Ye Gilde

Thrushmoor Terror II

The Brawny Fish Inn was quite with Charlie translating the “Chain of Nights” occult tome. With two of their party members missing Bronn wanted answers. He went downstairs as the barkeep was baring up the door. As the barkeep just finished baring the door a faint thud against the door sent vibrations in the air. Bronn saw the barkeep glance at him with a sharp eye. He said “Don’t open the door.” Bronn paid him no never mind disregarded the barkeeps orders. As he did shout at the visitor right as he opened the door. At the door with a very old woman about five feet in height. She dropped her things due to the sudden thundering of shouting. She slowly gathered her things and Bronn grabbed her and then closed the door.

This old woman had a cane with a thin scalp of white hair. Her skin wrinkly and weathered equipped with an over draping overcoat slowly mad her way to a table. Bronn called the rest of the crew down to meet their visitor. She said she would help them if they agreed to rescue her grandson. He vanished the previous night. She informed them she was a seer and would help locate their missing friends in kind. She laid out a Harrowing Deck and began to cast a spell. Cuss took great notice of her spellcraft, he knew it was an oracle spell. She rolled her eyes back until only while filled her eye sockets. Her hands trembled as she moved the cards on the table. The old hag looked very fatigued after the casting her spell. She needed a moment to gather herself. “Your friends are at Fort Hailcourse” she said with a winded breath. She also informed them that she suspects her grandson is at the old manner at Iris Hill. She then pointed to Cuss and Bronn and said you are being hunted. You folk are also cursed! The two seemed unbothered at the news. Zug Zug just snorted. Bronn did ask as how to how he was hunted. The old seer said a vestige from your past. Bronn rolled his eyes! Cuss asked how many personal manned the fort. The old woman replied about twenty to thirty. She mentioned mercenaries are paid to be the towns military element. With coffers not full the majority of the mercenaries walked away. Bronn got some drinks for everyone and got a room for the old woman. Zug Zug had some exotic globin drink with a rat at the bottom of the bottle.

In the morning the old seer had breakfast. It took quite some time seeing how she only had two rotten teeth reaming in her maw. Zug Zug thought about chewing up the old lass’s food up for her then decided against it. Cuss ran a quick shopping errand to by a rapier. Shortly after Charlie got some sleep the group mustarded for the rescue of the “hairy and pukey (aka dégueuler)” duo.

The team heard rumors of the lights off the costs of Avon Bay getting closer to the town as they traveled. The news of a spirit invading people’s houses at night was the biggest gossip among townsfolk. The group decided too recon the fort before knocking on the gate. They went around the fort and noticed nothing out of the ordinary. Bronn observed the tower guards and checked to make sure they seemed legit. The guards did have the same uniform on. The Bronn knocked on the front gate. The slit opened to revel Constable Barawyn Cesyll. She has a petite facial frame with blonde hair. Her soft light blue eyes enlighten her face. She wears a purple bandana. The team asked several about the whereabouts of Magistrate Tillus Padgett and the status of the fort. Constable Cesyll replied the magistrate left town due to address an urgent matter. She claimed she was under orders to keep the fort closed until the magistrates return. Civil functions are hindered sure but orders are orders she said. The party members lessoned with a keen ear to perceive any lies. The team thought she was being very honest with them. Bronn pointed out the fort may have unexpected guests. Constable Cesyll told them she would sent her men to a sweep. Constable Cesyll looked shocked when she informs the party members that two people were found in the fort unexpectedly.

Waldobert and Jacquez were escorted from jail cells to the forts main door. Constable Cesyll told the party if they would move back she would open the fort and allow the two unexpected guests to leave. Waldobert and Jacquez rejoined their party. They told the same tale, suddenly they felt a presence behind them and a quick whacking sound. The next thing they remember is they were in jail cells. No matter how much they called out no one answered. Waldobert did hear faint cries that sounded like a boy in the distanced cell. The team retired to the Brawny Fish Inn.

