Ye Gilde

Thrushmoor Terror I

Once the party arrived at the Brawny Fish Inn Winter divulged more information about herself. She told the party members at first she didn’t trust them at the asylum. She said that changed once she learned the group stopped the living nightmare. Winter revealed that she was with the Royal Accessor Council. She and her peers has been here for three weeks prior to the tremors and the incident at the asylum. She explained the crown has seen fit to become involved due to the suspicion that Lord Lowls has been embezzling royalties meant for the crown. In addition, reports of civil leadership and functionality have been delinquent far beyond reason. Intelligences have spoken of strange occurrences were happening here in Thrushmoor. She told them she would be back in due time.

The group members awoke the morning with the monotone whisper “The dead don’t dream” quietly echoing in each of their minds. None of the party members to include the latest addition Zug Zug didn’t dream. The party members were well aware that the bar keep locked and bared the doors very early the previous night. Charlie asked the bar keep as to why. He reluctantly responded that people are vanishing and it’s not safe at night. Charlie asked about doing some work to earn some coins. The barkeep told her is he did dished, mop, and clean he could give her some coin. Winter didn’t give any finite time she would revisit therefore the party grew restless. Moneyless the troop desired to explore the town and means of obtaining coin. Jacquez and Waldobert elected to remain behind.

The weather right off in the morning is heavily over casted and rainy with substantial fog. The small but populated town of Thrushmoor is bustling regardless of its often gloomy weather. Thrushmoor is known as a hub in which goods and exported and exported from Avon Bay. One of the primary resources the city has is its assortment of exotic fishery. The landscape of the bay and its climate cycle allow for fertile soil ideal for farming. Thrushmoor is an important militant as a part of Versex Region.

Right off the party noticed outsiders were very unwelcome and mistrusted. Charlie had a go at charming a few locals into talking with no success. While making their way up to the Healer’s House they noticed three men in a narrow ally way whispering. Charlie tried to sneak up to overhear the hushed whispering. At the same time Charlie noticed a silhouette at the opposite end of the parallel ally. She was pointing alerting the group to her findings, but they just looked about and shrugged. Charlie spooked the three men in the ally and they ran off. Zug Zug tried to trip the last one running but spun around almost landing on his own rump in the process. Charlie looked at the ally wall and saw a brilliant mural depicting a black skyline of a dark city under a jaundice yellow sky. Cuss came and took a look. He looked for an artist signature on the piece but found none. The group thought to knock on the walls owner. Charlie knocked on the door. A door that adored what seemed to be charms and the like. An older lady answered the door and declined any claim to the mural. She did however try and sell charms that would negate ill omens.

The rag tag gang made their way to the Healer’s House and meet an empathizing halfling. The halfling owned and ran an alchemist shop. Charlie took a sharp eye(s) to his wears, it appeared legit. Although there was wears that repealed spirits etc. The halfing let her know this assortment his is bestselling lot. He confirmed when questioned that people were indeed going missing. He didn’t know much about the murals. Just the fact they been appearing randomly on buildings walls. He confirmed that civil unrest had ensued, leaders of Thrushmoor were absent of responsibilities. The cause of all this is said to be The Briarstone Witch. Randomly he would shout “I don’t have anything here for you outsiders.” As onlookers gazed into his shop. Bronn queried the halfing about a job. The halfing replayed he would pay two gold per delivery in the evening timeframe. People are too afraid to conduct business at night
p. The team mustard again and explored the town. The group picked up rumors about the Briarstone Witch that is going to make all the people vanish once again. Along the way the group noticed an individual tailing them. He was double backing in a crowd. Cuss stayed behind the group and hide until this spy was in sight. Once he did Cuss sought to pick the man’s pockets. The top hat man smiled, tipped his hat and knocked Cuss’s hand away. He quickly speeds up and dashed into the crowd. The exploration of Thrushmoor continued. Charlie heard a loud acquisition of the painter, this outsider was to blame for all the blight the town has suffered lately. Learning quickly that a renowned painter had come to paint and renovate the old chapel. The townsfolk were planning on out casting the man. The team on their way to the old chapel stopped by several shops and sites. The one that stood out was the Star Stela, an old weather beaten obelisk. Cuss detected magic on it and it was found to all schools of magic but it was very faint. The ancient rock had in scripted runes running up its spine. The top had a faded disproportional star at the top. The group placed themselves back on the path to the old chapel. Along the way some man whispered to them “thank you.” The group members a little confused said for what. The man winked and said I know your Sleepless. It didn’t make sense to the group and the man said never mind.

