Ye Gilde

Trail of the Hunted V

The group decided to start looting the caravan. Thom looked over the cart and found the double doored entrance locked. He got out his new toys and started to use them. He was able to undo the lock but then a sudden spurt of acid sprayed forth from the keyholes on his person and his tools. Bali splashed him with water, to help of course! Upon reaching the next part of the caravan was another locked double doored compartment. Thom this time was able to disarm the trap and recover it with help from Ostane. The lock was troublesome but without the need for urgency he finally conquered the device.

Inside the team found an arsenal of weapons and armor for about thirty-five troops. In the far corner of the cart was a smaller chest. Inside was a scroll from Quartermaster Vexthrull to Minos spoke to supplying him a special request. Magic items were found in this chest. The group sorted through them attempted to find what they do but with little success.

The next order of business was trying to figure out how to get all these spoils mobile. Only one horse remained after Milton tried to help the beaten one on the ground. Thom had tamed the foul-smelling battle yak and tried to harness the yak. The creature reared and hate filled his eyes. Thom and Ostane planned to pull this cart themselves.

David then showed up out of nowhere. He spoke about the human refuges being taken by four legged horse guys. Luckily one of the Chernasrado rangers not long after sprinted to the group. The ranger confirmed the centaur tribe taken the human refuges. Their leader spoke of restitution for two members of his tribe dead. He wanted to meet the leaders of this band. The ranger had an idea to seek out the elder clan to try to help this situation. He needed help and Courage and Valoras were anted for that task.

With the multiple injuries the PC’s decided to camp for the night. Bali had a vivid dream that night. When he awoke he was telling everyone about it. Just before dawn Bali and Thom were on watch when Thom heard a clatter. Two ogres were spotted sniffing the air. The mated pair spotted the yak found it aroma enticing. The ogres were speaking giant which Ostane knew how to speak. Ostane felt the need to mock them. The party decided to fully engage and challenge the ogres for their meal. David was able to disarm both ogres’ great clubs. The group took a few hits from the ogres but the only true lose was the battle yak.

The crew started out to where they had left their refuge band of townsfolk. A thirteen-hour march got them to their destination. They did spot two centaurs shadowing them. They PC’s waved them over but the centaurs only said stay the course and we have no need to talk. When the group got a little off track the centaurs pointed them into the right direction.

When the group approached all the townsfolk were caged in a makeshift wooden semicircle prison. An older male centaur with only three legs stared at them. He held a staff in place of his missing limb to help support himself. He beckoned with his hand for them to come up. He had asked why they killed two members of his tribe. Thom spoke about them trying to poison them but the centaur leader didn’t seem pleased. Bali spoke to him and told him about this dream. The centaur said show me. Bali placed his tiny hands on the ground and each grew into a large bear, wolf, and panther prints. The centaur leader seemed perplexed at these signs. He merely said we will leave no doubt and let nature decide if your trespass was just or not. He asked them to pick wood, fire or earth. Bali instantly spoke up and said wood.

The centaur leader gave them healing and one night’s rest before the trail of wood. Bali did see a centaur preforming a ritual but failed to understand exactly what it meant. One more day passed until the night of the trail.

A humongous vine-wooden dome was formed with fireflies all around it causing it to light up. It was a true night time spectacle. The leader spoke of the rules, leave and you fail, die and you fail the trail meaning you are guiltily! The centaur tribe gathered around the domes circumference. The group stepped inside, only to be block by thick vines. A word was shouted and the thick vinery retracted into the dome. On the other side of the dome stood an enormous treant. Thom applied his salve, David flew to the top, Bali got his cloak out, and Ostane started to engulf his potions. The treant attacked and the battle began! The PC’s were successful in their trail and the leader simply said you are free to go. The people started to shout calling Constable Milton, The Savior Constable Milton!

(Ostane, Bali, Thom, Milton, David)

EXP Rewards: 810 – Fast Track

Rewards: Off Dead Hobgoblins – Alchemist formula book, various weapons, and four strange bombs on a bandolier (researchable once a day)

Cart – (1,600 Lbs.)

Scroll from Quartermaster Vexthrull to Minos, 2,300 gold, 1 recovered acid trap 3D6, arsenal of weapons/armor shields – outfits 35 troops

leather armor/ light steel shields / daggers / longswords /spears

20x Ironfang Legion Banners

30X Armbands

20 × 50 feet ropes

150x food rations

25x small tents

25x manacles

Small journals (written in goblin):
35 copies of Legend of Azaersi (Promotes the cause and instructs to kill humans first and foremost)

Magic items:

Amulet of natural armor +1

3x Oil of Darkness

4x horseshoes of speed (Special)

Burglar’s Bracers

bastard sword +1 w/ Corrosive

2x Stone Salve



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