Laustanenvi Kosauufhan, Daughter of First General Ferstblud Kasauufhan of house Anuufal.




Laustanenvi Kosauufhan, Daughter of First General Ferstblud Kasauufhan of house Anuufal.

Marqua’s life was destined to be something great, good or bad, from the moment she was born.

She was born in to a budding minor noble family, it was expected before her birth that she would be held to the highest standards of nobility as her generation would be in charge of raising the status of their House. That was the mindset before she was even born, on the day of her birth she was valued even more. She was born with a birthmark that looked exactly like a sword with a burst of light coming from its hilt, the symbol of Iomadae. The family had great plans for her in the political arena, but upon seeing this mark her father Ferstblud and the current head of the family Stounsheeld Anuufal decided she was meant for something greater. Her early years she lived a normal life of a girl in House Anuufal, she learned her way around how the prisons work, she was taught language and poise, and the various noble families and their places in the scheme of the city, all the things a young noble should know. At the age of eight though, things took a drastic change. Stounsheeld and Ferstblud both had earned names, names they earned fighting alongside the rebels in Nidal, and they decided that Marqua would earn her name as well. Using connections with the rebellion in Nidal the two men sent Marqua off to live in Nidal.

The idea behind sending her to Nidal was simple. She was made to be something great, just, and good, the Family knew this. The only concern was, is it a trick? It is a belief among the family that with proper laws and enforcement even evil people can live good lives in the city, so the family wondered how will they know if she was truly destined to be an agent of law and good, unless you put her in a place where the law does not guide her to be good. A Chelaxian needs order, so the family wondered would she settle in to the order of Nidal, one that revolves around Diablism and evil or would she stand for herself and maintain who she was; a child blessed by Iomadae at birth.

Her first days were easy, she was an eight year old girl and from House Anuufal the very origins of the successful rebellion now, so she was taken care of. She knew what was happening though and demanded to be allowed to fight. The adults entertained her notions and promised her a chance to fight soon, Marqua could sense the lie coming from their mouths though. So that night a few members of the rebellion leadership sat around a table discussing a raid that was planned for that night. Something had gone wrong and they had barely enough men to pull it off, it was doable as a six man raid but all they had were five men for the night. So marking the map spread out on the table in candlelight, the four leaders along with the three men and two women to take place in the raid tried to redraw out their plan with one person less then they wanted. Marqua had been in the room upstairs and heard about their problem so she entered the meeting and presented herself as a sixth option… One of the women had the audacity to actually chuckle, she was waved away and told another time. Marqua tried to plead, one of the women turned around and told her, “We can barely do this with five, now skit! We have a serious discussion here, go to bed like the other kids.” Marqua responded in a flash. She reached beside her and yanked a dagger from the boot sheath of the man beside her and in a swift motion, dug the blade in to the thigh of the offending woman. The owner of the blade went to snatch Marqua, but was halted when she turned and just pointed, “You need six, now you have four, take me and you have a small chance of survival with five.”. The man let her be, and from that moment on she was never thought of as a child again. She was taken on the raid that night and, because of a series of amazing lucky moments, went on without a hitch. The next day they started her training, she began training directly under Aemi Astaundin, the woman she had stabbed.

Although their first exchange was a few biting words followed by a felonious assault, Aemi was a tough and a conflict hardened woman, she saw herself in Marqua and pushed her hard in her training. Marqua grew up on the front line of the rebellion, a child often flanked by a few protectors, but as she got older and grew she took on the role of protecting those around her. She also grew in to a beautiful girl, she had a physical allure few men could deny, and when she spoke she had a gift for saying what people wanted to hear to calm them and warm them up to her. To Marqua these were not just gifts, but tools from Iomadae. Her beauty allowed her to caress the lust of men to get what she wanted, or spark a fire of envy in women causing them to act rash and often do exactly what Marque wanted. At the age of thirteen Stounsheeld came to Nidal to take her back, as he had heard how she had become a beacon on light, not letting the corruption and evil of the city touch her. When he came though, Marque refused to leave, saying she had promised the rebels she would be on the front line for their current campaign. Stounsheeld did not argue, instead he sent word to the other leaders of House Anuufal that he would not be returning for some time.