The team reassembled at the inn and chatted over a plan of action. Charlie looked for the old seer but she was gone. Waldobert shared a bit more information he had learned when he read through the “Chain of Nights.” Cuss expressed his desire to check the Star Stela on the southwest end of town. The group conversed about other options for quite some time. The thought of looking for the old seer was brought up. Ultimately they decided to inspect the Star Stela.

It was late afternoon when the team left the inn, although hard to tell with the gloomy weather. It seemed the sun was a cursed creature that never showed its face. The group left the rat at the inn to wait to see if the seer visits again. The party members started searching around the Star Stela. Cuss detected magic and found that the ancient stone had all schools of magic like the other in the center of town. In comparison this one however did seem slightly more powerful as in charged to its counterpart. Waldobert and Charlie noticed the runes etched in the twelve-foot high obelisk looked familiar. The same occultic syllables that were in the “Chain of Nights” were represented on the stones spine.

Bronn and Cuss spotted blood droppings the size of small rain about thirty-feet away from the stone. The blood had human footprints walking towards the stone. The footprints seemed to just appear out of now where. Charlie decided she was going to tap into the magic of the stone and endeavor to use it. Waldobert attempted to aid her colleague! This quickly went awry (yay -27)! The clouds above swirled and became denser and the already deemed light seemed to flee in fear. The air appeared to immaterializing leaving a void. Pain engulfed all party members! A yellow symbol engrained itself slowly on the chests of all the members. The newly branded party looked at Charlie with accusing eyes. Charlie chirped a marry quote to sub do the mood. The group saw a hooded figure approach from the north.

The party all observed the nearly six-foot-tall figure had skeletal hands coiled up into the robe’s long sleeved opening. The party members braced themselves for combat. Bronn could see through the hood to see a fleshy emaciated face. A face he recognized! Bronn’s head stung him with pain, blood poured from his noise and ears! Bronn had a flashback into his past. In a first person view Bronn saw himself beat this man to death. The man was shouting asking for mercy but none was shown! He shouted “all I did was take some food..I was hungry!” Bronn saw himself next to Lord Lowls and he stated “You are working out well.” A quick reminder in the asylum of the acquisition that he saw a monster flashed across his thoughts! He was quickly snapped back to the grave reality when this creature walked into Waldobert. A quick rake of his skeletal claw withdrew some of Waldobert’s skin from his bone! Bronn announced he had beaten this man to death and he would repeat that! Charlie and Waldobert looked startled at the announcement. Zug Zug merely laughed. Cuss felt a tingle in his head and then just shrugged his shoulders. It was apparent this undead creature is deadset on kill two people, Cuss and Bronn! Once that realization took hold Cuss looked at Bronn and Bronn looked at Cuss. Waldobert moved and threw an acid bomb on the creature. Charlie withdrew her pistol locked and loaded and shot the creature. Even though her bullet struck the creature it did nothing! Charlie only knew somewhere in the back of her mind this was a revenant. A new found panic found its way into the party. The revenant’s attention still deadlocked on Cuss and Bronn. Bronn thought to engage the creature. Bronn missed the creature with his two attacks. Zug Zug took his turn with his prostetic arm and it batted on the creature, still no visual damage was seen. Bronn threw his ally his short sword then sunk his falchion into the revenant. The revenant stepped into Bronn and with an uncanny haste sliced three claws into him. The barrage left Bronn bloody and hurt. Cuss sneaked attacked with a spell. Charlie cast a spell that held the creature in place. Waldobert threw another bomb on the revenant.

The creature did not escape Charlie’s spell so it decided to use its shriek ability. This sent Waldobert and Charlie failing away in terror. Zug Zug decided to back down and withdraw. Cuss took his goblin friends cue and did the same. Bronn angered took off running. Cuss used an ability to hide from undead. The fleeing team members created massive hysteria. A wave of panic had hit the town like a tidal wave. The event left seven people trampled to death and three dozen injured! The last thing the group saw numerous was balls of light right on the beachfront. Charlie knew they were will-o-wisps! Charlie got chills up her spine!

