Ye Gilde

Trail of the Hunted IV

The group woke up to a beautiful morning only an untamed forest could provide. People started to stir in the cave and began their morning route. Valoras and crew decided to send out the two scouts and the hunter to survey Phaendar’s invaders activities. Bali was creating water on David’s cats. David spent the time herding his cats back.

The group decided to also start to go back to town and see things for themselves. An hour into their journey they heard the clash of steel! They rushed to see five people taking on a Ironfang scout group, all which were hobgoblin. The oracle sent half orc, Courage heard the cling of steel and ran in that direction. He had been wondering the Fangwood Forest for a few days looking for these refuges.

Once the group got closer they noticed five similar people fighting this pathfinder Ironfang group. Bali noticed one elf in the tree firing down upon his foes. Thom and Valoras noticed a flank element of the group approaching the faction of five. The group engaged the flank element.

The flank element was commanded by a hobgoblin sergeant. Thom almost spotted the trap for the group. A small trench with sharpened spikes. Only Ostane fell in! The battle was won by both the PC’s and the introduced five Chernasrado Rangers. The demographic among the five was two elves and three humans. The female elf obviously took a liking to Valoras.

The two parties shared quick information and decided to leave the area. Valoras and crew guided their new friends to their cave camp. Upon hearing the news Arubran was in the camp gave the rangers great joy. They asked to talk to her privately. After which the rangers sat and spoke of tales of the land over a nice campfire cooked meal. They also shared a map of what they know to be Ironfang Legions territory. The female elf was happy to give her map of Nirmathas to him so the tales of the land could be visualized. The group asked questions and the information they received:

• After the Goblinblood War, a single hobgoblin survivor was said to raise from certain death wounds. The say she got away just before the Isgeri humans set the dead goblin ablaze. Azaersi fled into Molthune and started a bandit outfit. Proven to be a very successful military mind, she was employed by Molthune to terrorize Nirmathas. Over a few years apparently she stole goods and supplies and started to recruit monsters and hobgoblins to her new banner – Ironfang Legion.

• The Chernasrado Rangers are sanctioned by several faction’s druid circles, witch covens, centaur tribes, etc to operate freely in certain lower section of the Fangwood. It is dangerous as a non-woodland creature to venture deeper into the woods without resistance. It is these factions the Ironfang Legion is also trying to recruit.

• They agreed with Valoras that you need a semi-permeant home for the refuges. They recommended a vast network of interweaved caves up to the northwest part of the Fangwood, roughly a fifty-mile trip. A large tribe of troglodytes lives in most of the caves. The tribe name is “Children of Stone.”

• The Chernasrado Rangers have about thirty wings each wing consisting of a dozen to two dozen members.

• Spoke about the conflict between Molthune & Nirmathas. Molthune wishes to establish a huge empire by taking lands in Nirmathas.

• Kraggodan is a dwarf-keep who is natural in regards to the Molthune – Nirmathas conflict. They just want to be left the fuck alone!

• They do not know the ballpark numbers overall of the Ironfang Legion.

• They are on a mission to gather up the different factions within Nirmathas to aid in the war with the Ironfang Legion. They are also still collecting intelligence.

• A powerful crystal dragon feeds off the Nirmathas wildlife.

• Gave a map of Nirmathas with locations of special interests.

• Gave the group two Guide Stones.

• Many worgs in the forest.

The rangers took their leave in the morning while creating obvious tracks. The rangers did this so is scouts are about hopefully it gave the group a day or two to move with the refuges. They also took Aruban with them. Shortly after Valoras and crew got everyone to pack and ready for the journey. Two hours into the trip Bali spotted two centaurs. Bali rushed ahead and spoke to them. He did a great job of speaking to them on his friend’s behalf. Yorc the male told Bali to bring your leaders and we will provide food and water.

Bali flew back and informed this crew about the centaurs. He also said don’t mess it up! The PC’s advanced on the centaurs trying to present a respectful first impression. The male centaur gave them apples and asked them to partake in fruits of nature. Thom noticed a resin that was hard to notice on the apple. He had some across this before, it was a poison to knock the subject out. Ostane drew notice to Thom and he identified it to be oil of taggit. When questioning the centaurs about the apples resin they attacked!

The centaurs seemed confident about taking these filths to their graves but, lost their lives in the end. A weird looking armor was identified as magic on the female druid centaur. The PC’s also found two scrolls on the make centaur. One was to the Children of Stone, the other a message scroll to the centaurs. Both were a join us or die option by the Ironfang Legion. The scroll instructed the centaur tribe to scout and assure the supply caravan arrived to the Shoz outpost without harm. The scroll mentioned the Chillax trade route. Milton knew there was a large boat fairy along the Inkwater River. The team decided to assault the caravan just after it arrived past the fairy point.

(Not going to write out the entire battle would take 4 more pages. Those who were there know the tale!) The caravan was pure chaos! The PC’s tried to sneak up to the caravan but were absolutely unsuccessful. A long-fought battle ensued with the PC’s the victor.

Background Information:
Clarification Kraggodan is a dwarf-keep who is natural in regards to the Molthune – Nirmathas conflict. They just want to be left the fuck alone! – The Chernasrado Rangers would have told you some of the basic broad stokes of this conflict. The Chernasrado Rangers are very much like the Night’s Watch in Game of Thrones in a sense. The only difference they are not bound by any man’s laws, they to do as they wish. To ensure freedom for Nirmathas is the ultimate objective.

(Ostane, Bali, Thom, Valoras, Milton, Courage)
EXP Rewards: 1,080 – Fast Track
Rewards: +1 lamellar armor, Two breccia Guide Stones, Oil of Taggitx3, *attached document with other loot



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