The group ran into a brutish looking short man who was yelling about this town is doomed. He was ranting and calling for all the people to leave this cursed town before it was too late. He was screaming and begging people to just leave. He claimed the entire townsfolk are going to disappear as before. He said that witch plucks people from their homes with her fingernail and eats them. The group engaged him and seemed to repeat what he was shouting.

Zug Zug was looking for easy pickens for a pick pocket. He noticed everyone was at the very least paired with someone else. Finally going up the trail that lead to the old chapel the party members heard a ruckus in the direction of the chapel. The team noticed about two dozen townsfolks with pitch forks and shovels were yelling in front of the door. The crowd was advocating for the painter to leave. Bronn got in front of the crowd, to the front of the main chapels door. He reasonable asked the people to back down and whipped out one of this weapons for a furious display. Nearly sending his weapon flying and slightly stumbling did not detour the crowd. Zug Zug got to the front door and banged on the door. Bronn withdrew his shield and bull rushed. He ran through a dozen people. That got their attention! The townsfolk retreated. Once the commotion was dulled the painter allowed the group members in the chapel.

Lelwyn Hasok introduced himself. It was very clear the half elf thought very highly of himself. When asked if he had done the murals in town he replied that the remedial work on the walls was nowhere near his standard. He told them an old priest hired him to repaint the chapel. The priest went missing and thus the townsfolk saw him as a scapegoat for their superstitions. Lelwyn said he was going to finish this art masterpiece and book it out of town after. He offered the group a place to stay if they desired. The old chapel itself was a place of prayer to multiple gods. It was quite awful shape. Suddenly a top hatted man cleared his throat loudly. The painter and the group turned to him. He told the group his mistress would want to be seeing them. Before they left Zug Zug left he convinced the painter to paint his deity on the chapels wall.

The man who didn’t give a name escorted the party members to a lavished cabin style dwelling. It was here they meet Cesadia Wrentz. She was finely dressed red headed women with soft features. Her demeanor was very businesslike. She spoke to the group with the understanding she didn’t trust them. She pointed at Bronn and stated I especially don’t trust you. She explained that Bronn was one of Lord Lowls thugs and him and one of her agents came to blows at one time. Winter vouches for you and this is why she will share information. She also mentioned an open partnership, I share you share information pact. She informs them she is the guild master of “The Sleepless Agency”, an investigator guild. She confirmed that the local government has not been helping with these vanishings, processes of the law, or any other civic functionality. Quite a few townsfolk members have come to her asking her Sleepless Agency to step in free of charge. Cesadia finally agreed to look into matters but not to police the town. Lord Lowls left early this morning on a ship. Where and why is unknown. Lowls has had odd dealings as of late. Imports of old gilmores and unknown hired hands. Melisenn Kororo has taken over the old manner now and she herself is a disturbing character. Furthermore, Winter’s seven peers went to the old manner and were killed. Magistrate Tillus Padgett had gone missing who ran all civic function of Lord Lowls. She informed them that it was Tillus that reported the embezzling to the crown. Constable Barawyn Cesyll is now in charge of Fort Hailcourse. When asked for an audience neither Constable Barawyn will answer the summons nor is Melisenn responsive.

She then informed the group about 700 years ago a similar occurrence happened. The Briarstone Witch turned the people from their current religion and crown. A small detachment of military came to Thrushmoor the town to restore the town. The day the detachment arrived the entire townsfolk was gone. This is what everyone is up in arms about. She also tells them about where the supposed witches grotto is.

Bronn ad Zug Zug then went to the Healers House and made the deliveries for the halfling. Cuss and Charlie stayed at the Brawny Fish. Charlie went to work on her chores for coin. Cuss applied his tradecraft to squeeze a few coin out of some drunkards at the inn.