The team reformed and ran for the Sleepless lodge. Loud sounds of doors slamming and screams echoed throughout the town. Bronn had no time to be subtle. He banged on the door and a top hatted man answered. He slightly gasped at the site of bloody Bronn. The man allowed the group members in. Their host arranged for drinks and two healing potions for Bronn. The team explained what happened. Bronn asked for Winter and the host explained she went to the Brawny Fish Inn looking for you folk. He also explained that his guild mistress was off on an errand. A member of the Sleepless Agency rushed back and fetched a book at the top hatted man’s request. He hastily returned and gave the book to the top hatted man. He opened to a certain page and gave it to Charlie. She read the profile of your run of the mill revenant to the group. The top hatted man insisted the group come up with a plan quickly. He could not risk the lives of his guild mates.
The team thought to set up a trap for the revenant on a nearby bridge. They ran to the new temple seeking holy water. The bright lantern Waldobert carried for Charlie might as well been a lighthouse against the vast darkness. The only contrast was the luminescent will-o-wisps of pale white on the shoreline. Shrieks and other unidentified sounds littered the night. They knocked on the temple door and received no response. A few different ideas were exchanged quickly between the party members. They shuffled off to the nearby bridge and set up. They heard growling in the distance and were attacked by rapid dogs. Charlie took note they seemed to be normal but transformed by this vile darkness. Anxiety ran high for the revenants return. The party dispatched the dogs without repercussions. The team waited for some time for the revenant to show up. After a certain time, the team decided to pack it up and run for the old temple.

On their journey they happened to go by the towns center Star Stela. They all heard chanting coming from the location. The team sneaked up and saw three yellow robbed personal at the obelisk. The three had a small boy and slit his throat while chanting! The team rushed them, Charlie shouted and pointed to her chest so you think your real priests! Charlie blew one away with her gun and Zug Zug knocked the other out with a kick. Waldobert shoot one with his crossbow! The last priest shouted “Help us Hastur!” Cuss saw to it her prayer never got answered!

Waldobert decided to quench his hunger on one of the dead priests. As he was devouring his meal their cloths suddenly ripped off! A slow message in an occultic was spelling with flesh and blood. Across both bodies read “I the Unspeakable One… watching you.” Charlie quietly mumbled a prayer to Pharasma out loud and the group headed for the old temple. Bronn grabbed the one priest that was still alive. He also took the boy. The temples only resident Lelwyn welcomed the group in. He was very startled at the quick news update.
The priest came too and the group interrogated the frightened man. The information he gave up was priests of Hastur are in secs of three. He revealed that there were three Star Stelas in Thrushmoor. One is under Iris Hill. Three cities mentioned in the book Charlie recalled. The prisoner when convicted to keep talking enlightened the group to the fact Melisenn Kororo was the head priest here. He explained that true faithful of Hastur could use the Sat Stelas to teleport from place to place. They could also use telepathy with one another when touching the stone. These abilities make the stones weak so sacrifices must be done to charge the stones. When the faithful use the stones murals appear out of nowhere. He also informed the group that Constable Cesyll was dead. Melisenn summoned some sort of silver-tongued shape shifter to take her place. Cuss grew his claws and ended the man’s life. Waldobert took the man as a snack. The painter was very disturbed after the scene. The group settled in for the night. Only a barred wooden door of an old temple kept them from the darkness’s reach. Still shrills and unworldly sounds reverbed through the night.

Horror achievement accomplished! AND CUTT!

*Everyone should be @ 6,000 xp as of Thrushmoor Terror I (Ignore what is on the original post)

This adventure’s experience is 1,333 so all should be at 7,333xp!



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