
Mithril dagger
Mithril bracelets (pair)
Mithril earrings
Heavy gold necklace
Silver holy symbol of Azathoth
Ancient gold coin 1 inch in diameter and .25 thick
Iron key



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