The team went to the market and bought some supplies and planned on visiting the old manner. The old manner on Iris Hill is quite large. An eight-foot gate and vegetation surround the compound. Dogs could be heard. A large number of crows stood on the tops of the gates posts just staring out. Bronn shook the gate to gain attention. An attendant came to the gate with a whistle around his neck and four dogs answered Bronn’s beckoning. The group asked to see Melisenn and the attendant said he was busy. The group pressed again and the attendant said he would be back. Ten minutes’ past and Bronn shook the gatehouse’s bars again. The annoyed attendant came back out and said she’s busy, be gone. Bronn made it a point for the attendant make a serious inquiry when they could see Melisenn. He arrived back in short order and told them she would have an audience at six in the evening. The attendant told the group they could join her for dinner.

While the team headed back down to the Brawny Fish Inn Cuss wanted to visit the Healers House. The halfing told Cuss not go to the Sleepless lodge. The halfing let him know he was an agent and information should be passed here. When the group asked about the dinner date he responded that is how The Royal Accuser had gotten the same invite. The team buckled down for the night still awaking with the echoed whisper and void of dreams. The next morning the team wanted to explore rumors of the witch’s grotto.

The team followed the shore with a shallow sandbar until they saw the sandbar dropped off quickly. Bronn noticed the contour of the land rises quickly at this spot. An underground area above sea level was indeed found once the party members swam in it. Cuss helped Charlie keep her crappy gun dry but concealing it in a waterproof bag. Charlie noticed the underground cave has natural vegetation that tailed in long distances at the entrance and along the only entrance point. A narrow ten -foot small tunnel was ahead of the group. At the moment Bronn and Cuss approached too close vines and grappled both of them. The strong vines pulled Bronn and Cuss forward deeper in the tunnel. A sharp spear sprigged from the floor. Both group members were able to avoid the trap. Meanwhile Zug Zug smirked and took a few swings at the vines roots on the cave wall. He managed to nick it a few times. Charlie deployed her gun and shot. She shot everywhere but the where the vines were! Unable to break free of the vines Bronn and Cuss got dragged again over the trap. This time however Cuss’s foot was pierced by the spears tip and injected its poison. More nicks and shots boomed in the air. Bronn and Cuss broke free of the vines. The team finally destroyed the vines. Cuss went and disarmed the traps and recovered a sample of the poison.

Exploration of the limestone cave lead to a small oval room in which vines dangled down. Beneath the vines was a fire pit with animal bones around it. Zu Zug noticed the fire’s smoke vent was where the vines hung down. Cuss noticed the back wall of the small tunnel was lose and easy to dislodge. Bronn was in the same area of Zug Zug when Charlie went up to the tunnel wall. The tunnel suddenly came down in rubble and two plant-like wolves gazed at her. A human woman with a spear who appeared angered pointed her spear at Charlie. Bronn ran over and the fungal wolves as identified by Charlie lunged at Bronn. Bronn was bitten but returned a heavy blow of his own. Charlie got attacked by the other. Charlie tried to parlay with the woman. She had wooden and vegetation on for armor. Charlie and Bronn noticed behind her was a symbol etched on the back cave wall. It was a symbol of a black plant with tendrils drooping and then crossing at the bottom. The group asked her about the witch and vanishing people. Her common was not clear but responded he was no witch. Charlie had already made the connection that she was a druid. She roughly spoke of the Great Old One. She mentioned that the people who were taking these people were her friends. The team retreated to The Healer’s House where Cuss dropped off the poison for the Halfing to make a counter potion. Then they headed back to the Brawny Fish Inn. They found Waldobert and Jacquez missing. Their possessions left behind to include the “Chain of Nights.”

Charlie took it upon herself to read the “Chain of nights.” It took her all night to read through it. The language is very unlike any she’s seen before. The contents were mainly on the subject matter of how the brain works in a humanoid. In addition, it talks about dreams. It informs one of how to sacrifice one’s or someone else’s mind to the Mad Poet to erase their memories. It stats that that person’s dreams are now they property of the Mad Poet. In exchange the Mad Poet will give you information about almost anything. He can tap into dreams of anyone who does dream and retrieve information. The Mad Poet is referenced as a dreamcatcher in the dream plane. The tome also lets it be known that a well-educated person uses minions of the plane to haunt others. The text mentions three cities ancient outer world cities called Alar, Yhtill, and Carcosa in reference to the King in Yellow. The Elder Mythos mentions the King in Yellow. After translating most of the contents Charlie gained a new ability.

XP: 1513
XP: Jacquez/Walobert 750



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