Stounsheeld spent the next two years in Nidal, guiding Marqua’s training even further. He told her she was a true pillar to the beliefs of House Anuufal and he believed she was no longer a child at all, and it was time to leave her childhood name behind. After hearing the stories of how Marqua used guile, seduction, and anger to achieve her ends, he named her Laustanenvi. She was proud of the name from the moment she was titled with it, it would be a reminder her entire life how many times she came close to crossing the line, but never did. After the two year campaign she returned to Absalom with Stounsheeld and stories of her adventure (the publicly known ones) began to pass around the House. Not two weeks after returning a High Cleric of Iomadae named Fraxious Montebliue came calling upon the family saying that he had heard the stories of Laustanenvi’s return and that her was tasked by Iomadae to bring her to the church to continue her training. Laustanenvi was given a few weeks to settle back in before she would start her training, but upon hearing about it she woke up the next morning and cross the district to the temple on her own to begin right away.

She spent eight years training as a Paladin for the Temple of Iomadae, she lead several excursions outside the city in Iomadae name and earned a reputation as being fair, kind, and generous, as long as nothing sparked her wrath. She was also known for that wrath, and more then one person had marks or scars where Laustanenvi took it upon herself to punish someone for weakness, or breaking the law with intent to harm others. After her eight years with the church she returned to the family, a twenty three year old Paladin that had a reputation for her acts of justice in Iomadae’s name, and her acts of freedom in the Rebellion’s name. Her next task was to relearn the life of a noble while she lent her arms to the prison and continued to serve the Temple of Iomadae when it was needed.

In the prison she met Deris, a half-elf that had been convicted of stealing, assaulting guards, and destruction of property. He was moved to the Anuufal prison when the real story of his crimes were learned. He was nothing more then a bad thief trying to steal food for some urchins he had taken to watching over. When he was caught stealing the food he destroyed the merchants stand in the scuffle with the guards and got away, but was caught a few hours later. House Anuufal saw a chance for redemption in him and he was one of the prisoners the House regularly pays to take from the city’s prison. Laustanenvi spent a year watching over Deris and the two often talked. After his sentence was complete he was released and given the option of being a servant for House Anuufal. He turned this down and said he had to return to search for the kids he had left a year ago. Laustanenvi wanted him to stay and offered him a new deal. The family would help fund an orphanage that the children could live in, if Deris agreed to at least serve the house for a year, and the orphanage after. He agreed and the next year was spent less time serving the house, and more time just being a servant to Laustanenvi. She tried to teach him the sword and shield, but instead he took to using a zweihander he had purchased in the bazaar, purely out of curiosity, he just came to really enjoy the blade. Laustanenvi arranged for him to receive training from a experienced soldiers in the House, and Deris became a respected servant/guard in the House. At the end of his first year he left for only a few weeks to help run the orphanage. Deris learned though, that while he is a man of action, when it comes to budgeting donations to feed children, he was not that skilled. With Laustanenvi’s help he found and staffed the orphanage with wise people that cared and then returned to his place as a servant/guard for Laustanenvi.

He served beside her for another year, the entire time he was a servant to the house but, no one dared call on him anytime it would pull him from Laustanenvi’s side. It was half way through his second year that the two got married and Deris became the first half-elf to enter the family. It was an item of discussion for only a brief moment, Laustanenvi’s sword and the shattered table the leadership were discussion around were all they needed to see to know they would not change Laustanenvi’s mind and there was nothing against it.

Now at the age of twenty five Laustanenvi feels she has trained enough in Nidal, the prison, and the Temple and now she is striking forth to spread the fame of her family and Iomadae’s justice. Deris often is at her side, but just as often he remains behind and works on his own goals; which are the growth of orphanages around the city.

Laustanenvi Kosauufhan, Daughter of First General Ferstblud Kasauufhan of house Anuufal.

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